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2013 Hurricane Club football Spring Tour, with Al Golden, announced: 5 Florida Cities and NYC

The Hurricanes just announced their "Hurricane Club #BuildingChampions Spring Tour,'' which will encompass five Florida cities and New York city during April and May. Football coach Al Golden will attend each event.

Women's hoops coach Katie Meier will appear May 8 in Tampa, and Olympic track coach Amy Deem will be in NYC.

Additionally, the UM Alumni Club of Chicago and Hurricane Club will co-host the annual Chicago Coaches Dinner on Thursday, May 23, at the Westin River North in Chicago.

For questions about any of these events, please call the Hurricane Club at 305-284-6699.



Saturday, April 6
Hurricane Club Southwest Florida Golf Classic and Luncheon in Naples (Register)

Registration at 7 a.m., shotgun start at 8 a.m.
Attendance: 128 golfers maximum, sponsorships available
Location: 9800 Treviso Bay Blvd., Naples, FL 34113

Friday, April 26
City Fish Market in Boca Raton, Fla. (Register)
Registration at 11 a.m., luncheon and program at 11:30 a.m.
Pre-RSVP Hurricane Club members: $50; Non-Hurricane Club members: $75
Location: 7940 Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL 33434

Wednesday, May 8
Brickhouse Tavern & Tap in Tampa, Fla. (Register)

Hors d’oeuvres at 6:30 p.m., reception at 7:30 p.m.
Pre-RSVP Hurricane Club members: $25; Non-Hurricane Club members: $40; Day-of entry: $50
Location: 1102 North Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33607

Thursday, May 9
Panama Jack in Orlando, Fla. (Register)

Hors d’oeuvres at 6:30 p.m., reception at 7:30 p.m.
Pre-RSVP Hurricane Club members: $25; Non-Hurricane Club members: $40; Day-of entry: $50
Location: 724 Franklin Street, Orlando, FL 32801

Friday, May 10
Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center in Jacksonville, Fla. (Register)

Reception at 6:30 p.m., dinner at 7 p.m.
Pre-RSVP Hurricane Club members: $50; Non-HC members: $75
Location: 1000 Water Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204

Thursday, May 16
Brother Jimmy’s in New York (Register)
Hors d’oeuvres at 6:30 p.m., reception at 7:30 p.m.
Pre-RSVP Hurricane Club members: $40; Non-HC members: $60; Day-of entry: $60
Location: 181 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10016 





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1. How is it that Shannon left the team in shambles like every blogger here but Calvin when the whole team next year is basically Shannon's.

2. There is not 1 stat that is better under golden compared to Shannon's 2010 exit stats...NOT ONE

3. If Shannon was here Morris and Teddy bridgewater would be competing for QB and the team would be in a 100% better position via injuries compared to Williams, Crow and Dewey..BTW, are they even still on the team, lol

2013 UM Starting Roster
Head Coach - Randy Shannon

17 Stephen Morris - Shannon
8 Duke Johnson - Shannon
79 Malcolm Bunche - Shannon
70 Jon Feliciano - Shannon
62 Shane McDermott - Shannon
65 Brandon Linder - Shannon
77 Seantrel Henderson - Shannon
46 Clive Walford - Shannon
4 Phillip Dorsett - Shannon
1 Allen Hurns - Shannon
80 Rashawn Scott - golden
86 Herb Waters - golden
71 Anthony Chickillo - Shannon
91 Olsen Pierre - golden
96 Curtis Porter - Shannon
51 Shayon Green - Shannon
59 Jimmy Gaines - Shannon
34 Thurston Armbrister - golden
52 Denzel Perryman - golden
2 Deon Bush - golden
37 Ladarius Gunter - golden
30 AJ Highsmith - Shannon
29 Rayshawn Jenkins - golden
22 Kacy Rodgers - Shannon

oops...another first at UM...at least one that we have heard about.....

wow golden and company really get along with the players....maybe next year we can disband the "player committee", lol

9>5>2...golden is not 14-11...he is 13-11, that's the 2nd time you have done that.....whats the matter, got to pad is record, you must feel it is bad also

rumor has it Eddie Johnson got into a fight with barrow....I only pry that was the case and finally some old school swagger back at UM.....

