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NCAA completes external review of enforcement staff in UM investigation; report expected by end of next week

The NCAA released a brief update Wednesday regarding the external review of its enforcement program in the UM investigation, saying Kenneth L. Wainstein has completed the necessary interviews and review of information and is now in the process of preparing a final report.

That report, the NCAA release said, is expected to be received "by the end of next week."

"We will release the results of the review following the completion of the report," the press release said.

NCAA President Mark Emmert said on Jan. 23 once the external review of his enforcement staff was completed the parties involved in the UM case would receive its notice of allegations.


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Perfect timing.. Coincidence or Planned????

planned.....let the NSD play out. It is the right thing to do...why jump in the pile when UM is already down...to announce before NSD is wrong.

I hope The University of Miami counter sues the NCAA for lost revenues and punitive damages...

The timing of this is the NCAA's parting shot at UM. UM lost 2 bowl games, an ACC Championship Game and an unknown # of self-imposed scholarship reductions in today's class. UM never said how many scholarships they were giving up in this class. There will be no more post season restrictions and probably no more scholarship losses (maybe a few). They will remain under probation for a couple years, but will face no further sanctions. That is how I see it. Some of UM's coaches, especially C. Hurt, will be punished.

NCAA is a pathetic bunch of idiots to announce this at the end of National signing day. Incompetent bunch of morons. We have had enough of their BS. I hope the University of Miami Lawyers go after them. If we get anything more than what we have already self imposed, take them to court for incompetence, stupidity, and for illegal tactics.

please...UM is no position to go after anyone...take whatever it gets and let it die..thats how you play this....what do you want to do...illegal stuff out but next time it will be under oath? dont be an idiot....

Wrong Mr cheap Wine Um is in a great position that why the NCAA will settle soon.

I am Jim "the DICK" Gallo.

I know everything. I am a pessmist. I have no friends.

what are they gonna settle? lol....what are you exactly looking for from the ncaa..money?

Timing is Everything, this was released on time, they have taken a lot of bad press over this and has lost face in a lot of people's eyes.

If I'm Shalala I announce right after this announcement that UM has no intention of bowing to any additional NCAA punishments, that we feel the timing of this review stinks and was intended to destroy our recruiting class, and that any attempt to limit our scholarships or postseason appearances will result in an instant lawsuit.

Incredible. The timing is ridiculous. This is over with, anything that was mentioned in the deposition is suspect and would be inadmissible in a court of law.
I thought the NCAA didn't have the balls to go any further against UM but after seeing them make this announcement in NSD, I guess they have bigger balls than anyone imagined.
Still think all or most of this crap is behind us. UM is off the hook but NCAA will try to save face by reducing a few scholarships, which Golden has done already.

Settle on penalties. idiot I think everyone k nows that. The ncaa and miami will settle on what sanctions they will face. Im betting 2 yrs postseason ban they served already. 5 scholorships a yr for 3 yrs and probation for 3 yrs. I dont expect anything worse than that. Not with how miami coorperated and the fact that ncaa cheated in there investigation.

NCAA is getting ready to pull a fast one, dont trust Mark, he needs to look at damage he has caused in recurits along with the time. I hope Miami lawyers tear him a new one,for all this mess case is tainted no matter what Mark says.

Gallo an ignorant whiner on this blog and a foul smelling wine, either one not worth it!

The Cloud.......SEC and FSU money, bet on it.. it happens with regularity in the $EC and at F$U and Clem$on, even Shapiro who stole millions couldn't outspend them.

We lost some good players due to this crap. Congrats to the ones we did get. They r true canes. Tell Collins mom to give his papers back let him go where he wants to go we will be better off. Thanks randy!!!!! Go canes!!!!!

ncaa will not issue less than usc.....15 scholarships....there is no leverage with the alllen deposition....you cant discredit testomney given under oath in a court of law even if your think it was under the belt on how they got it...it was all legal...the layer is allowed ot get paid.....there is nothing here like you all think....

Speculation stated as fact Gallo.
You guess just like everyone else.

You are wrong you KNOW nothing about law..

