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Mike James and Brandon McGee invited to NFL Combine in Indianapolis

Here's the University of Miami release we just received on Mike James and Brandon McGee. Both of these guys are good people and I really hope they do well and go on to NFL careers. Both should have at least a shot at making at team, no matter the avenue from which they do it.

2013 NFL Scouting Combine will be Feb. 23-26 on NFL Network

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – Miami Hurricanes standouts Mike James and Brandon McGee have been invited to participate at the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine, which be held Feb. 23-26 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. The four-day combine will be televised live on NFL Network.

James will participate with the quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers on Sun., Feb. 24, while McGee will participate with the defensive backs on Tue., Feb. 26.

In January, James competed in both the Senior Bowl and NFLPA Collegiate Bowl. He started all 12 games at running back for the Hurricanes in 2012, finishing as the team’s second-leading rusher with 642 yards and six TDs. The Haines City, Fla., product concluded his career with 1,386 rushing yards and 17 scores, while catching 67 passes for 585 yards and five TDs. He was one of 11 FBS players named to the 2012 AFCA Allstate Good Works Team in September.

McGee played in the 88th East-West Shrine Game in St. Petersburg, Fla., in January. A native of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., he was the 44th Miami Hurricane to play in the game and first UM defensive back since Al Blades in 2001. As a senior in 2012, he started all 12 games at defensive back and finished tied for sixth on the team with 54 tackles. Miami’s shut-down corner was a two-year starter and concluded his career with 24 consecutive starts.



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Sarasota cane and your long list of "pig"
Aliases, what shiddy job did you move to redneckville for? Whatever it was, you are stealing from them looser.
Dom, go back and count how many times you declared Collins to the U. You're an incredible domass, ... Dom. Look for a job today.

2 invitees?

UF 10

BioGenisis is hiring?

I can't wait to see people's reactions (UF/FSU fans) when the NCAA goes, "Look, we screwed this thing up. Miami will be credited with time served. Carry on".

That's when the U will rise again like many times before and dominate!

I also cannot wait for 9/7/13... gators won't know what hit them

Posted by: Deer antlers anyone?

Posted by: Deer antlers anyone?

That won't happen. It will open up pandora's box and Penn State and USC will sue but at least Coach Al built the wall around Nigeria.

Go 'canes!

golden makes excuses for his incompetence.....now he blaming sanctions when every recruit said in thieir exit interviews that the COACHES were the difference.....

so since incomming recruits only care about bowl appearances and golden has satisfied that ncaa punishment of 2 bowls....then why would a recruit care about what the ncaa does going forward...the only thing left is scholarship limit sanctions which a recruit could care less about.....

I see a man that will not last here...it is so obvious now...and now hes threatening...

"There's going to be a lot of people who didn't stand with us who are going to be remembered for not standing with us," Golden said.

wtf does this rookie think hes talking too....we had guys butch/dennis/jimmy that took the heat..no problem.....now the voices for his departure will get louder as well.....

Golden didnt sign Jim Gallo's tie, so he's all butt-hurt about it...

whats the use....even Im tired of discussing it

I was at Bokampers last night and was proud to be part of THE U family not that lame #canefam group that tailgates on the weekends.

There must be a shortage of ballboys and blocking dummies at the combine this year.

What's the over/under on Gallo's "what's the use...even Im (sic) tired of discussing it?

I'm thinking it is 4 hours. Others?

ha ha ha . A gator ouke is here bragging about his 10 gator invites to the combine?

Lets see how many make it.

Despite no better than a 7-6 record since 2006, UM has the highest number of players in the NFL RIGHT EFFEN NOW. Despite florida having 2 national ch teams in that period,.

What dos that prove gator dumba55?

That UM is NFL U. THE NFL pipeline.

UF is not.

With around 47 players in the NFL, how does that compare to Florida's 35?

How many in the probowl? Tennessee had more players in the probowl than UF. That's sad.

Lets see- the team with most UM players in the NFL beat the team with the most gators in the NFL. What does that tell you?

Shut up you loser- go back to gator clause. You have no business here. Your Number 2 ranked class will head no where... again!

