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Update on Florida Senator Joseph Abruzzo's quest for Attorney General to initiate investigation of NCAA

   I just spoke with Florida Senator Joseph Abruzzo, who asked Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi to launch an investigation "into the National Collegiate Athletic Association's (NCAA) actions during its probe of the University of Miami's athletic program, per a letter dated Feb. 20.

   Abruzzo said he met with Bondi late Thursday afternoon. He said she has gotten a copy of the 52-page report that came out after the NCAA's external review of its own improper conduct. The report details the NCAA's wrongdoings in the Miami investigation. 

  "She just received the internal report that the NCAA president issued,'' Abruzzo said by phone. "They gave me a copy, too.''

   Abruzzo said Bondi wants to review the report before they meet again next week.

   "Then we'll discuss what’s going to occur at that point,'' the senator said. "She understands my concerns and didn’t brush it off by any means. But she wants to completely familiarize herself with it.

    "We'll set a time to meet later in the week.''

    Abruzzo's Feb. 20 letter to Bondi said that "NCAA Enforcement Staff violated its own rules and engaged in corrupt behavior in an attempt to manufacture misdeeds against the University of Miami. In so doing, the NCAA has demonstrated a lack of institutional control and may have engaged in unfair trade practices in violation of Florida's Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act (FDUTPA), Chapter 501, Florida Statues.

   "...I strongly feel that the NCAA's abuse of power and payoffs must be scrutinized to the fullest extent, especially considering the NCAA's role as a regulatory institution of more than 400,000 students across the nation.''




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Somebody needs to hold this corrupt renegade group accountable. Actually, this investigation needs to go above state level and directly to congress where all these NCAA goons can take the 5th. They should not be exempt from ethical, moral and legal standards.

Great to see that we have some people fighting the good fight for the U! 2 wrongs never had made a right. Put a quality product on the field, the fans will come, the city will embrace and the rest of the college football world will say OH SHIZAT...and quietly be happy that the CANES are back in the mix. I work with a hardcore BAMA fan and he constantly tells me - football is SO MUCH BETTER WHEN THE CANES ARE IN THE MIX and BEATING PEOPLE!

This is ALL fluff and nonsense. Aside from internal changes, if any, NOTHING will happen.

What round do the round ballets get shown the door? First or second?

Even if nothing comes of this it puts pressure on the NCAA and let's them know they are not above the law. Whatever the penalty the NCAA has lost so much credibility already, and have been unmasked as what we already knew they were, which is a bunch of corrupt, bias, and money hoarding modern day slave masters.

what was this latest farce? an Ncaa enforcement bureaucrat saught to have Shapiro furloughed in order that he could appear as a witness against UM ? this RUMP organization must be investigated and sued.

National Communist Athletic Association.

We need to blow up this organization and start again. Time to get rid of the pompous white attorneys from the Northeast and Midwest. The fact that Emmert is knocking down a seven-figure salary governing a corrupt organization regulating some poor black kid's weekend meal money is the most egregious form of hypocrisy. The fact that the NCAA asserts "Lack of Institutional Control" when the NCAA itself has such clearly coercive and biased agenda against Miami and certain other programs is unacceptable. Time to rethink how we regulate college athletics.

So we just let the ncaa investigate themselves and call it good. What is this Cheney Admin all over again. Every rock they turn over another snake comes crawling out. Time for UM to stand it's ground, hopefully the NCAA will figure out the more we dig the deeper in $#%& they get.

As more attention is given to the uncommon methods, rules, regulations and enforcement/application of the NCAA the better. They have been and continue to act as judge, jury and prosecutor. The NCAA is a group of administrators and college presidents who use the institution to impose their beliefs on all member institutions. Its time they become scrutinized and exposed for what the NCAA really is, Imperialists!

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The possible State of Florida investigation is good news, but Ameen Njjar's letter to Shapiro's judge is off the charts incriminating for the NCAA and their approach to kill the Miami program using any means possible, believeing no rules apply to what the NCAA wants to do.


Ameen Najjar, the NCAA’s lead investigator at the time of the investigation into Miami athletics wrote a glowing recommendation letter for convicted felon Nevin Shapiro and submitted it to the court just days before he was sentenced two years ago. This letter was just discovered by the Associated Press and when the NCAA was asked about it they admitted they were aware that the letter existed. In the same letter, dated June 3, 2011, Ameen Najjar even suggested that the NCAA could eventually hire Shapiro.

Najjar wrote to Wigenton using NCAA letterhead, “and did so when he had the title of director of enforcement.” His role in missteps that the NCAA made during the investigation was detailed last month, when a probe that NCAA President Mark Emmert ordered found, among other things, that Najjar appeared to manipulate the investigation.

Shapiro attorney, Maria Elena Perez, told the AP last month that "had I realized I was dealing with, what is in my opinion ... such an incompetent regulatory institution; I would have never allowed Mr. Shapiro to have had any type of contact with the NCAA - period."

But Hassan, how can this be? If we admit that we troll our delusional nonsense all over the intranets then it will be obvious why the Gator fans come here and point out how completely irrelevant, losing, cheating, and delusional we are.

How can this be?

Also Hassan, when Putney Swope
Plays intranet lawyer like he does daily with his JUST THE FACTS persona, does he fully grasp how ignorant he is about the big picture with regards to UM's lack of institutional control?

