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UM issues statement regarding its drug testing policy, strength coach Jimmy Goins

"The University of Miami’s comprehensive drug testing policy, enacted in 1995, continues to evolve as the methods and reliability of testing have improved and as more drugs have been introduced into the world of competitive sports.

"The University’s program is monitored by a University committee, which includes medical professionals, and is overseen by a Medical Review Officer --c urrently, a former UM Miller School of Medicine physician -- who ensures the integrity and confidentiality of the drug testing program. An outside third-party firm administers the tests and provides results to the University.

"Since 2005, approximately 3,380 student-athletes have been tested more than 10,000 times by the University, in addition to drug tests administered by the NCAA. During that period, no student-athlete has tested positive for anabolic steroids. The University of Miami, like many of our peer institutions, the NCAA and many professional sports leagues, does not currently test for Human Growth Hormones.

"The University of Miami's drug testing policy is consistent with those at most NCAA Division I programs and provides more stringent penalties -- including game suspensions for first-time positive results -- than many of our peers.

"As stated last week, we have initiated an internal review involving an employee and will continue to monitor developments."


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Edison High School Head Football Coach Trevor Harris/ Dan Sileo Interview Summary:

-28 year highly respected, well connected and knowledgeable coaching veteran in South Florida.

-Doesn't believe in set percentage of players from certain areas as far as roster makeup. You need to find the right young man for your program no matter where he is located.

-People have come in and copied what they've done in Dade for the past 20 years. Talent is more widespread now than it used to be. These athletes are everywhere now, not just South Florida and any coach that does not realize this will fail.

-Al Golden IS NOW and HAS BEEN RECRUITING the inner city hard! (Sileo is shut up). He has to make up for what other UM coaches were not doing for 5 year's, which caused a lot of damage and killed local momentum...not an easy job to fix!

-Possible sanctions are by far the #1 thing hurting recruiting now and every team in the country is beating our recruits over their heads with all the terrible things the NCAA may do to the program…an impossible mountain to climb, but somehow Golden is making it happen.

-Parents care and love what Al Golden is doing down here right now with his camps and access to the program. Massive improvement in connecting with local players, parents and coaches versus the last 2 coaches. Everyone believes in Golden and knows that once the investigation is behind him he will own the national recruiting scene and the local kids will line-up to sign with the Canes.

-The 3 kids that did not choose Miami would have absolutely signed with the Canes if not for the uncertainty surrounding sanctions.

-In not so many words he confirmed that players weren't developed under Shannon (which is obvious to everyone)

-Was asked if Shannon was a bad coach (said he wasn't going to comment on that) but says we are going in the right direction now and believes ACC and National Championships are in our near future.

-Staff is and has been handcuffed for 3 recruiting cycles due to NCAA investigation.

- Completely trusts Al Golden and says he's a fantastic man and coach.

-Golden reminds him of Schnellenberger.

-Advises Sileo to talk to "US" (qualified local high school coaches) not that other person you were talking to yesterday (Luke) then you'll find out the real story (Luke is spreading false rumors about Golden and the Canes).

-Come talk to the momma's about Al Golden, they love him.

-He asked Sileo "Do you know what went on at Booker T? Let me know when you have firsthand knowledge because everything else is rumors, speculation and people spreading false stories to try and damage Miami and Golden"


If you haven’t listened to the Al Golden/Joe Rose interview from today I recommend you do so as it will clear up the recruiting BS and lies, amongst other lies being posted on this blog mostly by the same 2 or 3 people intent on damaging Al Golden and the Miami Hurricanes. (Link to interview: http://wqam.com/dj/joe-rose)

If we were a 7 on 7 Flag Football team it was a great Recruiting Class. What killed us last year, will again next year. Where's up front the beef ?

There's absolutely no way of getting around the lack of quality D-Line depth. We hoped and prayed all last year that it would come together and where did that get us ? More of the same in 2013. Hope we score 45 a game. We'll need to.

