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Miami Hurricanes' spring practice has sprung: Harlem Shake, crutches and black jerseys

We just witnessed our first 15 minutes of University of Miami's spring practice.

With a considerable chill in the air (temps in the mid 50s), the Hurricanes were outside far before the 9 a.m. time that was given as the starting time (if you're on time, you're late).

Everyone seemed excited to be starting, including defensive end Anthony Chickillo and company, who began dancing to the Harlem Shake during stretching. It didn't last very long, and it was the most entertaining part of our 15 minutes. Chickillo looks like he has the moves.

Here's who we saw on crutches: linebacker Gabe Terry (right foot in boot), defensive end David Perry (he was recently switched from tight end and had his left foot in a boot).

We knew those two would be missing spring football, but we didn't know Kacy Rodgers II would come into spring football injured -- or it sure seemed that way. Rodgers, not listed on the two-deep spring depth chart at safety -- was on the sideline in gray sweats and a red (injured) jersey, and walked with his left leg completely stiff and seemingly unable to bend.

The coveted black jerseys were back, and the ones I noticed (there might have been more) were worn by  Chickillo, incoming freshman linebacker Alex Figueroa, cornerback Ladarius Gunter, cornerback Tracy Howard, defensive end Shayon Green, linebacker Jimmy Gaines, defensive tackle Curtis Porter, linebacker Denzel Perryman and Rayshawn Jenkins, who wore No. 29 but is listed on the roster as No. 26.

Be back after we talk to Al Golden and assistant coaches and some players after practice.



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As always, good work Ssuan.

Oops...I meant Susan! Hey do I get a free T-shirt or something? LOL

Turds lose....the first of many to come....

Best team since the 04 season, The UF game is the statement game we will need

This team has a chance to be special. The schedule is set in their favor, the fac that they learned how to n close games last year, helps, ad after going on a losin srek and bouncing back to win the coastal willserve as confidene. Stephen moris shoud be even better--Go Canes!

Denzel Perryman is going have a monster year!

Go canes let get it

Theres no weaknesses on offense and with the addition of RB's Mr Football 2 times in TENN Elder and #1 Rb in NY Edwards, TE Juco #1 Te and 2 espn 150 TE's, and #1 wr in FL Coley, with that big top 3 oline, and U get maybe the best Miami offense ever. Morris already broke Kosars record, and Duke broke the freshman record and now the top TE's for Morris to throw to.

Should be a good year people

FOund this on Griffin the 33rd best player in the espn 150 signed with the canes and dual sports star\

With the clock showing triple zeroes and the score in his team's favor, Derrick Griffin (Rosenberg, Texas/Terry) began streaking down the court at Buddy Hopson Fieldhouse, removing his jersey top and revealing an ear-to-ear grin in the process. He couldn't contain himself.

After celebrating for several minutes with his teammates and coaches, the Miami signee turned toward the Terry student section and connected his thumbs, with his fingers on both hands pointed skyward, forming the hand signal known as "The U."

It was as jubilant a moment as the dual-sport star has had in some time. For two weeks, Griffin was mired in uncertainty, not knowing where his athletic future lay. An ESPN 150 football prospect, Griffin did not sign with a college on Feb. 6 -- national signing day --

Nice. Nice to be back on the Greentree. Very excited for the first open practice.

Get Readieee! See ya'll 3/23 At The Traz

UM's defense will still not be ready for prime time this year. They lack elite D-Lineman and the linebacker situation is still tenuous with injuries and suspensions. The secondary will be improved. It's up to the offense and special teams to do most of the heavy lifting. UM can be quite good this year, but defense will keep them outside the elite teams.

Well rboud, we were misisng our top DTs' last yr, the 3 golden signed in the 12 class were all 3 stars and have had 1 year in the weighr room and should b improved, and we signed the #12 DT on the JUCO 100 Komalu. WIth healthly LBs and if porter pierre and robinson the 3 dt's with most experience are healthy, we can rotate 8-10 dt's in now, what Miami always used to do to keep fresh for the 4th qtr.......We have not had that depth before.

Last yr is a completely different animal with all those injuries, early departures(forston, vernon and others) and fresh lb's and fresh db's ...

Look for a totally different team

Where are you guys.. We beat the Gators last night in BB for the first time in a while and not a word.. Beat Writers????

Posted by: billpr | March 02, 2013 at 10:34 AM

Well U need to get Ur pots and pans out on 8th. St. n 27th. Ave. and get to banging over winning 1 of the last 12 games then.

btw, looks like Ur SS still fields with a knife n fork in each hand.