Jay Bilas‏@JayBilas Tweets:

AP: NCAA wrote a letter on Shapiro's behalf, said NCAA might hire Shapiro in the future. http://bit.ly/14vnE6Y Talk about extra benefits.

Jay Bilas‏@JayBilas

How could Kenneth Wainstein, investigator NCAA hired to investigate NCAA, miss an NCAA letter on Shapiro's behalf? http://bit.ly/14vnE6Y

Jay Bilas‏@JayBilas

Still stunned by this, and its exclusion from NCAA report: http://usat.ly/WvzQXa NCAA has not commented. So much for transparency.

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Guys cut the clutter..This is serious as the future of a lot of athletes pertaining to the NCAA is at stake!!!.
The 'U' will take on the fight but who will step up with us?..
The ACC?...
Go 'Canes

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I've read the statute referred to by the Senator. I don't believe it applies to the NCAA's crooked actions in this case, but I'm far from an expert on the subject and hope I'm wrong. I'd love nothing more than the FL Attorney General to rattle the NCAA's cage.

Someone's bored! LOL

Lose the hard-on for us, folks.

The fake Hassan posting here has been at this for 4+ hours. Man, I kinda feel bad for U...

Now you get an idea of what "Jim Crow" laws and those handing down judgement was like. Like Nazi's still have power, influence and many followers in Germany, so does the Oppressionists America. They are called the NCAA, Tea Party, NRA and many Republicans. Be careful what you vote for, "YOU" just might get it! "Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere" including college football. Just saying.....

Not to change the subject, but please explain to me? Why would we take a chance with someone like Jake O'Donnell and tell a real "football" player like Michael Smith at MNW, that we want to see him at LB before offering? This staff has got to recognize a football player regardless if he's being played out of position. This kid is a stud! We should have offered last year. I like Golden but I'm starting to think he's uncomfortable with (the appearance)certain type of athletes commom down here. I also believe he doesn't realize the influence a couple cats like Ice Harris and Luke can have over young athletes. Everybody have to placate or kiss a little arse every now and then. Its part of the recruiting game like kissing babies is to politics. Just saying.........

Monty, seriously, this is the REAL Ohio. Hassan told me to check out the hilarity that is happening here talking about us. I never even read the comments on Manny's blogs. Had to come see for myself. Too funny.


Sahpiro conned the public, UM coaches, administratives etc. etc. Now the NCAA fell to his con.
How can they cast judgement on the U when they themselves fell prey to Shapiro's game.
The NCAA should bow out of this mess and claim that the self impossed punishment was punishment enough. If not go after them with all the resources that UM has and bring them down. Other institutions will aligne with us and this fight will be heralded in intercolastic sports history more than any championship that we may win.

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Is there anything you can do about this comments section? You can look at the IP addresses but I bet there aren't more than 5 people writing a bunch of the trolling nonsense back and forth.

Canes fans would greatly appreciate moderation so that real people could use this forum to talk about Hurricanes athletics. Good or bad, let the people have their say.

But make them use one name, a TypePad or Twitter (not FB) login. If they want to set up a bunch of dummy accounts and log in and out fine, but I promise the quality of your blog would go up.

"In print, we have carefully articulated viewpoints, signed by the author. Online, anonymous posts often devolve into a volley of name-calling.

These caustic comments would never be printed in The Miami Herald. We believe they shouldn’t appear on our website.

Beginning Monday, readers who want to comment on stories posted on MiamiHerald.com will be required to log in[]. We believe that anyone who has something to say should be willing to put their name to it.

For years, we have wrestled with this dilemma. Tens of thousands of users comment on our online stories each year, a virtual town hall that at its best creates robust community conversations on important issues. Too often, however, the rational voices are scared off. It is one of the complaints we most often hear about our website."

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Not to change the subject, but please explain to me? Why would we take a chance with someone like Jake O'Donnell and tell a real "football" player like Michael Smith at MNW, that we want to see him at LB before offering? This staff has got to recognize a football player regardless if he's being played out of position. This kid is a stud! We should have offered last year. I like Golden but I'm starting to think he's uncomfortable with (the appearance)certain type of athletes commom down here. I also believe he doesn't realize the influence a couple cats like Ice Harris and Luke can have over young athletes. Everybody have to placate or kiss a little arse every now and then. Its part of the recruiting game like kissing babies is to politics. Just saying.........
Posted by: Tampa Cane | March 08, 2013 at 04:39 PM

He don't even have to do that, all he gots to do is offer. goldie not use to the dreads & the dela's and the gold teeF. It's a different world down here, plus he already has his hands full in his mind with eddie johnson, so he'll probably start associating dela's/eddie johnson with future recruits. It's unfortunate but goldie is more comfortable recruiting out of state than he is in Miami right now and he may never get comfortable. Plus tampa Cane, the last thing goldie needs to be doing is not offering defensive players. So far, right now, not 1 defensive commitment for the class of 2014, it's already offensive heavy and i don't get into recruiting this early but it seems to me, we need to be loading up on defense.

Than the sad part about jake o'donell is, they brought him in to be on defense and have moved him to tight-end already, so that tells us they don't seem to know how to evaluate highschool defensive talent that well for the front seven that this defense is predicated upon.

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