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Julian Gamble discusses UM's run to the Sweet 16

** Courtesy of fellow Marlins beat writer Clark Spencer who was in Austin, Texas covering the tournament with Michelle Kaufman.


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Where have you been? You guys have not been reporting a thing about the basketball team.

Thanks Manny for the vid.

hey Arty, don't tell the lil sweet 16 u visitors, but they got a chance to go and dance with the big boys in Atlanta...

... a chance []_[] Molly Ringwalds

HOLLA ARTY !!! See You in BuckHead in 2 weeks Arthur


Canes baby!

Love this team!!!!!!!!!!

final 4 = Kansas vs UM / Louisville vs Ohio state

UM vs Ohio state in the final

UM national champions......

the Kansas vs UM game will be the game of the year.....

Great win, Canes. Tough and gritty game. Clutch by Larkin with a minute to go and great shooting by Brown, as well as strong defense on the perimeter.

Illinois had a great defense and clogged the middle well. If we get good outside shooting we are in good position, and fortunately the Illini were clanking threes until the end.

A few other thoughts: today's ESPN reporing of the game was entitled "controversial call." They focused on the out of bounds ball that went to us. Tim Brando kept whining about it as our guy was at the line shooting two ctirical free throws. The media hate toward Miami never ceases to amaze me!

Kadji is off his game the last few games. I hope he steps it up. The Canes need him to break out.

And have you ever seen a player decline from one year to the next like Johnson? He is a liability, although rebounding block outs and passing to shooters is a strength. I hope the guy generates offense and doesn't turn the ball over.

That said, if these two bigs step up against Marquette, it will help. That is gonna be a tough game but a winnable one for the Canes.

Great run guys, keep it up!

well to be fair...UM probably would have lost if not for that call.....ill was hitting like you said 3's all over the place plus scoring thru the middle.....same thing with Ohio state....they should have lost as well...

but since I have Ohio state vs UM for championship in my bracket....I am good with all of it, lol

Well, Jim, I hope your prediction is on the mark, man!
The Illini would still have need a score to even the game after the out of bounds play. If I am not mistaken, Miami would have had the last shot at that point, unless there was time for one trip for each team. But you are right, the Illini killed us up the middle and Paul was getting hot at the end. Tough game against the Golden Eagles this Thursday. GO CANES!

Coach L is the kind of guy I would love to sit around and have a cold one, talking about sports for a couple of hours.

What a cool guy, and to know that he is a 'Cane, and the guys are cheering and dancing along with him shows they are all on board. (The Ali shuffle no less)

Notice in the locker also he called out individual effort on the part of the players who dug deep for this win..

This was a nail biter, and well worth the effort to get a flavor of our 'Canes, and it is SWEET..


Thanks for a lot of fun from a Football fanatic..
Great job guys..
Go 'Canes

The Canes stunk last night and did their level best to let Illinois win.

Scott particularly stunk. Some coach needsto stick a firecracker in his butt and light it to get him
moving. Larkin looked like the only player moving his feet.

The defense left 3 point shooters wide open all night.

In case anyone is wondering, the teams get MUCH better from here to the Final. And half Azzed performances won’t get the Canes a NC.

Pretty clearly the ball nicked off an illinois player after kadji.

Only weak minds don't know how to handle what's perceived as disrespect. Ask john harbaugh what ed reed did earlier this year when he tried to have the team practice in pads, ed reed said "Hell Naw, i'mma a veteran dawg" than alot of other teammates followed em, and didn't want to practice in pads, than the team had a talking session and the rest is history. harbaugh didnt get sensitive he rolled with it, and the team became stronger for it.

When you got a defense sitting at #117th, if none of the players said something, i would think something is wrong with them myself. If i'm on the team i'd be kicked off to as well, cause no way would i stay silent sitting at #117th on this team or any other team. The leaders will speak up, and the real leaders won't mind the younger leaders speaking up because at the end of the day, don't say or tell me, "we're all in this together, we're a family" but as soon as i speak up, i'm suspended, don't make any suggestions cause you're a freshman or a sophmore, etc. etc. If i'm out there on that field, i know what i see and i know what'll work and what won't.

larranaga is a players coach and i'm sure his authority will probably never be questioned since it's obvious the players understand and know that he knows what he's talking about, WHY, because it's obvious what he's teaching has been working, he's a competent headcoach with competent assistant coaches.

