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Late night with Alex Collins; plus a podcast with David Lake of meaningless recruiting predictions

Tonight's the night South Plantation blue-chip running back Alex Collins tells the world where he's headed to college.

The announcement will be made on FoxSports South around 10 p.m. Collins, deciding between Miami and Arkansas, flew up to Atlanta to be in studio for the announcement. 

> Booker T. Washington coach Tim "Ice" Harris said he thinks UM is once again in the mix for offensive lineman Denver Kirkland.

Here's all you need to know about the situation: Kirkland's parents want him to go to UM and he was favoring them before his offer was pulled and Miami has put it back on the table, leaving it in his shoes to decide what he wants to do. We'll find out Wednesday at around 9:20 a.m. what he wants to do. But the last time Kirkland or his family spoke it was either going to be Arkansas or Florida State.

> ESPN recruiting analyst analyst Corey Long said that unless the Canes address the defensive tackle position on Wednesday with real talent they will have failed to fill their biggest need on Signing Day. 

"They needed to get stronger on the defensive line and I don't think they've done that," Long said. "They could bring in a kid like Matthew Thomas and if there's nothing up front to stop the initial push he becomes irrelevant. I don't think of the defensive tackles they have right now on that roster are really good, just average if that. They needed big bodies. Giving up eight yards a run just is not good enough."

Even though the Hurricanes are ranked as having the 64th-best class by Rivals.com, 46th by Scout.com and 25th by 247Sports.com, if you break down their average stars per commitment they rank in 247Sports.com and 17th in both Scout.com and Rivals.com.

"It's a small class, but they've got some players," Long said. "[Defensive end Alquadin] Muhammad is a very good player. [Cornerback] Artie Burns has a lot of potential, athleticism, might go the Olympics. Kevin Olsen gives them a quarterback of the future. [Tight end Beau] Sandland is going to be a big time weapon and I like [defensive back] Jamal Carter. But after that, it's kind of blah. If they can close strong here and actually get some of these kids they obviously improve that. But defensive tackle was what they needed to address."

> And now meaningless recruiting predictions for you from InsideTheU's David Lake and yours truly.



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Who is this Jim Gallo DB that has been all over the Miami articles? Go back to trailer-hasse or GAYturd ville and stop your garbage. Everyday I read these articles and see your comments. I understand that you graduated from either FSU or UF and are more than likely unemployed living with your parents but find another hobby please. The men need to talk, get your shine box!

Hey Jim the NCAA and UM have settled and UM comes off with minor sanctions .Its over Jimmy no death penalty The U is coming back Jimmy Boy and when they are pasting whatever team you root for you will be nowhere to be found.Remember you heard it first.
As for Collins stay tuned.

Kamalu is a 280 lb defensive end that runs a 4.6 40 . He played alot of soccer and has quick feet. He will dominate in a year or two.

Yeah Steve, Espn moved him up to #78 overall regardless of position on the JUCO 100, and the Ogdswu the Olineman moved up to #20 on Rivals prep top 50 regardless of positon. After Golden signed them. 2 great findss...

corey long if you knew Miami so well. You would know Porter was out almost all year, and us better than average, and the freshman dt that will be Soph will be stronger. Manny talk to some real people that know the Canes.

Collins U

Cool cat mediocrity a first?

Where were you when randy aka i cant coach my wy out of a terlet was here?

If randy shannon had marino, barry sanders, ray ray, reed and sean taylor, hed go 6-6

Honestly I am sure Manny Navarro works very hard at his job, but I do not enjoy his coverage of the Miami Hurricanes. If anyone at the herald still cares. Please find a writer with enthusiasm, passion, and love for this team.

Posted by: H | February 04, 2013 at 08:18 PM

U mean someone like me ?


Does Comcast get Fox Sports South? If so what channel? If not will someone immediately post his decision please?

love the canes...hate the jersey boys is all....I support the kids 120%...but facts/stats tell the truth

kirkland - arkansas
collins - arkansas
coley - fsu
thomas - fsu
bryant - fsu
bostwick - florida
grace - louisville

NSD is gonna be a bad day for UM....its unfortunate and sad

Arkansas got a rb recruit on Sunday, the day b4 Collins was due to announce, and hes the 2nd Rb in their class. My guestimate is that Collins told Coach Brett at Arkansas that hes goin to Miami. Why would U add a 2nd rb the day b4 Collins announces if u dont know?
And, why wouldnt Goldie add a rb committ if he wasnt sure?

