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UM's 2013 signing class list

Here is the list of 16 names we've received upon arriving here for Al Golden's press conference.

Stacy Coley, WR, Oakland Park Northeast High, 6-1, 173
Jermaine Grace, LB, Miramar High, 6-1, 210
Augustus Edwards, FB, Staten Island (N.Y.), 6-2, 230
Sunny Odogwu, OT, Hargrave Military (Va.), 6-8, 311
Beau Sandland, TE, Los Angeles Pierce College, 6-6, 255
Artie Burns, S, Miami Northwestern, 6-0, 183
Alquadin Muhammad, DE, Bosco Prep (N.J.), 6-3, 230
Kevin Olsen, QB, Wayne Hills, N.J., 6-3, 200
Jamal Carter, S, Miami Southridge, 6-1, 190
Standish Dobard, TE, New Orleans Edna Karr, 6-4, 255
Ufomba Kamalu, DT, Butler CC (Kan.), 6-5, 280
Alex Gall, OT, Cincinnati Moeller, 6-6, 280
Hunter Knighton, DT, Princeton Hun School, 6-5, 265
Alex Figueroa, DE, Fork Union (Va.), 6-3, 225
Ray Lewis III, RB, Lake Mary Prep, Fla., 5-9, 190
Devante Bond, Sierra College (Calif.), 6-3, 230


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Tell it to me straight, doc. How long do I have?

Jim "the Dick" Gallo is a douchebag.

Jim, maybe you can play RB, QB, be the lead recruiter, President and AD. You seem to be a top-notch critic of each.

Where is Alex Collins going to end up ? Does Miami have a shot after what happened this morning ?

All in all I think it was very good , look at the roster from last year and you will realize we have alot of guys (DL) that were freshman last year getting pushed around and will be back this year bigger and stronger as sophmores. Got guys we need and guys that wanted to be here.

Nice call Brian, You must watch what you say on here or the gator and fsu trolls will bash U. any rashional fan understands we r yound and growing, but its a loaded with top tier talent class, just not big. 4 early enrolled, so golden only took 12 kids, plus collins will prob come here

Great class! Welcome! Let's go Alex Collins' mom!!!




canesinsight.com people, are you sick of F-Tard Kowalczyk/Ibisnation? E-mail me at just_green73@yahoo.com. I know who he is and I will out him for you. Leave no bone unbroken and no patch of skin unburned.

I think al has done awesome last 3 yrs considering teh cloud this program is under. When u look at fact every recruting class he has had as his own not counting when he was first hired has come under a cloud of investigation its amazing how well they have done.

It's all about this U!! We now have a reason to play with a chip on our shoulder. It is definately US against the world. As an Alum, The U will always be my school, and I will continue to be a season ticket holder to support my school, the coaches, and most of all, the true Canes who inked with The U. I will die a Cane.


Welocme back Cane

Hey not a bad Class.
Seems that we can't satisfy the "Instant Gratification" fans, but some good Gets.

The Collins situation is fluid..if his brother, Mom, and rest of the Family wants him to be a 'Cane, where will Coach G find the space to bring him in?...

Overall not a bad class at all.
Go 'Canes




Anybody know what happened to Lockley, the WR out of Virginia, why didn't he sign his LOI today?

I dont think so...the DT / DE are too light.....coley and sandland are the really only need....if you look at it, it dosnt make any sense the positions we recruited....we need QB but olsen...never

What is amazing is that the trolls still need to come on and talk crap after a young miami team won the coastal and if werent for BS NCAA dragging its feet on purpose, we had a chance to go on for a decent bowl and prolly less issues with recruiting because of the NCAA... just remember trolls, next yr all the NCAA crap will be gone and your teams will no longer be able to use the fear factor of no bowls and ban crap to sway the recruits from a Miami program building strength!

Didnt get what we needed on the defensive interior. But that wont happen till donofrio is gone. I wish Donofrio had decomitted. Pretty excited about the offense. Hopefully Coley watches tape and doesnt change a thing. Defense will be same debaucherous atrocity that it was last year but we have Duke, and Stephen and we get Malcolm Lewis back. Seeing our offense and defense is somewhat like getting head while a midget kicks your balls.

