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Shalala releases statement on NOA


“The University of Miami deeply regrets and takes full responsibility for those NCAA violations that are based on fact and are corroborated by multiple individuals and/or documentation.  We have already self-imposed a bowl ban for an unprecedented two-year period, forfeited the opportunity to participate in an ACC championship game, and withheld student-athletes from competition.

"Over the two and a half years since the University of Miami first contacted the NCAA enforcement staff about allegations of rules violations, the NCAA interviewed dozens of witnesses, including current and former Miami employees and student-athletes, and received thousands of requested documents and emails from the University.  Yet despite our efforts to aid the investigation, the NCAA acknowledged on February 18, 2013 that it violated its own policies and procedures in an attempt to validate the allegations made by a convicted felon.  Many of the allegations included in the Notice of Allegations remain unsubstantiated. 

"Now that the Notice of Allegations has been issued, let me provide some context to the investigation itself:

> Many of the charges brought forth are based on the word of a man who made a fortune by lying. The NCAA enforcement staff acknowledged to the University that if Nevin Shapiro, a convicted con man, said something more than once, it considered the allegation “corroborated”—an argument which is both ludicrous and counter to legal practice.

> Most of the sensationalized media accounts of Shapiro’s claims are found nowhere in the Notice of Allegations.  Despite their efforts over two and a half years, the NCAA enforcement staff could not find evidence of prostitution, expensive cars for players, expensive dinners paid for by boosters, player bounty payments, rampant alcohol and drug use, or the alleged hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and gifts given to student-athletes, as reported in the media.  The fabricated story played well—the facts did not. 

> The NCAA enforcement staff failed, even after repeated requests, to interview many essential witnesses of great integrity who could have provided first-hand testimony, including, unbelievably, Paul Dee, who has since passed away, but who served as Miami Athletic Director during many of the years that violations were alleged to have occurred.  How could a supposedly thorough and fair investigation not even include the Director of Athletics? 

> Finally, we believe the NCAA was responsible for damaging leaks of unsubstantiated allegations over the course of the investigation.   

Let me be clear again: for any rule violation—substantiated and proven with facts—that the University, its employees, or student-athletes committed, we have been and should be held accountable.  We have worked hard to improve our compliance oversight, and we have already self-imposed harsh sanctions.   

We deeply regret any violations, but we have suffered enough. 

The University and counsel will work diligently to prepare our official response to the Notice of Allegations and submit it to the Committee on Infractions within the required 90-day time period. 

We trust that the Committee on Infractions will provide the fairness and integrity missing during the investigative process.”


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Yup nothing is true but we self imposed because of media sensationalism

And boom goes the dynamite.

F U Emmert and the NCAA.

I'm sure UM really suffered by missing a couple of low-tier bowl games the past few years.

Let me add just one comment:

Penn State covered a convicted child rapist for more than 11 years to protect their football program. PS didn't collaborate, on the other hand it try to cover as much as possible.
They got a resolution in less than a week after the report came out, in a very short period of time. Around post bans: four years (that is it)

Miami's fault: some dinners, yacht parties, and stuff like that, nothing illegal...Miami collaborated, has endure 2.5 years of this non-sense, self imposed bans for two consecutive years. NCAA recognizes it was at fault, it cheated, and had a lot of lack of institutional control. And the NCAA wants more punishment for UM? Who and how they compare this over covering up a child rapist for ore than 10 years? And how does the punishment compares to Penn State's?

If the NCAA proposes another post season ban, in that case is comparable the punishment by one year? I know there was some money penalties, but after self imposing three post season games, and all that goes with it, doesn't it compare? miami lost millions of dollars because of that, as well as has self imposed reduced scholarships...

NCAA is not fair, how can you trust a police when it has been found guilty? I guess the same "ethical" folks that run the NCAA are the ones that consider punishment for Penn State comparable and fair to that of Miami.... Maybe they consider it differently if they children will get rape and then the institution covers it up, vs inviting a kid for dinner or a party...

The NCAA's behavior is nothing to be taken lightly; next up for them is a congressional investigation into their activities and behavior. Goodbye Emmert!