Flip that over to the football team, coach goldie has a plan, but how good is that plan, goldie hasn't taken a football team to a championship nowhere, in 2 years he's 13 & 11 with no defense no defense/117th to show for it and is constantly on the defensive to try and justify his boy as being a competent assistant/coordinator when nothing has been working on that side of the ball for 2 years and counting now. larranage doesn't have that problem, he took the players he inherited and help to turn them into champions, goldie took alot of players he inherited and kicked them off the team and suspended several in the name of improving the team. Took seniors like vaughn telemaque and ray ray armstrong and made them irrelevant, in the meantime larranaga took a senior like julian gamble turned him into a critical/crucial part of this team.

Until goldie has to stop going code red and all out to have to try and defend and justify why a certain coach deserves to be here, than an only than will we be back in championship form.

If oach OH-NO is being sent up to the booth, that's the best news yet and proves a change had to be made because him being on the sidelines has not worked in 2 years. Which is why it's sad for a player like ej44 to be let go and discouraged because he was right.





And for you a55holes to say anything negative about UM's win against a very good Illini team is BS, and you (Calvin, cane 72 and moron gallo) should shut the ( ) up .

Ohio State beta Temple last night and there were at least 3 very very bad ref calls againt Temple that clearly affected the outcomeof the game.
So what does ESPN do? One of their minion reporters said zilch about those calls even though CBS sports went as far as getting the head of referees of the NCAa toon air admit that they blew the call. But nothing by ESPN except theheadline that a shady call may have cot Illini a chance.... LOL. Eff you espn and the rest of the haters

What about the tons of blown calls that UM didnt get when they lost that close game at Duke?????

don't matter. Um is in the sixteen. Whiners like Gallo, Calvin ad dumba55 cane72 notwithstanding

exactly calvin.....you just don't kick good players off any team.....as I have said many times....think how much better we would be if we kept everyone....

this is Miami..our kids just get into trouble, that's the way it is....it doesn't matter what other teams do or don't do....this city/locality has unique characteristics....it is still thug....ever since UM started to change the culture,the team got worse and worse....1986 starting lineup all had arrests....

golden just doesn't really connect with the players like larranaga does, you can see it a mile away...plus the football team is younger....you have to let a lot of things go....so if Eddie Johnson punched barrow so what.....take it out on his ass on the practice field....you don't kick him out of the navy....make the guy clean toilets with his toothbrush....

Omg reporting on basketball. Havent seen that in a few weeks

9>5...first of all idiot boy, Ohio state didn't play temple..Indiana did, lol....second UM played terrible last night....Ill was a very good team last night also....they better get their sh...it together via Scott and the foul line...Johnson better show up or we will get beat by Kansas....they were red hot last night in the second half

Jim Gallo and Calvin are right on.
Trying to educate the morons here who whine about
ref calls or who back losers like golden and shalalalalaal is a full time job.
The facts are that scott and most Cane players last night stunk against Illinois because of NO Defense.
They stunk just like D'o and golden who also do not have defenses because they do not know WTF they are doing. Coach L can fix the bball team because he is smart enough to do so. golden and D'o can not fix squat because they do not know squat. So, get ready for another mediocre Cane football season.
And if the Cane bball players do not get off their prima donna high horses and start playing tough in-your-face defense, they are also going to fail to obtain an NC just like golden and his staff who have no knowledge of football nor leadership.
BTW, these are just facts of life. At Miami, when Schnellenberger brought the U to prominence, he did so with ghetto kids who had a chip on their shoulder.
Now, that is what I am talking about. It is not too much to ask the Cane bball players to get scrappy and play tough defense and bring home a NC. And it is not too much to ask the football team to get into the BCS games. Having workmanship pride is not the same as the arrogance of the players lately. You have to EARN the right to have Cane swagger. Do the job, move your feet, get psyched up and finish the season strong. And we will let you know when you have the right to swagger or howl. Are you listening scotty, me boy?

LOL, Calvin's Ed Reed - Eddie Johnson analogy in first place (by a wide margin) for lamest analogy in all categories for 2013.

