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Bucs draft RB Mike James in sixth round

Mike James, rushed for career-best 621 yards and 6 TDs on 147 attempts as a senior for the Hurricanes, got his name called in the sixth round of the NFL Draft on Saturday.

The Bucs plucked James with the 21st pick, 189th overall. He was the 18th running back taken off the board. 

James was the second Hurricane to be taken in the draft. The Rams drafted cornerback Brandon McGee in the fifth round. 

The Hurricanes have now had a player taken in the NFL Draft 38 consecutive seasons. 


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Congratulations to Mike and Brandon!

Also, congrats to The U for having at least one player taken in the NFL Draft during the last 38 consecutive years!!

Go Canes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is SO awesome!

Congrats to both Mike James & Bandon McGee. I am so happy for them. I am also very disappointed in the Herald, but I expect nothing less these days. Shame on you - running head lines on the web page about no Canes being drafted, implying that they might not be. These guys were not projected to go in the early rounds. Sensational journalism and it stinks. I would say that I expect more form the hometown newspaper, but it is the Herald so.....well you know. Good luck in the NFL boys. Go Canes!

KPCANE - I couldn't agree with you more about the Herald and this draft.
McGee and James went about where they were expected to go in the draft. You can't help but like James, and McGee really persevered and started to realize his potential as a senior. Both guys stayed out of trouble at UM and were team leaders. They deserve pro careers and I hope it happens for them.

I'm happy for mike james, like sapp played highschool, college and now pro ball all in Florida, lol. I still think mike james is going to do real well in the pro's. I was hoping the redskins drated mike, he'd definitely run for alot of yards behind all that trap blocking.

Happy for brandon mcgee to as well, for him to basically truly began playing db t the college level cause in highschool he rarely if at all played db, which is why these recruiting sites are a joke, they had brandon mcgee listed as one of the top db's coming out of highscool although he clearly played qb the majority of the time. But for him to work hard and make himself draftable, and he' not just trying ot get drafted he's trying to stay and right now i know mike james is grinning than probably crying than grinning again, both of these young men overcame alot to get where they are.

nice post calvin. finaly no negativity

i disagree with the redskins thing. With Alfred Morris getting so much play time, and how well he did in his rookie season, no way they were drafting MJ.

But yo all dont be surprised if Mike does really well inTampa- he will surprise manypeople. Mark my words!

That makes the following running backs drafted fromthe U the last few yers:

Javarris James
Graig Cooper
Damien Berry
Lamar Miller
Mike James


Happy for these two fine young men. Late round steals in my opinion. Just shows the lack of talent at the U right now. Who said Randy Shannon left the cupboard loaded?

agreed with WG cane

some d bag in earlier artticles was swearing up an down that the gators were drafting ten.

didnt happen. just as I said.

in fact the seminols drafted eleven. There you go.

you don t have seminoles coming on here talking smack.

Congratulations to McGee and James. Does anyone know who may have a valid shot at free agency from this class?

Tampa has Doug Martin. Good luck on special teams

Hey guys wake up, the Herald has never treated the Canes right. They may me the "The Home Town Paper" but the have always favored the State schools. They only give the canes respect when we beat them into it by WINNING!!!

Yes...nice post from Calvin...

I hope we can finally put to rest the idea that UM has had plenty of talent these past 2 years and there is no excuse why they haven't been winning more games. The last 2 drafts tell you everything you need to know about the talent level of this team. There are some very talented young players on the roster who will be high draft choices in the future. Golden is increasing the talent level and they are getting better, but this team will still lose a game or 2 more this season than most people are expecting. The "D" will let them down in some big games - hope I'm wrong.

CutlerridgeLaz = disgustingly obese cane moron

Florida State- 11 Draftees and 4 Free Agent Signings.

Florida------- 8 Draftees and 6 Free Agent Signings.

Miami--------- 2 Draftees and 0 Free Agent Signings.

29 Players, in ONE YEAR, heading to NFL Camps this Summer from FSU and Florida tells Future High School Recruits all the need to know.

I am very happy for both Brandon and Mike. Both of their late mothers would be so proud of the men that their sons have become and I know that Brandon's dad is happy and proud of the son that he raised.