Lack of institutional control.........eat it Miami

This is for those who keep thinking the denver kirkland situation was about here not coming here anyway, for 1, that's not what he said and #2, it's not about whether he was coming here or not, it's about the disrespect of pulling a schalorship saying you have a "hard number" and we needed the ship for a phatom d-tackle that never came only to see we got and sign 3 more offensive players after signing day.

Alot of people keep saying, "we don't need another o-linemen this year" lol, so i guess we hurting at the receiver spot so we needed 2 more receivers and some 160lb runningback from tennessee, lol.

Get them Donna

I know what went on clown, you bozo's seem to not realize what took place. It's not about kirkland it's about goldie doing unecessary foolishness to bring negativity to UM. We talking about a coach that talks about integrity and this and that but goes out and publicly says he's dealing with a hard number only to see 3 more out of state offensive recruits, lol. For a 5 year previous headcoach, he's making alot of mistakes, but none bigger than trying to promote his boy oach OH-NO as being one of the best coordinators in college football, lol.

You can only try and distort the Truth for so long, the facts have a way of rising to the top.

The only one's on here that sound like girls are the ones who keep trying to defend coach goldie at all cost no matter how much bs he keeps feeding yall, eventually the same ones on here will be bashing goldie if he rolls out and leaves em high and dry once he realizes he maybe in over his head and rolls out.

If yall luv-fest for goldie is that strong at 13 & 11, some of yall will be throwing your draws at em during games if he goes 10 & 3, it's sickening.

@Calvin: with "friends" like you UM doesn't need enemies.

Calvin is likes to suck Gator d$ck

Calvin, you are an idiot and an a hole. That is all.

Calvin, just like Jim Shallow Gallo, no one buys your horse-crap here....

But you can keep trying and we'll keep you around as the clown we mock for comic relief...


Canes basketball wins again beeyotches!!!

Calvin the Clown...

I rather like the sound of that!

Nice commentary Calvin...keep blowing that gator d*ck my man...golden is a man who is trying to build a program, and hasn't had a clear shot to do that since he got here. not fair to blame any of this crap on goldie..you gotta pull some strings to get the right guys in here. too many south florida kids bailing out on the canes the past several years to go to other schools..how is that golden's fault? Calvin...you an idiot!

Prez Donna coming out strong tonight!

I love it. Bring it you NCAA beeotches...

We are ready for the fight. It's always been us against the world.


Still talkin bout Kirkland and why we didn't sign him? Are u a retard? Old news bud

Calvin spends all this time writng non-sense.. I always scroll down and skip it. What a jock-sniffin P.O.S wanna be Clown. Have you ever played sports sissy boy?

My favorite troll name is "InfractionsAreComing." Infractions are what already happened. I'm pretty sure you meant to use the name "SanctionsAreComing" or something like that. Don't try to use big words if you don't know what they mean. lmao

Calvin, if Golden had fired DunnoDefense after the season and replaced him with Randy Shannon, would that have been a good move in your opinion? Also, it appears that you did not agree with the Golden hire from the start, who would you have rather had at the time? Are you giving Golden any credit for not telling the administration and us as fans to eff off when they dropped this terd in his lap after he had already accepted the job. He probably wished that he had stayed at Temple when they told him they were going to bend him over with this situation. All this being said, you are going to shut your face-hole if he wins a championship next year, right? All I want to hear from you then is, "Touchdown!!!, Go Miami Hurricanes!!!". Bleed Green, Orange, and White bro.

For all my fellow Miami fans, here it comes... Back to Back... Miami Hurricanes Basketball then Football National Championships with another Miami Heat Championship stuffed in the middle, like a big fat burrito from the Art Deco District baby!!!

When it goes down, and it is, I can feel it, all of you need to remember this post and campaign for me to get a job at ESPN so I can get up there and represent The U while intelligently reporting on sports related information.

Cutlerridgelaz, you're completely missing the point or you didn't read the entire statement. Maybe both. What Shalala is saying is that the media sensationalism blew it out of proportion and created public furor.

She has acknowledged over and over than UM broke rules, but not all the ones that everyone was so up in arms over, such as the cars, prostitutes, etc.

