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Shalala releases statement on NCAA, wants quick resolution

University of Miami President Donna E. Shalala made this statement concerning the external Enforcement Review Report the NCAA issued earlier today regarding the improper handling of its investigation of the University of Miami.

"The University takes full responsibility for the conduct of its employees and student-athletes. Where the evidence of NCAA violations has been substantiated, we have self-imposed appropriate sanctions, including unilaterally eliminating once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for our students and coaches over the past two years, and disciplining and withholding players from competition.

"We believe strongly in the principles and values of fairness and due process. However, we have been wronged in this investigation, and we believe that this process must come to a swift resolution, which includes no additional punitive measures beyond those already self-imposed.

"In September 2010—two and a half years ago—the University of Miami advised the NCAA of allegations made by a convicted felon against former players and, at that time, we pledged our full cooperation with any investigation into the matter. One year later, in August 2011, when the NCAA's investigation into alleged rules violations was made public, I pledged we would 'vigorously pursue the truth, wherever that path may lead' and insisted upon 'complete, honest, and transparent cooperation with the NCAA from our staff and students.'

"The University of Miami has lived up to those promises, but sadly the NCAA has not lived up to their own core principles. The lengthy and already flawed investigation has demonstrated a disappointing pattern of unprofessional and unethical behavior. By the NCAA leadership's own admission, the University of Miami has suffered from inappropriate practices by NCAA staff. There have also been damaging leaks to the media of unproven charges. Regardless of where blame lies internally with the NCAA, even one individual, one act, one instance of malfeasance both taints the entire process and breaches the public's trust.

"There must be a strong sense of urgency to bring this to closure. Our dedicated staff and coaches, our outstanding student-athletes, and our supporters deserve nothing less."


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Right on, Donna. Get mean. It's overdue!


Did you read the Herald's statement on their commenting policy? This blog should require people to sign in, maybe not Facebook profiles but at least having to register one email with one username to comment.

I would prefer no comments section in the Miami Hurricanes blog to the embarrassing, obsessive trolling back and forth here.

"In print, we have carefully articulated viewpoints, signed by the author. Online, anonymous posts often devolve into a volley of name-calling.

These caustic comments would never be printed in The Miami Herald. We believe they shouldn’t appear on our website.

Beginning Monday, readers who want to comment on stories posted on MiamiHerald.com will be required to log in using a Facebook account. We believe that anyone who has something to say should be willing to put their name to it.

For years, we have wrestled with this dilemma. Tens of thousands of users comment on our online stories each year, a virtual town hall that at its best creates robust community conversations on important issues. Too often, however, the rational voices are scared off. It is one of the complaints we most often hear about our website."

You go Donna! The U is confident that it has the basis to sue the NCAA. They wouldn't have carefully crafted this public statement to express they have been wronged if they felt otherwise. My bet is that NCAA recognizes this and backs off in the near future.

Dang, Donna's come out swinging. You've got to wonder what the administration and their attorneys will do about this.

One year later, in August 2011, when the NCAA's investigation into alleged rules violations was made public, I pledged we would 'vigorously pursue the truth, wherever that path may lead' and insisted upon 'complete, honest, and transparent cooperation with the NCAA from our staff and students.'

I am confused, you have FBI eports and sworn testimony from all the players in a court of law....where is it flawed and unethical donna?

where were YOUR lawyers during the proceedings? If you thought it was unethical and unlawful why didnt your attorneys object to the judge?

please advise...

Great! Job Donna, Its time to put this Case to REST!!

About time donna....this ncaa crap has become a joke and it obviously shows how bad they wanna hurt us....let the whole committee get into a wreck,,,scuuuuuuuuuuuuum

Wow, finally Donna speaks out against the NCAA What more can the U do to punish themselves for breaking rules. Already reduced scholarships, 2 bowl bans, 1 ACC championship game, and suspend numerous players then allowed the NCAA to determine if they were eligible prior to letting them play again. NCAA is out of line and they need to step back before they have alot more law suits on their hands. Hello Penn State.

Gallo you are an idiot.

O and btw jim gallo I hope they get into an accident w u,,,,,loser.u need ur hands to fall off scuuuuuuuuum

Great! Job Miami Herald for changing your policy and putting a name behind your voice. ...YIPEEEEE!

This is what we needed our President to say. This puts serious pressure oin the NCAA to end this or create the potetial for more problems and negative publicityfor the currupt organization.

Bring it on.

"but sadly the NCAA has not lived up to their own core principles.

Ms. Shalala sadly the governing body over collegiate sports is a "Good Ol' Boy" Organization that holds their domain over all others in higher esteem than their own falsely stated core values. The rules and values were created for others under their control. Their abuse of power is an accepted and expected mode of operation. Exposing, stating and proving there wrong doings only make them more determined to do harm.