To all those saying only 2 players, that is true, the talent level surely has not been what we are used to, but remember it would have been more, but many players last year fell for the lines that were feed to them by the weasel known as Drew Rosenhaus (again, UM needs to keep that guy off campus) and we had I believe 9 last season. Many were drafted late and would have been drafted in round 1-3 this year, but again, Rosenhaus lied to them about their worth.

As for the talent level currently on the team we will see that the "U" will be the "U" again in the draft with the players currently on the roster and what CAG is bringing in.

Other Schools with ONLY 2 DRAFTEES... []_[]r in Mediocre Company... But []_[] are what []_[] are.

Iowa St.
Lousiana Tech
Oregon St.
Utah St.

btw- How many of Golden Boys Last Recruiting Class at Temple got drafted ?

ZERO... Just like what he's cooking down in the Gables right now with 2 below average overall Classes back to back... Wait til next year riiieet ?

[]_[] keep axing why all these High School kids continue choose SEC Schools over []_[] ?

To be the BEST, you must play with and against the BEST !!! The SEC EAST Alone had more Draftees than []_[]r ENTIRE All Cupcake Conference. Good thing []_[] got FSU, []_[]r only SEC worthy comparison, and there 11 picks or between []_[]r other 11 Schools []_[]'d have just a total of 20 players drafted and DEAD last of ALL Conferences !!!

The SEC has long been the most dominant conference in college football and they routinely send the most talent to the NFL. This year has been no different, as a whopping 63 SEC players were picked in the 2013 NFL Draft, nearly a full quarter of the entire 254-player pool. 12 SEC players went in the first round alone, followed by the ACC with six and 31 overall.

The Southeastern Conference dominates college football to such an extent that a quarter of the new talent coming into the NFL this year comes from that conference.

Of the 254 players drafted over the last three days, 63 of them came from SEC schools. That’s more than double the number of draft picks that any other college conference produced. The ACC was second with 31 picks, while the Pac-12 was third with 28 picks.

Although an ACC school, Florida State, led all colleges with 11 players drafted, the other four schools in the Top 5 all came from the SEC: LSU And Alabama had nine each, and Georgia and Florida had eight each. Another SEC school, South Carolina, tied Rutgers for sixth place with seven players drafted.

SEC football is the closest thing to the NFL on Saturdays!!!

[]_[] getz dat ?

Elite 4****-5***** High School Recruits sure do.

hey gator vomitorium:

do the math a55 pimple

How manycanes were drafted 2000-2010?

Of those how many first rounders? (here's a hint- more than alabama and oho state together)

that was the 21st century, if my math is correct

and in fact, you small brained rednk,

Um had 11 total signed in 2011. This year very low,

but guess who still has the most players in the NFL?

You guessed right


Not alabama, not the turds (who everyone in the SEC hates), not LSU, not ohio state, not USC, not texas, not oklahoma, not Oregon or Clemson, or FSU

There is only one NFL U

Cane Fan Credo...

*** It's never about where []_[] are and where []_[]r going... Only about where []_[]'ve been, living in the past...***

So sad that past History is []_[]r only and constant calling card. But even sadder that []_[]r History will never be repeated.

Iowa St.
Lousiana Tech
Oregon St.
Utah St.

Are the type of Schools that []_[] compete with for mediocre 3*** Recruits and why []_[]r []_[]nranked the last 5 years.

Congrats to Brandon and James. Only thing is went to MacDonalds for the cane draft party but when I got there just in time for the 7th round both of them were alresdy taken. At least I got to partake in the free toast and nuggets.
Go Canes!

delusional gators:

They dont even realize how bad they must be--- how much they su--kk, for their pathetic team to place 8 in the NFl and STILL SUCK A55



Cane4life posting the type post that we need more often around here, a factual one. To many people have been quick to try and say no talent was left to coach goldie because of only 2 getting drafted this year, but fail to mention the early departures last year as well as the players like ray ray armstrong, vaughn telemaque were projected draft picks going into their senior years only to get railroaded by coach goldie.

Than come next year, just like only about 2 other people i know, we said shannon's best class was that 2010 class back after he signed the class not the 2008 class. Right now, that class is definitely on track to show that to be true. So again, goldie was left with a boat load of nfl talent.

There are REALLY STUPID people on this blog. We had TWO guys go into he draft because we ONLY had TWO SENIORS you blithering IDIOTS and a few juniors who were smart enough to stay put. BOTH the seniors got drafted. So you DUMB AZZZ Gator hicks spouting your more draftees, we had TWO, ok TWO, and BOTH were picked up. Even with 0 we STILL load up the NFL with more and BETTER players than u ever thought about.