They self-imposed sanctions because there was actual proof (something mostly lacking in this investigation) that some players received benefits. Unlike OSU, USC and PSU, Miami decided to cooperate with the NCAA, admit to the actual wrongdoing and willingly pay the price.

Unfortunately the NCAA is sending the message that you might as well not cooperate, that it doesn't pay to be honest and self-impose sanctions.

Watch this Calvin and Gallo's Pole:


Calvin i see you are being attacked from everywhere but you are an old vet from the Legion so u can handle it all. Big ups to the basketball team for doing their thing tonight. Its ironic they bring this lOA tonight right before the game..it just fumes racism and bias towards this diverse university..i bet u a BILLION DOLLARS they would not have done this to good ol boy Alabama or some other sec university..why wait until tip off to announce allegations at 9 oclock at night..whatever happen to normal business hrs...now to my white cane fans you see what minorities go through against races whites..U see why we look at things kind of funny ...and we are smart enough to know whats bs and crooked. But like i heard tonight from someone ...that the angels are watching over this university and no devil acting people will prevail. Why u think the Ncaa has a tainted investigation , because all dirt is being brought to life no matter who does it. We have been through the slums,the ups and downs so there is only one way to go now...And that is UP..just like how the truth shines over lies. I love this unversity and always will and will defend it from foreign and domestic enemies....peace!

big daddy cane...

Calvin may have been part of the Legion in the past, but he comes on here bashing the Canes every chance he gets. He's Gator Nation now...cast the motherf*cker out!

Donna Shalala's bombshell response letter has effectively put Mark Emmert and the NCAA on trial.

The stunning revelations as to the NCAA malicious behavior outlined in Ms. Shalala’s letter are exceedingly damning to the NCAA and truly demonstrate total incompetence and intent to convict Miami at any cost.

I have never been more proud to be a Miami Hurricane.

a calvin the topic was about the notice of allegations not about sissy soft a** denver kirkland he's going to arkansas & guess what who cares ha ha u do u do doodoo doodoo

The University of Miami is putting the NCAA on probation! Miami is just getting warmed up! Time to declare total WAR:


I feel a Cat 5 Hurricane brewing in Miami. Get em boyz n girlz. Thank you for putting it out there President Shalala.

Calvin, if Golden had fired DunnoDefense after the season and replaced him with Randy Shannon, would that have been a good move in your opinion? Also, it appears that you did not agree with the Golden hire from the start, who would you have rather had at the time? Are you giving Golden any credit for not telling the administration and us as fans to eff off when they dropped this terd in his lap after he had already accepted the job. He probably wished that he had stayed at Temple when they told him they were going to bend him over with this situation. All this being said, you are going to shut your face-hole if he wins a championship next year, right? All I want to hear from you then is, "Touchdown!!!, Go Miami Hurricanes!!!". Bleed Green, Orange, and White bro.

Posted by: SeminoleHeightsCane | February 19, 2013 at 11:48 PM

I think you can answer that question yourself when it comes to randy shannon as a d-co you won't find to many better than him that's for sure. It's not everyday you have the top coordinator in the country, a broyles award winner just popping up out of the blue. Was shannon a better d-co than greg schiano, of course, o try and put him in the same sentence as clown 117th is an insult. People luv to say "shannon was coaching with butch players" lol, so was shciano and when butch players had graduated shannon still produced top 8 defenses while here.

As far as goldie coming to UM, i didn't mind the hire because it was an independent way to go, i didn't want randy edsall, i prefered mike leach over goldie or tommy tubberville or sonny lubick at the time, goldie doesn't get a pass from me for not knowing about the investigation, i'm sure he had a chance to ask that question during the interview process so that's his fault. He was to busy hawking this "destination job" and writing that "Deserve Victory" binder to do his homework or get his questions to UM together before accepting this job.

I could careless if goldie bolted because of the sanctions, wouldn't have bothered me one bit, he's 13 & 11, has nothing to do with the sanctions. I don't want to see us scraping by with wins, we need to get back to playing real defense. Miami is a city that rides high when the defenses began to play. You can see that with the basketball team, when we're on defense, the crowd goes off the charts after a stop just like we always did when it comes to defense in football.

