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Late night with Alex Collins; plus a podcast with David Lake of meaningless recruiting predictions

Tonight's the night South Plantation blue-chip running back Alex Collins tells the world where he's headed to college.

The announcement will be made on FoxSports South around 10 p.m. Collins, deciding between Miami and Arkansas, flew up to Atlanta to be in studio for the announcement. 

> Booker T. Washington coach Tim "Ice" Harris said he thinks UM is once again in the mix for offensive lineman Denver Kirkland.

Here's all you need to know about the situation: Kirkland's parents want him to go to UM and he was favoring them before his offer was pulled and Miami has put it back on the table, leaving it in his shoes to decide what he wants to do. We'll find out Wednesday at around 9:20 a.m. what he wants to do. But the last time Kirkland or his family spoke it was either going to be Arkansas or Florida State.

> ESPN recruiting analyst analyst Corey Long said that unless the Canes address the defensive tackle position on Wednesday with real talent they will have failed to fill their biggest need on Signing Day. 

"They needed to get stronger on the defensive line and I don't think they've done that," Long said. "They could bring in a kid like Matthew Thomas and if there's nothing up front to stop the initial push he becomes irrelevant. I don't think of the defensive tackles they have right now on that roster are really good, just average if that. They needed big bodies. Giving up eight yards a run just is not good enough."

Even though the Hurricanes are ranked as having the 64th-best class by Rivals.com, 46th by Scout.com and 25th by 247Sports.com, if you break down their average stars per commitment they rank in 247Sports.com and 17th in both Scout.com and Rivals.com.

"It's a small class, but they've got some players," Long said. "[Defensive end Alquadin] Muhammad is a very good player. [Cornerback] Artie Burns has a lot of potential, athleticism, might go the Olympics. Kevin Olsen gives them a quarterback of the future. [Tight end Beau] Sandland is going to be a big time weapon and I like [defensive back] Jamal Carter. But after that, it's kind of blah. If they can close strong here and actually get some of these kids they obviously improve that. But defensive tackle was what they needed to address."

> And now meaningless recruiting predictions for you from InsideTheU's David Lake and yours truly.



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Oh well, Arkansas where careers and dreams go to die

kirkland will be next.....thats is the shannon influence with him....collins it was all bret




Well I can't say that I am surprised by Collins decision. The kid wants to go somewhere where he knew he would be the feature back coming in with really no competition. And really does anybody really think he would be able to beat the DUKE out for the job? Hell no! And Randy Shannon had a lot to do with it Really? Really? The kid went there because there would be zero competition and the style of play that Arkansas will run. It had nothing to do with Shannon being there.

Honestly why R U NON CANE FANS ON HERE??? Just to bash fans????? Unfortunately NOT 1 TEAM HAS A SOPHOMORE HEISMAN RB FAVORITE.........

And the #1 RB in NY just visited, and Golden has backup options, mark it down!!!!!!!

lol, i had a feeling, once i thought about him flying to the ATL, made no sense if he was picking Miami! Also i think the way we shuffle ourrunningbacks in and out will turn alot of guys off to as well. Congratulations collins for working hard and being able to put yourself in position to pick a school of your liking. Good luck and represent Florida!

Well truh is all we need are more guys like Artie, Duke and such who bleed orange and green like in the old days, now days there is to many guys wanting to be coddled and put on mountain tops before they play the first down in college. Cains will be fne and there will be alot of sad boys when in the next 2 yrs they realize they could have been part of a quality winning team right here at home and they didnt see it..

He picked Arkansas. Ncaa killing us

So sad when a team starts cheering for the conference because they can't even win their division...don't they realize how sad that is?...

AC would have been nice. He has said that he wanted to be THE man. I think that was it in the end. I also didn't have a good feeling when I heard he was announcing out-of-state...

Let's pick it up and see what happens on Wednesday!


Collins ='s a REAL conference!

Collins to Arkansas- Not a good start

I can care less about Collins. He's afraid of Duke's shadow. Don't need him.

No real issue here, what the canes need is another good back next yr, because we got Duke for at least 2 more yrs, and it is the defense that really needs some help in the class if all possible... Alex wasnt gonna see the rock here to much over the next 2 yrs.

championships: your an idiot....thats not it at all.....collins is a relationship guy....trust is huge with him....bret was all that to him....plus new facility and immediate start at RB with denzell even from texas....randy absoluely help button it up....but the kirkland fiasco pushed it over...golden cant be trusted....

"How's that RB depths looking"
I'm usually not one to mock lack of intelligence but I may make an exception for this idiot...


Eduarto Clements and Danny Dillard and Dallas Crawford are the 3 backups right now, so we aint hurtin....Goldie will prob add 1 more

I watches his highlights on youtube and wasn't impressed. Of course my nephew told me then why were we recruiting him so hard? Look at high highlights then look at duke johnsons highlights. I think he lacks speed and agility- two qualities most successful U RB's have. Look at highlights and tell me what you all think. Don't get me wrong- would have been nice- but I don't think it's devastating. If we don't get a Quality D tackle- that will be devastating.

C'mon Golden this is our future!!! Need a big day Wednesday.

Welp, with the o-line we got, whoever else comes in will be straight too. Next year, we should be able to get at least 1 or 2 of these guys, sony michel, yearby or dalvin cook. If guys from O.T. start going to the razorbacks. Also, let's not forget, alonzo highsmith's son is balling at linebacker for the razorbacks and now he is geting coached by shannon. If kirklandgoes their, lol.

jim gallo right on the money again. They hate when you're right. Who paid for the flight to Atlanta, lol!

