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Golden calls Tuesday's practice best since he's been coach; Dyron Dye, M. Lewis, Jontavious Carter news

The University of Miami did not release a new depth chart following its first football scrimmage of the spring on Saturday, but its safe to say whoever failed to perform to the level expected of them brought their A-games on Tuesday.

Hurricanes coach Al Golden called Tuesday's practice: "the best since I've been a Miami Hurricane coach."

Why so good? According to Golden the team's most talented players didn't play their best Saturday and a lot of them came out with "pride because they didn't live up to their own expectations or they felt a little heat from somebody."

"There were a lot of guys in that scrimmage the other day that either weren't happy with their performance or got a sniff of it or two and are now running with the [first team]. I think the whole competition level rose today and guys responded," Golden said. "It had all the elements of a great practice. It had very few mental errors and had a great approach from the get-go. They started fast and competed. I had to keep looking at my watch because it was moving so fast. We got a lot done."

> Despite acknowledging that a leg injury to Dyron Dye on Saturday is "significant," Golden wasn't ready to release any more news on the fifth-year senior defensive end on Tuesday "until I hear from the medical people."

"It's terribly disappointing. It was basically a non-contact [injury] if you will, just running," Golden said. "We're all praying for him. Hopefully we'll have some good news here."

While Dye's injury doesn't appear to be good, Golden said every other player dinged up on Saturday was back at practice Tuesday. One guy who isn't practicing, but showing positive signs coming off injury is sophomore receiver Malcolm Lewis.

"I don't know if you were at the scrimmage the other day but he was out pregame running routes, which I didn't okay and was surprised as anybody to see it," Golden said. "But if he's out there it's because the trainers said it was okay for him to do it. I was just shocked to go out there and see him coming out of a break.

"That's amazing. That is an amazing feat, really a medical miracle that he's able to do that. We'll be careful with him until June, keep his weight down and then condition him on the bike and get him stronger. We're really excited for him to have a full recovery."

> With the number of scholarship running backs a bit low, Golden said the focus this spring has been to get sophomore Duke Johnson to learn to carry the load "and teaching him to be a 20-carry guy" while also being careful with his reps.

In the meantime, Golden said: "The guy that is probably having the best spring right now is Dallas Crawford. We don't have a final word yet on Eduardo [Clements] so we don't know where he's at. But certainly Dallas stepping up and [redshirt freshman] Danny Dillard stepping up has helped a lot. We have Gus [Edwards] coming in. I think we'll be okay."

Golden said UM plans on recruiting two to three running backs in its next signing class.

> Golden said redshirt freshman receiver Jontavious Carter (6-2, 208) had too many plays on Saturday where he didn't finish.

"He's got to learn to play big," Golden said. "He's not Phillip. He's not Malcolm. He's got to learn to play big. Big receivers catch slants. Big receivers show up in the red zone. Big receivers are blocking and cracking and distorting safeties and outworking people. Once he understands that and does it everyday then he can be fine."

> Golden once again had high praise for freshman linebacker Alex Figueroa (I'll have a story on him in Wednesday's paper) and kicker Matt Goudis, who booted a 49-yard field goal Saturday. A scout on hand Tuesday told me he thinks Figueroa is a future NFL linebacker.

> Despite tallying a handful of sacks Saturday, defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio said a big reason for the success was having three guys out on the offensive line.

"I think we're getting better there, but that scrimmage shouldn't be the one indicator we're improving," D'Onofrio said. "I think the guys we've recruited -- [Al-Quadin] Muhammad and [Ufomba] Kamalu are going to make a big impact with the group."

> UM's receivers had about eight to 10 drops on Saturday and both Phillip Dorsett and Allen Hurns said that needs to improve.

"Every third down we've got to make the catch," Hurns said.

Said Dorsett: "We got to get better, show more effort."

> Hurns absolutely crushed safety Deon Bush during 7-on-7 work Tuesday.

"I wasn't supposed to do it. I was just caught up in the moment," he said afterward. "I have to apologize because that's not what we're supposed to do as teammates."

Hurns, who has taken a lot of big hits in his career, said it felt good though to dish out a little punishment. And Bush didn't seem to mind.

"It's all part of the game. It's nothing personal," Bush said. "It's a good sign to see that [from Hurns]. That's good that all the receivers they're really trying to get control of the blocking and stuff like that."


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idiot.....duke signed letter of intent on 9-20-210.....he was recruited way before that...golden was hired on 12-12-2010....please stop, it is an impossible opinion that golden recruited duke....

