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NCAA: Only 20 percent of tainted info will be tossed out of UM investigation, process will move on

For those of us hoping for some finality in the two-year NCAA investigation into alleged rule-breaking at the University  of Miami, that day wasn't Monday.

Here is what you need to know: The NCAA has fired people on its enforcement staff, admits again it screwed up, but the case is proceeding to the Committee on Infractions. There will be no settlement. About 20 percent of the investigation has been dubbed "tainted" and has been tossed out. What's tainted? The interviews conducted by Nevin Shapiro's lawyer with Sean Allen and subsequently 13 other interviews and portions of 12 others after that.

When will the Notice of Allegations be sent to UM? President Mark Emmert wouldn't say. "I'm not giving it a timetable," he said.

> Here is the audio of the teleconference with reporters.

> Here is a link to the 52-page report released by the External Review committee on the NCAA's investigation into UM and the NCAA press release on the findings.


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If she Ms Perez didn't do anything wrong then the Florida Bar Association wouldn't have opened an investigation into whether her tactics were unethical. Also, she wouldn't have hired an attorney herself and try to hide behind attorney/client privilege after she was so vocal about not doing anything wrong. While the bankruptcy rule is vague, asking questions applied to her by NCAA investigators isn't relevant to the bankruptcy proceedings. Also, the NCAA could have filed under the freedom of information act for the transcripts since they are public record. Nice try Gallo

The University of Miami on behalf of Donna Shalala issued a press release today (for whatever the reason this site will not allow me to post the press release or even a link to said release) that did not mince words and openly and aggressively confronts the NCAA and makes it clear that UM is prepared to litigate should Mark Emmert insist on continuing his quest to destroy Miami's athletic programs.

Donna points out in detail just how badly the NCAA has failed and enthusiastically states that the entire investigation is tainted and has done great damage to our athletic programs. It is a flat out 15,000 pound Daisy Cutter Bomb.

She calls for Miami’s self-imposed punishment to serve as the final penalty and the case should be closed immediately.

This release is a must read for all Miami fans and will leave you feeling very proud that Donna Shalala is the CEO of UM, because she has latched onto the jugular of the NCAA like a pit bull and shows no signs she going to let go anytime soon.

For the first time in two and a half years I feel better about our situation and find myself being cautiously optimistic that we could soon be putting this nightmare behind us.

Is NCAA sure about 20%? Not 21%? Better be 20%. I will be mad if it is 21%.

Yes, I do fear that the NCAA will feel undeterred in leveling a maximum load of sanctions at Miami. Since in their minds what Miami allowed to happen was worse for "college sports" than anything Penn State did, the punishment will be more severe. Likely sanctions include:

- Indefinite bowl ban, subject to periodic (every 4 years) review. Due to cooperation and self-imposed bans, the NCAA will begin process of reassessing Miami's institutional control in two years, with a determination to come no later than 6 months after start of review.

- Four year loss of scholarships. Ten scholarships per year.

- Two year television ban.

- Forfeiture of all bowl, television, and live gate revenue between 2002 and 2009.

- Forfeiture of all games between 2002 and 2009.

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