Thompson kid is a qb on the football team also. Has that Soldy for beat writing........ Another weapon. qbs go 5 deep now when Olsen ccomes on.

That depth chat doesnt include the studs that are coming in this summer, nor did it include the #1 juco Te whol already is enrolled..........
How dominate do our wr 's become now that we have Derrick Grifin the 33rd best player n #1 Wr/TE in Texas, Juco #1 TE, and Standish Dobard espn 150 TE(last 2 already enrolled). Clive has been ok but not the weapons we have coming.
Having these thoroughbreads across the middle allows our WR's more 1 on 1 coverage, and add Stacey Coley and we should average 45-50ppg this year...........
Impact players this year coming in not on the depth chart for D
Alquaddin Muhammed at DE-army all american
Komalu, 2 years of Juco ball rated #12 dt by espn
Artie Burns and Jamal Carter to the D backfield
Devonte Bond, #58 on the juco rivals 100, a pass rushing Lb/DE.. .
Jermaine Grace might redshirt with the LB depth we have. But thats alot more talent ready to come in
On Offense
Derrick Griffin TE/WR #1 player in TX
Stacey coley deep threat Wr, #1 WR in FL #3 nation
Corn Elder, 2 Time Mr Football in Tenn at RB(Duke backup)
Gus Edwards, #1 rb in NY, Big back
Those 4 weapons to an already loaded offense just makes it better,

***Other than Morris, all the skill players again willbe back in 2014 plus another recruit class in 2014. TEAM WILL BE EVEN MORE LOADED FOR the playoff sesaon

Hows this soldy

Your time, alachua county rejects, is O-V-A-H!!

Canes baseball beats the turds at their field
Canes baseball ranked, gayturd baseball not.
Canes basketball top 5(should be top 3)
Canes football loaded on offense DESPITE all the NC2A bs
Yes, loaded. Locked and loaded. And they are about to take their frustrations out on UF sept7

If i was a gator fan i wouldnt show up to the game. Here comes the pain. Real pain

Hey titletown, ya little worm, where are you?

here is the link to the luginbill info on griffin and others after signing day

5=3=2........so true---------- This is our best team since 04, AND YES TURDS AND TALLYTRAILERVILLE, THE BEST OFFENSE MIAMI HAS HAD EVER POSSIBLY inc the 2001 team.........there are no weaknesses, and we go 3-4 deep with studs at all the skill positions. ITs like back in the day, take 1 guy out, the next guy that comes in is better................

5--3-2 , if the Canes beat Duke tonite, a top 5 team , all 4 in front accept gonzaga has lost, theres a good chance we can jump to #1 , I mean, Gonzaga has played NO ONE, and if we beat Duke 2 times inc at Cameron ranked #3/4, that should put the U at #1

dom: everything you type is fantasy....

this was my call:

"kirkland - arkansas
collins - arkansas
coley - fsu
thomas - fsu
bryant - fsu
bostwick - florida
grace - louisville

NSD is gonna be a bad day for UM....its unfortunate and sad"

Posted by: Jim Gallo | February 04, 2013 at 09:46 PM

this was your call....

"to me, 7 of your 12 are HIGHLY REGARDED STUDS.....and we are about to land,
Matthew Thomas(thats why the DK meeting today)
Denver Kirkland
Alex Collins
Stacy Coley
Jordan Cunnigham
Jermaine Grace
(I say 2 of the 3 Def Tackles) between Bostwick, Bryant, and the JUCO DT from Texas"


Posted by: Dom | February 02, 2013 at 01:25 PM


this is what Alex Collins said....

"I like the fact they run the ball," Collins said when asked why he picked Arkansas. "I personally know the coaches. I've been recruited by them for two years now. So I think I can trust them. I feel like they can lead me to where I want to be on the next level, academically and athletically. I feel like if I have a problem in school they'll provide that extra help to lift me."

he doesn't trust golden/dnofrio....he was a lean to fsu but when the running back coach left that was a concern for him....he doesn't like a lot of change, so when jedd left...that sealed the deal with Collins....

why is Eddie Johnson out? why is Alex Figueroa in who hasn't taken a snap yet?...

why are all these guys being held out from spring practice?
LB Thurston Armbrister, RB Eduardo Clements, LB Eddie Johnson (suspended indefinitely), WR Malcolm Lewis, WR Robert Lockhart Jr., C Shane McDermott.....