Two promising young linebackers, Gionne Paul and Eddie Johnson are gone.

Canes defense needs all the help it can get. Unfortunate losses.

Congrats to Coach L and Shane Larkin. Go Canes.

rumor has it Eddie Johnson got into a fight with barrow....I only pry that was the case and finally some old school swagger back at UM.....

Posted by: Jim Gallo | March 13, 2013 at 04:44 PM

Let's just say this, ej44 not backing down from to many people, at the same time, everybody can't deal with life without having that calm me down too. The sad part about it is, everybody is getting frustrated at each other and on the defensive side of the ball and it's all clown 117th and goldie's fault. Frustrating these players and a coach that knows what defense is suppose to look like now they clawing at each others throats.

All they gotta do with ej44 is channel that man's energy in the right direction and they'll be straight. I luv players like ej44 on the team. Coach goldie needs to man-up, he got to many resources to let ej44 fall by the wayside. jimmy johnson and many other players that can tutor ej and reach that man and sometimes people just react different to the same environments, he could be bi-polar to as well but either way, he should still be at UM.

I might need to go and round that man up, he just needs to go a few rounds in the cage than he'll be straight.

dude...no matter what anyone says...this is just not working....UM will just limp along...who knows how the offense will do..no knock on coley (yet) but I know he is going to want to change things...can the offense adapt without losing that 1 or 2 games they were supposed to win? THE BIGGEST RISK IS AT QB....we have no one if Morris goes down or sustains that type of nagging injury that throws his whole season off.....

From Barry Jackson, Miami Hreald:

### UM was outraged that former NCAA investigator Ameen Najjar, who was fired last May, wrote a letter on Shapiro’s behalf. UM learned of the letter in recent weeks, which was reported by AP and obtained by The Herald. For a copy of the letter, please see our next-to-last post.

One person involved in the process said the letter was written before the NCAA interviewed other people besides Shapiro or informed UM it was being investigated.

“That’s the definition of pre-judgment or prejudice,” said the source. “And it’s a cover up because the NCAA didn’t tell Ken Wainstein to include it in his report.”

So why was that letter not included in the 52-page report by Wainstein, who was hired by the NCAA to investigate the NCAA’s improper handling of the case?

“During the inquiry,” Wainstein e-mailed me, “the team [that was investigating the case in Wainstein’s law firm] learned that Mr. Najjar sent a letter to Nevin Shapiro’s sentencing judge several months before the bankruptcy subpoenas were discussed.

“The NCAA had engaged [our law firm] to focus on the use of Mr. Shapiro's counsel and the circumstances surrounding the role of the NCAA enforcement staff in securing depositions in a bankruptcy proceeding to further its investigation of the University of Miami.

“The report focused on those circumstances and was not intended to exhaustively describe all aspects of Mr. Shapiro’s relationship with the Enforcement Staff.”

That explanation obviously doesn't placate UM and the former coaches.

Former UM assistants Aubrey Hill, Jorge Fernandez and Jake Morton also plan to add the letter as a supplement to their previously-filed motions to dismiss.

The NCAA has given the involved parties a two-week extension -- until March 29 -- to submit documents and opinions about whether information that’s included in the allegations should be eliminated from the evidence.

One infractions committee member then will be appointed to review the written submissions and determine whether a procedural hearing is warranted. But that person does not have the authority to dismiss the case.

If the case against UM isn’t dismissed, UM likely will not consider a lawsuit until it learns, sometime between August and October, what – if any – additional penalties are handed out by the infractions committee. If UM is given any significant penalties, including another bowl ban, it very likely will appeal. A lawsuit likely will be considered if UM loses an appeal.

UM prefers not to go to court. “We have to exhaust the normal remedies first, and we could win” without going to court, a UM administrator said.

UM will not win or go to court....even if it loses the appeal which it will....nothing can erase the hard evidence plus the image of shalala taking investor money and allowing Shapiro access to UM...

