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UM Canes football scrimmage at 10 a.m. Saturday at Traz Powell; Hurtt put on administrative leave

Hurricanes to Host Spring Scrimmage at Traz-Powell Stadium

Saturday scrimmage will begin at 10 a.m.

 CORAL GABLES, Fla. – Six practices into their spring practice schedule, the Miami Hurricanes will host the first of their three spring scrimmages Saturday. The Canes’ first spring scrimmage will be held at Miami’s Traz-Powell Stadium, beginning at 10 a.m.

The Canes, according to UM, will then have four more practices before their second spring scrimmage of 2013 – an April 5 trip to Naples High School in Naples, Fla. (7 p.m. start). Miami’s annual Spring Game will conclude spring practice April 13 at Sun Life Stadium (3 p.m.) Admission to all three spring scrimmages is free and open to the public.

Head coach Al Golden and his Hurricanes squad opened their spring practice slate March 2, holding four practices before Spring Break.

Per NCAA rules, NCAA Division I football programs may conduct a spring practice segment in which a maximum of 15 practice sessions may occur. The segment must be conducted over a span of 34 consecutive days, excluding institutional vacation periods and exam days.



LOUISVILLE, Kentucky — Louisville defensive line coach Clint Hurtt has been placed on administrative leave while preparing to answer allegations of violations the NCAA says he committed while he was a Miami Hurricanes assistant.

Cardinals coach Charlie Strong said Friday Hurtt has been given time away from the program so he "can concentrate on his case."

Hurtt, 34, faces allegations of receiving and providing impermissible benefits while at Miami. The NCAA last month sent Hurtt and Louisville a letter stating that he received a $2,500 loan and provided perks to Hurricanes recruits.

The NCAA also said Hurtt provided false and misleading information during the investigation.

Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich said last month Hurtt would remain on the Cardinals' staff while his case is pending but stopped short of saying he'd be with the program next season.

Hurtt has until May 20 to respond to the allegations.

Strong is handling Hurtt's defensive line duties during spring drills, which began on Wednesday. The coach also said Hurtt is not recruiting for Louisville while he prepares his response to the NCAA.

"We've given him that time and I think it's good that he's doing that," Strong said. "With the many distractions, he just can't do the job that we're asking him to do right now."

Hurtt, who played at Miami, was a Hurricanes assistant for eight seasons between 2001-09. He came to Louisville in 2010, Strong's first season as the Cardinals' coach.

Hurtt is one of three former Miami assistants the NCAA believes misled investigators during the Miami probe. Aubrey Hill and Jorge Fernandez were also accused of violating "principles of ethical conduct."

Several other former Miami coaches are named in the allegations as well, including one-time men's basketball assistant Jake Morton, who the NCAA said, among other things, accepted "supplemental income" of at least $6,000 from Miami former booster and convicted felon Nevin Shapiro.

Morton is now on the staff at Western Kentucky.

Miami is charged with a lack of institutional control, one of the worst allegations the NCAA can levy against a member school.

The NCAA has also revealed internal problems with its own investigative staff's handling of the Hurricanes' probe.

NCAA President Mark Emmert said in January that the organization discovered "a very severe issue of improper conduct" — specifically that the attorney for Shapiro was used "to improperly obtain information ... through a bankruptcy proceeding that did not involve the NCAA."

At least one of the people deposed by attorney Maria Elena Perez as part of Shapiro's bankruptcy case appeared under subpoena, and his testimony would not have been otherwise available to NCAA investigators. College sports' governing body does not have subpoena power.

The investigators who were involved are no longer with the NCAA.



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see []_[] after Austin

Why is no one commenting that Randy Shannon has been cleared of wrong doing - and in fact warned his players, coaches and administration to stay away from Shapiro and his problems? Apparently, he has been cleared and can now move on...

Probably because no one considered Shannon in any jeopardy.

I still think he deserves more than silence on this issue

Old CanE: And they won't say anything, because they don't want to admit that RS was a stern disciplanarian and a good defensive coach. RS saw what Shapiro was about from Day 1. But U can lead a horse to water, but U can't make him drink it. Just ask Aldarius and Ray ray what the deal is....

fact is, RS did nothing wrong. He wanted a bigger budget, but couldn't get one. All things considered, RS came out on top in all of it because he threw up the red flags.