Discredited or tainted testimony can and would be thrown out if achieved under unscrupulous and illegal circumstances..
It is NOT LEGAL how they got it...Can't you get that through your head..
You cannot receive and pass on testimony to bolster or justify a position as was done by the NCAA.
If they were a Corp...you could sue the H*** out of them so shut up.
Go 'Canes

Gallo u stupid A-Hole, The NCAA itself has stated that any information gathered in violation of their rules/regulations/bylaws/procedures for gathering evidence of any information against a school can't be used and no penalties can be given as a result. This is coming directly from the NCAA you jerk. So yes A-Hole not only can you discredit it, you can make it as if it never existed because the NCAA can't use it you idiot. That is why they launched a self investigation. The lawyer they paid to do these violations of NCAA laws is also being investigated by the state bar association for ethics violations. She has had to hire a lawyer. She may have also violated Federal law by ILLEGALLY using federal legal proceedings for unannounced motives that were not related to the proceedings purpose. The NCAA and that lawyer are in more trouble by the minute. So you see dickhead Gallo, UM will get little to likely no more penalties and if the NCAA tries anything more Miami will DESTROY the NCAA in court. Bad day to be Gallo!

What a moron this Gallo idiot is...I mean I am.

"....you cant discredit testomney given under oath in a court of law even if your think it was under the belt on how they got it...it was all legal."

First off, it wasn't given in a court of law you moron. It was at a deposition.

Second, testimony is constantly discredited for any number of reasons. Just a small for instance: Ever heard of Miranda? If a suspect is not given his Miranda rights, any testimony given up to the time he is administered his Miranda rights is thrown out whether under oath or not. There are countless other examples only you are too stupid, you trailer maggot, to know.

Gallo....The blog moron.

I love the KAK.

Feels like they're asking UM to bend over and take it

Gallo, you smell like hell and we are tired of your stench. Go find another blog where they accept idiots and morons. Oh, I'm sorry, you have probably already been banned from all of those sites. Even the gaytor blogs won't have you. God, you are an a hole. Manny, please, please, have this guy barred from the herald.

1. the bylaws ONLY say ncaa does not have subpoena power...it wasnt theirs to begin with
2. you can choose to throw it out...but not illegal to use
3. there is no federal violation..name the statue
4. the state bar was only looking into the matter....there is no formal complaint since that would have to come from allen...I dont think he filed one
5. the ncaa is a charter...not law that has authority in court
6. the lawyer is allowed to get paid for her services...she did nothing illegal
7. if the testomny is "tainted" then allen purjured himself in court...does he plan on going to jail?

idiot, I was referring to the bankrupcy proceedings and also the deposition is done under oath you moron....

Jim Gallo Is a P(_)$$Y everyone.

Uf has never had an undefeated season, and I believe FSU 1 time(maybe, anyone know?).
But my point is Do that, then come on this blog

I have no idea what the NCAA will do but I do know their days are numbered. I'm afraid they will react like a cornered animal and try to pull some real crap to serve as a Sh_t screen for their failures.

Mr. Gallo - give me a time and date - with enough lead time (I'm out of state) and I will agree to a fist fight at the corner of Red and Sunset in South Miami (maybe we'll move it around the corner to keep the cops from intervening). This is a genuine offer and I will peruse the blogs for your reply. Time to man up or shut up.

We are going to court against the ncaa people.

Jesus, Mark can't even finish his investigation of the investigation on time which was supposed to take 7-10 days total according to him aka before signing day. So they'll only be 6 or 7 precious days late.

Man these NCAA guys are incompetent- Congress

The NCAA would have come out with allegations timed to fu our recruiting class with a list long enough to scare them all away. RS a no small amount of "thanks" to you bud. I was you Biggest supporter But now Benedict.... The NCAA FU still hurt us and they made sure of it by saying they would announce before NRD knowing they would Not keep to their word. This NCAA crap is a yahoo Big -10 and Pac-10 effort to target the U. Isn't it Mr Emmert? You were so angry a your staff's incompetence because you could not act like the thug you were at USC and PSU (yes they suffered disproportionally in my opinion) All monies to the NCAA and None to instate victims??? The culprits were already punished and Joe Papa who I was no big fan of was punished w/o being able to defend himself. I just don't understand victims who do not come forward.. some might be afraid to come forward BUT ALL???? Spend that money on EDUCATION to tell them HOW TO ACT WITH COURAGE and COME FORWARD. If not for yourself then for the potential victims. But I digress...... what are the chances that the NCAA just bites the bullet and admit that we have taken our lumps deserved OR NOT in GAMES, RECRUITING, reputation, and revenue -17000 for a home game? WOW that's as few as when I first became a fan. We so need to turn this around. Time for Mark Emmert to mend his own shop before he tries to save the world.

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