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UM adds highly-touted Texas WR/TE Derrick Griffin to 2013 signing class

Just when you thought the Canes had wrapped up the 2013 Signing Class, Brennan Carroll's bat signal on Twitter went off again Tuesday evening.

Derrick Griffin, a 6-6, 210-pound receiver from B.F. Terry High School in Rosenberg, Texas who also is a budding basketball star, faxed a signed a National Letter of Intent to Coral Gables Tuesday afternoon, UM's sports information staff confirmed.

Griffin, listed as a four-star receiver by 247Sports and the third-best receiver in the country overall by Rivals.com, becomes the third player to sign with UM after National Signing Day. The 2013 signing class is now up to 19 players total.

His signing comes as a bit of a surprise since he hadn't even officially visited UM yet and had long been a commitment to Texas A&M and was also talking to Auburn. InsideTheU.com reported Griffin will take his official visit to UM this weekend.

"I had a [basketball] tournament down there for AAU and I liked the surroundings," Griffin told 247Sports.com. "I just really liked the area and what they are about as a program. They have sent a lot of top players to the NFL.

"The Miami coaches were really excited when I told them I wanted to commit. They were all yelling and telling me they were happy to have me as a part of their family now. That made me smile."

Griffin finished his senior season with 592 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns on 36 receptions. He has been clocked at a 4.5 in the 40. He also becomes the second wide receiver in UM's 2013 class, joining Broward's top player, Northeast High star Stacy Coley.

Griffin could also end up playing basketball at Miami. Listed as the 26th-best small forward in the country by ESPN, Griffin is reportedly averaging 25 points a game for his high school team.

"This year Miami's basketball team is looking really good," Griffin told InsideTheU.com. "They are No. 2 in the country and they have a real chance to win a National Championship. I want to try and play college basketball too, so that is a big reason why I like them too."


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Lol at all the Golden haters he still doing the dam thing, one more recruit to go. This will be a solid top 15 class, fear the tie.

If this and the last few signings of the 2013 class doesn't signal exactly where Miami sees itself in regards to the investigation, you aren't paying attention. In Golden I trust. Go Canes! Welcome to the U Derrick!

Awesome pic-up as long as he gets is grades in order,also should be a lot of room on the baskeball team after this year. Just waiting on the downer twins Gallo and Calvin to come up with the "what about the defense" to try and downplay this great signing.Go Canes

I know right Ga Cane, we just picked up another top ten receiver in the nation. Dt's will come next year, when will those doubters learn.

Why are we refusing to recruit in the state of FL?

Memo to "Goldy: FSU has stockpiled their defense with FL recruits.

Page 2: JJ and those before and after him had in-state superstars that proved to be winners.

Page #: Smart money says there are still people in the Muck that want to come to UM.

Ga Cane: It's not just Gallo and Calvin asking about the defense: It's ESPN, CBS Sports - it's everybody. DunnoToday, DunnoTommorrow, JustDunno is giving up 577 yards a game.

Already got that covered for next year cool, just one off year this year. Already 3 commits from Fl for next year, he will get it done.

Hey GOLDEN HATERS., thats 5 of the top 87 on the espn 150 Not countin the other top studs and the Mr Tennessee Football we signed last week. AL, 5 of the top espn 87, NICE JOB

HE is ranked #33 in the US regardless of position, 14 spots ahead of stacy coley.

This is good for the football program. The 10 win or bust season is stronger than ever.


cool cat - stfu/ You dumb dork.

He is 6-6, he is the 3rd best WR in the country. name 2 other florida WRS that are better.

Why you like being stupid and sounding stupid?

God almighty!

Great pick up for Golden. This class moves up to about 15 or so after this pick up.

They were ranked 21 by ESPN after NSD, but after the 3 pickups UM got after, man, THis is Golden at his best closing the deal!

Unlike Shannon who had 4 commits a month prior to NSd before he got his walking papers.

I stand with the U.

All of you other whiney, prickly, complainey, negetive ninnies like Cool cat, calvin (aka Luke Cambell), and the gator puke Gallo,
can all go to h...