The much maligned Shannon turned out to be the only clean and innocent one among all the UM coaches and administrators. All the cheating and slime has caught up with U and U will get hammered no matter how much the NCAA "botched" the investigation. The truth obtained under so called false pretenses is still the truth.

9>5>2 why all the rage and anger, everyone is entitled to their opinion even if U don't like it.
I would say enjoy the BB team run whle it lasts, chances are it won't last past the next round. Still U should be happy u had this nice run, next year will be back to normal.

I think the Canes Athletic Department might bring Shannon in as the D Coordinator if Dunnofrio does not get the defense properly prepared to play. I could even see them letting him go after only few games if he fields an embarrassing secondary and cannot stop the run with the abundance of talent he is working with. They have kids that can play football with the best in the country. No excuses, he has to get it done or be replaced. Don't be shocked if it is Shannon who replaces him. I don't want to hear about how he messed up relationships in South Florida. That guy is still a well-respected Cane in a vast majority of the relevant households down there. Relevant households are those that have a potential college athlete residing there.

I got the Canes for two National Championships this year, one in basketball and one in football. Baseball does not look anywhere near good enough to pull it off. Basketball, Shane Larkin, enough said. Football, even if Dunnofrio fields a horrible defense we should be putting up close to 40 a game unless we are playing Alabama. So if Coach D is a problem early in the season, I think he will be replaced without us losing a game. I got the Heat and Dolphins down for championships too. It really looks pretty bad for the Marlins though. All in all, it should be a really exciting year for most of the iconic sports the teams in Miami.

...for most of the iconic sports teams in Miami, even.

Shannon may have done nothing wrong, but coaches he hired to his staff engaged in wrongdoing. He should not get a total free pass. These guys were his choices and they did much harm to the Program he presided over. All the people calling for Shalala's head should also be criticizing Shannon. He was much closer to what was going on among his assistants than she was. I never heard Shannon take any responsibility for what has happened at UM. C. Hurt was breaking all kinds of rules under Shannon's watch. I'm no Cane hater. I've been a fan for 50 years.

Who cares if Randy Shannon was cleared of any wrong doing? Does that mean he isn't an abysmal coach and set the program back years? Nope.

Heard from a few at scrimmage today that defense looks much improved. Also heard that Alex Figueroa looks like Ray Lewis out there....a freshman..."laying the wood"....on people.

Hey....where is slurpee boy??

Slurp, slurp, slurp...

Did dUh []_[] Win the Scrimmage today ?

"Alex Figueroa looks like Ray Lewis"

And there []_[] have it...

LOL, "the defense looks much improved" after a scrimmage in March so let's crown them champs already.
Figueroa the next Ray Lewis,again before the kid plays a single down in a real game.
The level of delusion and stupidity is always high in the spring, same as every year during the past decade.
The sad reality will soon manifest itself once the season begins for real.

### Not a great day for UM’s new tight ends. Standish Dobard couldn’t fight off Howard for a pass at the goal line and dropped another pass. And Beau Sandland dropped an easy pass from Williams.


OH NO DOMASSE !!! What will become of oUr 7 Tight-End Set ?

My bad rboud the comment above was directed at reality bites

You gators dont want a harsh response dont come on here with idiotic hate

The culprits in letting Shapiro run the cane program for the last several years were the parade of clueless Ads, and the rest of the administration. Where was the "enforcement officer", where was the President and the rest of the administration? Easy to blame the only coach who spoke up but was ignored by the ADs.
That is why U have lack of institutional control.
In other news the Offense looks bad going against a crappy defense. The new Ray Lewis, Mr Figueroa hasn't played a down yet in a real game and the so called best TE group in America can't catch a ball.
Thank God U have a chance at 10 easy wins. How many of those will U mess up?

The assistant coaches reported directly to Randy Shannon. While Randy was the only guy who told players to stay away from Shapiro, he should have held his coaches accountable if he felt that strongly about Shapiro. There's no way Shannon didn't know that most of his staff was utilizing Shapiro's resources for all of those years. You can't say one thing and then bury your head in the sand. Either he knew and didn't discipline his coaches and players or he was completely oblivious to his surroundings. Either way, he doesn't come out looking all that good from an administrator stand point.

Everybody knows Shannon was the only innocent one in this whole thing. As Cool Cat said...leading a horse to water and all. Hurtt and Morton are going down.

Anyone driving from Dallas to Austin today?

ha!..."the other side" commenting on an early spring scrimmage!...
Hey, obsession is the greatest form of flattery, haha!


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