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B-Rad named Atlantic Coast Conference Pitcher of the Week; Send off Canes' basketball team Tuesday

Congratulations to left-handed junior pitcher Bryan Radziewski, who was named ACC Pitcher of the Week on Monday.

After off-season surgery, B-Rad made his weekend rotation debut Saturday in a 2-0 win over Virginia Tech, and delivered the first complete game shutout for a UM pitcher since Carlos Gutierrez did it in 2009.

Radziewski, a former Baseball America Freshman All-American, tied for the sixth-most single game strikeouts for any Hurricanes pitcher in program history, striking out 16 Hokies. He gave up a double on his first pitch Saturday, but didn't allow another hit until a single in the eighth.

Radziewski is averaging more than 16 strikeouts per nine innings this season, and has a 0.42 ERA and 3-0 record. Pretty amazing. His 16 strikeouts were the most by a Miami pitcher in a single game since March 17, 1989, when Joe Grahe struck out 18 in a victory over Maine.

The Hurricanes (19-8, 4-5 ACC), who dropped the series finale Sunday, return to play Wednesday against FAU at Alex Rodriguez Park. The game will begin at 6 p.m.


Help send off the Miami Hurricanes men's basketball players as they depart for the Sweet 16.

The Sunday win against Illinois ensured Miami's second trip to the Sweet 16 and the first since the 2000

The Hurricanes will leave Tuesday at 5 p.m. from the BankUnited Center. Fans are encourage to arrive early (4:45 p.m.). Miami, a No. 2 seed in the East Region, will face No. 3 Marquette at 7:15 p.m. ET (CBS) Thursday in Washington, D.C.




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Two thoughts: If Canes play to win instead of not to lose, and if Reggie can get it going they are unstoppable.

By Barry Jackson—The Miami Herald

### Amusing to hear NCAA president Mark Emmert defend himself on ESPN’s Mike and Mike Show this morning and justify his lack of accountability in the mishandling of the UM investigation.

Emmert said: “For those saying, ‘Fire Emmert’ – it’s like saying if the assistant coach did something wrong, fire the [university] president.”

Why didn’t Emmert know the investigation was being mishandled? “You don’t want the president in the middle of the investigation mucking around,” he said.

And Emmert insisted that once the NCAA found mistakes had been made in the investigation, “I’m confident we did exactly the right thing. We did it the right way.”

UM strongly believes otherwise. UM will file a motion to dismiss the case with the NCAA by Friday's deadline to submit documents, even though the NCAA has told UM that the infractions committee doesn't have the authority to dismiss it. UM disagrees about that, too.

Great tweet today from ESPN’s Jay Bilas: “NCAA President: Buck stops with anyone short of me!”

By the way, it was Sean Allen who justifiably filed a Florida Bar complaint against Nevin Shapiro's attorney, Maria Elena Perez. Allegations against Perez are being reviewed by the Bar's grievance committee.

Allen was essentially duped into giving information about the UM case through the guise of a bankruptcy hearing, with the NCAA conspiring with Perez to get Allen under oath.

MArk Emmert is an example of the corruption, lack of oversight and arrogance that the NCAA behemoth displays. But it isnt just him. The moving parts (that were caught red handed) show that investigators run rampant when they want to indict a program that they feel has done wrong and will stop at nothing to "get them".

The fact that Emmert doesnt admit any wrong doing proves that there will never be any accountability with the NCA until a major lawsuit slaps them where it counts and it may take UM to do it. Mimai was wronged and is still being wronges in so many ways- at so many levels, that it 100% undid whatever violations the students and coaches committed. The entire investigation is fradulent anbd corrupt and must be dismissed. Not doing so proves that the NCAA has a vendetta against Miami. Other schools should pay attention because the same was probably done against them- we just didnt know. It was hidden under the NCAA shadows

Diaz and Radz went 17-innings allowing just one Hokie to trot to first base. Suarez stumbled after getting the first batters in the first inning on Sunday, but pitched the next six innings beautifully. CANES starters are Omaha-grade. Whaley is a difference-maker for this team.

yes, so he was duped into telling the truth under oath in court vs lying in an interview.....if UM has a loss, let then sue in court....whats taking so long....idle threats are not scaring anyone...

UM will do nothing, this is all BS...makes UM look stupid..no law was broken and the bankruptcy was conducted all legal....it was the findings of the independent law firm......

if you have case...bring it....these statements are weak.....2 months an no action by UM...who cares what the committee think or says...this is a legal maneuver.....file the complaint and move this case along....or just shut up

Gallo- You are stupid. I am sure you look stupid, because you sound stupid, your writing reads stupid. Stupid all eff-en around.

