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Golden letting the good times roll this spring for Canes because team has showed maturity

They filmed their own Harlem Shake video and have spent all spring bobbing their heads to music throughout practice.

Thursday morning the fun continued for the Miami Hurricanes as coach Al Golden ended practice by having his offensive and defensive linemen line up and try to catch a simulated punt from a jugs machine.

After 10 embarrassing and rip-roaring moments of laughter, defensive lineman Luther Robinson saved the team from sprints with a bobbling catch and a 50-yard dash and dive into the end zone with a happy team chasing him from behind.

"We capture that film now, hold it until the perfect time to show them," Golden said with a smile. "All those guys who think they're great athletes, AAU basketball players, the truth is revealed."

As tough as the past two years have been with an NCAA investigation hanging over the program's head and players getting themselves suspended with off-the-field issues, Golden said he's allowed the team to cut loose a little this spring because they've earned it.

"This is a very mature team," Golden said. "Every year is different. These guys go to work and they make it fun. They make it fun because they're where they need to be. There's not a lot of list guys. They got a purpose and a focus about them. When you have that you can really enjoy the journey."

Tight end Beau Sandland, one of the Hurricanes' most prized new additions, said he's been blown away by how much fun Golden and his staff have had this spring -- while also getting the important work done they need to get done.

"I'm so happy I'm here right now," Sandland said. "Coach Golden's been in our shoes. He played tight end, played in the league. He knows how tough it is. The vast majority of teams aren't going to have a three-day weekend on Easter and a barbeque. You saw there at the end we were supposed to run and he gave us every opportunity at the end to not make us run. It's definitely exciting to have a real close-knit team."

Part of that closeness, Golden pointed out, is built by having the team's out-of-state players like Sandland spend Easter weekend with their Florida-native teammates. Inside the team's locker room, Sandland said, is a list dubbed: "No Player Left Behind."

"Our parents are great," Golden said. "Kacy Rodgers' mom and Duke Johnson's mom cooked for players last Thanksgiving. Parents step up and say bring so-and-so over and will cook for them and spend the weekend and it's fun."

> Hundreds of local recruits and coaches attended Thursday's practice and were treated to a barbecue with the team afterward.

"It's great," Golden said. "What can be more revealing, an honest look at your program than having them watch you coach, interact with the players? We must have had 400, 500 people out here today including coaches, family."


> Golden said Ryan Williams is continuing to fight off redshirt freshman Gray Crow for the backup quarterback job behind Stephen Morris. Williams has shown better arm strength and speed in the pocket.

"Stephen needs to understand his competition is not necessarily here" Golden said. "He's competition might be at Texas or USC. He has to understand if he wants to be the best he has to compete against the best in college football."

> Golden said the areas of improvement he wants to see in the team's next scrimmage a week from Friday in Naples is "goal-line offense and short-yard offense."

"We didn't finish drives as well as we needed to," he said. "Our tackling needs to improve dramatically on defense. I thought we did a much better job on defense of eliminating the explosive plays. But we didn't get the ball down the field enough on offense either."

> Golden said the biggest surprise of the spring at tight end has been redshirt freshman Jake O'Donnell.

"Now you're talking about five guys competing for playing time," Golden said. "It's raised Clive [Walford's] game. It's raised Asante [Cleveland's] game. I said last week Asante is having as good a spring as anybody. It gives us a chance to go with two tight ends on the field or in Clive's case deploy him, flex him out and get him the football more than we have the last two years."


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Poor Gallo and Calvin...Manny ruined their Easter by the article above, thus debunking the redundant lies they post about Coach Golden.

Of course this won't slow them down in the least because they are not after the truth only fulfilling their goal to destroy Coach Golden and the program.

true words.

There is no way Coach Golden would allow the fun and freedom he is permitting UNLESS he sees something SPECIAL in this team. I believe he does, and this team will rebound to surprise all the doubters. Go Canes.

SEPTEMBER 07th, 2013...they're baaaacckk

Sounds like a great Spring Practice and a Great Day Recruiting!

Pulling for a Sweet 16 win and an E8 match up with Indiana to see who should have been the #1 Seed!

Go Canes!

Bleeding, Orange, Green & White!

He is doing the right thing...it's spring...they should be able to cut loose and be relaxed as long as the work gets done. Yes...Gallo & Co have an agenda. That agenda is to constantly post NEGATIVE REMARKS in the hopes that recruits who may be reading lose interest in the Canes. There is no way....anyone with half a brain (yes Gallo you have more then half a brain)would sit here and spend as much time as they do typing non stop about our program. My gut is it is one of our rivals who are paying someone
full time to post here or Shapiro from prison himself OR a very DISGRUNTLED EX PLAYER or parent.

Were hearing from guys on the team that everything is ok internally with team chemistry and that EVERYONE is finally on board with AG'S game plan.

Oh forgot....

