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Larry Scott hired to be Canes new tight ends coach

Former USF assistant Larry Scott has accepted the job to become UM's new tight ends coach. Scott will replace Mario Cristobal's spot on the staff. Cristobal left UM for Alabama last week after just a month on the job.

The news was first reported by The Associated Press.

Scott, who was part of the first recruiting class at USF in 1996, has plenty of experience recruiting in South Florida. He was a big part of USF's highly-touted 2009 signing class. He served as tight ends coach at USF for four seasons, offensive lien coach in 2010 and most recently running backs coach in 2012.

Here is Scott's bio:

Larry ScottA member of USF's original recruiting class in February 1996, Larry Scott returned to USF in 2005 as director of high school operations, before first moving into coaching as a graduate assistant in 2006 and later as the tight ends coach, a position he accepted on Jan. 23, 2007.

Scott coached the tight ends in 2008 before switching to the offensive line in 2009. Scott returned to the tight ends in his sixth year with the program in 2010 and took over as running backs coach in 2012.

In his return to the tight end position, Scott and his group helped USF to its fifth-straight eight-win season, making it one of only 15 programs nationally and one of just 10 in BCS leagues that had accomplished the feat.

The offense saw tremendous improvement in 2011 as USF improved its national ranking in total offense 75 spots from 2010 to 2011, the largest jump of any school in the country. The most dramatic improvement came in the passing game, where USF improved by 85 yards per game. Only two teams saw a greater jump in the passing offense national rankings, as the Bulls improved 59 spots. In addition, the Bulls finished first in the BIG EAST in rushing and sacks allowed.

As the offensive line coach, Scott helped mentor center Sampson Genus to a second-team All-BIG EAST honor in 2009 as voted on by the coaches. Florida State defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews called Genus the best center they had seen all season.

In addition, redshirt freshman tackle Mark Popek was named Freshman All-America by both Sporting News and ESPN, while guard Zach Hermann earned third-team honors by Phil Steele.

A unit that had to replace a lot of experience lost from the 2008 team, the 2009 offensive line turned out to be one of the team's strengths after facing question marks across the line coming into fall practice.

In his first full season, USF saw the development of Cedric Hill into one of the most feared tight ends in the BIG EAST. He continued to help the offense and his position group excel in 2008. Hill earned second-team All-BIG EAST honors, while Ben Busbee stepped into a prominent role alongside Hill.

Where Scott has made arguably the biggest impact on USF is in recruiting. His work in Miami and throughout Dade and Broward counties has helped USF reel in a string of highly-regarded classes. In fact, many considered the 2008 class among the best in program history. Then, Scott and the entire coaching staff went out and signed a 2009 class that was ranked as high as No. 21 nationally and was praised again as the best in program history.

Scott first started coaching at Wharton High in Tampa, where he was offensive line coach and run game coordinator from May 2001 to August 2001, when he moved to Freedom High as offensive coordinator and line coach from August 2001 to November 2003.

During the 2004-05 school year, he returned to his high school alma mater - Sebring - where he was an exceptional education teacher and the co-offensive coordinator.

Scott was a three-year letterman (1997-99) as an offensive tackle for the Bulls and a member of the first recruiting class that began practicing in 1996, the year before the first USF football game. Scott arrived at USF after a successful three-sport career at Sebring High School. He was a four-year letterwinner for the football team, playing on Sebring's offensive line, and also earned a pair of varsity letters in baseball his freshman and sophomore years and in wrestling his junior and senior seasons.

Scott and his wife, Shakiera, have three children, sons Larry and Jalen and daughter Jurnee. Scott was born in Sebring, Fla.


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If there is anyone besides his homeboy Golden who believes D'Nofrio can coach is a dumb a chick who believes I'll only put the head in. This guy is why minorities get so upset they don't get chances. Many caucasian coaches get and keep their positions even though results prove they cannot coach. How many BCS schools OC's and DC's are Blacks? We are only pons to recruit the necessary human resources (Black players) so that they "white coaches" and institutions can make millions. They now let us play QB but, like they felt previously, won't allow us to be DC's and OC's. Thats because they know we would succeed and then they couldn't use the excuse of us never being a coordinator as reason to deny us head coach jobs. Why we won't stand up and deny the oppressors the necessary resources to compete for championships baffles me. These white men come into place they would never venture to get poor Black kids to make them millions, but when they are done playing, would never allow them to be nothing more than "Bait" to catch more N word talent. The rules and regulations of the NCAA is nothing more than N word control mechanisms. I remember Big John Thompson and Chaney (Temple) waliking out in protest tp Prop 14 or something because they knew it to be racist policies. The one parent I respect most is Kellen Winslow who said his son would not go to a school who never hired a African American in a leadership role. Florida would tear down the Swamp before a N word ever led them into battle. Don't worry many parents have no knowledge of history or institutional racism, so we'll keep entertaining you on Saturdays and making the masters millions.