UM has no loss....there is nothing to sue over. No law was broken plus UM is guilty...let it die and be done

Its gotta to help Just the Facts Gallo, Nick Saban was 7-6 in his 1st yr at Alabama, and goin into his 2nd year he didnt have to deal with looming sanctions, losing top recruits because we might get whacked, and had more sr leadership. U guys do realize we basically had No Seniors on the team right?/ U blame that on golden. brandon mcgee and 1 other at the combine
Thats randys bad recruiting.
Now the team is loaded with depth and D has more experience and we will have a great year.

Possibly the best Offense in UM history, and a young up and coming defense with speed all over the field

dude...no matter what anyone says...this is just not working....UM will just limp along...who knows how the offense will do..no knock on coley (yet) but I know he is going to want to change things...can the offense adapt without losing that 1 or 2 games they were supposed to win? THE BIGGEST RISK IS AT QB....we have no one if Morris goes down or sustains that type of nagging injury that throws his whole season off.....

Posted by: Jim Gallo | March 13, 2013 at 05:28 PM

One things for sure man, year 3 is on the way, the time for excuses and crying about tmz is coming to an end. Either we start balling or we got the wrong crew. As far as james coley goes, all i want him to do is have us hike the ball when we line-up. Forget all that, let's get under center, than come out from under center and than look to the sidelines for the play call, to me that's the sign of somebody not trusting themselves in play-calling. I don't need to see the defensive alignment to know how to set them up for what i'm trying to do.

Also, as long as he uses the fullback, than we'll be straight and that'll help to make our defense a whole lot tougher against the run, to much finessing it on offense the last 2 years for me. Also, the runningback rotation needs to be better, none of this, let me look over my shoulder to see if i'm coming out for the next play or not, let one back get in a groove first than go with the next man.

And of course, use the tight-ends for real as well and not have coach goldie going on air complaining about the "we need more production out of the tight-end position" when he allowed them to balloon up to 270lbs and didn't call to many plays for them.

I know cristobal had em losing weight and i'm sure this scott guy came in seeing the same thing, so a guy like asante should be able to show up this year from just being asked to be a blockign tight-end back to being able to actually get open again and keep em motivated out there as well.

Posted by: Jim Gallo

UM will not win or go to court....even if it loses the appeal which it will....nothing can erase the hard evidence plus the image of Shalala taking investor money and allowing Shapiro access to UM...

UM has no loss....there is nothing to sue over. No law was broken plus UM is guilty...let it die and be done


C'mon dummy, your game of pretending to be a Miami fan has run its course.

Responding to the troll I know you are...your towering stupidity jumps off the page at the reader.

If Miami loses the appeal and once they've exhausted all of their options with the NCAA with no acceptable result, then with 100% certainty they will litigate against the NCAA.

The "hard evidence" you speak about is uncorroborated statements by Shapiro, you know the convicted Ponzi scheme dirtbag.

The photo with Donna Shalala was at a fund raiser held at a local bowling alley where unannounced Shapiro trotted out to Miami's assistant AD and Donna as they were addressing the crowd and shoved a $50,000 check in Donna's hands, which when those with a semblance of common sense view the photo they can clearly see the shock on Donna's face. ..not to mention that the owner of the Bowling alley confirmed the story.

Furthermore, at the time of the fund raiser no one at the University of Miami had any idea what a snake Shapiro is and that goes for the very sophisticated businessmen he embezzled almost 1 billion dollars from, along with law enforcement not being aware.
Following your never ending stupid comments…you claim Miami had no loss…here again your monumental ignorance/lies is nothing short of epic.

Miami’s football program, if not for Al Golden accomplishing a herculean act to hold it together, would have been all but dead for at least the next decade or longer based on the NCAA’s purposely slow two and a half year-long investigation and leaking unproven and even purposely false information designed to inflict even more damage on the program.

The NCAA’s motives were to penalize Miami in a way that would mirror the damage the program would have suffered had they in fact been given the death penalty.

I know your motives are to irritate Miami fans and try to belittle Miami’s football program. That said, the least you could do for some of us that would be entertaining is try on occasion not to post such moronic, redundant stupidity that has zero basis, which a learning challenged third grader would know is nothing but lies and misleading garbage.

PS: Please wow me with more of your riveting and intellectually stimulating statistical analysis that proves Randy Shannon was a better coach than Al Golden—LOL!

