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New OC Coley flips '14 star RB Yearby from FSU to UM

Joseph Yearby, a 5-9, 190-pound All-State running back from state champion Miami Central, switched his non-binding oral commitment from Florida State to the University of Miami Miami on Tuesday, adding his name to what is becoming a stellar 2014 recruiting class for the Hurricanes.

Yearby, a Seminoles commitment since May 2012, said he flipped to the Canes because of his connection to former Florida State offensive coordinator James Coley, who took over the same title at Miami last month.

Ranked as a four-star prospect by 247Sports.com and ranked the 66th best player in the country in the 2014 class, Yearby ran for 2,160 yards and 24 touchdowns as a sophomore. He followed it up by rushing for 1,448 yards and 20 TDs in leading the Rockets to the state title in December.

Miami Central coach Telly Lockette, interviewed by Miami for its vacant running backs job earlier this month before the team promoted Hurlie Brown to the position, was surprised to learn of the news Tuesday. He said he's up in Oregon for a coaching convention.

"I was surprised to hear it," Lockette said. "Obviously we all know what a great kid and what a great talent Joe is."

UM now has four highly touted commitments as part of its 2014 class -- all of them are local. The others: Miami Central offensive tackle Trevor Darling (6-5, 300), Hialeah quarterback Alin Edouard (6-2, 180) and West Palm Beach Cardinal Newman receiver Travis Rudolph (6-1, 185).


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Al's team working good already, welcome to the U Joseph

If we get Sony micel next u might as CALL UM A DYNASTY AFTER 2014...and Jim gallo plz no arguing

Welcome to the []_[] Joe! Fsu sucks,[]_[] made the right choice bro. Go Canes!!!

That's what I am talkin about. We are starting the makings of a dynasty just like Howard and Jimmy did. Great job coaches and congradulations to the young man becoming a intregal part of the U.

Wait where all the critics with the U can't recruit Florida, lmaoo what now, oh wait we still got to get dt's. Give it up Golden is here to stay.

Welcome aboard Joseph! The "U" family is proud, and honored to hear that you would like to become a part of our family! We wish you all the best, and can not wait to see your amazing talents in 2014! God bless mate!

Welcome to Running Back U! Home of Ottis, Edge, Portis, McGahee, Gore, Duke, and countless other legends who flourished at the U.

Great comments guys but is there any chance we could hear something awful from jim gallo about this for three days in a row now?

Yo Cane Trash

Yo Henryboy mind if I comment instead of Gallo?
U said before U thought the 2013 schedule was very tough so U r right there with dom the dUmb clUkc as far as lack of intelligence goes.

Yo chUmps check it out
First, it's way early and this kid can change his mind again, say if something happens with Coley
Second, all these 2014 commits r on the O side of the ball
Hate to break it to ya doUches but U r lacking on the D side
Then, U girls calling this the making of a dynasty??
4 2014 recruits commited and this is Ur dynasty??
How simple minded can U fools be?
DelUded and ignorant, have at it.

Yo guess the strategy is to continue and try to outscore the opposition
That's how Golden Retriever will fetch U a win
That and playing a disgrace of a pansy schedule
Golden Retriever has a plan
Offense, play pansies and repeat

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Canetrash in full panic mode. He's right, Al Golden's strategy of trying to outscore the opponent is wrong. He should be trying to score less than his opponent. Someone offer Canetrash a coaching job!

Yes, let's continue to load up on offense, we'll need a 30 point lead by halftime just to be able to hold on in the 4th quarter for the win. Gotta give it to coach goldie, he really does understand as long as his boy's here, we won't be playing championship defense so let's get all the offensive recruits we can. Right now, all offensive players committed for the 2014 class.

But what's still amazing to me though is out of all the d-tackles coming out of highschool, we got 1, lol. I'm just amazed that that actually happened, let's take a look:

demarcus walker
keith bryant

derrick calloway
deadrin senat
bruce hector

jaynard bostwick
caleb brantley
darious cummings
joey ivie
antonio riles

Fau/Florida Atlantic:
jeremy faulk
lance burlingame
derek butcher

"she's your queen to be"
ufomba kamalu

Canetrash, another Gaturd troll that can't stand the fact that Miami has won more National Championships, sent more players, that can actually last and play, to the NFL, and more players played from UM than any other college played in the Super Bowl. Jealousy rears its ugly head and its name is Canetrash...the real loser. Yes, we at Miami can actually spell. LOOSERS, really, dumb ass?

canestrash are you serious you dont know?
everybody knows you never go full retard.
you went full retard man. never go full retard

Just like Calvin to be a negative Nelly. Never happy.

Canetrash = Jim Gallo

You two jackwagons couldn't find the laces on a football but your full of advice. Save your breath d-bags, nobody here cares about your dumbarse opinions!

Calvin and Canetrash are our blogs retard we have fun sh$tting on!!

This board is comical, now we're braggin about a new recruit committing with over 300 days til national signing day, lol. brag once they sign but right now, come on, and james coley needs to have this offense looking legit on the first go round too.