Signed.......John Brown

Posted by: Tampa Cane | February 24, 2013 at 06:30 PM

LOL, like in the 80's when most of the teams wouldn't let brotha's play 3 positions, qb, middle linebacker and safety, as if we were to stupid to get people lined up right. They say shannon was only a good d-co because he was coaching butch davis recruits, than why is inept 117th bad, is it because he's coaching al goldie's recruits?

Was shannon coaching butch davis recruits in 2005 & 2006. In 2005 we were 2nd in the nation in scoring defense, 3rd in the nation in yards given up per game, 2nd in pass defense and 14th in run defense.

Than in 2006, 15th in scoring defense, 5th in yards per game given up, 37th in passing defense and #3 in rushing defense(john palmero effect).

So all that non-sense about shannon was only coaching butch davis players is another lie. Also, who was saying anything when shannon took a bunch of True freshman up to gaytorville and basically manhandled what eneded up being the national championship team for 3 1/2 with no offense. shannon had to go into battle with patrick nix cause of the low budget they gave him instead of being able to go in with dirk koetter(atlanta falcons oc) or marc trestman(new chicago bears headcoach) but they say shannon's hands weren't tied, lol.

Yet coach goldie gets 500k to bring in a new oc only to try and cover up his boy inept 117th's incompetence.

Slowly but surely this coaching staff is starting to look like it needs to look, now instead of just hiring larry scott to be the tight-ends coach, how about we hire kevin patrick to coach this d-line. And yes, anthony chickillo has put on to much weight to be a good pass rushing end, at 270 lbs, he'll never be that effective on passing downs. It'll help him hold up at the point of attack but he won't be to much of a threat as a pass rusher. He needs to be in the 255 to 260 range, that's it.

This is why i'm real interested in seeing what tyriq mccord does this year, they wanted to balloon that man up to 245lbs, basically add on 27lbs in one year, lol, that's insane if they're expectign him to actually be effective at that weight as a True sophmore, 235 to 238 should've been the max.

The one thing about inept 117th, if according to goldie he's that good in the weight room, why is it, this man titties keep popping thru his own shirts, he might want to lead by example on the weight machines himself. Walking round like he's as old as bill parcells looking all droopy.

That's why i like charlie strong, he represents his name plus he looks like a d-co. muschamp same thing. john lovett when he was here talked like a d-co and looked like one. mark stoops didn't look liek one but he carried himself and coached with confidence and knew what he was doing, who we got, some guy that looks like he hasn't been able to bench press 225 since college. Our defense plays as weak as he looks, here's to hoping he can at least bench 117!

Who cares... just win already. Just win.

Um had stong physical foundation:

dnofrio/golden are not capable of developement...

DE Shayon Green - 6'3" 260
DE Anthony Chickillo - 6'4" 262
LB Jimmy Gaines - 6'3" 230
CB Brandon McGee - 6'0" 194
S Kacy Rodgers - 6'2" 210
LB Tyrone Cornelius - 6'2" 210
S AJ Highsmith - 6'0" 205
S Vaughn Telemaque - 6'2" 204
DT Curtis Porter - 6'1" 305
DT Luther Robinson - 6'3" 288
LB Ramon Buchanan - 6'1" 195
S Ray-Ray Armstrong - 6'4" 220
LB Kelvin Cain - 6'3" 245
DT Jeffery Brown - 6'3" 275
DB Devont'a Davis - 6'2" 190
LB Travis Williams - 6'3" 205
DB Jamal Reid - 6'1" 185
LB Kevin Nelson - 6'1" 220
DB Keion Payne - 6'1" 175

I like the scott add...all that is left is butch at hc and shannon at dc.....risk/reward favors firing golden since he will not fire dnofrio....both gone has very limited downside....all 305

Calvin and Gallo's IP addresses were traced back to Emmert's home computer.

Now all we need to do is hire kevin patrick as the d-line coach and start getting back to teaching our d-linemen how to get up field again instead of this slow draggin technique they're being taught to do with o-linemen.

