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Sileo gone, Canes back at football, baseball tonight and Al Golden talks about QB/1B David Thompson.

My story from today is below-- what do you all think of Sileo's departure? I was playing his rant after Kansas State on YouTube yesterday and my husband was in the kitchen at the other end of the house and asking me who in the world (well, he didn't exactly ask it that way) was on the phone with me! Funny. 

    Dan Sileo finally wore out his welcome -- just a lot later than many had hoped.
   The WQAM-560 sports talk host, who began his stint in South Florida last April, was fired by the station and was not on the air in his usual daily time slot Monday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
   “We parted ways with him and we wish him well,’’ program director Jorge Sedano said of Sileo, adding that Kevin Rogers and Brandon Guzio will temporarily fill that slot until a permanent replacement is found. 
    John "The Freak" Renshaw, a Saturday host on WQAM and occasional weekday fill-in, is believed to be a front-runner to replace Sileo
   Sileo, a UM defensive lineman in 1986, infuriated UM fans with his tirades about the Canes’ football inadequacies — including a three-minute doozy in September after UM’s 52-13 loss at Kansas State. In that rant, which has topped 182,000 hits on YouTube, he urged players to “pull a knife” on the opposing quarterback, “and stick him! Gouge his eyes” and “kick him” in a certain body part. 
   “FIRED FOR SPEAKING MY MIND BABY!!!! Love it!!’’ Sileo posted on Twitter.
    Sileo was suspended for two days in January after posting on Twitter a series of sexist insults about Fox broadcaster Erin Andrews, including, “Love Erin Andrews either naked or in a porn. Not at a sports desk.”


   The Canes have resumed spring practice and are in the midst of third third of 15 sessions. Another gorgeous day at Greentree Field in Coral Gables. We get to watch the first 15 minutes of stretching and warmups and a few drills, and then we leave until interviews later. Be back later with update.


   Miami meets Maine tonight at The Light to begin a seven-game homestand against Maine.

   The Canes began the season 10-0 for the first time since 1981, but lost the last two against the Gators in Gainesville. On Wednesday night, Miami plays UCF, then goes into the weekend with its opening three-game ACC series against Duke.

   The UM homestand continues with two games against Illinois State March 12 and 13. 

  Freshman David Thompson, who doubles as a football scholarship quarterback during football season, leads the team and is fourth in the ACC with 16 RBI's.

    Thompson has at least one RBI in every game but two this season, and smacked his third game-winning hit of the season in Miami's 3-2 win over Florida last Friday. 

     I asked UM football coach Al Golden on Sunday about Thompson's accomplishments on the baseball field. Golden is well aware.

    "Tremendous,'' Golden said. "I got a text from him yesterday because I congratulated him. I happened to be in the car coming back [from a clinic] when he hit the game-winning RBI Friday night. His hand-eye is excellent, [he's] poised and again, a lot of confidence in that  young man. I'm really proud of him.     "I'm happy for him.''

    When asked by someone if he still expected Thompson to come back and play football, Golden said, "Oh, sure. I expect him to play good football. He's that kind of kid. He's a kid who just figures it out. He's a winner. He's going to help us...''




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why in the world do we care about David Thompson? We have Dewey an Crow that have had no work at all.....Ryan Williams that is 20/15 for 131 yards for the whole 2012 season. Plus we have Olsen coming in (another disaster).....

this coach is insane....

Dan Sileo is a perfect example of someone who believes that they are "all that." No question that he was a good football player and is having difficulty accepting the fact that he is no longer relevant. He tries to package his constant crude diatribe as "speaking his mind." There are many listeners that believe that he does not have a very fertile mind, if one at all. He is the reason that I no longer listen to the station. Take your garbage somewhere else - might take a while.

Sileo adios to you....it was about time..

The mentality of beat the opposing team, steal their lunch, and eat it while laughing at them went out with the advent of the new age of computers and laptops.

Now the Standard "Alabama" are prepared, flexible to adapt to game conditions, strong, and super focused.
This new 'Canes team is on the way in all the above categories.

Look at the business like way in which our players perform..they are focused on their tasks and strive to do it well. (Duke Johnson scores a TD, and hands the ball to the official, then back to the bench..No drama..all business)
To use the Sileo thinking as it applies to College football today...it's like trying to make a dinosaur drive a Porsche...it ain't gonna happen.