Posted by: How Many Draft Picks Since 2005 ? []_[]r Not Even Close To The Top... |

Dude you REALLY want to tug at that thread you're hanging onto? Year before last NO 1st rounders, BUT STILL had 13 get drafter, 13 you ignoranimous, and you wanna go back since 05, LMAO. UF doesn't even come CLOSE to our number of draft picks. Jeez your stupidity is SHINING!!!!!!

Calvin is back to his inccredibly stupid racist fake malcolm x ways

"ray r ay and telemaque railroaded by Goldie"????? are you serious?

i mean with stupidity like this I can see why the US is on the decline.

Ray ray and telemaque--- where are they? Did they get picked up by annyone? NO. Why?

Bc they were no talent no work ethic lazy entitled Shannon recruits who thought they were autumatically in the NFL before they wore the green and orange NOT BECAUSE GOLDIE RAILROADED THEM AS YOUR DUMB GHETTO A55 PUT IT.




### UM declined overtures to open the 2014 season against LSU at Houston’s Reliant Stadium – smart, considering it will be the first game for Stephen Morris’ successor at quarterback. UM doesn’t need him opening against a usually-stout LSU defense.

Well, guess []_[] can't use the,"We'll play anyone, anywhere, anytime." BS anymore... Not like it mean't anything anyway since []_[] were and still are dodging the Top Teams in the County as an Independant, Big Least and All Cup Cake Conferences members... But look on the bright side. At least Goldy knows his and d[]_[]h []_[]'s limitations.

We'll play anyone........
as long as it's not an SEC team, or a top 20 team outside the ACC, or FIU

We'll play anywhere.......
sure, it doesn't matter where we play, not like we ever have home field advantage, heck the few times anybody good come play us at home they always bring in more fans than we do

We'll play anytime........
no Thursday nite home games on ESPN though, we don't want the whole nation to see us play in that big ole empty stadium, what if a recruit finds out we do not draw at all

Miami 26 - 24 over Gatr Trash.

5 titles to 3.

4 - 1 the last five games.

That is not me talkin', inbred trailer rats, thems is the facts. Scoreboard.

Canes own Gatr maggots. Period.

The pattern of ineptness continues. From the owner who brought you the orange carpet, C-list celebrity owners, T-Pain's awful fight song and male cheerleaders comes a draft with 4 Gatr maggots.

What do all of those things have in common? Tacky, over-rated and none of which will help the Dolphins win.

Deal with it, Gatr Trash.

Re-rank the classes, cane Trash

Living in the past all U got fool

That is not me talkin', inbred thug rats, thems is the facts:
Last time teams met, Gators won
In the past decade. 2 NCs to none
5 years running without a 1rst round pick for the canes
Gators place 8 in the draft to 2 for the canes
2 Gators in the 1rst round to none for the canes

Did we have any free agent signings? Heard Ray Ray signed with Buffalo.

Compared to Miami's roster, the Cavs are a bunch of scrubs. Heck compared to the other 8 playoff teams they are still a bunch of scrubs. That is why LBJ left why would he go back? To even think about that is asinine.

Little green pea that is the Golden plan, to run from competition. He can't afford to keep losing. I see you are as delusional as a good ole cane, the Gators played the top 5 toughest schedule last year and play in the best conference in the world. Gators play the best and keep winning. You play the worst and keep losing. I mean you sissies have tried it all, cheating, paying in the soft Big East and now the softer ACC, and now scheduling pansies OCC and running from competition. Who's the yellow belly Ibis?

Posted by: Reality Bites | 04/28/2013 at 04:09 PM

Miami already plays Nebraska OOC in 2014.....who do the gaturds play?

Idaho Vandals
Eastern Michigan
Eastern Kentucky

and FSU which the Florida state legislature forced upon the gaturds or that spot would be filled by the Hellen Keller school for the blind!


Gaturd first round picks are trash.....Tim Tebow RELEASED by the Jets this morning.

"2 Gators in the 1rst round to none for the canes

Great, Trailer maggots. You are on par with UNC. So much for your supremacy. Gatr trash thinks it is Alabama when in reality it is closer to Kentucky. Thta is why a Gatr maggot has to chant, SEC! SEC!. It's all you gots in the cess pool that is Trailerville.