Thanks to Al Golden we have a team that seriously cancompete for a BCS bowl- whether Gallo, Calvin, Tallycane or any other racist moron wishes the opposit e or not.

Thank you coach for sticking with the U

This program would have been dead in the water were it not for coach G

Gallo you stoopuid a55 so they were 13-11 ok. It is still better than Shannon, you puke

This team has more personnel turnover than Mc Donald's. Which can be good or bad. I have a lot of kids up here in the I-4 corridor asking what's going on at Miami. These kids want to see some stability down there not a revolving door of recruits. I believe this is a critical year for the canes. Make or break season as for as winning and recruiting. I don't know if Al Golden the man. But he the man as of now. I'm behind you for now.Let's see how the season plays out. Speaking of baseball. It's time for a change at the helm.
Give Morris a job in the front office. He's a good person.

Gallow your an F Wad!

Don't you go spouting names out there you know nothing about what kind of guys they were and why they came to UM...you don't know crap!

I know Highsmith, Bain, Bratton, Moss (all lived together), Stubbs, Shakespeare, and a lot of guys that played for Coach Schnelly on the '83 Team and later with Coach Johnson.

I know Coach Johnson and his Family. Coach Schnelly and his Family.

Those are exceptional Men and great Coaches!

The did not start out that way, but they became that because they helped shaped young mens lives.

I know both those Coaches personally, Al Golden is cut from the same cloth. Neither took crap from the players dealt with things in-house, and the also kicked kids out the program who did not toe the line...

All the guys you mentioned were Solid! They were Committed! They worked Hard...I know...I saw with my own eyes...I spent alot of time with them.

The only thing they did wrong was get a little ahead of themselves in the desert...and with that they still had a chance to win it at the end...Everything is a learning lesson...these are kids learning how to be men...some need help...some need to have things taken away from them...so they can learn.

Those were good kids at the time. They are great guys now.

Keep your comments to the things you cherish...and complain about the statistic crap and the poor defense...

When you start talking crap about people you don't know...because you thing you do...you need to SHUT THE F UP!

You little panty waste...F Off!

I want to see if you eat your words when Miami gets back to being a yearly contender under Al Golden...

You know it is coming...your just a scared little girl cause you are going to get ripped on this Blog...

Bleeding Orange, Green and White!


Florida also has a high number of revolving door recruits.

But, the big difference in Miami's case is Al Golden is in the midst of changing a toxic losing culture to a winning culture.

From yesteryear...when Don Shula took over the helm of the Dolphins during his first few years he was shipping so-called talented players out of Miami by the bus loads, because of their unwillingness to do the things necessary to win--a losing culture.

I remember one of the first things a very young Shula did was release a defensive back who was considered the Dolphins super star (someone may remember his name). This move had fans howling and many predicting failure for the new coach, because in their minds he didn't have a clue as to what he was doing.

Al Golden is currently purging a culture of players that aren't willing to pay the price to win or simply are not talented enough to win at the college level who should have never been signed by the former coaching staff in the first place.

It would be unfair to claim Coach Golden was left with a horrible program, because what he inherited wasn’t even a program, but the Keystone Cops of college football, the Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight, the Three Stooges multiplied by 20.

If I were you here’s what I would tell those kids from the I-4 corridor asking you what’s going on in Miami; Al Golden is taking steps to put winners on the field that will allow Miami to recreate its once proud and illustrious traditions. This is not an easy process and those not willing to pay the price are being shown the exit. If you want to win championships and not only play in the NFL, but star in the NFL, then sign with Miami. You can either sign with the Canes and win or go someplace else where they will come find you and then beat the hell out of you.