The 'Canes are on their way back..Sileo is on his way out...No gone...One less loudmouth.
Go 'Canes

We miss Dan Sileo here in Tampa. Too many homers on the radio..

Sileo can play the martyr role all he wants. He's an incompetent sports reporter thriving in a sensationalized world where style tops substance all the time. Good riddance!!

Anyone can yell into a micophone....last time I checked...

Hey Sileo, U SUC!

See yaaaaaaaaaaa

We want someone that speaks they mind... Not these fakes that read the script..best of luck sileo!!! True cane right there people

Yo Cane trash

Yo clUcks first the good news
U won 1 game against the Gators
Now the bad news
U lost 2 out of 3
And 14 of the last 15
Yo that is baseball for U chUmps

Yo I don't care bout Sileo
He did recognize the sorry state of the canes
He said something like the coaches were trying to sell the past success to the recruits
The distant past success
Guess it didn't work
No one under 40 now remembers any cane success

Yo U can't stand anyone who tells U the truth
Living in the past, a cane thing
Land of delUsion, La La Land
A cane thing

LOOSERS and chUmps!!

Sileo was an idiot on the radio.
He only wanted players from the inner city of Miami, which would have eliminated him (since he came from Connecticut and played at Maryland before coming down here).

While I loved the old Canes' style of arrogance, Sileo was stupid for thinking that's the ONLY way to win. The greatest team ever was the 2001 Canes, which didn't gag it up in the national championship team like Sileo's team did against Penn State, didn't act like the teams before them. They acted with class and won. And like everyone else is saying, Al Golden has got them on the right track, even with the NCAA hampering his efforts.

Canetrash, your commentary is useless, gallo is another deficient abomination who should have been,swallowed at birth, keep hating it will do wonders for your short meaningless and pathetic lives enjoy

canetrash= idiot
gallo= effen idiot
calvin, cane72, cool cat= the three idiot amigos

Gallo is a big dummy!!!!

I moved to Orlando in '03 after 40 years in Dade / Broward. Was excited to have a cane on the morning drive radio here. After a month or so, I couldn't take him any more. He is/ was crude and abravise when he didn't need to be. He had a captive market here, he was the only morning sports talk failed miserably. Not sure how long he lasted before the plug was pulled. His tweets indicate he just doesn't get it.

They are the three amigos, or all 1 person. . idiots. Gallo, Olsen is another loser? Rated a top 5 qb on most sites, and Dewey was an espn 150 qb last year. The job is wide open next spring , and olsen will have a yr in the system

Hard to believe anyone would complain about Dan Sileo when we have suffered through an eon of Joe Z. The worst PBP guy in the history of sports. Only radio guy close is DB Jr. They are an embarrasment.Since when cant you criticize the U. I'm a grad.Tell it like it is. Also Jim Morris is horrible. This is talent rich baseball are and we lose 2 of 3 to a down UF squad!

Long 6 loss seasons comin in tally and gaineturd ville this year.....Should be fun to watch muschump yelling and the fSU fans wanting dumbo ousted . 6 coaches bailed on him and his offense and defensive playmakers.

Gators have to play young kids and lost 30.........LONG SEASON GALLO,CANETRASH,D, ENJOY THE SEPT 7 BEATDOWN THATs payback........

Yo Cane trash

Yo fu2alldahaters and U too, my commentary is Truth
U can't handle the Truth

Yo cane pig with multiple names
U call idiots all those that disagree with U
U r the one with the useless commentary
U r the idiot
But not as big of an idiot as dom the dUmb clUck
He is on a league of his own

Olsen was abused in the Under Armor game
He looked terrible
Dewey, Hewey, Loui is nothing
Williams did nothing at Memphis
Thomsom is a baseball player
U got Morris and nothing else

Yo domasse remember the days leading into NSD?
Remember all Ur predictions and that poll of dUmb clUcks U put together?
That was high comedy
Thank U for that
U earned the title of NostraDomass
Keep it up dUmmy
Such an easy target
Such a domass

Maybe dom the dUmb clUck can take over for Sileo
He will tell U all the delusional crap U Morons wanna hear
Who needs reality when U live in make belief land
Let's all call W QAM and have them hire dom
We could all use a comedy break in the middle of the day

Delusional LOOSERS!!

I think Sileo was just stirring the pot on purpose..

