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NCAA: Only 20 percent of tainted info will be tossed out of UM investigation, process will move on

For those of us hoping for some finality in the two-year NCAA investigation into alleged rule-breaking at the University  of Miami, that day wasn't Monday.

Here is what you need to know: The NCAA has fired people on its enforcement staff, admits again it screwed up, but the case is proceeding to the Committee on Infractions. There will be no settlement. About 20 percent of the investigation has been dubbed "tainted" and has been tossed out. What's tainted? The interviews conducted by Nevin Shapiro's lawyer with Sean Allen and subsequently 13 other interviews and portions of 12 others after that.

When will the Notice of Allegations be sent to UM? President Mark Emmert wouldn't say. "I'm not giving it a timetable," he said.

> Here is the audio of the teleconference with reporters.

> Here is a link to the 52-page report released by the External Review committee on the NCAA's investigation into UM and the NCAA press release on the findings.