Posted by: Jim Gallo

Gallo obviously confused "verbally committing" on September 20, 2010 with "signing his national letter of intent". Duke signed his national letter of intent on February 1st 2012. That's a long time that Duke kept his commitment to Miami. Duke was going to be a Cane regardless.

BS...jedd spent 9 years in the nfl...he could have easily transitioned from there but instead he came to UM with the full knowledge of its salary history but still with golden time after time during press conferences said they were both committed to UM in the long haul....

he only used UM as a stepping stone after just 2 years..poor judgement on golden s part....

second golden is no supposed to get credit for keeping players..they are already getting a free ride via the scholarship.....

UM never lost its top 4 recruits or came in #117 in defense EVER.....the stats are worse 2011/2012 than 2010 in every category....

I just don't want to see golden start the year with his BS....dnofrio is still a problem sitting ut there and he has done nothing to solve it.....well see 2013

so your gonna bust my balls over waters? Shannon have us a great offensive line that everyone seems to forget....you want flowers or Henderson/Bunche?

duke was committed on 9-20-2010.....golden had nothing to do with duke Johnson at all..

end of story

I never said to give credit to Golden for keeping players already on scholarship. I said that you can't blame Golden for Shannon's recruits who went elsewhere (Teddy Bridgewater, etc) and then still give Shannon the credit for recruits who stayed committed and signed their L.O.I. with Golden. That's strictly you wanting to have your cake and eat it too. Also, if Shannon was so paramount in Duke's recruiting, why didn't he sign with TCU when Shannon was their LB Coach? You're stretching the truth to fit your argument.

Also, I agreed 100% with you about Flowers needing to sit behind Henderson and Bunche. There's no way he should be starting over those guys unless there is an injury. Not sure why you even brought that up?

stretching what truth...your the one talking BS....it can only be 1 of 2 ways....either duke was recruited under the golden tenure or the Shannon tenure....but koolaid drinkers like you always claim accomplishments that never happened....first its golden recruiting duke...then its UM winning the coastal division....

also teddy bridgewater specifically said he left because Shannon got fired....

2 yrs....basketball coach goes to national championship...the other doesn't even go to a bowl game..those are the stats

because everyone doesn't give Shannon credit....he is totally responsible for the wins UM had last year as well as the lineup for 2013....

golden has fu..ked up at every turn...even when me of all people give him much credit for Paul, Johnson and finnie...he goes and kicks them off the team.....who gives a sh..it about some beat up 13" laptop....

his job is to win....but just like ray-ray being sacrificed, if it was morris or duke....u bet they would still on the team...

FSU's offense was the weakest part of their team. posted by MovingZen

fsu offense was actually ranked 2nd in the acc 39points per game compared to ours 7th 31ppg.they were better than us in all major offensive category

Posted by: Jim Gallo | March 27, 2013 at 01:31 PM

* Jedd Fisch was in the NFL as an ASSISTANT COACH, not an OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR.

* When did Jedd Fisch say he was committed to UM for the "long term" in a press conference? That he wouldn't leave for an OC position in the NFL? WHEN DID GOLDEN EVER SAY THAT???

Serial liar.

* Year after year schools lose out on a number of their top prospects, every school every year. WTF are you talking about??

* You know where the stats are better? Offense.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | March 27, 2013 at 01:37 PM

* Golden had nothing to do with Duke. NEITHER DID RANDY SHANNON.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | March 27, 2013 at 01:57 PM

* "Your" the one spouting nonsense with kindergarten level spelling.

* 2 years the basketball coach "turns around" the program. With his own players, right? Haiths recruits aren't the reason for this run?

What BS am I talking? I never said that Golden initially recruited Duke. I just said that he verbally committed in Sept 2010 (Shannon) but signed his letter of intent on Feb 1st 2012. Dont confuse me with Dom or some of the others on here. You know that Duke was going to UM regardless of who the coach was. If Shannon was so paramount in Duke going to UM then why didn't he go to TCU where Shannon was employed? Shannon gets fired and still almost 14 months after Golden is hired, Duke signs his LOI to play at UM. How can you give Shannon credit for everything and blame Golden for everything? You're no better than the so called Kool Aid drinkers that predict undefeated season, national championship, blah, blah, blah.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | March 27, 2013 at 02:06 PM

* Poor Randy gets no credit? Probably because he was a bad head coach whose lost games and whose players never got coached up to their potential.