It was his style to get controversy going and get people upset and calling in.

Especially when he attacked Golden's recruiting. He had NO facts in rant. It was clearly fake anger.

But i did love his famous rant about wanting the Canes to man up and rip some heads off. You can tell he was hurt to watch the Canes lose last year. And he's a Canes champion which gives him a pass in my book.

I enjoyed it when he was ripping on people. Fun radio. Better than boring radio.

Again canetrash, enjoy the Sept 7 game. Ill put u in a box at Sun life to watch the spanking. Muschump's D wont b able to stop the Canes period..............

"Long 6 loss seasons comin in tally and gaineturd ville this year....."

You mean like the typical cane season for the last decade?
A lot of wishful thinking I say.

"Should be fun to watch muschump yelling and the fSU fans wanting dumbo ousted . 6 coaches bailed on him and his offense and defensive playmakers."

As opposed to Golden looking like a deer in the headlights and Donofrio looking as usual, clueless
At least FSU has fans that go to the games. There will only be about 15k cane fans at the typical UM game.
4 offensive coaches bailed on Golden Crap in a matter of weeks. They don't have any defensive playmakers and only one offensive weapon in Lil Duke who has no backup and is not built to take the full load.

"Gators have to play young kids and lost 30.........LONG SEASON GALLO,CANETRASH,D, ENJOY THE SEPT 7 BEATDOWN THATs payback........"

Gators have the depth to reload, lost quite a few, not 30, but there are more in the wings ready to step up.
They have something foreign to you, depth.
Long season indeed all named posters will have tons of ammo to continue their informative posts.
Sept 7th beatdown coming for you cane pansies.

well, this is a totally different miami team baby. enjoy the ride losers. Learn what tradition is. State school, funded, and Ufelony cant go undefeated in their school history. And in tally, what 1 time in 200 years? and thats when miami went on probation and bowden took all the miami recruits. .
Losers. last time I checked, fsu lost 2 games and didnt have to play 3 top 10 teams and played a MAC school in the organge bowl. Had fsu played mia schedule last year they'd have 5-6 losses

Gary, correct on Jim Morris. Way past his prime. Would love to bunt in every play. Another sad season coming up and more ridiculous excuses from Morris. Thompson trying to bunt the other night was a joke. He is a hitter, let him hit. Killed a rally.

As for Tampa Cane about a bunch of homers in Tampa media: the understatement of the year! They go to great lenghts to cover for the Gaytords, Halfholes, and One of the Big Four in the state. Dilusional.

Y'all Cane bUbba's have to understand one thing bout' these a.m. sports/political personalities.

For instance, the VAST MAJORITY, but not all, have what the psychological field of study CALLS a RIGHT-WING, AUTHORITARIAN, QUASI-FACIST personality. Thus, enter y'all's Limbaugh, Savage, Hannity, SELEO, and numerous other RIGHT-WING a.m. sports radio hosts, across Wehr Mach Pax Americana.

By the way, that westcoastcaneBUBBA be a PRIME TIME example of a QUASI-FACIST, right-wing personality type!

SEIL HEIL sileo and westcoastcaneGOON and your Hurricane MINIONS, too!!!

I'm thinking your boy Goldie has a say in the well-deserved CHIT-CANNING of that RIGHT-WING, facsist D.S. Eh. What say.

Damyum, that D.S.goon goes beyound the bounds of BALANCED bloviating and is nothing more than a negative, P.R. CANCER in SoFla.


Its a Cane thing, and U turds n noles dont understand. FSU is a u of miami wannabe, our little brother, and every once in a while u got to beat ur little brother up. UF is a joke, losing to louisville by (miami kid) teddy B, and thats with all those Sr's UF had.

Sept 7 Beatdown...........

Fsu, hows that new qb that cant throw? what his name , Winston? Riding your season on him huh, with a totally new D line and Dbacks.

Gonna b fun to watch them losing game this year while our entire team is back

R.I.P. dan selea

And don't sweat it d. da GOON. There's plenty of RIGHT-WING a.m. radio stations, across Pax America, which will hire a HATING, bloviating good ol' boy!!!

" It's a Cane thing " is bloody well PASSE!!

Damyum, Miami AIN'T been major college football RELEVANT since the 2005 season.

So cease with all that chitty, bloviating bout' " it's a Cane thing. "

He!!, MIGHTY B.C.S. college football POWERHOUSE Virginia even OWNS y'all's Miami now!!!