Holford says GABA influences our mood because it reduces high levels of the hormones adrenalin, noradrenalin and dopamine, and it affects the neurotransmitter serotonin

Thank you so much for all the kind words True Cane fans. Now is not the time, but I'll be back within time.


Gaba does not lower the levels of those neurotransmitters you dumba55 where did you read that, in gainesville?

Zook- Right on. There are several on this blog that absolutely hate Golden- I'll call them out: Calvin, Cool cat, and Gallo, not including some of the gator hators who are just plain jealous and scared. I wouldnt be surprised if Calvin is actuially Luke Campbell. They sound alike.

Golden has done a great job connecting with the community and local kids. Calvin hates him bc he's white. ANd bec he's not Randy Shannon. Your boy Randy Shannon just scre-wd Miami out of Alex Collins- FACT.

To end up ranked 21 by ESPN with only 14 recruits signed, UNDER the shadow of looming sanctions by the NCAA is unbelievable. Its an extraordinary job. He worked is A55 off to get these kids to sign (Grace, etc). Sure, UM missed out (or whiffed) or whateveron D Tackles, but they did great with D-ends and D-backs. There is no doubt that rival coaches are harming UM by telling recruits about the upcoming sanctions. Golden is clearly aware, and he made a comment that I interpret as: " careful who you burn bc it will come back to haunt you". He knows which coaches are talking crp.

As for Booker T- I wouldnt trust their coaches as far as I can throw them. I gurantee many of the players are going to be BUSTS.

Golden should be thanked for how hard he works for this U. This hasnt happened since Butch in his early days. And this U will be better for it.

Goldenjust wants to coach and recruit knowing what the future holds. The NCAA has screwed Miami with this slow 2-3 yr process. To announce that they will have a report on NSD is a travesty and I cant believe Um hasnt said anything publically- THATin and of itself is a penalty. I hope UM lawyers are licking thier chops.

As far as PEDS are concerned- this is a witch hunt towards the U- no other program is being investigated publically like this- you all think those big a 55 necks that play for UF and FSU arent juicing? HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Great, passed Anabolic Steroids but what about HGH? Where there is smoke, there IS fire. I remember a few years ago people said that Nevin was a liar and three years later we self imposed with just UM's findings. Face it, we are a repeat offender.

Go 'canes

Why is nothing being said about all the bama players using this stuff?. In the report they personally witnessed 6 bama players use it before the NC game and have records going back 6 years ot their players using? Also read that UM attorney's are already working on a lawsuit no matter what the ncaa has to say next week....next month....next year....or whenever they decide to stop this witchhunt.
Golden is doing an excellent job considering....and the D will also improve. Starts with ( finally) a warmup game like most teams do every year,and then we go against a pathetic gator O in the second game. We could start out with the best D in the country statistically next season...get your tics....

Can I buy some weed from Louichez Purifoy?

Another Gatr Trash dope-head arrested. Same ol' same ol'.

Decent kids in - trash when they come out. It is the Gatr way.

Victor - all the HGH happened to players after they left UM baseball. Baseball is dirty and they were just keeping up with the 'Joneses' to make the money to give back to build the stadium at Tropical Park.


Yes Ron Zook, we were DAMN LUCKY to get the kids we got and that's because Golden worked his A-S-S off to get them. Luke is a no talent OLD punk thug who thinks it's STILL the 80's. It's NOT Luke, kids have Twitter, Face Book, access to INSTANT info that they didn't have back then. As soon as this NCAA stuff is behind us, then we'll start opening the flood gates. Until then just give AG some slack and some kudo's for what he's been able to do with as he said 'one arm tied'.

