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Late night with Alex Collins; plus a podcast with David Lake of meaningless recruiting predictions

Tonight's the night South Plantation blue-chip running back Alex Collins tells the world where he's headed to college.

The announcement will be made on FoxSports South around 10 p.m. Collins, deciding between Miami and Arkansas, flew up to Atlanta to be in studio for the announcement. 

> Booker T. Washington coach Tim "Ice" Harris said he thinks UM is once again in the mix for offensive lineman Denver Kirkland.

Here's all you need to know about the situation: Kirkland's parents want him to go to UM and he was favoring them before his offer was pulled and Miami has put it back on the table, leaving it in his shoes to decide what he wants to do. We'll find out Wednesday at around 9:20 a.m. what he wants to do. But the last time Kirkland or his family spoke it was either going to be Arkansas or Florida State.

> ESPN recruiting analyst analyst Corey Long said that unless the Canes address the defensive tackle position on Wednesday with real talent they will have failed to fill their biggest need on Signing Day. 

"They needed to get stronger on the defensive line and I don't think they've done that," Long said. "They could bring in a kid like Matthew Thomas and if there's nothing up front to stop the initial push he becomes irrelevant. I don't think of the defensive tackles they have right now on that roster are really good, just average if that. They needed big bodies. Giving up eight yards a run just is not good enough."

Even though the Hurricanes are ranked as having the 64th-best class by Rivals.com, 46th by Scout.com and 25th by 247Sports.com, if you break down their average stars per commitment they rank in 247Sports.com and 17th in both Scout.com and Rivals.com.

"It's a small class, but they've got some players," Long said. "[Defensive end Alquadin] Muhammad is a very good player. [Cornerback] Artie Burns has a lot of potential, athleticism, might go the Olympics. Kevin Olsen gives them a quarterback of the future. [Tight end Beau] Sandland is going to be a big time weapon and I like [defensive back] Jamal Carter. But after that, it's kind of blah. If they can close strong here and actually get some of these kids they obviously improve that. But defensive tackle was what they needed to address."

> And now meaningless recruiting predictions for you from InsideTheU's David Lake and yours truly.