Although I do not always agree with Calvin, Gallo, or Cool Cat their criticism is justified. I think Golden did better than he expected to do, considering the allegations and what not. However, as Miami Hurricanes "better than we expected" is not good enough. Listen to this speach given by Dr. Carson at the National Prayer Breakfast and then tell me about making excuses (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFb6NU1giRA). This is mother effin Miami!!! Any year that we do not win the championship is a failure. I really like the character that Al Golden brings to the table but until he wins a championship he leaves himself open to criticism at Miami. Please stop hating amongs ourselves. Opinions are like butt-holes, everyone has one and most of them stink, but we are still entitled(for the moment) by our constitution to have one. Bleed Green, Orange, and White(yes white is one of our official colors). Go Canes! Crush Them All!

Memo: Go look at the rosters of any major and, for that matter, non major football programs. Michigan, West Virginia, UCLA, Ohio State, Bowling Green, New Mexico, GA, Connecticut, Rutgers, everybody has a FL player(s) on their roster.

Recruiters will tell U: if U don't have a FL player on your roster, then you are not concerned about winning.

Nice pick up!

Go Canes!!!

Next year no NCAA cloud = Golden's best recruiting class 2014!!!

Hahaha NCAA had a lack of institutional control, so damn funny!!!

Go Canes beat UVA!

All i want to know is, again, why was it necessary to pull denver kirklands schalorship again, oh yeah, goldie said he was working with a hard number(3 committs after signing day though) and they needed that schalorship for a d-tackle, oh yeah, that's right i remember now.

Just saying. 2001 NC 55% Florida Recruits. Golden's Team is 60%! If they can play, they can be Canes!

Golden pulled his scholly because its just another day in the life of the gotdam boss. He did all that and still got a top 15 class suck it up haters. He does what he see fit for the program enough said.

Golden is a beast, after all of the NCAA stuff is over, he is going to bring in top class after top class and the Canes will be back on top. LETS GO CANES!!!

Regardless of what anyone said Kirkland was never coming here. Randy Shannon recruited him years ago. Kirkland went with loyalty to Shannon over Miami. I do not blame him for it, he had a great relationship with Shannon. It is not Golden's "fault" cause the dude had no real interest in us since Randy was let go. Please stop with the "we gotta have Florida talent to win" crap. Football players are atheletes and they are found everywhere. Maybe you would not be able to coach a team with talent from all over the nation, but I bet Golden can. Also, this only kids from Florida thing is straight-up discrimination and it needs to stop. It is not OK to say that we only want white peope at the U. It is not OK to say that we only want women at the U. It is not OK to say that we only want minorities at the U. It is not OK to say that we only want Floridians at the U. That crap is profiling and you wouldn't want someone doing that to you, right?

Great get coach Golden and staff bringing in this monstar of a WR. Cool Cat is just like his stupida$$ clones Gallo and Calvin, in that if they coudn't be stupid they would not be able to exist.

pumped up about this and not complaining, but couldn't we get just ONE d-tackle?

These autistic morons Calvin and Gallo are stuck on Kirkland like white on rice...

Over and over... "kirkland, kirkland!" Like he's the second coming of Seantreal Henderson.....

Oh wait, Seantreal was a #1 recruit we got in transfer from USC who's been a GIANT BUST!

What does that tell you about highly touted Highschool recruits who think they are the sh$t but don't respect their coaches and have discipline???

Kirkland was trashing the U as a highschool kid once we yanked his scholarship, AFTER HE WAS YANKING US.

Prima donna princess kid who is gonna be a problem child wherever he ends up... Let Arkansas have him. That kid would have melted down here after 1 week under OG AG's U Tough program this summer.

Then he would transfer outa da U saying, "momma the coach was MEAN TO ME!! booo hooo hoooo!!!'

All i want to know is, again, why was it necessary to pull denver kirklands schalorship again, oh yeah, goldie said he was working with a hard number(3 committs after signing day though) and they needed that schalorship for a d-tackle, oh yeah, that's right i remember now.

Posted by: Calvin | February 19, 2013 at 07:39 PM

Who cares!