You can say whatever you like about what true fans post on this blog. I know what a real Cane squad is and what it's supposed to look like. I am tried and true and I expect us to be the best expect the Canes to be in a hunt for a NC everytime we step on the field. Maybe you should demand that the coach of this squad take the training wheels off and let the boys play ball and get the scheme and playbook out of his a@@. We play to win national championships and that is what I expect the coaches to do instead of making excuses.

tallycane knows what a "true cane squad" should be like, and all of us- you know the 1 million cane fans in broward, dade, pb, monroe, lee, glades, and collier counties dont know what a true cane squad should be like

We all know the D struggled last two years. But reasonable people know why. Reasonable fans know that in 2011, a new coaching staff had to deal with a team in disarray, disconnected, and out of shape and many key players (Vernon, etc) who left. In 2012, they were missing a bunch of depth and upperclassmen, which is a key ingredient in building a defense. YOU CANNOT EXPECT A SOLID DEFENSE WITH A BUNCH OF FRESHMEN AND , SOPHOMORES STARTING!

So you have the third year and thankfully, continuity with the DC.

Clearly ( and I agree with calvin), if the D cannot get their act together this year and keep up with the offense to win games, stop teams onthe final drive ( UVa comes to mind), and dominate, a change is in order.

Morris has to be fired. period end of story

Say what u want with this soft schedule we should not lose more than one game. You wrote all of that to agree to what we have been saying the whole time. No disrespect to you but you have to read the other post to understand what is being said. Depth and experience was not our problem it was the scheme and play calling that had us looking like garbage

Jim Gallo = idiot


I read the posts- you implied that you knew what a true cane squad is.

What- we dont?

Quit your beetching and support the U.

I called it before.

Miami goes 10-2.

Obviously not if Fsu is breaking in a new qb and fla had a complete overhaul why would you think we would lose 2 games. No coaching. We should beat everyone on this soft schedule.

EJ left school, so much for wanting to get back on the team.

I think at this time we should pause talk about football and put all of our energy into the round ball team. This team h potential to go deep in the tournament. Reggie needs to get over the funk he is in bc they need him.

If Miami plays (doesnt need to win). But plays in the ACC ch game, they go into the elite 8. If they lose prior to playing (likely Duke again) in the ACC ch my prediction is that they peaked tooo soon and they will at most make it into the sweet 16 but will not advance beyond it.

Go canes.

What tallyCane is saying and what i've been pissed off about is, to many people, goldie in particular and the fans have lowered the standard at UM. goldie got the team trying to focus on winning the acc, that should be viewed as an automatic pick-up in the big scheme of things. We never focused on winning the big east so why are we focused on just winning the acc, that is and should always be a secondary goal if we somehow are not in the national championship hunt.

It'll always be national championship or bust with me, i could careless about a conference championship.
If we don't get back to that mentality around here, we'll continue to be a mediocre team and being in dog fights with other mediocre teams. The vision as a program that goldie has i'm nto questioning that, but the vision he has for defensive players.

I agree with Calvin on that issue. I also could care less about winning the ACC, the ship is THE only thing that counts.

HOWEVER. Calvin,

If the U can't win an ACC ship, they have no business winning a NC. One is on the way towards the other. period. Thats the way it is. The Big East didnt have a conference championship game, and the ACC now does. Period. Most top programs now play 13-14 games when everythingis said and done.

plus, this program's attitude was so decimated prior to Golden's arrival, that agree with his 'schemes' or not, he has had to rebuild this team from the bottom up EVEN IF IT MEANT REBUILDING WITH SHANOON'S RECRUITS (WHICH IN FACT,HE HAS DONE).

tHAT ISNT TO SAY THAT i AM SATISFIED WITH T HE RESULTS THUS FAR, but we are onour way (I hope). 6-6- then 7-5, are not acceptable, but I, like many others understand what the U has been hitwith and what they have.

Gallo keeps posting the list of current players recruited by Shannon. It proves my point- many of these players are maturing and playing football- somethingthey werent doing during the shannon era. You may say- but they were young back then. Proves my other point. Last season with all the freshmen and sophomores starting on D no way UM was going to beat kansas State and Notre dame. NO WAY in H__L

Calvin, UM last seasoncould not beat KSu or ND because of the players' size,maturity and football IQ. Nomatter who coached Miami, no matter who didnt coach Miami. No way. No how.

But this season... This season is a different story!

The whole program is a large dumpster fire; each program tainted, from football, basketball to baseball.

A couple of self-imposed bowl bans by a .500 team aint going to save this program....there's just too much smoke for there not to be a raging fire that needs to be put out.