The NCAA fully intends to drag this thing out thru another recruiting season. It's obvious they want to prevent Miami football from ever being relevant again. Our punishment has been worse than Penn State's if you ask me.

jim gallo, ths president is clueless, if she's saying "the nc2a didn't live up to their core principles" did she just come down out the tree. redneck organizations will mostly stay redneck. These clowns investigating Miami could careless about Miami being honest and transparent, trying to make deals and hold hands with the devil was funny but sad to watch and here UM saying they;ve been cooperating with those buzzards, now you trying to get mad and tuff because you about to get snake bitten, lol.

Should've kept quiet from the start and let them try and find what they could find and leave it at that, they could careless about whether they did us wrong or not, in their mind, the the means is justifiying the end, whatever it took they were going to try, silence was the best weapon, if the leadership at UM thought holding hands and walking side by side with UM was the way to go, they were obviously sadly mistaken. So i'll say this "we need to recruit a different type of president to the University of Miami".

Why try and come out sounding tuff now, the "tmz" continues, should've backed those plucka's down along time ago.

UM is so f....cked.....why dont you read the ncaa report....take the time, youll see ncaa has alot of bad stuff on UM....Um gets hit hard

Jim gallo u smell like scuuuuuuuuuuuuum


Sounds like a jock sniffer who didn't get enough love from The U...

So he sits in the penitentiary library writing his stupid doomsday claims against the U all day long...

So boring....

Bam! BAM!

There you have it emmert. You have just been kicked in the ba...ll sack!

I love this statement. The gloves are off

I am starting to like her.


I stand by this effen UUuUuUuUuUuUuUuUUu

U against the world mtt f..er!

take the ncaa report...file it as pdf...read a couple of times...UM is fu..ked. Shapiro sunk the whole ship and in the end I bet most is true

Calvin shut our stpid a55 you dumb p-os.

Galo and calvin are too g..y gaytor lovers from opa locka.

Neither of you are canes so eff off.

hey Gallo, your wannabe lawyering up there was pitiful! You have no idea how the legal system works, either criminal or civil...Now, try and tell me otherwise - defend that dross in your earlier post!

"I am confused, you have FBI eports and sworn testimony from all the players [in a court of law]?????....where is it flawed and unethical donna?

where were YOUR lawyers during [the proceedings?] - ????what proceedings? If you thought it was unethical and unlawful why didnt your attorneys object to the [judge?] ?????? WHAT JUDGE? THE BANKRUPTCY? - UM wasn't represented in that case as a defendant, sweetie? Perhaps as a Witness and maaaaybe on the creditor's list....so, there was no UM involvement as you suggest in the "COURT.."

please advise..." - Gallo

You invoke quasi-courtroom procedural moves, yet, we have never been in an actual litigation in this matter...NO judge, no courtroom...I had to reread it a couple of times to make sure that you were trying to be on point. WOW. You have no idea what you are "experting" on there, sir. CLASSIC.

In the meantime, back to al golden, people want to dismiss the information matthew thomas put out their, but whether he was coming to UM or not, the main point was, like he said "he didn't trust goldie" if he didn't trust goldie and he wasn't coming here and goldie continues to try and justify kicking and suspending productive players off the team while here for making growing up mistakes, everybody will not conform to certain rules, it's just not in their personality.

If everybody conformed to the rules it would still be brutalized slavery, somebody is always going to go against the system or make a decision that the system in place doesn't agree with but that's why it's called "in the spirit of the law" meaning, yeah we have rules, and rules are written down but common sense and moral judgement should take precedence over all of that, something goldie doesn't seen to understand.

mario going to bama, people crying about that and wishing ill will towards mario, lol, but at the same time those same people are happy james coley came here, lol, goldie will soon humble himself down and realize, what goes around comes around, you hired somebody off an in-state rivals staff, the tide just turned on him now, although mario means more to a program at this stage than a tight-ends coach, what we really lost was seeing our tight-ends go to the next level by not being coached by brennan carrol.

So this should be a simple fix, in fact, either bring don soldiner back in here and let hurlie brown coach the tight-ends since he had to cover them alot during his playing days, or let goldie coach the tight-ends since he was one since he's always trying to latch himself on to the most success units on the team during the season. Offense doing well, goldie makes it a point in press conferences to say what decisions he made their, special teams doing goo this week, here comes goldie attaching himself to that.

dzp makes an interception for a touchdown "dzp did exactly what he was coached to do on that play" but apparently the rest of the defense isn't doing what they were coached to do.

So how bout goldie goes and he should be anxious since he was a former tight-end to go and coach the tight-ends so we can see just how effective he is as a position coach himself, how hard is that. I'm sure the tight-ends coming in are dissappointed mario won't be here but hey, that's life.

Gallo I know LAW, and you are NO Lawyer..

Shut up..

