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Canes await Michel's announcement Friday; talented RB said he made up his mind, parents will be happy

The last time Hurricanes fans held their breath when one of the country's premier high school running backs to make his college choice on television it was only the beginning of a long, strange winding road to disappointment. 

When highly-touted Plantation American Heritage running back Sony Michel makes his decision around 4:45 p.m. on ESPN Friday we could end up down a similar path -- only this time don't expect his mother to run off with his National Letter of Intent.

Michel (5-11, 205) told me face-to-face Wednesday he expects for his parents to be happy with the school he announces for and for his pursuit by college football programs to come to a peaceful, non-dramatic end. Michel, choosing between the Hurricanes, Georgia, Florida State, Notre Dame and Florida, said he's already made up his mind. Friday is just about letting the rest of the world know.

"I went on a visit last weekend and it had me thinking. But last night and the night before I slept on it and had my decision made. [Friday is] going to be a happy day for me and my parents because I can finally make a decision and just celebrate," said Michel, who run circles around upperclassmen since he was an eighth-grade phenom to the tune of 4,819 yards and 58 touchdowns in his career.

"At the end of the day I don't care what anybody else thinks. It's about me and football and where I'm going to be happy."

Even though he won't be signing a National Letter of Intent until National Signing Day in February, Michel said he plans on shutting down his recruitment after Friday's announcement.

While that may not stop schools from recruiting him, he said the whole point of Friday's announcement is to avoid distractions and allow him to keep his focus on the football field this coming season. Heritage has had one of the best programs in Broward County each of the past two seasons, but has knocked out of the state playoffs in the first round. Michel is intent on not letting that happen again.

"I chose to get this out of the way early just so I can focus on the football season," Michel said. "That's the only way I can focus on winning that state championship ring. I don't really care about the whole stats situation. If I only get 200 yards this year I'll be satisfied as long as I got a ring. If I run for 2,000 yards and I don't get a ring I'll feel like I failed as a senior.

"Opening things back up and dragging it out to Signing Day is just not something that's been on my mind. I feel like once I commit I will be a solid commit and stop the recruiting process."

Although UM coaches have been on campus plenty this spring -- speaking to Michel's coach, former Hurricane Mike Rumph -- Georgia is considered the favorite to land Michel according to most experts.

Asked what he likes about the Bulldogs and other finalists Wednesday, Michel said: "What they did there was give both of their freshmen the opportunity to showcase their talents. That's what a player likes to see. They have a great coaching staff."

"Miami has always had a good program, great running back history. They've got a great back there now. Miami has always just been Miami. What they do with the running backs is they showcase the running back a lot.

"Florida changed their offense to pro style and just had a running back go to the NFL. They have a top running back coming in. Florida State also."

While Michel expects Friday's decision to be final, Rumph doesn't.

"To be honest, I just wish he would wait," Rumph said. "Because recruiting never ends until Signing Day. Whoever he picks you know the other guys aren't going to stop coming after him."


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It's good to see Mike Rumph doing good things. He wasn't a bad player at UM. He was good good on that 2001 team. We all know who was the most overrated and the biggest bust on that 2001 team: Hint: He played QB.

God Willing, come next signing class, we'll hear coach goldie again announce to the world how the class just signed is a class he's proud of and a class with players that were recruited to "our core values" Than sometime next year, a player or 2/3/4 will be kicked off the team.

This is one of the main reason why goldie keeps recruiting them out of towners, he can relate a lil better to them.

The Canes have already locked in the best OL line in their history. Who wouldn't want to run behind that, with Olsen at the helm. maybe he'll change his mind when he sees Duke win the Heisman this year.
Go canes!

I'm wondering have there been any goldie recruits on the offensive side of the ball that's gotten kicked off the team or do only the offensive players under the goldie regime get 2nd and 3rd chances.

They don't want us to have a defense, that seems to be where the powers that be have attacked us, it's an inside job!

Yes. Only offensive guys get lots of chances. I think duke failed 18 drug test and I'm sure Steven Morris has some theft and drug ring going on.... Your a dumbass Calvin.

Best OL in history
Duke winning a Heisman
Olsen at the helm

Welcome to the Grand delusion
Come on in and see what's happening
Pay the price, get your tickets no one ever shows
The stage is set, the band starts playing
Suddenly your heart is pounding
Wishing secretly you had some star players
But don't be fooled by the radio
The TV or the homer magazines
They show you photographs of how your team used to be
But they're just a fantasy
So if you think your life is complete confusion
Because you never win a big game
Just remember that it's a Grand delusion
And deep inside we're all the same sorry losers
We're all the same cane losers...