When it was 3rd and 7 or longer, everybody knew the offense was getting ready to take the field, now, when it's 3rd and 10 or longer with this crew, we holding our breath for them to get off the field, and that type of defense will continue to suck the life outta of the fan support, 117th, get real, until goldie stops playing games about the defense, we'll be in dawg fights all year long or just getting blowed out.

The gaytor game will tell the difference. If we don't beat them, will goldie say what he said after the Fsu game this year "it's ok, they're a lil bit ahead of us right now" WHAT, I hope he meant coaching wise.

What up trout, you know me man, i'm not worried about some of these clowns, if they know football i respect that, if they're just blabbin off at the mouF and gobbling down whatever excusess goldie gives them, it's going to get exposed.

goldie is still an outsider until he becomes part of a national championship team here. So until than, whatever he's done thus far, being 13 & 11 doesn't cut it here and again, having the 117th ranked defense is what needs to be brought before the infractions committee.

The funny thing is listening to some of you fans tell someone he is not a fan because he is telling the truth about how we are doing business. We been kicking players off because the coach has some agenda against certain players. I still want to know what happened with Paul's situation. Calvin I don't always agree with everything you are probably one of the most accurate posters on here. As for you dumb a@@es I like to read your post as well just to get a better gauge of how ignorant you are. The bball team is putting in major work right now and I holding up the U even when the other coaches are not. We all talk about coaching but if these other coaches could do what the bball coach is doing I would have no reason to be on here bashing some of our coaches. The quintessential example of a coach.


Morons-Kirkland never bled Orange & Green.Interior O-Line is our least of priorities. This whole idea of kids having power over a program is ludicrous. This whole idea of two players being attached is ridiculous.The story has been told over and over the kid gave off bad vibes during his visit! Who cares, Big Al will build a wall around the state of South Florida that will surpass any of his predecessors. Everything is falling into place;they will all come. they will all win and they will all play on Sunday's...

Calvin- there is a job opening at cirque du soleil so bring your clown a55 over there. Lots of gators there that will listen to your babble.

"Lack of Institutional Control" talk about the pot calling the kettle... What about institutional control at the NCAA? What a bunch of hypocrites! What a bunch of garbage.

UM lawyers should be licking their chops about all the holes in this fraud of an investigation. I hope other schools pile on.

I wish UM and other schools banded together, maybe say 24 schools, and said F-U to the NCAA and made their own league, and competed on their own. Under the new leagues rules. Say, UM, ND, USC, Boise State, Penn State, maybe Oregon, Texas, Michigan, UF, FSU...

Lack of institutional control...trouble.hopefully the NCAA sloppiness and illegal practices will lessen the blow, but you have USC, Penn State and others watching to make sure the hammer comes down..not good.

Lack of institutional control. Well a picture of SHALALALALALA taking a check for thousands of dollars of funny money from Shapiro and grinning from eat to earn certainly fits the charge.

well sportf fans it's about time Dona showed some balls and told the NCAA what she realy thinks of them you go girl. would like to see the notice in full and have a good laugh all they had to say is it's over you suffered enough but no send a letter that is full of bull S##t and give us 90 days to respond. do they think we are going to bow down and say yes sir I don't think so you want a fight well here it comes!!!GO CANES

guess you guys haven't been around for the las 2years we dsroped the hamer on ourselves two bowls acc champ. game fewer scolarships. USC PEN STATE and others can kiss CANES ASS wake up and get real the hamer should fall on the NCAA their house needs to be cleaned from top to bottom!! GO CANES

I drove drunk got a DUI but self imposed driving my car, so we are good right?

Teflon Don channels Slick Willy, once again

Yeah Calvin Shannon is such a strong DC that he had zero interest his first year after he was fired and had to take on the role of linebackers coach. You act like all of Division 1 was lined up to embrace his genius. Simple facts - excellent player, great UM supporter, very good line backer coach, adequate DC but ineffective HC and communicator. Just the facts.