With 5 early enrolles, doesnt that mean only 11 count toward the 13 class? Remember they always said jan enrolees go to the yr b4 class, and we had spots open as Angelo Louis,Joshn Witt, the Vernon Davis kid, 1-2 more from the 12 class not play due to grades or competition/injury. So besides 2 bowl bans,1acc title game ban, 2011 suspended players ban, we have self imposed schollarship reductions also. AND 2 1/2 years of probatoon on recruiting. IF they dont give time served after this ncaa screw up and they want blood.......
#2. Al landed 3-4 DT's, some redshirted last year, and in hist 1st 2011 class Jalen Grimble was a 5 star DT that is due to get it rolling. Chickillo is up to 270 pounds an can also move to DT,with Dye moving back to DE, Muhammed signing

We are loaded finally 2-3 deep at most positions, 5 scholly qb's, rb depth, wr's young and loaded, and Komalu the JUCO 100 player lists as DT .....

Do we know how much UM pays for rent at SunLife?

rose and sileo are in dreamland......we lost impact players because thet did trust golden....every player said it was the coaches not sanctions...thats total BS

shannon had many top dade/broward leans going to UM including teddy bridgewater...then he got fired. The 2010 was better than this class....the idea that shannon left the program in shambles is completey dishonest. The whole offense which is made up of shannons class saves UM this year....there was depth at defense....

not one player in this recruiting process mentioned mark dnofrio....OC, WR, RB coachs all leave...lack of leadership....

keion payne
devonta davis
jeremy davis
ray ray armstrong
travis williams
jamal reid
kelvin cain
Vaughn telemaque
tracy howard
curtis porter
luther robinson
darius smith

all shannons kids that suffered goldens issues....so let those guys tell me where the 2009/2010 recruit basket was so bad....

Again, Gallo the idiot pipes in. Like this nugget:

"shannon had many top dade/broward leans going to UM including teddy bridgewater...then he got fired."

Moron, you mean how TB was the only recruit? How Golden could not believe that Shannon had 0 recruits lined up for visits on the biggest recruting weekend of the year?

Right. Pin Ray Ray's 4 years of 0 production on AG.

Gallo, why don't you swallow a gallon of bleach.

shannon didnt develop guys...that BS...he was gone after 2010....what do you expect....shannon just robbed UM with the help of golden kirkland and collins.....plus goldens own WR george mcdonald...

and who is golden threatening?....luther, harris?..let me tell you something....forces are rising up against al golden....even his wife is worried, read between the lines when she says...al has to be here....

Gallo say :

blah blah blah blah blah well we might as well give up blah blah blah blah nonsense idiot-speak moron-talk blah blah.

You are a joke, Gallo.

Let's see, the conditioning coach for UM baseball is at the epicenter of the whole PED controversy yet we are to believe that not one player, in any sport, received any supplements. Yeah, and I still believe Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France fair and square all seven times (roflmao).

This guy knew/knows how to beat the system, what to prescribe and when. What a shock to find he was working for the University of Miami. Just another example of a long line of cheating and scandals going on over there. You know, all those years ago when ND proclaimed Catholics v. Convicts, who would have known they were actually referring to the UM Administration; afterall that's what's been consistent lo these 30 odd years.

Gallo is a d--&k head:

Shannon had something like 3 commits 2 months before NSD-once Golden was hired he had to scramble to salvage the 2011 recruiting class. Golden's only pure full recruiting class was 2012, and this past one, 2013 was infected by the poison of the looming NCAA sanctions. And even then, he scrambled to salvage this class. #21 by ESPN!

Golden has been a god send to the U- if nothing else tha ttitude he brings- I do agree Donfrio has not been godd- butthere have been many reasons. Yet, Donfrio's seat may get a bit warm if the D dont improve this year.. I am ok with that.

Shannon DID NOT develop ANYONE. Tommy Streeter? Jacorry Harris? But had there best year's under Golden and Fisch.

What about Arthur Brown? Man goes to KSU and he becomes all world. Are you serious?