We didn't need OL, have enough and Kirkland wanted to be a dumb SE ME kid. Enjoy the crappy weather and rednecks in AR.

Speaking of FL recruits:

2011 signing class was over 60% from FLA

2012 signing class was over 75% from FLA

2013 not so much, but only 19 recruits so far.

The team average is still somewhere over 60% folks. And still as high as UF or FSU.

One year don't make a trend. But what it does make is CLEAR that other programs have been using the NCAA scare tactic against OG AG this year and it's been working.

So when we kick the NCAAss off our shoulders, OG AG is GOING TO TOWN on the FL recruits for 2014.

"NC#6 is coming in the air of the night....ooohh yeahhhh"

Can't have too many playmakers but can he play DT??

Do not be surprised if Shannon turns into a pipe-line for Arkansas. He has deep roots in south Florida and for good reason, he is a good dude. The relationships that he spent years developing down here are gonna be a gold mine for him and them. That is not Al Golden's "fault" but more his obstacle to overcome. Bottom line is that Coach Golden has got to get it done and win a championship, with or without Florida talent, to put him in a position to take first pick of the hometown kids. Then it will not matter how much history Shannon, Christobal, or any other of a number of coaches from Miami have with families. Championships are the greatest tool a coach can have in the recruiting process and until he has one, Golden is at a disadvantage when recruiting against history.

Plus I'm hearing the boys HS coach saying he has a slim chance of qualifying???

"Cool Cat " I want a better defense also but that does not diminish the commitment of this receiver,I personally see the D being better this year but I also see the offense better this year and that has to be scary to other Ds around the country.Go Canes


Like those incredible deep ties of pissing off just about every HS coach in SOFLA by his dismissive attitude towards most of them except NWestern?

Those deep ties is why most of the HS coaches talk crap about his time as Canes HC?

Those deep ties?

Ahhh Hell Stephen A. Smith and Bayless were on bashing the NCAA and Emmert on first take. It won't be long now before Gallo, Calvina, the Cat and all the NCAA is kissing our arse now. Jay Bilas who is an authority on the NCAA and it's sports along with the boys from first take are calling for the Emmert to step down and the NCAA to absolve Miami of anymore penalties and that the school had done enough. When the media gets wind of something like this and starts bashing somebody it won't belong before Emmert is gone and we get what we want. It's on now little fellows.

F*ck Everybody. Go Canes!

@ SeminoleHeightsCane... Its not discrimination, It's a known fact about the talent in Florida... just goggle it! Florida doubles some states with the number of D1 players in the nation.

Here I'll help you!

You haters drive me crazy. Golden is a stud, and it is about to start showing in the win column soon. Let me share some knowledge: 2012-3 national champs Alabama had 11 percent of its kids from FL. That is 9 kids (3 from SOFL). If you can play, you can play. playI hope the fact that you can win without a roster full of SOFL kids doesn't cause Luther to have a stroke.

Texas A&M has six commits at wide receiver, not including Griffin, in the 2013 class, including the five-star #1 ranked in the country. They had four commits at WR in the 2012 class. This could be reason enough for him to make the switch. This has turned out to be a very good class for WR and TE. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

According to ESPN and we all know how dependable that is...

"There have long been concerns over Griffin's ability to academically qualify, but Griffin has been working diligently this year at improving in the classroom and made the A-B honor roll at Terry in the fall semester.

He recently took the ACT, and McGowan said Griffin will take it up to four more times. In the meantime, he'll continue to work to raise his grade point average to improve his chances to qualify through the NCAA clearinghouse."

It reads like Griffin has this under control to me. I think that is two dual sport (football/basketball) recruits recently for us. Is the Hurricanes basketball team helping the football team recruit? Hmmmmmmm. Who'd a thunk it... I bet there will be an article somewhere soon about that.

Lorenzo Carter a 6' 6" DE from Norcross HS is a UM target for next year. He is averaging 15 points a game. He's another candidate for f-ball & b-ball

To the questions about numbers of scholarships... the last two guys have been dual sport guys and they both have expressed interest in the bball team. Think maybe they might be getting bball scholarships? I dunno, maybe that's how they are getting the extra players past the supposed hard cap on scholarships that got kirklands pulled? either way, good get, Go Canes!

