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Canes do the Harlem Shake


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The U Representing NY!!!

See you all at Best Buy tonight. Going to pick up some 8-tracks.

Butch Davis would never allow this to happen.

Manny and Susan!!!!!!

Does your job depend on how many hits you get on this blog?

If not could you please do SOMETHING about this? It's embarrassing to read and I promise you there aren't more than 5 people posting the majority of this mean spirited trolling nonsense back and forth with each other - you can check this with the IP addresses and quickly weed out people using fake names.

Canes fans would greatly appreciate moderation so that real people could use this forum to talk about Hurricanes athletics.

"In print, we have carefully articulated viewpoints, signed by the author. Online, anonymous posts often devolve into a volley of name-calling.

These caustic comments would never be printed in The Miami Herald. We believe they shouldn’t appear on our website.

Beginning Monday, readers who want to comment on stories posted on MiamiHerald.com will be required to log in using a Facebook account. We believe that anyone who has something to say should be willing to put their name to it.

For years, we have wrestled with this dilemma. Tens of thousands of users comment on our online stories each year, a virtual town hall that at its best creates robust community conversations on important issues. Too often, however, the rational voices are scared off. It is one of the complaints we most often hear about our website.

We have used several different commenting systems over the years in an attempt to create a safe space for readers to engage. We also aggressively monitor the posts to weed out the spoilers. However, those intent on using that space like a blank wall for verbal graffiti continue to outpace our ability to clean up in their wake. They create another alias."

Butch never won a National Championship either.

That was awesome.

Oh Jimbo,

Good evening I bet that crossed eyed hillbilly of a so called coach for the Gator Girls wouldn't allow it either. SEPTEMBER 07th 2013 gonna be epic Jimbo!!! They will all come, they will all win rings and they will all play on Sunday's. The U...

Sweet Jesus!!!

We've finally cut the legs out from the retard crew of Gallo, Canetrash, soldy, and calvin.

Wow we may actually have a legit canes blog finally

Yo Cane trash

Yo Chris whats Ur problem clUck?
Why U wanna silence the voices of those who speak the Truth U don't wanna hear?
This is as legit as it gets

Nothing wrong with doing the shake
Everybody is doing it
Just some fun

What Butch would never allow is a #117 ranked defense
He would never allow a clUeless DC or a botched up recruiting season
He would never try to lock down Africa and forget about South Fla
He would never bring in 7 TEs and 5 RBs when it is the defense that sUcks

Don't be whinny LOOSERS!!


I feel ya brah @Tallycane. But let em have fun and as coach Golden said: "Get ya blows in now!" Im in tally with the orange explorer with 305 and tons of Cane stuff allover it. 24/7-365 days a year. Been doin it forever and rep to the fullest defending against the rhetoric from the "Semi-Hoes" on a everyday bases! One thing I do get is r3spect because I repped b4 sanctions, ALL during sanctions, and will continue proudly holding up The "[]_[]" as I drive by till I die! GO CANES!!!


@ Michael Withrow... Butch never won a national championship?? Are you crazy??? What planet are you living on?? It was Butch that got us through probation in the late 90's and built a foundation that included the likes of ed reed, sean taylor, jonathan vilma, bryant mckennie, clinton portis, willis mcgahee, etc that SHOULD have lead us to 3 (count them) THREE national titles and we did win two (no thanks to larry joker). You clowns need to start giving Butch more credit... I wish he was back at UM instead of this joe patterno wannabe we have now!!!


CHAMPIONASHIPS are what we are all about...Butch , nice guy BUT he never knew how to stick around, to finish the play...Always moving instead of hanging in and reaping the rewards...

Now Erickson is a contradiction, but he has TWO BCS rings 'bro, all compliments of the 'U'.

Not even Gallows can change that fact, Butch 0, E'ckson 2....

Let the guys dance...
Go 'Canes

It's called team unity

Bout time these kids had some fun. It's been a while since I've seen the Canes look like there having fun on the field..More of this Coach Golden! #caneswilldominate!

There's another C-DOGG in here now?
I'm the original and have been since 89'. :o)

Go Canes!

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