* Who cares about players stealing a laptop? Everyone. Students, alumni, fans, society. Barfights, drunkeness, even weed, that stuff's understandable. No room for criminals at UM.

*whose players

No....Golden is responsible for the wins last year and this years lineup....no one else....


There's just no way to interpret Galllo's ignorant belligerence other than he was madly in love with Randy Shannon and is butthurt he got fired.

He obviously doesn't know anything about Golden, everything he says is a delusion or outright lie.


What do you know that EVERY AD in the country doesn't??? Randy Shannon was a terrible head coach, period. there's no argument to be made to the contrary.

No comments or exchanges here will affect the outcome of games. This team is getting better because we're getting better players and better competition at all positions. The better teams have starters waiting in the wings to replace starters and it takes time a "full" recruiting classes. Regardless of the negative statements fact is this team is making significant progress in talent, recruiting and development. The result will be better success on the field and recruiting. Trust me "most" kids would wanna have the + + + of education, winning and social advantages of playing in Miami than playing in those southern country towns. No all but a high majority. There is no denying that and the fact we are in the best talent radius in the country. The turn around will happen fast and next year, victories and recruting, will be the key. Damn! forgot about that NCAA lynching squad! Somebody's gonna get hurt bad by that lawless gang.

sorry stats were not better on offense...

2010 offensive stats:

5477 total yards / 44 TD's......rank #31

2012 offensive stats:

5282 total yards / 45 TD's....rank #37

let alone that Jedd was handed offensive players with experience ALL from Shannon....those are the facts...sorry if you cant deal with it

Posted by: Jim Gallo | March 27, 2013 at 04:38 PM

Yes, the two hundred extra combined yards make up for 27 (!!!!!!) INTs vs. 7. And six points higher in "rank"? Yea that offense sure was better.

Care to dispute EVERY OTHER post you've made that I've called you out for being WRONG on?

Thought not.

I know.....27 INT's and Shannon still did better....that's exactly my point....20 more INT's and Jedd and golden still did worse.....that's incredible

Al Golden is nothing more than a mediocre coach.....nothing will change that....thank god for the basketball team...2 yrs competing for national championship.....like urban meyer says
...you got 2 yrs or your done today....2013 is his last chance...well see

They didn't do better, because they were statistically almost identical in yards, TDs, and "rank" and they threw 20 more interceptions.

The yards, TDs, and "rank" have no bearing on the interceptions, it would be no surprise if a player threw more interceptions while putting up more yards and TDs and a higher offensive ranking.

In this case the yards, TDs, and rankings are almost identical but UM threw 20 more interceptions in 2010.

And I asked if you wanted to rebut any of your lies from today:

* A bunch of nonsense about Al Golden and talking about the team improving. This one is incoherent, your point is unclear. Every coach talks about getting better in practice, Randy Shannon talked about getting better in practice.

* Al Golden is doing "damage control" on Eddie Johnson's dismissal by saying Alex Figueroa "did this and did that in practice". Al Golden did no such thing, when asked about newcomers he had "high praise" for Figueroa and a place kicker.

* Al Golden is a "publicity agent", unlike the basketball team and every other college football coach.

* Shannon left the team perfect. Perfect. He left the team perfect. What the f*ck is going on in your head Jim Gallo? What were you watching? Why weren't you posting here about how great Randy Shannon was when he was getting blown off the field by USF?

* Any other coach would have kept Paul and Johnson on the team. Starting a freshman linebacker is a terrible idea, Figueroa would be confused and lost (kind of like Perryman was?). College coaches never start freshman linebackers.

* Al Golden is doing what he did at Temple, starting freshmen and losing. Care to address Al Golden taking a 3-31 program to 9-3 in four years by starting and DEVELOPING his own guys?

* Nobody knows what Finnie, Paul and Johnson did. Now that they're off the team, they were his only great recruits. And stealing a 13" laptop is no big deal.

* Randy Shannon recruited Duke Johnson. Duke Johnson wouldn't have come to UM if not for Shannon.

* Jim Larranga wins without press conferences or media days where he talks about which players are doing well. What the f*ck is happening in your delusional brain Gallo?

* Jedd Fisch had already been in the NFL and it makes no sense for a NFL assistant to become a college coordinator nor does it make sense for a college coordinator to leave to become a NFL coordinator. Fisch said time after time in press conferences that he was staying at UM forever.

I don't have time for the rest, go f*ck yourself and have a lovely evening.