We also need a widereceivers coach, i have no faith in brennan carrol coaching the wideouts myself, he's one of the weak links for sure on this coaching staff.

Also, good call on greg schiano, he was coaching butch davis recruits, he didn't win the best coordinator of the year award, shannon got it, "oh he was coaching butch davis recruits", lol, these hypocrites hate to give it up to shannon, the man knows defense and better yet, he can anticipate what another oc is doing many times before he sends the call in. This is why some of you know the stories of the older Canes who played with shannon, they'll tell you shannon was a coach on the field.

He was one of the main ones who taught alot of guys how to watch film back in the 80's as well. shannon could break down another teams offense just like a d-co could while he was playing. Some of yall want to criticze shannon for not starting arthur brown, lol, as if shannon wanted to just waste a schalorship, that man just wasn't mentally prepared to play linebakcer at Miami. If you go and watch the bowl game, you'll see exactly why shannon couldnt' start arthur, he was nowhere to be seen in that bowl game.

Have been watching U TUBE of the highlights of Duke Johnson's season with the 'U'. Wow I am still amazed.
This guy is so good that Coach K said that he is a slasher, has good eyes, and has speed to burn...
What a thrill to watch a certified superstar.

Coach Scott welcome aboard, and we are excited for you to join the family.
As a Florida guy you know what hopes we have for our 'Canes, and as a recruiter in SOFLo you know what impact the 'U' has had.
Teach our guys everything from soups to nuts, because you have a buffet of good players you can mold into teriffic TE's, who will play well and move to the next level.
We are loyal to the coaching staff and as a member of the 'Canes Coaching staff working with Coach G, I am sure the players will work hard and expect the ultimate from their preparations for the 2013 season.

Good luck and let us grow and Win in 2013.
Welcome again,
Go 'Canes


If you have a problem with the fact that there ain't many black coaches then I suggest u do nothing but follow Florida a&m, Bethune, grambling and the other black schools out there.heck I guess we could make an argument that black schools don't recruit white players.

Golden is not going to hire a a good dline coach be ause it will go against his friends scheme. This is the thing a head coach has to sign off on what ever the oc and dc have in their game plan. That's what doomed Shannon because its no way you can throw 27 ints in tow years to the same player and same part of the field without scrapping it. Oh no had the worst defense out there and what has golden done kick off experienced players that could improve the defense overall only to come back and say the players were to young or they couldn't learn the new scheme or whatever excuse he has tried to make. This is the year though we have a favorable schedule we should not have any more than two losses I say one is to much but that's just me. I hope they are so where watching film of the old dominant Cane defenses.

What a terrible assessment Johnny. Shame on you.lol

Another racist ignorant SOB.lol

tallyCane, the real Truth though is, shannon didn't hire mark nipple, kirby lo-cutt did after shannon fired nix. It opened the door for lo-cutt and the snitch to incorporate their plan to get shannon outta here. Remember, by the time shannon had fired nix, he had already fired tim walton, mosely(old widereceivers coach), ran off bill young after that Georgia tech debacle, made a mistake keeping hurtt instead of keeping palmero and coach hurtt to wrk under him, but anyway, so they went ahead and hired nipple, made him the assistant headcoach which gave him full power over the offensive play-calling.

This is why when shannon made a comment to nipple before halftime of the clemson game, nipple called himself challenging shannon, from that point on, it was all downhill for sure. The thing is, shannon still had control over the personnel, so he kept j70 in the games because he knew like several of us knew, alot of those picks jacory threw were because of piss poor route combinations in that offense nipple was trying to run here along with bad play-calling.

I'm sure the players are watching old film of the defenses from the past, but all it will do to them is make them feel sick once they realize for sure they're playing in a cotton candy scheme nowhere near to what those aggressive defensive schemes we were running back than.

What planet are you from where 260 pound DEs and 300 pound DTs are a strong physical foundation?

what planet are you on? the average DE on the new england patriots is 6'3" 263 and the average DT is 6'2" 303 which includes 325 lb vince wilfork.....

golden/dnofrio was handed strong physical guys...they couldnt develope them....its all BS excuses

Johnny you dumba$$. Clearly you don't follow many historically "black" schools where a lot of white (amongst all other nationalities) are recruited and commit to those schools to play football. Every position is considered from Quarterback to Kicker. Whether or not many of them chose to go there is up to them.

Good Hire. Moving in the right direction. I believe John Brown has a point. He came off rough with it. Look at the number black coaches period. Any league. Doesn't have to be racist. Perception is reality. Look at Chicago Bears Coach. How do you loose your job with a 10 and 6 record while other coaches who didn't win 8 games got hired somwhere else or held on to there job. Not saying it's racism. Definitely up for discussion.