But enough about RS- Im tired of that fool/

Cane fans- support your U. Buy tickets. Go to games. Donate $. That is how were going to get out of this funk!

ok..well see whos right in the end....fyi..charlie stong has recruited more miami players than UM....

how about those canes basketball....heading to play arizona in the semi finals....man unbelieveable....will win national championship....florida, kansas state, michigan and duke are getting beat....UM can definitely take all of those....

what a jerk off....golden was fired in 2010....wtf would he work on he 2011 class.....is golden that much of an idiot like you not to understand that?

Gallo, Lousiville struck out this year. Considering a sugar bowl win, they did a piece on 1 of the sites how they floundered this year....
Bridewater left because clint hurt told them they had no qb's, we still had harris and morris ahead of him, and he started as a true freshman at Louisville.

to finish with some of the top prospects at QB,TE,RB,WR,DE,LB,DB, godlen filled holes with all americans.......

LB is a position where we have many young studs already, so we lost thomas, well, Golden then replaces thomas with espn 150 and Sun Sentinel class 8=7=6a Defensive Player of the Year Jermaine Grace... We lost collins, we grab the #1 FB/RB in NY and #1 FB in nation...We didnt get kirkland, well we have 3 Oline committs and the #20 Prep School OLineman regardless of positions.
DLINE? we added Alquaddin Muhammed, 1 of the best pass rushers in the Nation and he was all over the field whe they came down here and beat St THomas on their field and dominated in the army all amercian game. COuldnt be stopped..........
DE Devonte Bond was rated Rivals #58 juco player, and he is supposed to b a pass rush specialist.
DT/DE Komalu jumped into JUCO 100 on espn up to #77 regarldess of postion.

Alex Figueroa who got injured in high school Barrow said is a stud DE......

We filled needs across the board

gallo- you arse-hole, "Golden was fired in 2010?" what brand of crack are you putting in your pipe?

By the way- let there be no mistake where running back U is. Alex Collins, read this list- I know its too late know but you seriously scr-wed this up, son:

Um running backs to eithe rplay or get drafted iin the NFL since 1983:

OJ Anderson- Superbowl MVP, by the way
Speedy Neal
Keith Griffen
Al Bentley
Zo Highsmith
Darryl Oliver
Mel Bratton
Warren Williams
Cleveland Gary
Donnell Bennett
Larry jones
James Stewart
Derick Harris
Edgerrin James
Nick Luchey
James Jackson
Najeh Davenport
Clinton Portis
Edgerrin James
Willis McGahee
Frank Gore
Jarett Payton
Quad Hill
Javarris James
Tervarris Johnson
Damien Berry
Lamar Miller

Any question?

Jim Gallo - your brand of BS just don't work here. You babble incoherent, incorrect BS. Go away - nobody wants you here. Quite trolling. Hate is powerful and will come back at you stronger.

A few weeks ago, Gallo said if Golden was not gone, he would not post on here again. Glad to see you gone Gallo. GO CANES

Bleacher report 1/28/2012

It’s too early to tell whether Al Golden will last in Miami. However, these past two seasons have been lackluster, and the ‘Canes may decide to switch coaches yet again. Finding the perfect coach is never easy. Alabama was able to lure Nick Saban away from the pros. Texas A&M found Kevin Sumlin, a coach who took Houston to the verge of a BCS bowl game. If Miami eventually decides to part ways with Golden, it should try to find a coach with a record of consistency and sustainable, long-term success.

2010 - randy shannon

total offense - 5499 yards / 44 TD's - #31 rank
total defense - 4203 yards / 37 sacks for 241 yrd loss / 16 INT's - #22 rank

2011 - golden

total offense - 4533 yards / 41 TD's - #70 ranked
total defense - 4319 yards / 23 sacks for 118 yrd loss / 6 INT's - #45 ranked

2012 - golden

total offense - 5282 yards / 45 TD's - #36 ranked
total defense - 5837 yards / 13 sacks for 86 yrd loss / 11 INT's - #116 ranked

team with better defensive ranking - temple #90

2010 Temple:

offense #79 ranking
defense - #16 ranking

2011 temple
without golden/dnofrio

offense - #63 ranking
defense - #12 ranking

where did shannon leave golde high and dry?

typo...shannon was fired 2010...