So if you think your life is complete confusion
Because your neighbors up north got it made
Just remember that it's a Grand delusion
And deep inside we're all the same loser canes.
We're all the same loser canes...

Dumbass is to kind for Calvin or Gallo . They say the most retarded things I have ever heard , and the thing is they think they are intelligent. How much better would this blog be without them on it ? I don't usually say bad things about people but they somehow bring out the worst in me.Go Canes

@GA cane..don't grt upset at gallo and calvin or cool cat...Dumb people say dumb things what do you expect.Anyways the recruiting trail is hot and about to get hotter.GO Canes..Suck it Gallo

True on all counts . Go Canes

@coolcat, you're an idiot..

cool cat, calbvin and gallo are like themretardedkids who drool all over themselves and babble incessantly. Sorry.That's an insult to retarded kids.
@cool cat- if it wasnt for the 2001 QB, That game against FSU in 2000 would have been lost. With 30 sec left that pass to Shockey was on the $. Who got the ball to Andre Johnson,Moss, and Reggie Wayne? Sho want Kenny Kelly or Crudup although that may dissapoint you since this is purely a race thing (we know)

Michel may end up at UGA. Im not sold on him bc he has been injured of late. HAd knee surgery. I dont know.

GAtor pukes on here- whats that I hear?//////

I think its your sisters calling youfrom the trailers- They want more. They want more.

The NFL drafted college linemen in the first round.
QBs can not throw the football while laying on their backs or while eating a football. Duke can not run a yard unless a good lineman clears a path.

The Canes have got to have good linemen, who are in shape, and who can move their feet - something we have not seen since Butch was Head Coach.

The game starts on both sides of the line of scrimmage.

I get really tired of hearing about the star players when anyone who knows anything about football KNOWS that a team MUST have good linemen on offense and four down good linemen on defense. This is so fundamental, it is insane to do anything else ahead of the off and def. lines. And they have to be in top shape, not just lifting weights, but lose the fat and run miles and miles.

goldie and his staff are morons. They have proven they are just as ignorant of the the game as shannon and 90% of the other coaches in pro, college, and HS football. Let me know when shalalalaal and goldie are fired so Miami can start looking for some quality.

And get some coaches who work the Canes so much, they are too tired to commit crimes. And get some smart players who can pass their college classes.

17 Morris is a sure fire first rounder next year riiieet ?

Who is this cool cat? Mike Rumph was good? He was a friggin 1st round draft pick! Good? He would have been THE star anywhere that didn't have Ed Reed in the same backfield. Dorsey overrated? What are you smoking? Man won one ring, got cheated out of playing for a another by Saint Bobby adoration, and a third becuase Shawn Taylor,God rest his soul,got a pick 6 he sould had had stripped by some "never did anything againg" RB. Taylor was absolutely fantastic and that should have been his hero forever win the game play but instead we lose. Should we blame him, hell no. But why would you throw dirt on Kenny. You must judge college QBs by their NFL cred. Jim Kelly and Vinnie where then The best The U had, but NO RINGS! I love them both but NO RINGS! Give me Steve, Craig, Berine and Kenny all day every day. It is about the Rings. Can anyone be any better than Vinnie was? Did anyone have a better team around him than Vinnie? Yet no ring. One less interception and we have a 6th. I blame JJ for that loss but still, one less interception and a ring. Kenny wound not have thrown that one to many interceptions. I hate to call people names but you must be the lowest form of life- a gator!

the lowest form of life- a gator!

Posted by: Glenn | April 26, 2013 at 07:41 AM

see []_[] soon

Congrats, Gatr Trash. Not that it is surprising for an underachieving program full of alleged 5 stars, but you had as many first rounders as North Carolina.

That's right. UNC.


Gators had as many first rounders as UNC brags the delusional cane moron. That's twice as many as the canes had. 5 years and counting with no canes going in the first round, that is your pathetic streak.
Keep talking about Vinnie, Rumph, Reed and company morons. Keep living in the distant past. Today, right now you are irrelevant. UF, FSU, UNC, the SEC and even most of the ACC is way better than you. They all have much better players. Ray Lewis just retired, soon Reed and his contemporaries will hang it up and then you won't have many NFL alums left. The only thing you have to brag about will be over. Has been, used to be, a cane thing.
Now it is the SEC, FSU, Clemson and UNC to name a few.