Oh my god Jim Gallo, STFU you miserable troll.

No one here believes you're a UM fan.

Everyone knows you're that Gators troll who disappeared exactly when you started posting here.

Just stop with your lies and BS already.

Gallo = Blog Pig.

How long before the Gatr trash Pig/Soldy/Canetrash posts? Ripping on Gallo is the trigger to get the worms to come out of their rocks,,,,,errrr, trailers.

Gallo your opinions are not wanted on this board..Spew your nonsense somewhere else..
You know nothing, your opinions are SH*** and we could care less what you think...
Go back in the sewer with Shapiro your buddy...You are a desperate, bloviated, wannabe Cane fan just like him..

Hey Emmert, responsibility does not STOP at the top it GOES to the top. Step down since you have Watergate conspiratorial "he said, she said" written all over you, and YOU are the one who is Responsible. You are reeking in tainted testimony. No one trusts that evidence was thrown out. No one believes the NCAA and YOU have to go, not your staff..You are the 2013 NIXON.
Go 'Canes

Sebastian??? ooooooooooo C A N E S, CANES!
Hope all the bball players have their dancing shoes on
and can move their feet and play defense this week.

Gallo = idiot
Calvin = idiot
Canetrash = douce idiot

slurp, slurp, slurp

Gallo....what is your true agenda here? Calvin as well? You both are on here WAY too much without an agenda for sure. You really have no crediblity in my eyes at least...woe will be the day when in order to comment on the blogs you will need to do so via Facebook....then what will you do?

Posted by: Coke or Cherry? | March 25, 2013 at 06:59 PM

I think if you read our post, their is no agenda, we just speak what's really happening, no blind slurpfest post about stuff that's not happening and we post about the flaws that need to be corrected as well as the good things. We're not some johnny come lately's that don't know what it takes to get UM football back where it belongs. Cane 72, same with him, he knows what UM football is.

If you listen to the type of defense that coach goldie and his boy oach OH-NO think is a good defense, they're relying on alot of batted balls as a sign and saying that's showing an increase in football intelligence, and sitting back in a lot of zone defenses hoping a qb makes a wrong read, they're playing a hope defense and playing odds.

UM Defense has always been about forcing and going against the odds and disrupting the opposing offense, now we just let offenses dictate to us what they're going to do and just sit back and take it.

Calvin only harps on UM's defense, he's just a spoiled brat who's mad because the team he ONLY likes because they won championships isn't winning championships anymore.

But he is a crappy bandwagon UM fan.

Jim Gallo is not. He hates UM because he's a Gators fan. Made up this personality to try to pretend to be a Miami fan and trash the school and team from the "inside".

from Ugocane....."Don't tell me that Coach G cradling a player on the field and looking in his eyes while talking to him"......

the funniest post of all time, lol.....koolaid plus bro-mance.....al golden really "loves" his players.....that's the best one yet

every time I see that my sides hurt.....laughs here are worth $1000 a week, lmao....oh man

maybe golden should look into dnofrio's eyes.....


You deserve a lot of credit...just when I think it is impossible for you to post a comment more stupid than the one at hand, I'll be damned if you don't push on to even higher levels of stupidity.

Your take on UM's response to the NCAA is so ignorant one can only assume you are learning challenged. Certainly, you have no idea how a negotiation or legal proceeding works.

I agree with the others...your, "I'm a Canes fan" routine has run its course as there is no doubt you are a Gator troll.

Coach D has no excuses this year....plain and simple. Instead of trying to dissect his though process....we should simply keep saying the following....


An improvement of no less then 75th best defense or better is unacceptable.


The Pope of stupidity
The ayatollah of dumba55ness
The Budha of idiocy
The emperor of no-nothingness

They should rename this blog Eye on Calvin and Jim.

In fact I smell wacky sitcom midseason replacement all ready. Save DVR space.

Al Golden/Joe Rose WQAM interview...great!


Gallo wrote////////////////
every time I see that my sides hurt.....laughs here are worth $1000 a week, lmao....oh man

Let's be aware that Nevin ( Gallo's gal pal) is now writing to let us know that they have the same agenda.
Cheap laughs at only a $1000 a week...one in the other out.
Notice the moan at the end of the rant...oh man.
Says it all.
Gallo please read the above from
"Calvin and gallo know sheet".
Go 'Canes

I totally know the legal process and the challenge to sanctions via the NCAA rules....UM has no hope of winning both sanctions or damages via the courts.....

lets see who is right....shall we?

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