Sure you can chop away with legal technicalities but we all know you're dirty, right down to your very core.

Calvin, UM last seasoncould not beat KSu or ND because of the players' size,maturity and football IQ. Nomatter who coached Miami, no matter who didnt coach Miami. No way. No how.

But this season... This season is a different story!
Posted by: 9>5 | March 15, 2013 at 10:42 AM

If you're referring to the 2011 season this makes no sense whatsoever. If you're referring to the 2012 season, just like the 2011 season we lost games due to coaching, it only became even more obvious that goldie and clown 117th can't coach when it came to taking the younger talent and putting them in position to win games. jedd fisch while he was the best oc to come thru here in a long time, he tried to attack k st. and dnotre shame the wrong way than it doesn't help when you got smo17 who unlike j70 is not a real playmaker back their at that qb spot.

j70 made plays, smo17 is doing ok, i don't get caught up in the qb numbers i watch the qb who's able to keep the chains moving, understands down, distance & velocity. Something smo17 doesn't do a good job of. Even with that, we didn't run mike james more and in some games just slow the game down. It was the wrong philosophy for goldie to try and go out and try and outscore a team like k st. & notre shame, with a young team, those were games where mike james should've been the featured back, pound the ball consistently, than go for the homeruns, which would've given the defense more time to rest.

Although no matter how fresh our defense is, the scheme is going to nullify all of that anyway.

No Calvin, I'm referring to 2012. The squad we had on D. Withthe little depth, small size, no football IQ could not have beaten KSU, ND or FSU with Belchick, or Jimmy Johnson, or for that matter Don Shula. They were smaller, younger, wet behind the ear and there was no depth. period. End of story.

In 2011, I agree coaches made many mistakes. But the team was older and experienced. I blame the O line and Jacorry Harris for the loss against Kstate. JH (J70- according to you) had 3 tries from the 1.5 yd line. The O line should get the most blame. And they did. The rest of the season, sure, blame the schemes, the DC, blame whomever you want.But 50% goes to jacorry harris as well, particularly for handing that game to BC with his 2000th interception!

This year? This year is another story. Gator fa--gs beware. No disrespect toward gays. gators are going to be hit with a juggernaut. If Umdoesnt go 9-3 I will stand corrected and join the ranks. But unlike what you and others sound like I am not going to wish the U to lose. thats not in my nature.

good guess 'Billy boy but wrong on each count. Looks like you may need to update your tracking software. LOL!

It will be a good season if we play defense. Dnofrio needs to fix that defense! The offense should be able tl consistently score in the low 30s. FSU will be the toughest test. I don't think we're back on the national scene, but we are getting there.

GATORS Cruise up by 30+ before putting in backups vs LSU...

canes tied with lowly BC with 1 min. to play and barely squeek by...

GATORS- Healthy, Rested, Surging and Peaking...

canes- beatup, tired, sputtering and fading...

LSU? Laughing...you must be sooooo proud my unwashed and uneducated hillbilly friend.

Your point is that your Gators have been sand-bagging (cheating)and not playing the game as it's meant to be played trying to game the system like your football team hoping to steal a championship from the teams that have put it on the line and honored the traditions of college athletics.

The Florida Gators: a proud tradition of cheating, losing and cowardly ducking the Miami Hurricanes.

the SEC SUCKS A55 IN basketball you gatr dooosh. havent you figgered that out yet? everytime your overrtaed (overrated for the billionth time), gators play outside of traylerville they get sodomized. proof is vandy is destroying UK who beat you all down like a trayler park ho-e.

69-58 is barely squeekin buy? LOL your math skills = your tooth count.

LSU? please stop. Shaq is no longer on campus.

Unfortunately for UM, former Georgia Tech coach Bobby Cremins - the one member of the NCAA’s 18-person infractions committee who expressed strong skepticism about using Nevin Shapiro as an NCAA source - was excluded from the committee that will hear UM’s case in mid-June. -By Barry Jackson


Once again the NCAA will not allow anyone near this case that might, however remotely, offer a reasonable and fair outlook and not be already prepared to execute the Canes.