Why is she saying "We have worked hard to improve our compliance oversight.." This as opposed to the lax oversight previously?

The self-sanctioning was being imposed when it was obvious the football team stunk -- bowl ban in Nov, 2011 then a last minute ACCCG/bowl ban in late Nov, 2012. Give me a break! What about sanctions on the b-ball team? Of course not, they're going to win the freakin' NCAA tourney, why punish them when you can punish a painfully mediocre football team.

Donna should take the high road and maintain radio silence with the mass media until this thing gets resolved.

I drove drunk got a DUI but self imposed driving my car, so we are good right?

Posted by: Cutlerridge Laz

Dems the NCAA rules you operate under. Don't say that the rules of legal procedure don't apply in the case of the depositions, fruit of poinsonous tree, etc., then when it benefits a moron like you, come here and say that they should now apply.

Consistency and rational thought is lacking in the trailerpark. You suck, Gatr maggot.

Calvin you DOLT, we're getting thrown under the bus by the NCAA and you talk about Kirkland??? WHo give a FLYING F about Kirkland, jeez dude, you sound like a bitter old lady. Wish you were at arms length, so I could beeetch slap you, but I'll let your wife do that for me, if you have one, lol.

F Lee, your post is nonsense, we not only lost MONEY on NOT going to the bowls, but this medicore team you speak of could've WON the ACCCG and gone to the ORANGE BOWL, hence even MORE $$$$ lost and also recruits.

Randy is banned from the campus

Yeah Calvin Shannon is such a strong DC that he had zero interest his first year after he was fired and had to take on the role of linebackers coach. You act like all of Division 1 was lined up to embrace his genius. Simple facts - excellent player, great UM supporter, very good line backer coach, adequate DC but ineffective HC and communicator. Just the facts.

Posted by: rocket | February 20, 2013 at 09:11 AM

Do some research my man, shannon couldn't get a d-co job his first year getting fired because UM wasn't finished paying him. So if a headcoach gets fired(before the end of his contract) and takes another job at another University, he'll lose the money owed to him. So if another school wanted to sign shannon, shannon and his agent would require that school to cover the money lost. But if you go back nd do your research he was about to become the Univeristy of Texas d-co, they had the money to cover all of that and they wanted him as d-co than as the possible headcoach in waiting.

shannon is coaching linebackers now because he wants to and shannon is humble like that, alot of people don't realize how well respected shannon is in coaching circles, same with art kehoe. Also, if you go back and check the history of the linebackers shannon coached, it may open your eyes to the type of real football mind that shannon has(ken norton, jack del rio, zach thomas, derrick burgess all coched by shannon).

shannon is just real selective about where he wants to coach, him going to arkansas to coach was a big move for shannon, his whole football life coaching and playing revolved around Miami and texas. He'll be either a d-co again real easy or a headcoach again.

tallyCane and tkswan, respect, it's just all about calling it how you see it. Alot of people come on here and try and bash other because they don't know football so what else are they going to do. It's the same mentality that most of the great UM teams had to deal with back in the day, especially in the 80's. What they don't realize and it's actually funny to me is, alot of "so called" fans holla out "we need to get that us against the world" attitude again.

What alot of these bozo's don't realize, that attitude that they're pointing to came from several factors, but one of them being, even though we played at UM, alot of people that was on campus and around Coral Gables, after you got off that football field they treated you like it always was in back in Miami back than. So it was basicall us against the same bozo that only wanted to root for Miami when the players we on the field, after that, yall know what it is. That's why they don't bother me and i don't worry about these hypocrites myself.

The tidal wave of public opinion is changing to favor the Miami Hurricanes regarding this entire investigation - especially within the world's most respected sports media outlets. It goes far beyond ESPN folks.

Let the haters be haters as hate itself remains their last drop of hope. The NCAA is in a huge amount of trouble here and Mr. Emmert's days as the top leader of this corrupt organzation are numbered. Any reasonable individual understands this to be true, Miami fan or not.

The outcome - now that the NOA has been received - will favor Miami in the end. The lawsuit brought by the University of Miami against the NCAA will forever change the landscape of college athletics.


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