Our defense will not be as bad period. you cannot be fool enought to think that a full yr experience for all those guys, some playing their first college ball, will not have them playing better next yr, it is like asking freshmen in high school to come in play varsity right away with no learning curve..... only an idiot would think that is a winning situation, so some of you need to recheck your thoughts on if you think these guys with another yr under thier belts will help them or not to improve. And with our offense, we only need a bit of improvment, 3-4 stops a game, to make a "MAJOR" difference in the outcomes.....

thats my point miagi....all offense why? I thought we need more weight 20/30 lbs on the DL and LB's....this class really does nothing if you look at it....plus 2 inpact players only.....the recruit misses today hurt UM ALOT....thomas/bryantcollins were huge....

You cannot be fool enough to think that a year will make any difference with this scheme. He had 12 games to improve. Not fix the issues but simply improve the defense. He did not improve the defense one iota. None at all. First game BC 450, last game Duke 530. Yes experience will help any team, but not the team that has a defensive coordinator who runs a scheme that everyone...everyone has figured out. Donofrio refuses to adjust. If you cant see that then you dont know sheet about football. Our defense will suck as long as Donofrio is here...Period

someone extorted money to Ark. for Collins $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Mediocrity has taken up permanent residence at the U. Yawnn

I hope you are around to eat your words when this next year is over.... and if you think at the end of 1 year a freshman has all the size, tools and knowledge that a 4 or 5 yr senior has you are the one that needs help... schemes are schemes, but if your players dont do their assignments, or arnt strong or big enough to handle them , them the "scheme" is pointless..... I dont have any illusions that we are gonna be a top defense next yr, but you will see a large climb in our defense ranking next season, that I would bet the farm on.... and yes I will be around just like I have since the 70s rooting for my canes....

Have to agree with Miagi here. The donofrio apologists simply dont want to believe that Golden would hire such an inept kid. Honestly it took me awhile to admit it. I thought most of those saying he was the problem were haters. But hes proven himself as a complete failure. Think about the problems we had with players. They were on the defensive side of the ball. Kelvin, tracy howard, eddie. They dont have his respect because they know it doesnt work. I take it the donofrio apologists have never been on a team where the coach didnt care about anything other than his scheme, even if it came at the players expense. In the end I think hes too proud to change.

Stupid to criticize Golden for not recruiting in SoFla when there were only 3 good enough players in Dade and we got 2 - the OL from BTW UM didn't really want or need We also got 2 of the best 3 players in Broward and might get the 3rd(Collins).
We had a good class, and we could have done better at DT, but you can't get everyone.
Truth is this is a rare down year for talent in SoFla, which is one of the reasons why UM reduced the # of scholarships to get the NCAA deal behind them.
Next year's crop will be much better and we'll be dealing with a full deck.
All in all great job by Golden and staff, we are stacked.

3-4 stops...i cant remember when UM had a 3 and out...ok so last year defense gave up 5837 yards / 13 sacks for 86 yard loss and 11 interceptions.......what do you think it will do 2013?

maybe 3800-4200 18-24 sacks, 15 int. that would be a large improvment , and if you ask howard, denzel, or others back there if they think they will be better returning 10 starters this year I bet you will get the same answers.... I know when I played I was mucjh better my senior yr than I was as a fresh/soph so without the D co ord, talent alone will be better served. We dont have a top teir D co ord, but I will sit and watch for another year before I break out the linch rope on a guy who had no help when he got here and last yr a bunch of young guys trying to stay with upperclassmen.

Its a good class!!! We don't need Collins he doesn't want to be the best he can be!!!! So let him go. We will be acc camp's next yr. Go canes!!!!!

Great class considering all the crap that Miami and Coach Golden have had to deal with. Gotta love ALex Collins Ma. Now that woman is a real Cane who knows whats best for her boy.

D'Nofrio has to held accountable for not securing a single DT today. He has to go! Wake up Golden

Devante Bond: the next Ray Lewis? - this kid looks good;
all in all, Canes did ok considering the rump organization NCAA; does anyone know how many spots are still open ?

Hey guys, I think we should all invade the Nole and Gaytor blogs. Lets harass them to no end. They are too stupid to get off of here.


A special thank you to Gallo for posting enough stupidity over a 12 hour period to keep Congress going another 20 years.

When first joining this blog I was convinced that Gallo was posting comments that were designed to be tongue-in-cheek and so far off the planet that he was making it clear his efforts were comedic in nature.

But, I have since learned, with the help of today, that his stupidity and/or insanity is not an act at all…this is truly a case of—what you see, is what you get!