I just read the tweet above by Alex Collins- that was very nice and mature of him to write. Obviously we care about CHAMPIONSHIPS- we ( Me) tend to forget we are dealing with kids. He understands tonight he's going to make some people happy, but a lot of people will be disappointed. Good Luck Alex- I am now a fan- especially if you choose to be part of NFL U!

I just read on foxsportssouth.com his teammate is gonna b there too, a CB from So Plantation,is a FSU committ.........
Post the good news shortly

he didn't commit yet?

AFter 10 MH

FOx Sports(Scout) is the only site to have him 5 star, so lets hope thats a good sign for the U. They rate him 17 best player overall regardless of position..

Big night for the U

collins will share the RB responsibilites with denzell evans....they will both immediately play....dont count randy shannon out either....

Collins traveling to Georgia to announce he will be attending Miami does not give me a warm and fuzzy.

While I hope this kid and the others on our wish list put up the โ€œUโ€ when called on, the most important news we should be nervously waiting on is what the NCAA is going to do.

Good news or at least acceptable news from the NCAA will put us back on the road to National Championships. Of course, should the news be unfavorable will mean this nightmare continues.

I appreciate your efforts tonight, Dom...we'll see what happens...

Alex Collins is a mommas boy, and he lives in plantation which is 50 miles from Campus, so hes still goin away for college

american greed is running right now a special on U with shapiro.....thats unbelieveable

Thanks Guys, Any updates on the show?


Gallo dont b let down

Fsu or the U?

Collins traveling to Georgia to announce he will be attending Miami does not give me a warm and fuzzy.

Posted by: JUST THE FACTS | February 04, 2013 at 09:59 PM

It's an SEC thang... U wouldn't understand.

He just wants tv time....


alexander collins โ€@Budda03

I want to thank everyone for the support , I love you all but unfortunately I can't make everyone happy even though I wish I could so bad ๐Ÿ˜”

He's talking to U Domasse.

any links?

Collins traveling to Georgia to announce he will be attending Miami does not give me a warm and fuzzy.

Posted by: JUST THE FACTS | February 04, 2013 at 09:59 PM

It's an SEC thang... U wouldn't understand.

Posted by: S.E.C. ... E.I.G.H.T. S.T.R.A.I.G.H.T. | February 04, 2013 at 10:11 PM
I see it as more of an Alabama thing...unless you're one of those schools that haven't done a freaking thing in that league in a long, long time...

did he announce?

and who is Ryheem lockley the 6'4" 215 reciever from virgina who committed yesterday?

Go to Twitter...Alex Collins has a page and there is a live feed. He is a few minutes from announcing.

ahhh thx

he's talking now. building up

Keith, lockley rated between #21-35 on 3 sites regardless of position as best in Virginia. Nice pickup....Athlete at the college level.

Barry Jackson put some updates up as well in his Sports Buzz

talking about opening up his recruitment...sounds like a kid who wanted to see some other parts of the country.

arkansas....youll see

Thanks DevilCane.

He's a Hog. Damn.

Is the ACC a real CFB conference? LMFAO!

Randy Shannon shows why he's a good recruiter

Not a good sign Collins to Razorbacks

It is a shame how so many local guys grow up and then dont support the loal fans who went and watched them and cheer for them in HS only to leave and not help the local University..... There is little local loyality anymore like in the past : ( sad state this country has become...

Too bad we can't say the same thing about his coaching abilities! Let him be a professional recruiter. We'll still win more games than Hogs.

What conference is The U in anyway? ACC, Big East? Who cares! Has beens!

shannon just got hired. Brett Bielsma the coach has had great runnin backs at Wisconsin. he was the wisconsin coach........

Well we got Edwards

How's that RB depths looking Domasse ?

Now get back out to the henhouse and start counting those infertile eggs again U delUsional ClUck.

told ya....1 down, Ji Gallo will be right on all his predictions.....collins said he loved the arkansas visit...bret is extremely close to alex...since wisconsin...this is not a hard pick...makes all the sense in the world

Didn't Arkansas get their ass kicked all year long last year?

Have fun getting your ass kicked by Bama, Auburn, LSU, Gatahs, Georgia Mr Collins!


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