Oh it is RACISM we don't need to discuss that. I am not a Bears fan and I always thought Lovie should have been more fiery to avoid people saying he was too laid back and not a good leader (ignorance I know) because that's how racism and prejudice works through IGNORANCE.

hey calvin, I really hope you aren't trying to make a case that randall shannon was a good head coach because he was horrible in every aspect of the job..that #1 recruiting class was a sham, I don't know if they were just overrated or if he couldnt develop them because he was completely inept as a coach, but either way I think you see my point..he was a good d coordinator, but nothing more..

whitey conspired againts shannon ha ha tell that to robert marve

"We also need a widereceivers coach, i have no faith in brennan carrol coaching the wideouts myself, he's one of the weak links for sure on this coaching staff."

Posted by: Calvin | February 24, 2013 at 08:30 PM

Me and you BOTH!
His TEs were getting their TAILS KICKED! on one of those Cane All Access videos, matter of fact, Gabe Terry was givin' Dyron Dye THE BUSINESS! on that video.

A lot of these rambling BS posts are way too long. Also is this a black panther rally or a football forum? Seriously people. This makes the average ESPN board look like a gathering of rocket scientists.

He and you both are idiots.

UM just pulled in one of the better TE classes of all time.

Welcome Coach Scott! You will be a great
addition for the Canes!

hey calvin, I really hope you aren't trying to make a case that randall shannon was a good head coach because he was horrible in every aspect of the job..that #1 recruiting class was a sham, I don't know if they were just overrated or if he couldnt develop them because he was completely inept as a coach, but either way I think you see my point..he was a good d coordinator, but nothing more..

Posted by: david | February 24, 2013 at 10:57 PM

What we're saying is, shannon was doing a better job with UM than what goldie is doing as a 5th headcoach prior to coming to UM where shannon was a 1st time headcoach. They basically gave goldie the money necessary to hire who he wanted and needed, shannon was handcuffed, they started out paying shannon around 800K, goldie is handing out 500K for a coordinator.

goldie in his firts 2 years only has 2 wins more than shannon and when shannon took over UM it was in way worst shape talent wise than what he left goldie with.

Also, one of the things that people need to quit repeating and harping on is saying "that #1 2008 signing class was a bust" First off, people need to ask themselves, who named that class "the #1 recruiting class" and what was it based off of when they ranked, that class had mainly widereceivers and linebackers, so how was it ranked #1, than ho can you rank a class before they've even played a down.

Now, from that 2008 recruiting class, how many of them are playing in the nfl, in fact, how many guys are playing in the nfl from shannon recruits, let's list them:

2007 class in the nfl:
leonard hankerson
allen bailey
damien berry
harland gunn
demarcus van dyke
jojo nicolas

2008 class in the nfl:
travis benjamin
brandon harris
laron byrd

2009 class in the nfl:
olivier vernon
brandon washington
lamar miller

So i'm not sure how where the "shannon didn't develop players come from, sam shields wasn't one of his recruits but he got him to change to the defensive side of the ball, sheilds didn't want to do it and finally gave in. sma shields is the type of player that had he been under al goldie, he would've been kicked off the team along time ago, but shannon stuck with em, and never gave up on em or kicked him off the team and now he's a productive nfl player under golsie he would've been working in a warehouse somewhere.

goldie is ruthless when it comes to suspending and kicking players off the team. Now how can a headcoach that's residing over a 117th ranked defense be given all this blind luv fest and loyalty when he hasn't done anything but lose games even though he was a headcoach for 5years prior to taking this job.

Agree with Que on the quality of TEs in the program.

I don't get what racism has to do with anything here, If a coach is good and a winner, he will find a job.

If you owned an NFL team, wouldn't you weant the best coach, no matter the color of his skin? Lovie Smith was canned because his teams failed to excel for too many years.

And, by the way, racism comes in many colors... there is no justification for anyone hating anyone because of their race...

Argue ideas for their merit because that is where the truth may be found.

He and you both are idiots.

Posted by: Que? | February 25, 2013 at 12:10 AM

I may be an idiot, but at least this idiot knows when a TE is gettin' His rear end KICKED IN!
LMAO like Eddy Murphy.