FULL STEAM AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boss cane nice!

Can't wait for 9/7/13. Thats the day we find out what a true fraud Jeff Driskel is. I also would like to point out to the tards out there, you guys took the Canes off the schedule we didn't take you off ours. Go Canes since 1985.

UM will still have some problems next year, but it appears they will stick together. That may be worth a couple wins by itself. There's no way Golden would take his foot off the gas if the kids weren't working their tails off. You can't ask for more than total effort.

"As tough as the past two years have been with an NCAA investigation hanging over the program's head and players getting themselves suspended with off-the-field issues, Golden said he's allowed the team to cut loose a little this spring because they've earned it".

make no mistake...this is all damage control to try to erase all the damage golden did last year.....this guy is always on damage control....

first the team is very young...now their very mature.....I sit, watch and listen.....we will all see next year

2yr time of both coaches:

"Al Golden ended practice by having his offensive and defensive linemen line up and try to catch a simulated punt from a jugs machine"

"Jim Larranaga ended his practice with his canes on the verge of playing for the national Championship"

UM vs Ohio State = UM National Champions

kinda not the same thing now is it?, lol

It's aboUt to Strike Midnite []_[] Cinderella Cane ClUcks...

See []_[] again in ... Well never.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | March 28, 2013 at 06:59 PM

* Sit and watch and listen? You mean sit and watch and spout lies and negative bullsh*t all day long.

* Damage control? Al Golden is doing damage control by letting linemen shag punts to get out of sprints? Al Golden is doing damage control by letting player make a fun video? What kind of miserable life and mindset would you have to have to personally believe that?

* First the team was young, now they've been coached by a REAL coach for two seasons. So yea, "THEY'RE" mature. See that college grad? It's called a conjugation, most people learn them around the second grade.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | March 28, 2013 at 07:11 PM

* Funny, you weren't here talking about how great Larranga was last year?

* Funnier still, you weren't here talking about how great Randy Shannon was his last season.

But now you have to go out of your way to pretend that everyone else is a great coach so that you can keep up your pathetic delusional whining.

Miami Hurricanes New Football Recruiting Pitch To Recruits...

"Come Join dUh []_[]... It's Like 4 Years of NO CHAMPIONSHIPS Summer Camp"

"This is a very mature team," Golden said.

Right up Until Mid-Season when []_[]'ll be yoUng and Inexperienced yet again like the last Decade...

Whoaaaa Gallo...you and your girlfriend Calvin have a claimed time and again that the players don't like Coach Golden and he doesn't know how to connect with them. Yet, Manny's article clearly proves what liars the both of you are.

Then, you try to compare the football teams spring practice drills versus the basketball teams current participation in the big dance somehow believing in that tiny, addled brain of yours this is a reasonable analogy and ammunition to once again attack Coach Golden.

The bottom-line is Manny proved that both you and Calvin are clueless liars...end of story!


It's 20 til Midnite ... Time for []_[] to go home Cinder[]_[]lla...

D'No 1

No'D 0

Get use to it football uneducated opinionaters. Did you get that education from watching 3 hours of football a game? Hahahahahaha!!!

Where do I need to send the money? Need to buy a basket for my Canes. Sheesh...

I have a feeling the Gayturds will lose to a 15 seed. But you know who won't be here for that.

The situation is this... These players EARNED their right to have fun.
No question. Goldie is not giving anything for free.
But i am glad players are loose.thats how swag begins. The U lost its swag. The swag it INVENTED in circa 2005. Even with the LSU loss it had swag.

But now, to the fear of the cfb world, the U is creeping. Slowly creeping

Gator boys... Shake in your panties. 09/07 will be scurrrry.

Oye []_[]

This game boiled down to what's simple, we don't have that many one on one scorers and no post presence. kenny needs to learn how to pass the ball as well when he's double teamed. Bottom line, jim larranaga maximized the talent he had and got the most out of them, that's what the real good coaches do. If you're relying on your point guard to be the main scorer and distributor, that's not going to work for to long.

Give larranaga a team with shane larkin and about 2 other wing scorers on their own who can put the ball on the floor and score and this will be a different team, to go along with a post presence. You see the difference with a coach tht knows what he's doing and with a coach that has the potential to go either way in al goldien. He has a plan and that's good, but will his plan turn into a championship/dominant program is the question.


It's 20 til Midnite ... Time for []_[]F to go home Felon Cinderella's...

Sweet 16 T-Shirts are On Sale ...

N[]_[]mber Marquette Lost by earlier this year ...

Congradulations to Coach Larranaga, staff and players on their historic 2012-13 season, winning the ACC regular season and Tournament titles for the first time. This was just one of those nights where nothing would go drop through the basket for them. Give Marquette and their staff credit for playing a hard game from start to finish. Coach Larranaga will reload and come with a younger team next year.

Talk is cheap- guys we know whats being built by Golden- don't let these fools get to you. Don't even respond, we will respond sept 7.