Now, you do a nice job of cutting, pasting and editing, you varmint. It's all you can do.

Yellow-belly Ibis?

Is the Pot in the Trailer calling the Mighty Hurricanes yellow? Implying cowardice?

Is this the same skeewwwl that canceled the annual series with Miami?

Just checking.

I am really happy for those two UM players. I took a lot of photos, and those 2 players were on the field to PLAY!!!!! All that Mike James has been through, losing his mom, and still had the courage and strength to keep playing, and also be a LEADER!!!! Brenda Curran RN

The canes are anything but "mighty", only a delusional fool would call them that. Unless "mighty" means mediocre in Coral Gables slang. The mighty 6 - 6 canes will be back next year. The mighty ACC 4th place canes have placed zero players in the first round for 5 years in a row.
The cowardly canes run from playing LSU in 2014, will play Bethune instead.
The cowardly canes still refuse to schedule FIU, after FIU's players do much better in the draft.
UNC keeps it's supremacy over the "mighty" canes not only on the field but also on draft day as well.

Posted by: Jim Gallo = Gators troll

Why do you insist in copy and paste my posts from Barry Jackson's blog? Those posts are out of context here moron.
green is a regular poster on Barry's blog, not here.
So I call him little green pea over there.
If Gallo uses that term here so be it, I don't.
I use it over there in response to a specific blogger, butt out of that conversation moron.
You like to play Sherlock Holmes and try find out who's who. Let me help you out, you are an idiot. See that was easy, no shyet sherlock.
Amazing how much Gallo gets under you skin.

There are REALLY STUPID people on this blog. We had TWO guys go into he draft because we ONLY had TWO SENIORS you blithering IDIOTS and a few juniors who were smart enough to stay put.

Posted by: Cola Cane | April 28, 2013 at 06:26 PM

2012 Miami Hurrican Football Roster...


And []_[] are El St[]_[]pido Example 1-A Coca Cane... 2 Seniors huh ? Try 12 Seniors on the Miami Hurricane 2012 Roster. []_[]r Juniors were smart not to leave early huh ? Well []_[] had 29 Juniors... TWENTY-NINE Juniors on the roster and the reason why they didn't leave early was that not ONE would have even been sniffed at by NFL Teams to even consider to draft. And YES, that includes []_[]r NON-All-ACC 1st. or 2nd. Team Q.B. #17 Morris that []_[] fools are touting as a 1st. rounder,(if he improves his accuracy by not throwing to Backs feet and 10 feet over the WR's heads)in next years draft. Fact is Lame Cane Lima Bean Brain, is that []_[] had and STILL have ZERO Upperclassmen that are Top-Rated prosects. ZERO. Out of those 12 Seniors and 29 Juniors, all []_[] could get drafted was 2 ? TWO ? AND ZERO FREE ANGENTS SIGNED !!! No Wrongway Botts or Toast Telemac ? Or are []_[] going to claim Ray Ray, "THE NEXT SEAN TAYLOR!!!" now as []_[]r 1 and only F.A. signing ? And out of those 29 Juniors, how many sent their paperwork in to inquire as to where they might be drafted if they decided to enter the NFL Draft early. How many ? Yup, []_[] guessed it. Another FAT ZERO. Including Lard Arrzzzzee Seantrel. And that's because []_[]r entire []_[]pperclass st[]_[]nk. And []_[]r all fired up about []_[]r "Young" Freshman and Sophs. ? []_[]r 2012 Class of 30+ players had maybe 5 that were offered by Top Schools. That leaves 25 that NO TOP SCHOOLS even looked at. And this last 2013 Class, which is putrid in overall numbers, has maybe 5 guys that could even compete in the SEC. []_[] Canes are Hilario[]_[]s with []_[]r certifiable []_[]nreal Del[]_[]sional blindsightedness. Tell me, on []_[]r Defense, how many Pro prospects do []_[] have? No D-Linemen, maybe 1 undersized LB and a saftey ? On offense ? ok maybe a couple of linemen, a WR and 1 RB Tops... 6...7 overall prospects on a 85 man roster ? []_[] collosal d[]_[]mbassse Canes, Teams like Bama, LSU, Florida, Georgia, S.Carolina, FSU, Ohio-State, USC, Oregon have that many NFL prospects that were Red-Shirt scout-teamers and will be BACKUPS in 2013 !!! Sure, []_[] used to be there over a Decade ago, but those days of []_[] stockpiling Top Talent are LONG GONE...