#1 Denzel Perryman - 45 solo / 19 assist = 64 tackles
#3 GIONNI PAUL - 40 solo / 21 assist / = 61 tackles

the guy is 3 tackles away from the top spot for UM all of 2012 and he is mysteriously gone?...no explanation.....

golden will never work here at UM...this area is not for him....plus all the local coaches will not channel their graduates towards UM..they hate him

lets see what 2013 does......

Thompson kid is a qb on the football team also. Has that Soldy for beat writing........ Another weapon. qbs go 5 deep now when Olsen ccomes on.

Posted by: Dom | March 02, 2013 at 01:29 PM

Can't wait to see that 5 Q.B. n 6 T.E. set...

Posted by: 5>3>2 | March 02, 2013 at 01:45 PM

Oye, it's the first time U beat The GATORS in anything in over 1000 days.

Don't U use Mami's good Pots n Pans now ya hear.

if UM beats duke tonight...they will probably go to the east and face Michigan state or florida in second round.....if they lose they will go to Midwest but have to face Kansas or Indiana.....

either way UM has to get back to where they were before the Clemson game where they were hitting 3's from both larkin/scott....free throw line still is a problem....they only thing UM has got going for them is EVERYONE is losing also....

Gallo you are a turd. Your question about Eddie Johnson, what lancet have you been on to ask that one


Great story concering Derrick Griffin...thank you for sharing!

Go Canes!

only a complete idiot would keep eddie johnson out and put in alex Figueroa....the qb situation at UM is bad....without morris the whole team dies....

ryan Williams only completed 20/15 for 137 yards the whole season and the other QB's dewey and crow haven taken a snap at all.....olsen is a disaster, all you have to do is watch the under amour game and look at his high school stats...weak

olsen - 171/95 completions - 111.8 yards per game with 6 Int's and 15 TD's.....that is pathetic

maxprep rank is #289...ru kidding me?.....

SEPTEMBER 7th 2013!!!The cross eyed hillbilly...embarrassed again. See ya then gator girls...

I thought that I read that those guys were injured except for Eddie Johnson of course

Boss cane.. Too funny. Cross eyed hillbilly madman

Eight players are listed as out for spring practice, all of them recuperating from injuries or surgeries, except for linebacker Eddie Johnson (suspended indefinitely).

The eight: linebackers Thurston Armbrister (undisclosed), Gabe Terry (foot or leg) and Johnson; receivers Robert Lockhart (knee) and Malcolm Lewis (ankle); center Shane McDermott (shoulder surgery); running back Eduardo Clements (neck surgery); and defensive end David Perry (undisclosed).

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/03/02/3262031/miami-hurricanes-football-spring.html#storylink=cpy

I guess they want you to read every article instead of just their Eye on the U blog.

thx Just the facts, loony gallo with our lost recruits. ..... Golden got better ones when those left

Gallo turd. Confucius say person that passes gas sits in own pew. If you ever showed a little common sense people might change towards you

Gallo, Miami 35, UF 7, sept, 2013............



Gallo, Get to know the name is C A N E S CANES

Lost Collins, Al G came back and signed Mr Football RB in Tennessee and the top RB out of NY. Win for canes, enjoy the cold in arkansas alex

2. Lost #1 OLB thomas, came back and got the #2 OLB GRACE and also an espn 150 LB and 4 star.

3. Add #33 on espn 150, Texas #1 Wr=TE=HB and #2 rated im the country..........

Thats recovering with Blue Chippers

Gallo....why do you continue to embarrass yourself? When you make a comment like:

Why are all these guys being held out from spring practice?
LB Thurston Armbrister, RB Eduardo Clements, LB Eddie Johnson (suspended indefinitely), WR Malcolm Lewis, WR Robert Lockhart Jr., C Shane McDermott.....

Really? Seriously? Clements as a messed up vertebre in his neck I think....did you not see Malcolm Lewis's ankle against BC? They are injured you fu*king tool!!!!!!!

olsen - 171/95 completions - 111.8 yards per game with 6 Int's and 15 TD's.....that is pathetic

maxprep rank is #289...ru kidding me?.....

Posted by: Jim Gallo | March 02, 2013 at 02:39 PM

He. Broke. His. Ankle.

Crap. There goes another point in my IQ.


Arguing with Gallo, Calvin, CaneTrash


Arguing with idiots

If you understand that, you just got an A+ in WestCoastCane's Blog Math 101 course.


Go Canes.