Yes congrats to our canes basketball team. Sometimes the shots just don't fall, but the effort all the way until the very end was there, proud of all you guys!!!

pathetic and disgraceful performance....offense completely intimidated....defense non-existent...johnson sorely missed but still, larranaga had no plan to counter the marq offense....it was shocking.

totally lost the pool..bracket done

Posted by: Jim Gallo | March 28, 2013 at 11:04 PM

* Awesome run by Larranaga, best season UM has ever had. Sweet 16 and won the ACC. One and done crew but it was awesome.

effort..are you kidding me..there was NO effort at all....the team looked like it didn't want to be there....to get behind by 20 points against marq? This team barely won against Butler by 2 and they suck....

give me a break....the whole team should be ashamed of themselves.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | March 28, 2013 at 11:13 PM

* You should be ashamed of yourself. For being this bitter and miserable. About college basketball players.

good, you should hold a ticker tape parade for them green pea......

I call it as I see it....no plan B for marq offense & defense....completely unacceptable.

good, you should hold a ticker tape parade for them green pea......

I call it as I see it....no plan B for marq offense & defense....completely unacceptable.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | March 28, 2013 at 11:24 PM

LOL, what plan b, when shane larkin is your only true ball handler, plan b is, let's keep larkin in the game, but to give him some rest, let's let durand scott bring the ball up, even though he has no clue how to iniate an offense at least it gives larkin a lil bit of rest more mentally than physically. Great run though, larranaga maximized the talent at hand.

A show of hands by those who are shocked that Gallo and Calvin are attacking our basketball players and coaches.

[]_[] are what []_[] are ...

or is that the new []_[] 21st. Century Swagger ?

Gators will be Elite ...

and U'll watch how it's done.

I believe if you work hard you can play hard so I don't have a problem with that. The team has to have a chemistry were they believe that the man standing next to them will make the play. If this builds camaraderie then so be it. It's just hard to believe we are having a ball when we are still dropping passes and not mastering the fundamentals. The team did the Harlem shake the first practice so that should have been enough. Golden said we had the best practice we have seen before and we are still dropping passes.just not a good look. I hope this works because we have a team that can be undefeated without Paul and Johnson. If the coaches coach we should be undefeated.

calvin: well they did with larkin like you said....boxed him at every turn and kept him to the left of the basket.....but just surprised nobody stepped up.....

well see next year, was a good run....

Larkin had the flu. Did not eat all day until the pregame at 3. No Johnson. I say we played pretty tough.
Marquette played a great game and have talented players but seemed fresher, perhaps from not having to play in a conference championship tournament.

11 hours til "Lob City" ousts []_[] Felon from the dance!

13 hours til "lob City" ousts []_[] Felon from the dance!

...the countdown begins.

It was disappointing for the Canes to go out the way they did, but what an amazing season. Nobody predicted this team would win both the ACC regular season and tournament and reach the Sweet 16. They had a bad night, but they should be extremely proud of all of their accomplishments this year. The tournament is one and done and you have to bring your best game everytime. Look at Indiana last night.

I think the future is bright for the basketball Canes. This season showed that basketball can be successful at UM; something that many thought was not possible. They are losing a lot of players, but recruiting will definitely pick up because of the success they had. Go Canes.

Unfortunately they came out flat.uninspired. With no enthusiam. Marquette took very few three attempts. Mostly scored in the paint. Larkin and others kept making soft lazy passes, and turned the ball over too much in the first half. But thist team accomplished so much.

No real cane could even rationally criticize this team. Only losers can.

Go canes

To the guys on our basketball team THANKS for making the 'Canes relevant in the Basketball world.

To Coach L, you are an inspiration, not only to our team, but all over this nation people know about your teaching, experience, and promotions to make Miami basketball be a happy and fun loving successful trip that will definitely help with recruiting.
Fans showed up and supported our team as interest grew and we sold out games, (I saw no commentary on the new fans of basketball at the U that winning generated)..
Team chemistry is there.. Actions speaks way louder than words.
Coach G you have always said that being part of the football team is a process in learning to be a team player, using your football I.Q, and being prepared.
Our team of 2013 will show the Class and success that will bring us back to where we have been, using these principles.
Thanks for charting the course Coach G.
Spring practices will continue to get better as players step up and show their stuff.
Go 'Canes

Congrats to the basketball team, that was a great run

no accolades.....no one stepped up.....stop with the "Shane larkin" was sick excuse.....the team looking like they didn't want to be there....not 1 guy stepped up....real teams fight their way back...just ask Ohio State...they never gave up....UM quit last night...wtf was Scott?

larranaga is responsible for that loss....he had nothing to counter the marq. offense....Blue had his way to the basket UNCHALLENGED....

I couldn't believe my eyes....

Gators are Effete...

and U'll watch how it's not done.

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