Cane Fan '72. You should have turned off the set and gone to bed, if you own a bed...
No need to watch the game since it stunk.
Sweet Sixteen .
Go 'Canes

Whatever dumba55 gallo. Whoever Ohio State played ISU or whatever. I watched the game. They were given a gift. ESPN said squat. OK my bad. It wasnt Temple.

But for your stupid a55 to agree with Calvin with his " Pulitzer Prize of dumba55ness" comment about Edr Reed and EJ means that you two are kindred spirits: Kindred a55wipes

larranaga trying to do the Ali shuffle was funny as heck. larranaga's been around long enuff and secure enuff in his knowledge of the game to know how to have fun, enjoy the moment and understand the moment and reality of the moment. It was good hearing kenny smith tell the story about how larranaga actually recruited him to go to Virginia and his Father made him call larranaga(who was the assistant and not the headcoach) to let him know he was going to North Carolina, kenny said he cried while doing it, that's how much he respected larranage way back than.

Right now, coach goldie is trying to find his way, we'll see how that way ends up, right now it's the mediocre way.

Calvin apples and oranges..

Different personalities and ways to look at life and Sports.
Don't tell me that Coach G cradling a player on the field and looking in his eyes while talking to him as he goes into shock after a vicious hit doesn't affect you..

To compare is unfair and shows your bias against Coach G.

Have you ever been to a game and seen Coach G walk the field? I think not.. Encouraging, embracing, joking and high fiving?.
Different strokes and personalities..
Accept them for how they are..not criticize .
Coach G has the road map, and after 2 years of what he has gone through holding us all together..
Give the man Credit where it is due, and we owe Coach G a lot.
Go 'Canes

At the end of the day no matter what anybody says, in year 2, larranaga is in the hunt for a national championship, goldie in year 2 is 13 & 11 and he was the main one who quoted either parcells or al groh(since groh came from the parcells way of doing things) you are what your record is!

Just got my newtattoo of old school sebastian with the corncob pipe and bandage on his cheek....8"x6" on my calf.....go CANES!

Calvin for the life of me don't you ever think your thought process through?.
How many people are on a basketball team?.
How many people in logisitics does football have to deal with, compared to basketball?
How many playoff games are in football?.Where is the 64 to 32 to Sweet 16 in football?
One luck game in basketball continues the season.
One unlucky drop in football can be the season.

Different dynamics.

One cannot compare the two, so you analogy is way off.

Coach G was left a demoralized team with no direction, no recruits, witha rebuild program of freshmen, and in 12 games he has to fix everything.

Coach L had a talented team with no direction but loads of experience in 5th and 6 th year seniors, whom he played.

Coach G played more freshmen than anyone in the ACC or anyone for that matter. Coach L played one of the most experienced teams this year.Get your head out of your A** and start making logical sense please!!!!
Go 'Canes

gallo, ok, they will go to wits in to try and justify a 13 & 11 record, but now we have to let them know, ok, ohigho st. was 6 & 6 last year oscar cryer comes in and they go undefeated, must be some different type of logistics. How many football players are on ohigh st. team, how many games did ohigho st. play. With the way they tried to explain logisitics and with their logic, frank hait would've had this same team in the sweet 16 this year as well, GTFOH with that foolishness.

Coaching philosophy makes the difference when it comes to any football team that's the botton line. Last year's coaching philosophy according to goldie was to outscore everybody and we ended up 7 & 6, the year before that, what was the philosophy, goldie didn't say, now coming into this year what will be the philosophy, so if we're going to be on our 3rd philosophical approach, going to be interesting what we look like this year or will godlie just try and bandwagon whichever unit is doing the best at the time.

As soon as dzp took that interception back for a touchdown against b.c. goldie couldn't wait to say "he did exactly what he was coached to do" the rest of the year, did not the other defensive players do what they were coached to do, the defense sitting at 117th can't find goldie.

Just got my newtattoo of old school sebastian with the corncob pipe and bandage on his cheek....8"x6" on my calf.....go CANES!

Posted by: sidcane | March 25, 2013 at 02:48 PM

Now all []_[] need is one on Ur lower back that says, ENTRANCE BELOW and U'll be set.

"Don't tell me that Coach G cradling a player on the field and looking in his eyes while talking to him as he goes into shock after a vicious hit doesn't affect you.."

golden is having a bro-mance with his players, lol...my side are hurting....