Why people saying Golden didn't recruit in FSoFla? The truth is THERE WERE NOT MANY GOOD KIDS GOOD ENOUGH IN SOFLA THIS YEAR. That's why you didn't see the big programs come down here and sign anybody. UM got the majority of the top players, from there there was a HUGE drop off in talent.

thats good news, i think both will get drafted high. James will be an NFL sleeper, they wont see him coming.

zakee=- flock yourself. We got Edwards, the #1 FB in nation who is going to be the big load back. HE WANTS TO B HERE AND CHOSE US OVER TALLYTRILERVILLE..... I am fine getting the #1 Fb in nation, #1 Juco TE in Nation, #1 Wr in So Fla, #1 Qb In NJ #1 DE in NJ, #1 and #2 CB/safeties in So FLA. and AL DID AWESOME TO GET THAT WITH SANCTIONS.

NOW, next yr South FLorida has 40-50 deep 4-5 star kids, and GOLDEN WILL NAIL ALL HIS NEEDS> GO BACK 2 YOUR TRAILER

ncaa hammer yeah 2 invitees, that tells u why Defense was so young. WE HAD NO SENIORS... DUMB ARSE.

WHEN UF ever goes undefeated, then come on this blog. In 150 years, they have never gone 11-0 or 12-0. too bad..........NEVER. EVER in the history of UF

marios is right. Thomas was the only 5 star kid in so fla and we were way down in 2013. The 2014 class is considered the best in 5 years, & we alredy have the best OL committ and top WR committ. Coach Golden got 4 of the top 5 kids on So FLa.
Burns, Carter, Coley, and Grace, all espn 150 players.

We lost out on Thomas and Kirkland, big deal. Grace beat out Thomas for Sun Sentinel DeF player of the year anyway....


Bl report on Miami- got a major boost this winter when the NCAA announced it would suspend its investigation into the program. Al Golden was putting together an already impressive class, but the news break helped secure this squad as one of the best in the conference.

The headliner of the group is early enrollee Beau Sandland, a star tight end position who will be able to walk in and help the Miami offense get rolling. He is a stud in the passing game and in run-blocking.

Also look for early enrollees Hunter Knighton and Standish Dobard. Kevin Olsen may also get some looks at quarterback.

This class is a star-studded lineup of players that help bring back the winning tradition for this Hurricanes program.

Grade: B

Miami 2014 Class will be special,, i mean come on, the Way Florida and Florida STate, and Alabama loaded up this year, kids will start looking at the dept chart more and more with these programs..as long as NCAA announce the sanctions, which will be minimum and we win at least 9 games, next year class will be awesome! Bet it!

I agree Al. I think 2013 is our 9-10 win year, play in acc title game, and when Duke, Tracy Howard, Deon Bush and co are Juniors, these studs are sophomores, and next years class, by 2014 which is the 1st year of the playoffs with 4 teams, we should be a contender..
We added alot of talent whether thse jokers want to admit it or not. 10 of the 16 kids are ranked in the espn 150, juco 100, prep school top 25. And the others were all high 3 star guys which are the players that are hungry

They can say what they want about will muschamp, but one things they're going to start doing as long as he's there is start playing real aggressive defense, i hate to say it, but their defense plays way more aggressive than our sit back and hope the qb makes th wrong read style of defense. Or our sitback and give up the flats style of defense.

Plus, they're going to be running the ball as well, teams that run the ball and stop the run are normally always in games or dominating them. These gaytors under muschamp are playing defense now a different way. They beat up on Fsu last year and were more physical than them, something that never happened.

So as it stands right now, we're getting ready to see which 3rd year headcoach is doing it how it needs to be done.

Enuff with the soft defenses, one of the problems i see is, will brennan carroll continue to develop the widereceivers where coach mcdonald left off. He got moved from being the tight-ends coach cause he wasn't getting the job done. So now he's over at the widereceiver spot, to much talent their, let's hope they don't ask those guys to put on 20 to 25lbs. I knew brennan had no clue when he left an allowed those tight-end to be that big.

Our wide-outs going against the gaytor secondary is going to be a dawg fight. I'm not worried about our o-line, we got kehoe here and i can see the pride that he has those guys playing with. Going to be real interesting to see what james coley can do as an oc and if he's an aggressive oc or a conservative oc. His audition is coming soon.

If we can get coach soldinger back in the fold, time to move.

good post calvin.

I'm dissappoined we didn't get skai moore though,i said a while back last year we should go after that man. I will say this, skai said something after he committed to South Carolina that was real important,he said he watched the South Carolina/Michigan game and he was drawn to the aggressive style of defense they play at South Carolina, he said he's use to playing with dawgs and South Carolina looks like they have that.