2007 class in the nfl:
leonard hankerson
allen bailey
damien berry
harland gunn
demarcus van dyke
jojo nicolas
2008 class in the nfl:
travis benjamin
brandon harris
laron byrd
2009 class in the nfl:
olivier vernon
brandon washington
lamar miller

Posted by: Calvin | February 25, 2013 at 12:40 AM

YUUUUURP! <-----------Like Snoop from The Wire.

Randy D Lobban now where getting somewhere. Just what you said. Laid back, not fiery and started the season I believe 5 or 6 and 0 nothing to do with color. Job performance. Randy Shannon opportunity to do something special. Put trust in the wrong people. Not a white thang. It was a black thang. You know the term crabs in the pot. Can't get out because the other ones holding in. This is why the U is fighting the NCAA today. I respect Mr. Shannon for the job he was trying to do .Unfortunately some of his coaches were wheeling and dealing behind the shed.. Maybe Randy will get another shot. Don't make the same mistake twice

Posted by: canesallnight | February 25, 2013 at 01:08 AM

Let's seeeeeeee...Hurtt,Pannunzio, and Stoutland, 2 out of 3 of em' are white.
Yeah, it's a "black thang".

Que stating point. If I was the owner of an NFL team 10 and 6 is not bad. We can build on that. I would not fire the coach. I'm sure there's more than 15 teams wish they had that record. Dolphins. Bucs and Jaguars.The problem with racism. Too many people are scared to talk about it. Yes racism works both ways I agree. If you think there is know racism in sports. Maybe you should watch soccer. AC Millan. I never said Lovie being fired had to do with race. Everybody wants a winner. In order to win you got to have losers and that's where you will find the Bears!!.You are right about no justification for hating anyone.But people do it anyway. Diversity is a good thing.

Shut up Luke, I mean Calvin. Go Home, you're drunk.

Shannon sucked. That's why he can't do any better than LB coach at Arkansas now. We haven't had a 1st round NFL pick in 5 years. The physical foundation was terrible before Golden got here. Did you see the weight room stats before Golden? They barely had any guys that could bench 225 for reps and their conditioning and nutrition progrogrambwas awful. This has been well documented. Al has built a great foundation in his time here, which has basically been completely under probation and with sanctions.

I do think D'Onofrio needs to go, though.

And where are all the white RBs an DBs? I tell you, sports are so racist. We need to recruit some whiteys at those positions before we are accused of racism.

C'mon Calvin. Sam Shields didn't do anything until he got to the NFL. He gave us very little here and it wasn't until he got to the NFL that he developed. Shannon didn't develop anyone. Those players you list that were drafted are mostly depth players at the NFL level. We used to put that many players in the first round...and you are trying to highlight depth players?!?!? LMAO. Hey, he got a lot of production out of Jimmy Graham though, didn't he???

I don't blame it all on Shannon. It started with Coker. Once Butch's recruits were out of the program, we have been mediocre.

all BS as always...those are goldens recruits in 2 years..60% havent even played.....all the success has come from the players shannon developed....

OT Ereck Flowers
WR Rashawn Scott
DE Olsen Pierre
DT Corey King
LB Eddie Johnson
LB Denzel Perryman
DB Ladarius Gunter
S Deon Bush
P Dalton Botts
QB Ryan Williams
WR Robert Lockhart
WR Herb Waters
OG Daniel Isidora
OT Hunter Wells
DT Dequan Ivery
DT Earl Moore
DT Darius Smith
DE Ricardo Williams
DE Jelani Hamilton
DE Tyriq McCord
LB Thurston Armbrister
LB Raphael Kirby
CB Antonio Crawford
CB Tracy Howard
S Rayshawn Jenkins
K Matt Goudis

results 13-11, 8-8 conference, no bolw appearances or divison championships.....#117 defensive rank out of 120...1st time in UM history plus top tier recruits decommitt....all of them, new first at UM

remove shannons recruits and golden goes winless in 2 years...that is a fact...no morris or johnson....golden fails.....thankyou randy for at least saving UM from a total embarrasment.

I love Randy, but didn't he run off three white QBs and leave J12 with no backup. Also, I noticed J12 in his one year under white head coach looked like we expected him to look before Randy and staff got a hold on him. Poor kid kight of had a different future after four years of Al--just saying. Between Coaker, Randy and Donna, The U was decimated. I want winners, black, white, yellow or green.

By the way, the old no-name defense had just one starting black player. THey set the record for lowest points against that held up until Ray's first Super Bowl team. NFL changed the rules to make speed more important. Is that racism? I mean kind of hard to find a white guy on D now. It was racism when there were no black QBs, so do different rules apply now.