Also, i'm not worried about who commits to us or signs with us, that's another issue, the problem i'm looking at is, once they sign with the team how long are they going to be on the team with those strange goldie rules. We keep seeing alot of game changers and balla's ending up on goldie's guillotine row. That means nothing to alot of these guys by kicking the productive players off the team, that's the one thing coach goldie definitely hasn't learned from jimmy johnson, how to manage the balla's from the rest of the team.

jimmy did it the smart way, if you're a balla, of course you get special privileges, if you want special privileges, start ballin boyz.

Also, i'm glad we got james coley with us now though, he already has a connection with Miami/South Florida, unlike jedd who i think was not that good at evaluating talent. To me, he has a whole lot of faith in his ability to coach the qb position than actually going out and get above average qb's. No disrespect to crow & dewey but when you hear goldie and crew basically saying olsen is the heir apparent before he's even touch-down in Miami to stay, that tells you how much faith this staff has already in those 2.

After smo17 leaves though, the qb battle will be real interesting, it'll be something like 3 to 5 qb's battling for that #1 spot, we'll see how the james coley affect plays out with out qb's an offense.

When Cane Nation talk about all of their great RB Can Someone Please Remember Number#44 Chuck Foreman. ...Oh Yeah!

To all thoes hatters.The U is on there way back.the ncaa f up.so we will get thoes dt.the U with swagerr is bac hatters.

Wow, "Canetrash", that's one of the saddest things I've ever read, hope you feel better bud.

What exactly is a looser anyway? If you're going to post something to get under peoples skins than at least the word is loser, not looser you loser.

This blog stream proves that calvin is a racist hater. Hes no cane. There should be no negative commentary after these news. Unless you are the bottom of my a..nus canetrash, or the pathetic loser gallo.

This is absolutely awesome news. The 2014 class can be poised to bring the U back to the promised land. If sony commits, this will be akin the streak of clinton portis--willis mcgahee--frank gore sprinkle in jackson and davenport

The parallel:

Duke johnson---yearby...sony... Sprinkle in the boys we have in the 2013 class

A whole year of recruiting to go, but looking good.

Like they say canetrash offense is the best defense!

Canetrash, little advice, there's a team called Bama U need to worry about. It's going to be tough going into SEC play with a loss in the 305 this year. It's kinda ridiculous that u follow the "U" as much as u do closet boy. U can come out now

When your defense is sitting at 117th nationally, offense will have to be your best defense, which is why coach goldie is loading up on that side of the ball.

I'm glad this is his 3rd year coming up, the excuses are running out. soft defense, soft schedule, alot of real good offensive talent. Here's to james coley rotating the backs where it makes sense, mike james was misused last year, and mike james will definitely be a real solid pro, it would be nice to see him get drafted by mike shannahan, he'd od real well behind those cut blocking o-linemen because he runs downhill.

How many players will make it thru the offseason this year, 1st as a member of the team and lastly, but not least, injury free.

That's a cute little u that you made up bobby. Remember, u can't spell SCUM without the UM !! Go Noles

@Chris: Hey, don't get your panties in a bunch Dorothy. I know you're upset but take a deep breath and relax. Oh, really original with the scum thing. Clever, er, or something.

I see free shoes u has another hard schedule this yr.


Yearby should be a 5 Star recruit. He'd be the #1 rated RB in the country if he wasn't sharing a backfield with another 4 Star RB in Dalvin Cook. Central had no QB this year, so Yearby had to line up at QB most of the time. He sacrificed his game for the good of the team and they won State. Yearby is the real deal and then some. He reminds me so much of Frank Gore. I haven't see such incredible "vision" in a back and the feet quick enough to match his vision since Frank Gore. He is as SURE a super megastar as "Duke" was and is. I knew Duke was going to be an All American when I saw him play for Norland his sophomore year. I said the same thing about Yearby his sophomore year at Central. Both All American talents and next level star talents. STOKED!

Canetrash & Gallo are the same person.

Right "Looser"?

Offense should be machine this year. If D can improve even 20% we can win the ACC title game against Clemson. Then it is on. We can outscore the swamp slim. That will be the win Golden needs to get some menfolk in the middle the D-line.

Golden needs to start locking down SoFlo. I'm tired of him getting kids out of state. Oh wait..


And I see we still have a looser loser.

good pick...coley, miami high alumni....this is what we mean.....get rid of golden..dont need him...

love shannon

there is no risk replacing these guys....all upside

calvin: excellent point.....why cant UM get any of these guys....running backs are everywhere.....good DE/DT and OL are always in demand....

Wow.....I almost forgot about the former greatness of Otis Anderson.Man THAT guy was "ELITE" with power.Played for the Giants and quite well too.Great get in Yearby though and so far......Coley s most "SIGNIFICANT" recruit to Miami since he arrived.Running back U,TE U,QB U and again one day.....DT U.(but not yet).Golden and his Defensive Coaches are the Achilles heel of the team regarding DEFENSIVE TACKLE production.NEED much,much better "coaching up" of the DT s and strength and technique work.The DT s have "underperformed" for about the last 7 or 8 years...at least at the U.GO CANES.

Hey Sileo, so there's no local recruiting going on huh. STUPID.