I like what this kid is doing. He's gonna make his choice and shut it down so he can focus on his team. Like all the other highly recruited players he knows now where he wants to play and instead of dragging it out he respectful enough not to have other teams waisting their time. after announcing his choice he'll like to be left alone so he can help prepare his team to win a state title.

All the stars are out - Reality Bites, CaneFan'72, Styx, Cool Cat, SOLDY, Calvin. I should say "star" as they are all the same person. Must be panic time in Trailerville.

Miami has the most players CURRENTLY IN THE NFL. by far/ USC is a distant 2nd by 10=15 less ////////

Yo Cane trash

Yo sunnydouche when U talk about stars I just had to chime in
Don't wanna be left out the party
Yo douchy, don't think all those r the same dude
At the very least U get a lot of attention from these bloggers
Not bad for an irrelevant, bottom feeder, ACC weakling

Yo is it true what Reality reports, 5 years in a row with no first round draft picks?
Now that is something to think about
Let me think.................
That is why U sUck now, and have sUcked for the past decade chUmps

Yo some wise blogger said Mickey Ds is hosting the cane draft party Saturday around 6PM, just in time for the 7th round.
That is very funny indeed
Funny cause it has shades of truth
Not some made up delUsional baloney from Ur Cane Pig

Yo that Styx song is good

Yo chUmps at least U can root for the Heat

Spring is gone
U won the Spring game
Champs again in the Spring
Summer will bring NCAA pain
Well deserved
Fall will bring back Ur usual losing ways
Fall chUmps again
A cane thing.........
5 years and counting
the 7th round, where the canes live

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!!

Guess the alleged top 5 isn't so top five with all the losses of players.

How did Matt Patchan work out? Dunker?

They don't call it FloridDUUUUUUUUHHHHHHH for nothing.

Cool Cat..... that over hyped QB in 2001, was 38-2 with an undefeated national championship in 2001 won in the Rose Bowl and had a admittedly bad ref call in the desert that stole another NC. Yeah he was over hyped just like calvin and gallo's opinions of themselves.

Defense wins championships, not star players, not QBs, not speedy running backs.

Miami has been near last of all major colleges in defense the last decade. Under goldie the Canes have had mediocre seasons because he and his coaching staff are morons about defense putting a bunch of guys in the def. backfield instead of up on and close to the line of scrimmage where they can get to the QB and RBs of the other team. And they let the other teams run wild outside the DEs instead of turning the play back into our defensive pursuit.

You jest can't fix stupid - Cane coaching staff and those who disagree with me.

To all who want to get to know Calvin as I do...he is a pathetic loser who views success in life as living in the hood in Detroit or Chicago. He sits on his cot in his cell dreaming of the days he made failing grades and dropped out of high school as the "good ole days."

To read his posts presents you with the picture of a bitter old man whose life is filled with failure and disappointment but of course he blames everyone else but himself for that. He also longs for some companionship but all he has are dreams of the pimped out, drugged out gap tooth lover he had in the alley one night and sighs and thinks of, "the good ole days" once again!

Whenhe wakes up from that dream he realizes that when he goes before the judge he will get 365 plus 1 and have to wait to get back to his shack and his favorite seat in the outhouse out back.


alex collins
denver kirkland
terrell brooks
matthew thomas
jaynard bostwick
keith bryant
Robert Lockheart
sony michel - GA loses the battle - (suprise) fsu close to home and GA already has 2 good backs

golden cant close a door with a hurricane it its back lets alone top florida recruits.....

ask mario christobal - even he had to go...

You Canetrash.....slurp slurp,slurp

Never an undefeated season? Ever? Ever ever?

Just a horrible stat to have to live with....haha.

Reality Bites, here's a little dose of REALITY for YOU, despite Miami not having a 1st rounder in the last 5 years we STILL put more players in the NFL than your sorry azzez, and by the way we ONLY have TWO players heading into the draft this year, so of course you're going have more than us. What a complete and TOTAL IDIOT, you and your brother Cane Trash, who we LOVE because it burns your azzez that a little tiny school with ONLY 12K students STILL has more TITLES than you, and STILL puts more players in the pros than you do, LMAO......

Good to see that noted racist cool cat back. Off your medication again cool cat? One thing you should probably watch and read and learn something about sports. Although your slipping with no comments about Randy Shannon.You and Calvin I guess dont have a flat screen under the 95 overpass you guys live at.