Donna the U has been patient, reticent, penitent, and quiet.
Time for us to throw the rules out and demand some answers..
We have waited long enough and I am curious to see what response the NCAA has to this proactive move, since we are saying we are no longer sitting back and being punitive..
The 'U' is now approaching this from a position of offense... Enough is enough..

This fiasco has affected all of us...and it should end.

We need to move on to some semblance of normalcy for the sake of our University, Staff, Coaches, Students, Fans, and anyone else who loves the 'U'.
It is time.....
Go 'Canes

I Mean....WOW. You have no idea what you are talking about AT ALL there!!! See, I don't need to call you names and tell you anything about your personal life because of what you regularly post as cynicism about the UM program, its leadership, etc. etc....I can honor your right to opine about various issues here, regardless of how others take it....but THIS!??? THIS takes the cake. THIS demonstrates to me, unequivocally, that you have strayed into an area of which you have nothing informative or insightful to say..See, I went to UM Law, graduated, passed the Florida Bar, practiced and have carefully followed this whole mess, and I can tell you this: UM got "caught" being sloppy, cooperated fully and has laid bare its belly for the last 2 1/2 years...Your predictions about the death penalty, inter alia., is ill informed and not likely. UM has leverage now, and apparently has decided the time is right to finally stand up for itself after having made a good faith effort to rectify its role and responsibility for the mess...blah, blah, blah...There will be much more interesting developments to come of all this, but my point is: You have NO CLUE WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT when it comes to criticizing how Shalala and Co. have handled this situation...Please, refrain form embarrassing yourself any further.

This is a powerful statement by the Prez. I have always been critical of her. yes. But, this is a very powerful powerful statement. Translation:

Gloves off muther f...kers

We have taken enough of this crap.

She stood her ground. Se is the face of the U, the leader, and she looked at the NCAA square in the face and said...

We were wronged.

We were wronged.

And we will not take any further punitive action...

So if they paid shapiro for his information everything they got from him must be thrown out also because it was approved by the vice president of the ncaa. So what do they have

Donna tell the NCAA they lost this battle. Miami has been punished enough and now the entire country is starting to see it.

Lets see, Cam's father tries to sell his son, but his son can play in the big game! So can the Buckeye players, but some kids take some benefits from a convicts felon that are self reported and these hypocrites want blood from an institution that is graduating their players...amazing. Enough is enough. The NCAA is rotten to the core and so is the concept of amateur athletics.....lets see. Phil Knight can buy his teams hundreds of sweatshirts, uniforms, footwear and the like and their coaching staff pays 20k for a two year old recruiting video from a runner, but some kids get some free food and rink and there is an outrage? Silly. And who cares what Matthew Thomas thinks? He was just kicking sand on a rival and the press lets him. Ridiculous...

For the first time that I can remember Donna Shalala is showing some balls. Finally she is taking a strong stance against the NCAA and I can't believe I am actually going to say this but I am proud of her. She knows enough is enough and I applaud her for calling those jerkoffs out. There has to be some form of checks and balances with the NCAA to ensure fairness in the disapline policy's they enact. Once again kudo's to President Donna Shalala. Cane Nation is behind U.

That's what I'm talking about Shalala!

This is going to be my first positive statement on Shalala...

Way to go woman!

About time! I am happy to see this response from our President and I hope it goes our way.

breed: first of all "sweetie" the allen depositon took place in US Federal Bankruptcy court, Southern District of florida-miami petition #09-36408....there was UM involvement 2 months prior (oct 10, 2011) to allens deposition done on dec 19, 2011...I believe they were there as petitioning creditor...Um raised the objection: 1) Ms. Perez could leak information regarding the investigation because she was not bound by the NCAA’s confidentiality policy; 2) Ms. Perez was not trustworthy; and 3) Ms. Perez was not listed as an attorney in Mr. Shapiro’s bankruptcy, and thus had no
authority to issue the bankruptcy subpoenas.

Perez then provided support that she was a qualified office of the bankruptcy court and under rule 2004, she can represent the bankruptcy matter....

So she did and got paid for it...perfectly legal. UM has no case...or you try to defend it if you passed the bar...let me know how you make out, lol...better yet UM law grad....please tell me what the complaint would be in federal court no less...this should be good

please advice....

typo..qualified officer of the court (perez)

"I pledged we would 'vigorously pursue the truth, wherever that path may lead' and insisted upon 'complete, honest, and transparent cooperation with the NCAA from our staff and students."

Ok shalala..those are your words...you now have sworn testimony with support documentation...."pursue the truth".....

Fu-ckoff Gallo U piece of sh#t! U ain't no Cane Fan now or have ever been one, so go find someone to chock the life out of our pathetic self.

When they show the faces behind the emails...is it true were gonna finnaly c that calvin and jim gallo r married???