Gallo you need to double check your list of Shannon's players because Tracey Howard was a true freshmen last year so there is no way that he was one of Shannon's players who got in trouble with Golden. Golden has been a Godsend to this program. Any other coach would have left when that Shapiro crap hit the fan. He has his hands tied down yet still fights for our program and Stands with The U.

bret bielema
jim chaney
randy shannon
geroge mcdonald
joel thomas - one of the top running back coaches in ncaa

oh dont forget to add new 35 million athletic facility which will be fully completed in 2013...

1. Damon Mitchell - QB - Booker T
2. Alex collins - 5'11" 204
3. Denver kirkland - 6'5" 333
4. johnathan mcclure - 6'4" 310
5. hunter henry - TE 6'6" 245
6. reeve koehler - 6'3" 320
7. DAN SKIPPER - 6"10" 295

I am sure alex collins is all broken up he is at arjansas, lol

Donnelle Bennett may be our next rd coach. That would be AWESOME.

would be a great recruiter. Manny put up a new blog

you see those farmboys in front of collins....they are 2 deep in all positions on the offensive line....all that size....bielema is going to run the ball 90% of the time....collins has potential to be nations top running back....bielema was #13 ahead of alabama....arkansas wll be the top offensive running team next year.....UM never had a chance at collins.....collins was given the road map, no way he was not going to arkansas...

Gallo, GO GET A LIFE! You are really an idiot! Shannon was HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE coach. Who cares who he recruited; he couldn't develope them, it has been proven with many, many players now in the NFL.

Arkansas will soon find out!

typo...your are right...delete tracy howard....but tell me where the 2009/2010 shannon class was weak...what position was not filled for golden before he left considering the man just got fired

please advise....

2010 - randy shannon

total offense - 5499 yards / 44 TD's - #31 rank
total defense - 4203 yards / 37 sacks for 241 yrd loss / 16 INT's - #22 rank

2012 - golden

total offense - 5282 yards / 45 TD's - #36 ranked
total defense - 5837 yards / 13 sacks for 86 yrd loss / 11 INT's - #116 ranked

maria, loquita....i am confused, lol

Gallo you idiot - George McDonald left to be Syracuse OC

Bleacher report 1/28/2012

It’s too early to tell whether Will Muschamp will last in Gainesville. However, these past two seasons have been proven he is unstable and can't stop the parade of criminal arrests that have plagued the Gators for many years, and the Gators may decide to switch coaches yet again.

Finding the perfect coach is never easy. Miami has struck gold with the hiring of the best young coach in the country, Al Golden who qualified the young Canes for the ACC Championship game. Alabama was able to lure Nick Saban away from the pros. Texas A&M found Kevin Sumlin, a coach who took Houston to the verge of a BCS bowl game.

When Florida decides to part ways with Muschamp, it should try to find a coach with a record of consistency and sustainable, long-term success.

Yo Cane Trash


The Canes Are Back!!!!!!!!!

Dom says the canes will have the best Defense in 2013
Best Defense in the Land according to dom
Dom never misses a prediction
dom has a poll of dUmb clUcks too
They all agree the Canes are Back
Best Defense
ACC Champs
Play for the NC
It's True Cause it's foretold to be so by.......


Yo Cane Trash

U cannot make up this stuff
Can U say delUsional
Can U say baseless predictions


he University of Miami’s comprehensive drug testing policy, enacted in 1995, continues to evolve as the methods and reliability of testing have improved and as more drugs have been introduced into the world of competitive sports.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2013/02/um-issues-statement-regarding-its-drug-testing-policy-strength-coach-jimmy-goins.html#storylink=cpy http://hghenvy.com

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