Cola you snorting again?
You USED to put more players in the NFL. Past tense.
Not anymore fool. Then you say: "we ONLY have TWO players heading into the draft this year, so of course you're going have more than us."
Well you moron that is not only this year, it's a trend.
A five year trend so far.
You USED to put more players in the NFL
Now you don't
Then the bit about undefeated seasons, just like it's been said before by the great Canetrash my Bro and mentor, you are like the Marlins, all or nothing.
Undefeated and a title and then years of losing with no shot at a title.
Compared to winning seasons and in play for the title most of the time. Keep your 2 or 3 undefeated seasons and your 10 years of losing.
Keep living in the past.
How about Kosar, or Ed Reed.
Never mind Kyle Wright or Jacory.
The past and the present
So sad for you

goldie and his staff are morons. Let me know when shalalalaal and goldie are fired so Miami can start looking for some quality.
Posted by: CaneFan'72 | April 26, 2013 at 06:54 AM

rofl, this man knows his football and is calling it like it is. The last 2 years consistently teams have been running outside against us, in this pathetic defensive scheme, those bozo's are expecting the corner to come all the way up from 15 yards, get off the block and make the tackle, only problem by than, the oppossing runningback has already gained 7 to 9 yards. Anybody that knows anything about football know the one thing we always posessed was team speed on defense. So how are teams running outside on us at will all of a sudden, scheme. Why are our defensive ends being asked to crash inside on a regular basis.

Than the linebacker behind him is being asked to line up on the inside hash mark but over the top of a slot receiver with no real safety help., the receiver bumps the linebacker and keeps him occupied on the inside, in the meantime the d-ends are crashing inside, the runningback gets outside, and it's an easily play. Same formation, this time the just pass the ball out to the flats on the out route to the receiver. I'm tired of us being out flanked even before the ball is snapped.

It's sad watching oc's gain confidence and can't believe how easy it is to coach against our defense. We use to be the litmus test for oc's, now oc's are being lulled to sleep when they play us into thinking they've actually done something.

When shannon was the headcoach, it was alleged that some assistants who faced us said our team wasn't coached well. Now goldie is the headcoach, with a defense ranked 117th and i haven't heard other assistants saying that or the announcers, but the annoucers constantly are saying we ned to change up what we're doing on defense but whatever we're doing isn't working.

So goldie will continue to kick defensive players off the team without hesitation trying to buy more time for his boy clown 117th!

Anyone know which MacDonalds is hosting the Canes draft party? I would like to go and cheer on Mike James and Brandon McGee. Is it true they are giving away free football tickets with a happy meal? That would be great. Go Canes!

Sony to UGA is my guess especially since a certain scouting group was involved and now not allowed on a certain Plantation campus! Sounds "fishy" is about right! lol

This blog is so infested. It's full of a bunch of twelve year old's who are still living in their mommies basement. It's pathetic. Same little kids day after day thumping their chest saying how their dad can beat up your dad. No education, no job, no nothing.

Yo Gator Trash

Yo sunny when U talk about stars I just had to chime in
Don't wanna be left out of the party
Yo Sunny, you know Iam the same stupid dude using various aliases
At the very least I get a lot of attention from these bloggers
Not bad for an irrelevant, bottom feeder, SEC Gator weakling

Yo is it true what Reality reports, 5 years in a row with nothing but Gator convicts and felons
Now that is something to think about
Let me think.................
That is why we cowardly gators sUck now, and have forever sUcked…we are spineless chUmps

Yo some wise blogger said Mickey Ds is hosting the cowardly Gator draft party Saturday around 6PM, just in time for the 7th round.
That is very funny indeed
Funny cause it has shades of truth
Not some made up delUsional baloney from Ur Gator Pig

Yo that Styx song is good

Yo chUmps at least U can root for the winner of the Gainesville rat shooting contest

Spring is gone
U even lost the Spring game held in that septic tank you call a stadium
Gator Chumps again in the Spring

Summer will bring NCAA pain as you screwball coach, Muschamp, paid off players

Well deserved

Fall will bring back Ur criminal/cheating cowardly Gator losing ways

Fall chUmps again
A speinless Gator thang.........
85 years and counting
The Alachua County Jail, where the Gators live

Bunch of pathetic, cowardly, cheating Gator LOOSERS!!!

Anyone know which Jail is hosting the Gators draft party? I would like to go and cheer on our convicts and soon to be convicts. Is it true they are giving away free bail bondsmen discounts with a road-kill hillbilly meal? That would be great. Go Gators...cause her comes the cops!