And lets not even talk about the NBA. I mean, white guys need an affirmative action program there. Or maybe some rule changes. Racism is any ugly thing that blinds your mind and eats your soul and it is color blind--cuts any color skin. Beware!

I will give Randy credit for being the only one with enough sense to see the liar for what he was.

Gallo = SPAM

"Mountain out of a molehill Ca;vin",

Surges in TV $ have changed the pay scale for asst coaches in college football. Stop the race/conspiracy silliness.

Why doesn't the multi-billion NFL swoop down and pluck Gallo/Calvin from Mom's basement and take their team to the promised land?

Per Calvin, RS was/is the greatest DC in the world. Wonder why none of the 120 schools that play top level college football hired him to do that?

I love Randy, but didn't he run off three white QBs and leave J12 with no backup.

Posted by: Glenn | February 25, 2013 at 08:12 AM

## Maybe...BUT, those QBs didn't do squat at there respective schools o transfer.

Also, I noticed J12 in his one year under white head coach looked like we expected him to look before Randy and staff got a hold on him. Poor kid kight of had a different future after four years of Al--just saying.

Posted by: Glenn | February 25, 2013 at 08:12 AM

## Agree with you on the tutelage, but NOT! the color of the tutelage...all 3 of His OCs were WHITE! But I agree, He did improve IMMENSELY! under Fisch. If He would've had an OC of Fisch's caliber all 4 years, He would've thrown for over 100 TDs E-A-S-I-L-Y!

i am so tierd of this race card on both sides
there is no way if there s a coach that is that great and has the record of A WINNER NOT BEING HIERD FOR A OC/DC OR HEAD COACHING JOB BECAUSE OF HIS COLOR
we need to move on as a pepole of a modern world

Gallo - if someone looked up IGNORANT in the dictionary, they would find your picture there. I really don't have the time or the will to address your statements.

Calvin - get over it. Shannon was fired based on his performance not his color. They must not play the race card at Stanford or Louisville. Simple fact - if Shannon was the rock star you think he is, his phone would have been ringing off the hook. Didn't happen.

Dead horse Dead horse Dead horse

it's not race, it is stupidity. That DC has to go- His boyz gave up 35 second half points to DUKE last year. My God what lousy defense they had Carol City high couold have done better. Look at Ga tech last year- they stunk the place up until they fired Grogh their DC- then they started to win a few games. Offense scores points, defense wins games. we ain't going nowhere till we get a defensive co-ordinator no matter what color he is

Welcome Coach Scott.You re now a Cane.That brings you instant respect.Hopefully you enjoy your new school and it s young men.Also hope you can coach em up.Miami is less a racist school than most but racists are everywhere...so whatever.(In regards to a few of the above posts).Regarding the DC......woah now........THAT is a SORE spot ...BIG TIME ..with me.Wish Golden would have fired/demoted his pal by now.THAT s my MAIN/BIGGEST worry actually heading into the Canes upcoming season.The guy has been dreadful and just cannot coach up his players.NO CHEMISTRY together on defense.They just DON T MESH.NO ONE holds the other accountable for mistakes or bad plays.It s like ok......."good try".There s always next week or the next game.What happened to playing with a sense of urgency/playing hungry or playing to compete and play AGGRESSIVE/STICK-EM football?????This DC is soft and lousy.

Didn't mean that any of the three white kids were any good, just making a point that you could easily claim Randy was racist or at least didn't "understand" young white men.

I just remember J12 lipping down the field with a pulled goin muscle and no back up to put in! I would have fired Randy that night! Of course, I would have fired Coaker the year he went 10-2 with all those first round draft picks, I forget, was it 4, 5 or 6 that year. In Randy's defense, he never had the talent that Butch left Coaker. But neither is head coaching material and being black or white makes no difference. Coaker couldn't understand that Brock Berlin needed to be in the shotgun all game, and thought he could live with only one actual QB.

By the way, is this new coach from USF worth a crap? Golden does seem to have good taste in coaches; they keep getting taken by the NFL or better--Bama. Well, except our beloved DC.

Come on man. It is lamer than lame to bring up the race card here. Only calvin x and cool farrakhan cat would ever do that here.

Welcome coach scott. Sebring is the dividing line where gator country begins. He can help recruit some of those central and south west fl kids that somehow end up at ohio state, clemson etc.

Give donofrio one more year. Stop this hateful BS. Support the U. Calvin, if you have nothing positive to blog then gtfooh.

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