Brandon Paul was having his way with UM last night....lucky the game ended when it did....where was Johnson....Paul looped around him at least 3 times....that is bothersome...

basketball will overtake UM football.....nobody is gonna deal with their wives bitching to see savannah state or Florida Atlantic at 1:00 with 90' heat and no shade....

other than Florida game..the rest of the season sucks as a season ticket holder....I am glad I'm up here watching it on TV.....

An NCAA source says UM sent a strongly worded letter to the NCAA essentially saying that it reserves the right to sue the NCAA (that’s considered a last resort) and disputing the NCAA claim that the infractions committee doesn’t have the right to dismiss the case, which UM will formally request this week. ~Barry Jackson

uga cane will be the only fannie in no life stadium
watching golden and d'o scratch their azzes for 3 hours every saturday.

well okay, maybe there will be ten or twenty others watch golden and his OC call flat passes that get thrown for a loss or waste a hail mary pass or watch the Cane defense get run over up the field and down the field because golden and D'o do not know squat.

At least Coach L has a chance to inquire whether any of his players want to play tough defense against Marquette and Indiana because none of his players played any defense against Illinois.

Now Gallo is attacking the basketball program and degrading our players.

Calvin and Gallo have to be the same idiot as the odds of two morons of this caliber finding their way on the same blog are astronomical.

"Don't tell me that Coach G cradling a player on the field and looking in his eyes while talking to him as he goes into shock after a vicious hit doesn't affect you.."

golden is having a bro-mance with his players, lol...my side are hurting....

Brandon Paul was having his way with UM last night....lucky the game ended when it did....where was Johnson....Paul looped around him at least 3 times....that is bothersome...

Posted by: Jim Gallo | March 25, 2013 at 05:35 PM

They played it wrong, i was wondering why was reggie johnson in the game last night during that stretch, i would've put trey mckinney-jones on paul guy if he was going to stay out high like that, but every time they got the switch with either kenny or johnson on em, but both of them flushed paul to the wrong side away from the help. illinois played good, the team pulled out of game that they played like garbage in and if it wasn't for shane larkin having ice in his veins on that 3 he took last night, that game would've gotten away from us last night more than likely.

reggie johnson is not a factor right now, he's not giving us no post presence at all, something we'll need going forward cause no way are these last few teams going to keep letting shane larkin just run that high-screen and go to his right the whole game. If i'm a coach, larkin is going to have to beat us going left. durand scott played like trash on offense and who told him to keep shooting 3's like he was hot, shot illinois right back into the game with all those missed tre's!

Yeah dawg, when i saw goldie down there with malcom lewis, while it's respectable, from a football standpoint, GYOA off that man like that, made us look a lil soft, of course the Mother's Loved it, but i;m sitting their saying, come on man, that's what they got the trainers for.

don't worry, the opposition will push larkin to the left all the rest of the tournament...Scott has to have big 3 point game...Johnson cant get beat like he did against paul

was eerie....Ohio state wins on same controversial call plus their point guard (aaron craft 18 points) hits the 3 just like larkin (17 points) did....that's why i like both teams....they play to win

UM vs Ohio state...UM the national championship

Gallo....what is your true agenda here? Calvin as well? You both are on here WAY too much without an agenda for sure. You really have no crediblity in my eyes at least...woe will be the day when in order to comment on the blogs you will need to do so via Facebook....then what will you do?


Hi Mark, stop selling personal info like a snitch in jail to the NCAA.

Social Network was the worst Fincher movie ever.

Gallows you are an irritating piece of S****.

When Malcom Lewis got hit (and for a scared kid representing the 'U'), knocked out for the season, as I wrote, "to have the Coach G look him in the eyes and reassure him that the team was behind him and not to worry".
Your response was that he was having a bro-mance with his players you crossed the line..
To interject in the whole scenario of College football that angle was low, and cold. Considering Penn State. You just don't go there.

You my friend are lower than Whale SH**.
If your way of fun is to laugh at the injury of a Miami player you need to get off this board because you showed your true colors, you MORON.
Agree or disagree but I know your hook up with CaneFan72 is as bizarre as it gets..so your reference to toilets and toothbrushes show that you have done some time there...your opinion of Miami as "thug U" places you in the same category as your buddy the "Embezzling wannabe". Cut from the same cloth.
Go 'Canes
You A******

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