Calvin thats bs... Thats what we used to do

Dj williams

Each bided their time, no one Whined. No one was afraid of the comp

Alex collins is a little scared b,,,,tch who was afraid of having to sit a year behind duke or bide his time. Bielema promised him the world

What is arkansas? The SECs doormat. What was their rec last year?

What about wisconsin?
What did they win? They wer always ohio states bee..tches

How many ncs do wisconsin and ark have combined?

Ncaa or not UM is on the rise. Fear us. Alex collins aint squat, because after duke, comes sony. Hes always been a cane

No kid who picks the hogs over the U was ever a true cane so good riddance.

Have fun in pig ville with all those kkk members hiding in the woods

alex collins didnt want competition.
Duke Sophomore
Eduardo Senior
Danny Dillard Redshirt Freshman
Dallas Crawford -(rs fresh or soph)

So collins would have been 5th on depth chart goin into summer. or 1-2 at Arkansas. WE WANT PEOPLE LIKE FRANK GORE GUYS THAT WANT THE COMPETITION

Good luck to you and your family. As a 'Canes fan, I am disappointed, but this is a decision that you had to make for YOURSELF and YOUR future. I hope that you do well (as long as it is not against the 'Canes somewhere down the line). Get your degree and stay healthy.

It will be extremely hard to find, but not all UM fans are sour graped 5 year olds who will now degrade you and your decision since you will not be coming to Coral Gables. YOU have to do what you think is best for YOU. All the best.

this is the part where these bloggers start junking the kids...

Though we need help on denfense this was the guy that we really needed. With our verteran OLine and the 1-2 punch from Collins and Duke it would open up the passing game for Morris. Our offense would have been unstoppable. Even with a mediocre defense, we would out score everybody. Let's hope Edwards will commit and can be that power back to complement Duke.

The U needs to go after the NCAA. The cloud hanging over the school is just what Florida and FLorida State want. Two years of the skelton in the closest is killing this team. It has nothing to do with AG or rift with area coaches. It is hard to push UM when evrything from the sanctions cloud hanging to rivals website set on printing negative stuff. Golden is battling a stacked deck. I have watched the rivals iste for the last three years. It is first to print crap and gives little to positives. I watched the SEC schools and saw just the opposite. Recruiting is hard enough for kids, but tainted coaches and unbiased web sites are shaping college football now a days. Why pay kids and get into trouble when a coach can do it for ya at half the cost or trouble?

this is the part where these bloggers start junking the kids...

Posted by: Jim Gallo | February 04, 2013 at 10:56 PM

This the part of why alot of players now don't want to play for these tad foote minded so-called UM fans, turn on you as quick a hamster on a wheel.

Instead of congratulating the young man they bashing him. He's a teenager people, be glad the young man is going to a college of his choice!

Big deal. He's one kid. Sure it would have been nice to have him at UM but whatever. I'll live and so will you and so will UM. The U will continue to do ok and the SEC will continue to be a confederation of second-rate diploma mills with no standards. Ho hum.

By the way, you will read lots of "he is scared of competition", "he wasn't good anyways", "he's such a loser". Those statements= SOUR GRAPES, pay them no mind. If you were coming to UM, you would of course be the 2nd coming, so don't pay attention. Again, there are a few (just a few) 'Canes fans who know that this was a gut wrenching decision for you, but that it is your life, not the fans, and you have to do what you feel is best.

True or not, I still believe Shannon played a role in Collins' recruitment. We all knew his recruiting skills were some of the best in the nation and this reflects it. He (Collins) wasn't worried about competition with Duke cause he quipped about taking his job when he comes to Coral Cables.... So the real question is why does a kid who roots for Miami all through HS chooses another school? Still hoping AL brings in a nice class, but this has me worried....

not that hard if you dont drink the golden koolaid...

1. extremely close relationship with bielema since wisconsin
2. hates change...fisch leaves
3. tweeted that he LOVED the arkansas visit
4. was told immediate start...thats why they got the kid from texas
5. kirkland / shannon / trust connection
6. 35 million state of the art facility
7. decommits - then goes to GA to recommit?

not hard dude really...

You are a good due my friend, and I want us to get Sony and I really hope we do next year, but what if Sony M. doesn't sign with UM next year? Is he then a scared B. who ain't squat too? Just wondering.

its the totality of everything....maybe collins is afraid hell be a 2013 casualty just like ray-ray was and all the rest....also coley is my alumni but if you read everywhere that fisher made all the offensive calls..kinda hard to see yourself on the offensive side of the ball.....what happend to fisch?...see like that...then sanctions....but also people keep forgeting that alot of kids what to experience a college life outside of miami....maybe its dnofrio...all my work for nothing because of weak defense....

BS....golden had to play fsu for the championship then win in the OB in front of recruits....he elected to self sanction....because he was a coward

butch - art - mario - coley - barrow

until then...more bad news to come

Gallo it is U who is a b yo tch idiot. U really don't know anything about the game do U? Look I haven't got time to debate an idiot like yourself who knows nothing. Congradulations to the young man on his decision, but there is no way he was beating the Duke out.

goldie and that kirkland move makes him look real suspect to recruits now, lol.

I am not so sure about that....I like duke but giovanni bernard was better.....better stats by alot....

I know alot about the canes and football...kids talk via the social networks....its all about trust....they trust randy shannon....thats why bridgewater left....bostwick tweeted ignored at UM weekend....kirkland education yanked....tons of players gone without any explaination except finnie who grabed a puter by mistake....."it was mutually agreed"

been TMZ since I got here...really? A raise and extension after the first year without any performance.....al "charlie weis golden"

Let's see where Collins coach in high school ends up. He has been trying like crazy as a "surrogate father" to get him in Arkansas. Doe he eventually end up there himself?

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