Matter of fact, the Cav's have a WINNING record against the Hurricanes since the 2006 season.

And what's even more disturbing for y'all Cane goons. Is that national college pigskin media-nexus KNOWS Miami is PASSE!! Eh. What say.

Bon jour et Bonsoir

" Sileo can play the martyr role all he wants. He's an incompetent sports reporter thriving in a sensationalized world where style tops substance all the time. Good riddance!! " rboud

The best, INSIGHTFUL opinion I've seen in this CaneGOON forum in... like forever!! SERIOUS y'all Cane bUbba's.

Again, that dan is nothing more than a NEGATIVE, SPITE-spitting, HATER. dUh. Nothing more and nothing less.

But then again, the vast majority, but not all, of Cane good ol' boy's SHARE the same personality attributes of RIGHT-WING selia. Eh. What say.

" We miss Dan Sileo here in Tampa. Too many homers on the radio.. " tampaBUBBA

Tampa be the BASTION of RIGHT-WING, quasi-fascist Vanilla wafer GOONS!!!

That's why you miss that SPITEFUL, negaitive goon aka d.SELAO.

In other words, HATING birds of the same RIGHT-WING feathers stay together. LOL

Bon jour et Bonsoir

Good God, please integrate the FB signatures into your blogs, like you did for the other stories posted in the Herald. You can't have a serious discussion EVER on these blogs. Not sure what the UF people are trying to accomplish here, other than to show everyone how much free time they have at work.

D.....how bout the all time records vs fsu and UF ?

Bashers, Enjoy your last few mo's of talking smack, because miami will be on top of the football world by the 2014 season and our little brothers UF and FSu who we smack around and own the season records will still b losers.

"Its a Cane thing, and U turds n noles dont understand. FSU is a u of miami wannabe, our little brother, and every once in a while u got to beat ur little brother up."

Not every once in a while but seems like all the time as of late
FSU beats you on the field and on the recruiting trail.
Time after time
DelUsional and ignorant again.

"UF is a joke, losing to louisville by (miami kid) teddy B, and thats with all those Sr's UF had."

Yep another Miami kid that wised up and said No to the lowly canes and went elsewhere. Many of those Miami kids around.
UF went 11 - 2, what a joke, coming from a 7 - 6 team, Now that's a Joke!!

"Sept 7 Beatdown..........."

Write it down
Beatdown in fornt of an Orange and Blue crowd

"Fsu, hows that new qb that cant throw? what his name , Winston? Riding your season on him huh, with a totally new D line and Dbacks.

Gonna b fun to watch them losing game this year while our entire team is back"

Lots of fun, but both UF and FSU will continue to beat you up.
Your entire team of losers is back
Not really, you lost quite a few of your best defensive players and your starting RB
Your last placed defense lost some of its best players
What does that make you

I just don't understand why Gator trolls have to post comments for every single article written about the Canes. These losers obviously have nothing else to do.

Hey CaneTrash - 2001 and 2002 was not that long ago. I'm guessing you can't remember back that far because your brain is mush from all the gasoline and freon you've been inhaling.

Yo Sileo, my advice is for you to apply to the liberal hate ranting MSNBC, where you can join other like fruitcakes such as Ed The demented Schultz. Chris the raving lunatic Matthews and Rachel the femininely challenged Maddow. Since they welcome kooks you'll fit right in.

Yo Cane trash

Yo cane pig
2001 not that long ago?
Just bout a decade like I said before
Last time U were any good
About a decade
Long time U dUmmy
That is why it is said, and it is true
U live in the past

Yo how funny it is
D says Sileo is some right wing crackpot and now
Bob says he is a flaming liberal
Sileo is not a fan of the Golden Retriever
That is why he is hated so much

Yo dom the dUmb clUck now says the canes will rule the world come 2014
What happened to this season
I thought U said they were loaded
U said U r back
Then again U been saying the same crap every year for the past 10 years
Nothing changes
Sept 7th will again show what a crock the canes r

U can't silence the Truth LOOSERS!!

Im a bUbba rUffian for the Nebraska CornsUckers.
Ive been banned from every single site on the net and that includes the wonderful CornsUckers sites. I need a man hug to make me feel better.
See you at EOTH if they will accept me back. Im clueless enough to fit in there

"2001 not that long ago?
Just bout a decade like I said before
Last time U were any good"

mmm. Gatr Pig, for two years after that, the Canes pounded the Gatr Trash. So i guess either the Canes were still "good" after that, or the Gatr Trash maggots sucked worse.