The NCAA maybe dismantle before June.This NCAA group of members will free O.J. to bury the canes. You must acquit. Is this the last ride for the canes? Will the NCAA do the right thing and save face.

first of all there was a post here that sullied and disrespected Bryan Pata's name (RIP). Say what you will about UM, but for a loser to actually do this (and he did it a couple of yrs ago), is the lowest form of life. Lower than an intestinal parasite, Lower than colonic bacteria. Lower than a turkey vulture. Let it rest gator let it rest

second, not one or two days removed from me calling for JimMorris head, and they beat I state and rebound to beta #1 team UNC in ChapelHill in base ball. I guess I will withold judgement till the end of the season, but i have been doing that for 6 years!

Great win for the baseball team. But it's not a one game or beat one team season.Sometimes the era just past by you.The recruits have a different mentality. Jim Morris is a great person but no one can escape father time. I'm sure he could better serve UM sports in a Sports director role or something within that realm.

Low is dealing the white. THAT is low

A very good example of coaching is L Money. The bball squad needs to win the tournament after having won the regular season championship. We need to win as many cships as we can win. One game at a time. Lets get it L Money! Go Canes

Gallo....stop putting up your "lists" really tired of seeing them....

Good 1st half albeit the last 1:30 was atrocious to watch. And while I'm at it, when is Reggie gonna get his head out of his rear end? Big man has turned into a turnover waiting to happen. Nice to see Scott lighting it up, I still say he's a star and has a NBA future ahead of him

Gator Jamar Hornsby stole credit cards off of a dying girl and went on a spending spree...it's a Gator thang!

Anything less than 10-2 will be a disappointment.
The defense will improve.
With the WR core that we have and the depth of our OL and Duke in the backfield, Morris will have a field day every time out.
I could see an undefeated regular season as long as the offense is consistant and limits turnover, and the D and their young players step it up.

lower than the piece of sheet that clings off a dog's buuutt, lower than hitler. lower than dahmer. lower than stalin. Your momma may have thought she ab--orted you, but failed that too. the product of that birth was worse than one of her d--mps.

why would anyone use a dead young man's name to talk trash about a football program?

He was a drug dealing POS

Another W. one more step to winning a another championship. Winning is contagious I hope the dc and al are up there but probably not. He needs to dissect how luisville served driskill and that Florida offense. Debose will be tuff to defend he and driskill are they keys. Good thing gillislie is gone. Good W today. Go canes

Another W. one more step to winning a another championship. Winning is contagious I hope the dc and al are up there but probably not. He needs to dissect how luisville served driskill and that Florida offense. Debose will be tuff to defend he and driskill are they keys. Good thing gillislie is gone. Good W today. Go canes

Posted by: Tallycane | March 16, 2013 at 05:05 PM

clown 117th can look at all the film in the world, he still won't adjust the scheme because between al & oach OH-NO they really think this garbage scheme works, so we'll continue to be a defense that sits back and tries to make plays on everything in front of us instead of playing downhill.

Than you can always tell they don't know what defense is because they think bringing more pressure means just because you send in two obvious linebackers to help with the pass rush after they were back checking the pass, they call that and think that's being aggressive. I don't think we've ever had a clean blitzer come free due to some type of schematic call, they come in blitzing and are using the same technique as the d-linemen are being taught so of course basically nobody gets pressure.

As long as coach goldie is here and keeps clown 117th on the staff, every game is a wait and see game, we don't or won't know what's going to happen from game to game because that's the type of defensive approach/philosophy we've adopted now, the sit back wait & see approach against every team whether they have legit talent or not, it's sad!

The Gators are drug dealing POS!

Jamar Hornsby, Gator filth, stole credit cards off of a girl who layed dying in the street and went on a spending spree...it's a Gator thang baby!

35 arrests under Urban the pu55ye cryer

that mkes 36 pieces of sh---t

37 if we include the p--o--s who is even bringing Bryan pata's name up (RIP).

37 gatr pieces of s-t
37 sodomites
37 rednk hillbillie garbage bags

Calvin sometimes you sound like a gator. Calling a 3rd year defensive coordinator clown. thats disrespectful and racist. Especially when the canes tolerated a true circus with shannon as coach and jacorry as qb. Those were two of the funniest clowns.

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