Made me think, when UM came in the midnight hour with an offer to him, he said "had they came in 2 to 3 weeks ago, this day might of been different" becasue Miami was his dream school that never offered until matthew thomas wasn't coming here. Plus i'm sure he realized who was playing the most aggressive defense.

I'm trying to think, not to many teams in the South play 3-4 defenses. But the main thing, no matter what scheme of defenses played in the South, they're all aggressive, we're the only one looking like we playing the gomer pile version of defense.

Urban Meyer left alot more talent in UF than Shannon did for Golden Calvin. #2, MusChump hasnt had to recruit with Sanctions looming over his head. 3. The gators could hav easily lost 3-4 more games that they pulled out real late, so dont let that record fool ya just like goldens 1st year the canes lost 4-5 games in the last few mintues and that record would have been misleading.

TO have a month to prepare, Lousiville clobbered them with their offense similar to our style......

I dont think U can compare coaches that way as UF was already full depth wise where as we werent even 2 deep and had no qbs on the roster besides harris and morris...

dom, do you just like to post off the top of your head. You try and be positive but you have alot of blonde post man. You talkingabout not having qb's on the roster besides harris and morris, so what qb's did oscar cryer leave muschamp, trey burton, if a team is relying on more than 2 qb's on a roster to try and take them where they need to go, you're not going anywhere no time soon.

I like smo17 and his humble approach to the game and his teammates, but he's no teddy bridgewater, he's what made the difference against the gaytors, plain and simple. Right now, we have more than 1 month to prepare for the gaytors defense, let's see what happens than.

If you want to say/use the argument that the gaytors could've easily lost 3 or 4 more games, that's a "a don't throw stones in glass houses" statement if i ever saw one. How may games did goldie barely get by this year, boston college-SHOOT-OUT, Georgia tech-SHOOT-OUT, North Carolina St.-SHOOT-OUT & than duke-SHOOT-OUT. So if we go by your logic, we should've went 3 & 10 this year.

Calvin you act like nc state, ga tech, are nothing. Please. Ga tech has athletes in case you didnt see them destroy USC

Georgia tech 7 & 7
boston college 2 & 10
NC st. 7 & 6
duke 6 & 7
cherish to love usc 7 & 6

So what this tells us is, al is king of the 7 wins and under teams only by a few points though.

I was not only referring to depth at QB. UF still was deep. We all know how depleted our roster was when Golden got here. Coem on. thats not even close.

And golden has had to fight negative recrutiing for 3 years, and so fla hasnt had the big class they will have next yr, with many top athletes to choose from. ..

Another Gator Arrest Calvin and 305gator

But this is just another off-field distraction that Muschamp and his team have to deal with. Arrests and marijuana were a problem under former coach Urban Meyer, and the list of offenders is once again piling up for the Gators. For some reason, it seems the message isn't getting across to players that this isn't exactly something that helps their team.

It has to be frustrating for Muschamp, who has tried to improve the off-field culture of his football team during his two-plus years with the Gators.

No one gets arrested in Miami for pot as they are too busy trying to solve the Pata case. Anyone got any info on the Highsmith's fundraising for the Tropical Park location? Last I heard we were up to $1,438.75. We are well on our way to replacing the old lady The OB! Oh and Canetrash quit using my handle!

#canefam #istandbyUuntilUlose2games

Do you really think Alonzo Highsmith is going to buy Tropical Park? Do you know how much that land, if it was even for sale, probably costs.

I can't wait until September 07th...can't wait. This is all going to be over very soon. Take your shots now gator girls!!!

I hadn't heard (as I live in TN) that Alonzo was attempting to purchase Trop Park? For real?
You might remember, a few years ago Donald trump (for reasons I don't know) offered to help finance a stadium for UM.
Has Shalalaland investigated this further?
I think I know the answer.

#stadiumforcanes...on twitter

Some interesting facts about this year's Superbowl:
* Former UM players - 8 (2 of the 6 captains at the coin flip)
* Former Alabama players - 2
* Former Gators - 2
* Former FSU players - 1

Another interesting fact

* UM No ACC titles

Good article by Christian Bello on Coach G and his answers with Joe Rose.
Gallows you imbecile you need to listen to a man who has fought a battle without the weapons his opponents had..The "so called sanctions looming" used by others will make us more determined to Kick some A**.
Gallows you moron, Coach G is here to stay. If you don't like it get lost...you Dip****.
You are a polluter not a fan.
Stand with the 'U'

Thanks for This New Idea Mate, I Just Posted added other information on this

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