2 yrs later with almost the exact same players but with more experience and the offense did no better even when handed 20 more INT's.....

pathetic....case closed


And of course they were completely different players. 2010 started Harris, Berry/Miller, Hankerson/Benjamin/Byrd/Johnson, Gordon, Franklin/Gunn/Horn/Washington/Henderson.

2012 started Morris, James/Johnson, Scott/Dorsett/Hurns/Thompkins, Walford, Bunche/Feliciano/McDermott/Linder/Flowers.

Seantrel Henderson started seven games last year at RT. He is the ONLY player common to those offenses.

And the rest of your lies and delusions?

Randy Shannon obsession....day 450. The guy doesn't coach here anymore!

Gallober if Al Golden is a mediocre HC, and he has a division title then just how bad does that make Shannon and he had 4 years? I'll help U out that would quite possibly make Shannon the absolute worst HC in the U's history.

yes...golden had 2 yrs with the same players to do better.....not the same players as Shannon, what an idiot....

here..lets keep it simple for you....

First game / Boston college: 2-10
Total yards= 537
passing yards= 441
rushing yards= 96
scored= 32 points

Last Game / Duke: 6-7
Total yards= 583
passing yards= 432
rushing yards= 151
scored= 45 points

Plus UM al golden lost all UM's top tier recruits:

alex collins
denver kirkland
terrell brooks
matthew thomas
jaynard bostwick
keith bryant

and look at the looser scheduale next year.....

fla atlantic / 3-9
savanah state / 1-10
usf / 3-9
gt / 7-7
nc / 8-4
wake / 5-7
vt / 7-6
duke / 6-7
virginia / 4-8
pitt / 6-7

al golden and mark dnofrio suck...well see next year

AL golden does not have a division title...what are you talking about?

Out of shape shannon defenses:

2001 – 6th
2002 – 7th
2003 – 2nd
2004 – 28th
2005 – 4th
2006 – 7th

2010 - Randy Shannon defense:

total defense - 4203 yards / 37 sacks for 241 yrd loss / 16 INT's - #22 rank

2011 - Al Golden defense:

total defense - 4319 yards / 23 sacks for 118 yrd loss / 6 INT's - #45 ranked

2012 - Al Golden defense after he throws good defensive players off the team

total defense - 5837 yards / 13 sacks for 86 yrd loss / 11 INT's - #116 ranked

green pea you cant compete....stop while you can.....your boy sucks plain and simple and Ill go as far as to say next year will be weak also.....but Ill at least give it a chance because of my guy Jim coley

go Miami high...

fsu offense was actually ranked 2nd in the acc 39points per game compared to ours 7th 31ppg.they were better than us in all major offensive category

Posted by: tdotcane | March 27, 2013 at 02:45 PM

I didn't compare Miami's offense to FSU's.. I said FSU's offense was the weakest part of their team. FSU's defense was ranked #2 nationally in total defense. I still stand by my statement. Since Coley didn't call the plays we really don't know what we are getting when it comes to game day play calling and in game adjustments.
FSU's offense averaged about a half a yard per play more than Miami but played two more games. Who gets the credit for FSU's offense? Jimbo or Coley?

"Larranaga's display means he can add another trophy this year to his shelf: most GIF'd moment of the tournament to date.

But who can blame the guy? These Canes have been everything the football team hasn't for nearly a decade: clutch, deadly, extremely fun to watch".

Miami times......enough said...golden/dnofrio go back to NJ

"2 yrs later with almost the exact same players but with more experience and the offense did no better"

You're not this stupid, you're just psychopathic. Twisting and manipulating your own words so that they make sense to your delusional storyline.

They gave up a lot of points to BC and Duke? They won both those games.

"Looser schedule"? You know you left a team off that schedule. That's the formula from now on, two cupcakes and one marquee OOC. Next season it's Florida.

Can't wait to see this powerhouse football team take the field. 12 n 0 nothing less. Should be favored in every game. Real canes expect to win .

Oh stat boy, Yes that's your ignorant self Gallober, Golden does have a division title doofus, because we clinched it against Duke U idiot. Just because we declined the postseason does not change that moron. And where are all the same players that Golden had from SHannon? Hmmm, lets see

Stephen Morris, better under Golden than ever under SHannon
Eduardo Clements and Mike James-both beaten out by the man named Duke.

Hurns and Dorsett-neither did anything under Shannon but shined under Golden much like Streeter and Johnson.