"I pledged we would 'vigorously pursue the truth, wherever that path may lead' and insisted upon 'complete, honest, and transparent cooperation with the NCAA from our staff and students."

Ok shalala..those are your words...you now have sworn testimony with support documentation...."pursue the truth".....

Posted by: Jim Gallo | February 18, 2013 at 11:29 PM

rofl, the wrong president, been presiding over and initiating with mistakes galore at UM. Until UM does right by it's own, it'll continue to be in this unknown position. The administration let guys like soldinger, kehoe & heargraves get fired unjustly, only to be replaced by division 3 that were introduced to the public as being and upgrade, who let that happen. Than hired randy shannon, handcuffed him, than forced an oc on him that was in the hip pocket of the of the booster & the boosted(kirby ho-cutt)and help to sabatoge shannon by sabatoging the offense. So shannon has been out their floating.

So they tried to make at least one wrong right by bringing back kehoe but nobody has contacted coach sol. So we got a defense that ranked at the end of the college football solar system, way out their in space somewhere in the meantime goldie keeps trying to consistently and publicly pass his boy oach OH-NO off as one of the best coordinators in college football, who in term has jethro franklin as his runningmate.

We got kevin patrick out their right now floating, since you got rid of petri, patrick could come in and coach this d-line, but not under that cowards scheme they trying to run here. Normally you'll hear players say how much they like a coordinators scheme be it offensively or defensively, i haven't heard on player yet endorse this sissy's scheme.

Also, why are people acting like mario leaving is some big deal, the man was going to be he tight-ends coach here, be happy for him and get back to focusing on the real problem at UM and if mario was the new d-co that's one thing but that's where the real problem of this team resides. It's not the nc2a investigation, or looming sanctions or kicked off or suspended players, it's the consistent game day non-results that our defense continues to hand out yards like candy on halloween that's the real issue not mario.

There must be a strong sense of urgency to bring this to closure..."

"There must be a strong sense of urgency to bring this to closure..."

This sounds like legal action brewing should the NCAA continue its current course. Emmert however has already hinted at the infractions committee being the ones to pursue a settlement. I think they settle via the committee for the sake of presidence and saving face.

There is so much flawed rational here with regard to how Donna chose to participate in this investigation.

At the end of the day you have to set the example for how you want your staff, coaches, student-athletes, and yes, hopefully, your loyal supporters to conduct themselves. The U is a brand and this is brand management. Everyone makes mistakes but it's about you conduct yourself after said mistake has been brought to light that determines how you will be remembered.

I am proud to be a U Alum today because although we self notified, self penalized, then allowed the process to play out with our full support and cooperation, we were not willing to be taken advantage of and spoke firmly to double-standards of the NCAA. We have set the bar for this process, not the NCAA.

You have to be more professional than the process at times and set the bar for others. This is what Donna has done by cooperating and it paints the U as an institution of great principle. I expected nothing less from Donna. She is a woman of true class and i'm glad to say she was my president.

^^^^ well said.

Mark has his personal agenda against Miami from years ago, he will not do anything to expediate the proceedings his actions are totally unprofessional and the NCAA trust need to do something quick before they have a barn burner on their hands, they have completely abused its power which needs to be taken away, the new big conferences amonst themselves can police each other.

ncaa has decided to not allow testimony from the perez deposition, that is all....nothing that was done was illegal or in violation of any laws or bylaws....read the report....whtever UM does legally will be foolish....the best thing to do is let it die...whats done is done

ncaa will move forward now with what they have and I believe be consistant with their notice of allegations compared to what they have done penalty wise in the past.....

the real issue is the coaching staff....spinning out of control...what is the AD's reponse to this?

Gallo you are retarded if nothing was done wrong nobody would have gotten fired.Idiot, in this day and ag of law suits nobody would get fired over nothing. Go Canes

Forget about Mario, AG and getting 4 star recruits. What UM needs to do is gather all their legal and financial resources and make a stand against the NCAA.
All the member institutions of the NCAA know that it's a farce, but no one has the balls to challenge them. I would be more proud of the U for exposing the biases and hypocrisies of the NCAA than any athletic heroics.
Bringing down the bureaucracy of the NCAA will be rebembered in intercollegiate athletic history, more than any championship that we may win.

First, we find that no NCAA employee knowingly violated a specific bylaw or law. While the Enforcement Staff may have disregarded the advice of the Legal Staff in proceeding with the proposal, they do not appear to have violated any written NCAA rule. We have also found no apparent violation of the Bankruptcy Code, Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, or Bankruptcy Court orders by
NCAA staff.5

let it die.....

Gallo How did someone get fired for violating no rule ? How does someone working in that poition get fired for absolutely nothing? Sounds like a wrongful termination suit to me. Bullsh*t,something stinks about all this and you know it.Go Canes

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