Olsen is rated among the top 5 qb's in high school. U cant go by #s in high school as some are running teams, some are injured, olsen was injured.
THE BOTTOM LINE, an even espn just picked us to win coastal division. IS THIS IS THE BEST OFFENSE AND DEEPEST OFFENSE IN CF COME AUGUST WHEN THE 2 stud RB's and Griffin and coley are added to beau sandland.
THE U is 3-4 deep at RB,TE,WR, and prob the best Oline in CF. The offense is better than ALA and any SEC TEAM. PERIOD, not even close. Morris should b up for the heisman this year.

With 9,10 DT"s we have now, all with experience(Only newcomer is Juco 100 DT), should allow many rotations to keep em fresh for 4th qtr. All 3 kids (DT's) from last year have 1 year in the program now... LB's are all back, and DB's are the best at their position, just young.


The run defense will be okay. The offense will make othet teams one dimensional. Can't run and win when you are down by 30 at halftime. Win every quarter. Don't just win the game

Dt's with depth now(If healthy). Porter, Pierre, Robinson, Grimble, Briscoe,Ivery,King,Komalu,Moore, all 3 star or higher rated in high school.

The 3 freshman from last year Moore, Ivery and Briscoe all have 1 year of practice and weight room, and the newbie Komalu is the 12th Best Juco DT.....

Come 4th qtr, no more playing 2-3 dt's all game.

there wasnt a need in this class for DT's but next year we will need 3-4 to replace the top 3-4....

Grimble was a 5 star
Briscoe was 29th best player in Louisiana
Moore was good as a freshman
Ivery was decent
Komalu had 7.5 sax in Juco
Porter when healthy is a beast
pierre is a solid DT
Robinson is solid..............

Al Golden this defense needs Eddie Johnson. He is a special talent. This guy will definitely play on Sundays Probably first round pick. Why are you guys not recruiting the I-4 corridor more. Plenty of talent here. Don't let the Gators, Seminoles, Buckeyes, Irish and the Tide come in here without a fight and take the talent. Broward and Dade got talent. Doing the hay days I-4 corridor was part of the glory days too.

" Best team since the 04 season, The UF game is the statement game we will need " DOMINIK

SERIOUS Cane bUbba!!! Yous' absolutley need to see a Pyschotherapist and what not. Or better yet, get back on your medications.

Now, now DOMINICK. I, seriously, dig your FANATICISM and ZEALOTRY for a BELOW-AVERAGE Miami defensive unit. dUh.

But as some Miami bUbba bloviated above. The Hurricane's offensive will have to CARRY D'Onofrio's D-unit, again.

And Cane good ol' boy's. I SERIOUSLY just don't SEE-r that happening!!! Because there's just too many UNKNOWN tangibles/intangibles hiding in the shadows of Green Lawn. Eh. What say.

If y'all Cane goons Know What I Mean.

Bon jour et Bonsoir

So, here's a hearty har, har toast to 8-4 in 2013!!

canespace/eoth ZEALOTS don't deal with F-A-C-T-S.

Those Cane Good Ol' Boy goons play the INNIE, MINNIE, MINNIE, MOE game and what not.

In other words, they be all bout' WISHING on a Hurricane ORANGE nd' GREEN moon and what not. SEE their COLLECTIVE good ol' boy lame arse touts of...

9-3 or 10-2 regular campaign record(s) in 2013!

Now Cane goons. IF only Goldie would've CHIT-CANED his Frat Rat, DECADES-long buddy this winter past. Then just MAYBE. Miami could finish with a impressive record of 10-2.

But that's neither here or there. dUh

This is our best team since 2004. Its got possibly best best offense in school history with a record breaking qb and heisman rb, juco#1 Te, and the deepest wr core we have had since Andre Johnson and that 01 group. thats a fact....

#2. The Young Defense will b much improved since both our DT's (top 2 sr's) r healthy. Manny even posted we ranked in the 30's instead of 100s during the games porter played and chick couldnt b doubled.

It should b 10-2 11-1 or 12-0,,,,,,, no question

Seeing that the MIGHTY Florida Gators play their USUAL I-AA scrimmage game prior to facing the Hurricane's.

The TRADITION-RICH Gators will have ALL Spring and Fall to work on, making Marky Mark look like the INEPT defensive coordinator he be!! Eh. What say.

In other words, y'alls' BELOVED D'Onofrio is a decent D-coordinator. He's just NOT ready for B.C.S. level, prime time opposing offense's!! Believe it or not.

Bon jour et Bonsoir

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