Ghost - I read it and it said "This year, it shows that one of every 111 high school players in Florida signed a Division I FBS scholarship." and that seems to support your argument. But then further down the article clearly indicates that at least two other states are on par with Florida's talent pool "Florida, in fact, was one of just three states to have a ratio of less than 1-to-250 with Louisiana coming in second (1 of every 171) and Georgia third (1 of every 185). Then it goes on even further to say that "Texas is king in total number of players - though it just edges out Florida (345 to 344). California (253), Georgia (170) and Ohio (144) are the only other states with more than 100 signees." So your argument that only taking kids from Florida is based on statistical fact, is in fact false. Face it, according to your own source, there are other states than Florida where football is popular and talent flourishes. Florida is also much more populated than some states. There were 19,570,261 residing in Florida during the 2012 census compared to 576,412 people in Wyoming. That translates into 33 times as many people. I hope based on those numbers that we can produce more athletes. Further, these facts regarding population density reduce your position to one of discrimination. “Only people from Florida can win national championships in college football” is a bigoted statement no matter how you look at it.

--P.S. What the hell is goggle, you are referring to google, right? I use google all the time to look stuff up, like how things are spelled. Maybe you should try it. I bet it works better than goggle.

I here all this nonsense about not recruiting fl or Dade County. Then there the biggest one of all I grew up a canes fan then throw up the U while signing with another school because they make me feel like family. What is your relationship with your family? Can't be that stable. Al Golden shouldn't have to recruit Dade and Broward County Univ of Mia should be the Mecca of college football. These out of state kids are taking somebody's spot and rightfully so. Time for Broward and Dade County to wake up. Stop listening nonsense. Don't let someone steal your dream or take your spot. Can you hear me.

Ghost, We can do the numbers thing all day bro.
Mark Twain - "Lies, damned lies, and statistics". It is a phrase describing the persuasive power of numbers, particularly the use of statistics to bolster weak arguments. It is also sometimes colloquially used to doubt statistics used to prove an opponent's point (which is what I am doing in regards to your above argument).

No matter how you try to spin it, you are wrong. Great talent, great coaching, and a little luck are what is needed to win championships, not a Floridian pedegree.

The fact that golden has closed on all of these additional recruits after NSD is an incredible feat, and it is a great example of how good he is. We are lucky to have AG. The U is lucky. He is setting the U up for a 2014 run. Seriously.

Haters beware.

I agree with those who point out that even the 2001 class was 55% from florida. Reed from louisiana, shockey, dorsey, matt walters, many from out of state.

For cool cat to say that disregrds the fact that in the last 10 yrs, only twice a f
a fla team has played for the NC.

And calvin. When will you get it through your melonhead that kirkland did not would ot and in no way would have wanted to sign with UM no matter what?


damn time the canes fans showed up in here!

i was getting so tired of arguing against Gallo and Calvin by myself.

Now we can give more scholorships this year, we are now on the move, go geten Al. Lmaoo those who left for fear of the sanctions.

I repeat no sanctions CANES are feee

Stephen a smith and woody paige actually agreed about how corrupt the ncaa and emmert are. Thye both agreed that the UM investiagtion is tainted and fraudulent. That the case should be dimissed. I dont like either of those two but they made a very eloquent argument... Esp stephen a smith.

The only way Mark Emmert can save the reputation of the NCAA is by dismissing this case and admitting that it was due to ncaa malfeasence. Otherwise, they are basically admitting how corrupt they are and hoping this blows ovwe. But noooooooooo.

Miami, and pres shalal will not let them walk all over them anymore.

Nevin aka the eunuch little pi55ant shapiro:

Your little pu55y a55 plan is blowing up eh?

Hey WestCoast, man don't sweat those nimrods. They will dry up and blow away just like Emmert and this whole investigation now. Just watch those two byo t ches will be gone before long. Take care brotha, Real Canes stand U-nited.

24 - 22 Canes at half. Go Canes!

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