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March 09, 2013

Copy of Administrative Order by U.S. District Judge Moreno to review conduct of Nevin Shapiro's lawyer

 Click on the link below for the exact document that U.S. District Judge Federico Moreno filed that has initiated a review of the conduct of Maria Elena Perez, the lawyer of former UM booster Nevin Shapiro. 

   "Recently, the Court has learned that Ms. Perez has engaged in conduct that warrants additional review by the Committee,'' it says in the order. "The specific issue is whether Ms. Perez acted unethically in accepting monies from the National Collegiate Athletic Association for her work on three depositions in the bankruptcy case of'' Shapiro.

   A group of U.S. District judges will recommend by May 8 what to do, if anything, in this matter.

   Click here for Court Order