The O-line never did anything under Shannon, but under Golden and Keyhoe have done great. Oh and Golden had enough sense to hire Kehoe back which is alot more than anybody can say about Shannon.

Vaughn Telemaque-was suppose to be the Ed Reed of the secondary and was beaten out by a much better player in Deon Bush

Ray Ray Armstrong- was suppose to be the Sean Taylor of the secondary but was too stupid to keep himself out of trouble and never lived up to the hype. Subseqently was going to lose his job to Bush or somebody else smarter.

Kelvin Cain-crybaby at one time who got the message and grew up under Golden and will be an intregal part of the DL this year.

Well that just about covers anybody who is anygood or has any skills that SHannon recruited. Where are all the rest of these so-called great potiential players Gallober?

Let's see first Golden has to come in and fix seniors that SHannon had never developed and does. Then he has to start a defense that is basically freshmen because all the other players on defense are not anygood that Shannon recruited. U know if you take the players Golden has recruited and put them up against Shannon's recruits, it is kinda pathetic. Player to player Golden's are all better than Shannon's which is probably the reason Golden has won a division title and SHannon didn't. Later Gaytor

Golden recruits are better than Shannon recruits. Without Shannon recruits Al doesn't win Coastal Division. I would put Randy's 9 n 4 team against any Al team. Randy's team by 2 touchdowns.

GT won division title...UM didn't. Like I have said......golden and bloggers take credit for wins and recruitment's that they are not responsible for.

QB Stephen Morris
RB Duke Johnson
RB Mike James
FB Maurice Hagens
WR Phillip Dorsett
WR Allen Hurns
LT Malcolm Bunche
LG Jonathan Feliciano
C Shane McDermott
RG Brandon Linder
RT Seantrel Henderson
TE Clive Walford
DE Shayon Green
DE Anthony Chickillo
LB Jimmy Gaines
CB Brandon McGee
S Kacy Rodgers
K Jake Wieclaw
RB Eduardo Clements
WR Davon Johnson
WR Kendall Thompkins
TE Dyron Dye
TE Asante Cleveland
C Jared Wheeler
LG Jeremy Lewis
LB Tyrone Cornelius
S AJ Highsmith
S Vaughn Telemaque
TE David Perry
TE Cory White
DT Curtis Porter
DT Luther Robinson
LB Ramon Buchanan
OT Ben Jones
S Ray-Ray Armstrong
OL Jermaine Barton
LB Kelvin Cain
RB Darion Hall
RB Storm Johnson
DB Devont'a Davis
LB Travis Williams
DB Jamal Reid
LB Kevin Nelson
DB Keion Payne
TE Andrew Tallman
TE Billy Sanders
FB CJ Holton
WR Aldarius Johnson

Only a loser coach with these guys would be 13-11 in 2 years and have a defense ranked #117 out of 120....AL golden is not better than randy Shannon.....every stat is worse.....he is incapable of developing players.....if randy was still here the record would be better plus we would have teddy bridgewater.....

Huh, kind of like you give Larranga credit for players he didn't recruit, huh Gallo?

Randy Shannon was a terrible head coach, that's why no other AD in the country will ever offer him a head coaching job.

Spring is time to learn and get a new team ready for the next year in college football life.Until fans see the players perform in game 1.....nothing much can be interpretted or said pro or con regarding this new Canes team.Other players are not yet even on Campus.Sadly like last year s Boston College game......fans will find out after Game 1 whether or not Miami has a potentially very good team.....or not.In the meantime....I only hope there are no serious injuries to anyone.Sure hope Malcolm comes back and can play again with authority.Hope Dillard becomes a stud.Especially pray the D line is IMPROVED.

BS...we should have never fired randy shannon.....no way we would be #117 3rd from last in defense...

2001 – 6th
2002 – 7th
2003 – 2nd
2004 – 28th
2005 – 4th
2006 – 7th

I don't see #117 EVER in was given excellent athletes, a pro stadium, 2 million dollars, a lifestyle second to none and a high school talent pool that is the best in the country (which he was only able to get 1 player from dade county).....and he couldn't deliver.....he sucks, period...

larranaga delivered everything short of a national championship which is coming up with less.....

also jacory harris had 20 more INT's compared to morris but also has 70 TD's compared to 48 with morris....that's incredible (he is 16 shy of dorsey at 86)

Posted by: Jim Gallo | March 28, 2013 at 09:50 AM

* You're wrong that Randy Shannon was a good coach. He was terrible, there's no argument to the contrary, no amount of imagining what he could have done can explain what he did.