Just be happy []_[] play in the Weakest Conference in ALL of College Football and that will afford an Avergage team like []_[]rs to compete and Play in the Conference Title game from time to time. Even though []_[]'ve yet to make it there(ooohhh yeah, I forgot, []_[] were Coastal Champs !!! last year right? After UNC whipped []_[] and were ineligible.)... Just remembered, []_[]r players jumped into the stands and celebrated after barely beating an eventual 7-7 Coastal Champs Ga.Tech team ? If that doesn't tell []_[] all []_[] need to know, then there's no hope for []_[]...

Remember this... The SEC had 63 Draft Picks !!! TWO FULL ROUNDS ! The SEC EAST alone, 31 picks and more than []_[]r ENTIRE ACC's 29 !!! And if there were no ACC-FSU, that # would be a GRAND TOTAL of 20 Picks in the ACC overall and by FAR the worst of ALL Conferences... TWENTY picks from 11 ACC Teams not named FSU !!! Ohhhh Yeahhhh All []_[] Cl[]_[]cks, some real Big Boy Football []_[]r participating in there.

In closing Coke Head Cane... Only 2 Seniors huh ? Yeeeaaaaahhhh Riiiiieeeet.

bwt-how's that Hoops team looking for 2014 ? Cane Pingers after a 12-0 start ? Lemme guess, BC is an up and coming Baseball Program huh ?

Yo Manny n Susan, where's that Miami Cane Free-Agent Signings Blog ?


yellow belly Ibis loser punk

Umwill play anyone anywhere unlike your pu55ie a55 tyrds whowont play outside your inbred trailer park (the SEC) outside of florida.

When was the last time your loser squad went to
Ohio State?
Chicago to play Notre Dame?

Outside of a bowl?

Answer- Never/ Bc youall are a bunch of pu559e a55es beginning with Jeremy-I-a-am-scrrd to-play Miami-Foley

One more thing:

Players in NFL: rosters:

UM 45
UF 28 minus one-- Buh Bye Timmy watermelon head. YOu are hereby


Timmy Tears cut from Jets.....first round pick....whoever drafted him was sippin that bottle.

Ummmm, Canes run from LSU? Gatr trash runs from Canes to schedule Montana.

Bravo, ye holder of the worthless diploma after spending 7 useless years in a trailerpark.

And Soldy, really, your writing is that of a 7-year old. Or of a 70-year old who has to get up 5x a night to pee. Isn't that right, you sick Pig? Maybe Vagotis can hold your hand while you pee.

Hola, douchebag?

Wow Soldy, For someone who types like a 3 year old, you sure have a hate on for Miami. Hey man I'm sorry a little teeny tiny private school with a 13K student body has MORE titles and has MORE players in the NFL than YOUR HUGE 50k HICK university does, but I guess size DOESN'T really matter. Mentality does and your's is that of a cave dweller, lol.

Now listen up all cane morons.
It is not a rumor, it is official, the canes were offered to kick off the 2014 season against LSU @ Reliant Stadium, a neutral site.
The canes said, no way Jose, no thank you, I don't think so, you are nuts dude, we want no part of that.
Those were some of the answers given by the AD du Jour, Blake something or other. A sentiment echoed by Golden Balls who said that is anathema to his Golden Plan to bring the canes back into relevance. He said, LSU always has a stout defense, we cannot afford to break in our new QB against a real defense, we will continue our Plan to only play the weakest OOC teams we can find, we don't want anyone form the SEC, not even Kentucky. You must be kidding or mad to think we would even consider playing LSU or any top team from any conference.

It is not a rumor, it is official, the canes were offered to kick off the 2014 season against LSU @ Reliant Stadium, a neutral site.

Neutral sight? Reliant stadium is a 4 hour drive from Baton Rouge.

[]_[] Are What []_[] Still Are... []_[]NRANKED in 2013...


Miami to Houston = 18 hours

Baton Rouge to Houston = 4 hours

Neutral huh.....

[]_[] Are What []_[] Still Are... []_[]NRANKED in 2013...

Not after 9-7-13.....

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