Either way, you are a blabbering trailerpark clown.

I wonder if theres any Gator sites out there that will listen to my rUffian bUbba posts EH!!!!!
CornsUckers wont even take me back
Ive been begging on my knees to be accepted somewhere
Maybe CS or EOTH will forgive me

Yo Cane trash

Yo cane pig
blabbering trailer park clown
not bad for an MDCC reject, GED wannabe fool
But there aint no trailerparks like those in the 305

What's Ur obsession with finding out who is who
Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out D and mac jones are the same, they have the same style and use the same terms
So what chUmp, big woop
U change Ur name all the time dUmmy

Listen up talk show hosts wannabes
Don't hate on the Golden Retriever
He is like the fake idol, U know the one
Not the American one
But the Golden Calf kind
Some of U doUches have already proclaimed his in mortality
A fake Golden Idol this Retriever of yours
Can't fetch the Promised Land though
Will lead U to perdition instead

Yo get dom the dUmb clUck on the radio in Sileos spot
What an original thought
Coming form a great mind must say

Yo step up to the Challenge
Get Ur predictions in before the Fall
I go with 8 wins
Being conservative, being nice
Yo golden Retriever prove me wrong chUmp

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Jim Gallo likes to Suck Balls

Canetrash is a 600lb choad that cant get out of his moms basement
Ask the slob how he felt when his 14 year old step son kicked his arse in fronts of the neighbors
He was only 450lbs at the time
No wonder why she divorced your basement dwelling arse

How sad is it that I go by the name Canetrash but yet im part of a Canesite praising everything about the Canes
Go back to your homer site

D is mac jones

Johnny Wadd
Curse Pig....go suck it
Calvin and gallo know sheet

Some of the many names of the cane pig, all the same day

That's us what this work is coming to a bunch a sissies that don't want to hear the truth. Although he may have been too extreme he told the truth. I like listening to rush even though he is a delusional idiot. Always good to know the enemy. For
All of liars that spew propaganda about the Obama and the economy how is the DOW doing ? Since the majority of you hate with no intelligence or the facts I will educate you. The DOW is at an all time high. The banks and corporations are sitting on mor cash since slavery an you have the audacity to try and say the economy isn't do in well. That makes a lot of sense because the fans love golden and his dc and we are ranked three spots from the bottom.lol

This is what I know.....golden/dnofrio was handed good defensive players.

first game - Boston college:

537 defensive yards
0 sacks
4 tackles for loss
1 Int
32 points given up

last game - duke:

583 defensive yards
1 sack
3 tackles for loss
0 Ints
45 points given up

these are the players golde/dnofrio had to start with:

DE Shayon Green
DE Anthony Chickillo
LB Jimmy Gaines
CB Brandon McGee
S Kacy Rodgers
LB Tyrone Cornelius
S AJ Highsmith
S Vaughn Telemaque
DT Curtis Porter
DT Luther Robinson
LB Ramon Buchanan
S Ray-Ray Armstrong
LB Kelvin Cain
DT Jeffery Brown
DB Devont'a Davis
LB Travis Williams
DB Jamal Reid
LB Kevin Nelson
DE Olsen Pierre
DT Corey King
LB Eddie Johnson
LB Gionni Paul
LB Denzel Perryman
DB Ladarius Gunter
S Deon Bush
DT Dequan Ivery
DT Earl Moore
DT Darius Smith
DE Ricardo Williams
DE Jelani Hamilton
DE Tyriq McCord
LB Thurston Armbrister
LB Raphael Kirby
CB Antonio Crawford
CB Thomas Finnie
CB Tracy Howard
S Rayshawn Jenkins

both those guys plain s...ck....forget how nice the practice was...its always good until gameday....its not the players.....its all those 2 idiots...now with their colored shirt practices, lol

here is the part that makes you want to cry

Boston college is 2-10
duke is 6-7

excuse after excuse....

Jim Gallo is my boyfriend bUbba rUffians EH!!!!!!!
We both love the CornsUckers

Loaded, we dont care about last year,,

Come visit my new Cane blog I have. Updates days before any other place gets it

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