He will never sniff another head coaching job. Because he's a terrible head coach. Stand up guy. But a terrible head coach.

* Yes the defense sucks. Everyone agrees, no one has ever said anything different. No one likes D'Onofrio.

* Your stats on Harris and Morris make absolutely no sense, for one thing there were four quarterbacks throwing interceptions (including Morris) to get to 27 in 2010 and for another JACORY HARRIS HAS THROWN 599 MORE PASSES THAN MORRIS!

If Morris repeats last season he'll be one touchdown behind Harris an about 100 fewer throws.

whats your point?....jacory harris was more productive than morris as of today.


jacory Harris - 70 TD's
Stephen Morris - 28

2012 Morris threw/ran 22 TD's + 28 current = 48

he comes up short by 22 TD's....jacory Harris will be the second best QB in UM history at this rate.

the defense sucks because of AL golden......he is totally responsible as the head coach....they both suck.....and this 2013 schedule is an embarrassment to the UM brand.....only 2 teams with a winning record...how can UM gain any respect like the old days with stuff like this.....well see next year but all the home games except Florida are a waste of time as an alumni...

Posted by: Jim Gallo | March 28, 2013 at 10:35 AM

* You're not an alumni Gallo, no one who went to UM would be this belligerently negative about the UNIVERSITY. What dorm did you live in? What building were your humanities classes in? What used to be in the center of campus right next to the bookstore that isn't there anymore? Used to be the dominant feature on campus. What was it?

* The 2013 schedule is awesome, Miami plays UF and FSU. What more could any MIAMI FAN ask for? Va Tech is a waste of time, not worth going to? As if you go to UM games. Troll.

The only thing that matters is what the canes do this year. No more excuses. This team should go undefeated! Maybe a loss to fsu.

I didn't live in the dorms...I commuted from kings court in Kendall...right next to dadeland. My parents moved to Miami Lakes from the Shenandoah area 8th and 17th back in the day was a nice neighborhood...rathskeller for a beer and student center patio but didn't hang around UM...nobody did back in 1979...we were too busy hanging out at the Mutiny in CC....

Harris - 1170/703 comp for 8826 yards & 70 TD's
Morris - 661/353 comp for 4868 yards & 28 TD's

if Morris equals last year performance he will still be short Harris records...

1032/598 comp for 8213 yards & 50 TD's.....jacory Harris ends up second best QB at UM....sorry little pea....

the 68 dorms were still new when I went there in 1976....

as far as loyalty little green pea....back in the 70's NOBODY from dade county went to UM.....everyone from high school wanted to either leave dade county or go to Florida...they don't come more loyal than me.....

you accept mediocrity and excuses...I don't....I know what i see...golden and company are not the right fit for UM football..maybe I am wrong, well see....but as of today, him and his crew have shown NOTHING...

If Shannon was so paramount in Duke going to UM, why didn't he go to TCU where Shannon was employed? Also, why do you guys keep saying UM had the 117th ranked defense? That doesn't make them seem any worse than the 116th that they were actually ranked? Where's Calvin? Did he finally realize that he can't make stuff up without being called out on it? Georgia Tech didn't win the Coastal Division. They only went to ACC championship game after Miami self imposed. Truth is, and I'm shocked that nobody has even mentioned it yet, North Carolina was the true winner of the Coastal division. They had a better overall record than Miami, the same conference record but had the head to head tie breaker over Miami. The NCAA declared them ineligible for post season play before the start of last season. While the record books will reflect Miami as the 2012 Coastal Division champs, there's going to be more than the GT asterisk next to it.

Jesus christ you're old, no wonder you're so miserable.

No Golden hasn't gotten results yet, at all.

But the team looks better than it did under Shannon. Golden has four years to make a drastic turnaround, everyone knows that.

Your constant ranting about how great Randy Shannon was and delusions about things Golden is doing wrong is just idiotic and a waste of time.

sorry....the NCAA record books already have GT as the coastal division champions....don't know what you are looking at.....yes the true ranking is #116 on defense as per NCAA records right below Houston and Tulane..what a f..cking embarrassment...

UM in ACC (total of 12 places)

#5 - total offense
#12 - total defense
#11 - sacks
#11 - tackles for loss
#6 - scoring offense
#11 - scoring defense

even with Morris having a good year we ended #3 in passing offense.....pathetic stats in a very weak division....open your eyes green peas...these guys aint getting it done...

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