Put Gallo at a busy intersection in a large city with a grocery cart filled with odds and ends he has collected in his travels and you’ve got one of those Cats who blathers on for hours, not speaking to anyone in particular, sharing completely incoherent thoughts and ideas.

Gallo is the Raymond character in the ‘Rain Man’ absent the intellect…Ten minutes to Wapner! Ten minutes to Wapner! Ten minutes to Wapner! ... Fire Al Golden! Fire Al Golden! Fire Al Golden!

Allow me to respectfully suggest to Canes fans that we make Gallo our Mascot who plays the fall guy to the Ibis. Can’t you see it…Gallo makes one of his never-ending whacky comments and the Ibis wallops him over the head with an oversized sponge rubber mallet or possibly an iron mallet, this will have to be worked-out.

At any rate…Al Golden and his team did another spectacular job today and once the NCAA attack dogs are finally caged then the sky will be the limit for our program…Go Canes!

He aint no Saben.

Collins' mom=fate. He's meant to be a Cane.

So let me get this right a program on self probation for 2 years, looming sanctions are irrelevant? Lets count this up, Miami is currently ranked anywhere from 21 to 28 in class rankings out of all fbs schools. Your right critics, Miami is certainly going down fast, imagine what will happen when they get this investigation over and Miami is free.

They will probably sink all the way to the top 10 next year. I see now that no matter what Miami does its always going to be these same 3 or 4 people on this board with negative things to say.

First it was Miami won't get anything but scrubs, then they got Coley, Grace, Edwards, Dobard, Mohammed, and Olsen. All highly touted and could have went to any of the top 15 schools ranked this year.

Now the complaints are yo didn't get any defensive line help, well hell you don't get everyone you want, just like the top 15 didn't get everyone they wanted. It cracks me up that it's always something with these people. Why do you guys argue with them, they make no sense and have nothing better to do than see who reacts to their idiotic post.

We got good recruits, only really missing out on 3, Bryant, Thomas, and Collins. You get some you lose some, happens every year to every team, so why respond to these idiots. They team was young and sucked last year on defense but they will get better, with the experience, as well as the offense.

Thanks to Golden for getting a good class, especially with all the distractions. Thanks to all the recruits who bleed orange and green, and signed with the U. We will build on winning the coastal division and get to a bowl this year.

Those who aren't here to support the team or Golden need to peddle their bs elsewhere and let true fans talk about all the players and fun to have this year. Bring on the 2013 season, and once again thank you recruits for coming to the U.

Ryehee Lockley will not be in this class, grades. He will go the prep route and be in the 2014 class. I am hoping that Collins re-considers but that will not happen. In the end Collins is in Arkansas. Michael Parker, remember this name. If he comes to the U, Duke will not have to be the FULL show. Parer has outstanding speed to return punts and kicks while playing in the nickel/dime packages. He is yet to commit to either the U or ASU. If Golden can snag these two (Collins and Parker), that would be the icing on the cake that looked flat in the begining.

It's sad looking at all these out of state recruits. Nothing against them but we let to much get out of our area plainand simple. I said last year UM should go and get skai moore, cause he wanted to be here whether inept 117/ sanctions or not he was th duke johnson of this class had they offered him just a lil bit earlier.

goldie thinks i guys don't come to his camps, they won't get an offer. So that turned a guy like mackensie alexander off from the get go. Everybody is not going to come to a camp. goldie asking guys from immokalee to come all the way to Coral Gables for a football camp, lol. He really doesn't understand the recruiting process here. I didn't like that when i first heard about it, the "you gotta come to camp to get an offer" lol, stupid. This is not temple.

I guess with all these offensive recruits, i guess we're going hear goldie say again, we have to out score everybody.

Anyway, alot of guys wanted to be here. If we got no defensive tackle recruits but they all huddled up with Florida St. & the gaytors that tells you all you need to know about what kids think about inept 117th and jethro. goldie hired mario & coley, that's his recruiting committee now for the Miami area.

I haven't heard of goldie doing to many in home visits and that definitely was pai attentioned to by recruits as well.

Alot of real good taent is gong to other schools bcause al didn't have a back up plan. So out of all these recruits, which one was it that al pulled denver kirkland's schalorship or is what i want to know.

Third place in the state. Yesterday solidified it EVEN

Jim Gallo Sucks on Nutz. He's a big stinky PUUUUSSSy!!!!!!

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