Welcome to THE U Yearby. You'll like it here much better than anywhere else. There's no place like home.


The U is on the way back across all major sports: an elite 8 or better for basketball, a World Series entry for BB, and the ACC Crown in football this year. 2014 will be one of the best football recruiting classes ever and we will have some top rated DTs. Our sports teams are catching up to the U's academic standing.

Yo Cane Trash

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Comprende my MDCC dropout?
IAMMDC or at least a GED??

Some dynasty dUmmies
How easy for U girls to get excited about a 2014 kid who may not show or may be a bust if he does or may be kicked off the team by Golden
Nothing much to get excited about for real in the 305
How about Let's go Heat
There U go clUcks

Yo Golden Retriever has a soft schedule
Has a good offense
But has no defense
What does he do?
Continue to add offensive players
Very offensive indeed
Yo U need to outscore every opponent
For U dUmmies that do not understand it means U r in a shootout every game
No way to go thru life maggots having to outscore everyone. Not gonna happen
U need to be able to play defense too
U may be able to outscore FAU and Savannah
But what happened against UNC last year
What happened against KSU, ND and FSU???

Yo Golden Retriever has a plan
No more good teams OOC
That means the FSU game is the only game U will play
This season U also have UF, but after that Golden Retriever will not wanna play them again
Just like he replaced KSU with Savannah State
He will bring back Bethune instead of UF
The Golden Retriever plan
Load up on offense
We need to score a lot
Mr 117 is not going anywhere

Yo got some tarp for U fools
U will see it every home game
OK U won't see it, not many people will
Nobody shows or watches on TV
Typical cane gameday

Yo some dynasty clUcks
Late February and the baseless predictions pour in
Go ahead U got time until the fall
Then it's back to wit til next year

Bunch of pathetic and delUsional LOOSERS!!

Canetrash your jealousy is obvious. Like a little mean school girl. Must be tough watching tge U have sucess despite the NCAA allegations. Putrid little pi55ants like yourself were banking on no recruits and the death penalty. You thought it was a done deal. Because unlike real men, you want the comp. I personally wish all 3 fla teams were good so miami could destroy you ignaant necks in leon and alachua counties.

You are a pitiful excuse for your daddys ladt drip.
Your momma should have considered the morning after pill
Because disgusting trash like you hae no place in the world let alone on this blog
Since you are protected by the 1st amend., so am I

Go to he..ll you p. O.s

I'm not even worried about the D this year....haha....THEY CANT BE WORST THEN LAST year and we won 7 games. Pure game experience alone will make this team better in 2013. Our defense will will decent.....to the tune of 10 wins or more.

Hey Canestrash...slurp, slurp,slurp....

Why constantly do we have to hear about DT's from the bashers??? Al got 3 or 4 in last years class and added 1 this yr and I believe 2 or 3 DE's are converting to DT possibly Chickillo........... Just because this class only had 1 doesnt mean we arent loaded. The Grimble 5 star kid from 2 years ago has experience now, we have porter and robinson healthy, ivery and moore and 1 other from last years class, we have olsen pierre.
And muhammed now at DE....

Defense will be majorly improved next year.

When Sony Michelle comitts, that will b 2 five star Rb's in this class after the 13 class got Mr Football in Tenn Elder and NY #1 RB Edwards.......


WE can literally see the start of a dynasty again being built..... The offense is probably the best in the country, and a healthy D will be HUGE...

Calvin, we were playing our 3rd stringers at LB, our top DT's were out, and we played freshman in the secondary. Of course we were going to give up pts and yards. But the team is loaded now

The U is on the rise.

And the trolls are pounding their keyboards in every way possible to wish it aint true.

Too bad because reality will smack u upside the head anyways.

Golden is bringing it in tough circumstances NO OTHER COACH IN CFB has to go through to recruit. And yet he's bringing in stars.

NC#6 is blowing in the wind for the U.

Hurricane warning beeeyotches!!

Not to be a downer but last year's early class had lots of local talent too and then they disappeared. I will hope for different results this time though!

Per Bleacher report-The Miami Hurricanes are starting off the 2014 recruiting cycle in a big way, with 5-star running back Joseph Yearby flipping his commitment from Florida State to UM.

Getting him to flip is huge for Miami, and the Hurricanes can give credit to new offensive coordinator James Coley in this situation. According to Kynon Codrington of Rivals.com, Coley was a big reason why Yearby flipped:

Miami (Fla.) Central running back Joseph Yearby has switched his commitment from Florida State to Miami, thanks in large part to new Hurricanes offensive coordinator James Coley.

"Coach Coley is a great guy," Yearby told Rivals.com. "He was very happy when I committed. Once he took the job, I started looking at Miami harder. Plus it's a better situation for my family."

This is a marquee recruiting win for Al Golden and the Hurricanes for numerous reasons. The first and most obvious reason is the fact that Yearby is an extremely talented recruit.

He's ranked as the No. 5 running back in the 2014 class and he's the No. 4 ranked player from the state of Florida, according to the 247Sports.com composite rankings.

I have a great idea for a documentary. The Sad and Pathetic Life of Canetrash.

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Immediately, Canetrash's face turns pale and he begins to sweat.

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