Before the fall out begins with SM to UGA if that is his choice...consider this......UM has Yearby's commit and is going hard to change Cook's mind. Do you really think the U gets all three?

If Michel goes to UGA blaming......Elite Scouting and Mr.Fishbein would be a good place to start.

Yo Cane trash

Yo Cane Pig U know what they say bout imitation and flattery
But Ur copy and paste falls way short dUmmy, cause I speak the truth and all U do is spew make believe, delusional crap that makes no sense.
Cane draft party @ Micky Ds Sat 7PM justin time for the 7th round
Now that is classic, funny and could be true since your only 2 players available could go as low as the 7th
We already got 2 Gators drafted in the 1rst
5 year streak of no first rounders is pathetic
I would venture that U dont have any 2nd rounders either in that time frame

U sUck and have sUcked for a decade
It shows on the field
The scoreboard and the win loss record dont lie

Yo is Golden Retriever gonna fetch Sony for ya chUmps
Or is he going to FSU instead
What about the #117 defense dUmmies
How's that gonna get better
By getting rid of some more D players
No worries Alex Fig can make up for EJ,Paul and Terry combined. He's a super frosh
Even on the one good leg he's got

LOOSERS! delUsional and dUmb LOOSERS!!

less rings records pros thats ufelons and if we have sucked for a decade well that would make your relavance as a dominate team fairly new ? hmm?

im jus so confused clearly my private educaton in a world class city has dulled my senses.. i think the glare from the sun at beach has me alittle flustered? oh no thats the diverse cultural community of attractive people sorounding me jus like how media and entertainment moguls soround south beach.. think ill put my top down on the way to watch lebron and dwade ball out... ALL OF WHICH GAINESVILLE DOESENT HAVE LMAO


UM time of possession ranking in 2012?

119th! Don't believe me? Look it up on NCAA stats page []_[] dumb clucks. You might want to also note that UF ranked top ten in that category. Even if you improve dramatically u will still be outside the top fiddy. And that my delusional friends is the DATA of a sorry football program. UF plays a ball control style that will just keep your wild arm QB and Lil smurfback
Watching from the sidelines. You are small, you are weak. Another year of UTough? Please cluck, quit actin a damn fool. UF on the other hand has one of the premiere S&C coaches in the nation. UF's conditioning shot through the roof in one years time. It won't take any special game planning to kick your depthless arses. Line up, punch you in your weak little beaks. That is ALL it will take. []_[] fools don't stand a chance. But keep tellin yourself it will be alright cause Goldilocks hugs his injured little scouts and runs fake plays for them. When it matters you fold like napkins EVERYTIME you play a stout opponent. This will be no different 9/7. Line up, punch you in the mouth. You will badly lose the time of possession battle. Your weak interior will get pounded by Matt Jones. You will file out and the fire Goldy chants will begin.

Just a few of cAlvin's LIES:

1. cAlvin said that Donna Shalala said that "UM was recruiting a different type of athlete to the University of Miami".

TRUTH: Telly Lockett, former coach of Miami Central H.S. said that he just thought that UM was recruiting a diffrent kind of athlete.

2. cAlvin siad that the University of Texas wanted Shannon to be their Defensive Coordinator and Head Coach in waiting but didn't want to pay him the money that he would have lost from Miami.

TRUTH: Texas did offer him their DC job BUT Shannon accepted the Head Coaching job at Miami INSTEAD.

3. cAlvin when confronted with the "truth" about the timing of the Texas DC job offer, replied with another lie: "This exactly why they came back after him once he was free again, in fact they wanted him as the Head Coach in waiting".

TRUTH: Texas NEVER contacted Shannon AFTER he was fired by Miami. They snatched up Manny Diaz who turned around Mississippi State's defense only 24 days after Will Mushcamp took the Florida job.

4. cAlvin said "Come on man, it's common sense that no school wanted to hire Shannon in the midst of him having to sue Miami as well. Do you really think Shannon could have just walked right into another University after being fired an owed money by another University, that's just not common sense, and that's BEFORE the lawsuit."

TRUTH: Shannon interviewed for and was offered the Maryland D-Coordinator job a mere 4 months after he was fired by Miami. So which is it? No school wanted to hire him or Texas went after him after he was free again or he just went on the interview at Maryland for the "experience"? Below is the link AGAIN to Shannon saying why he took a year off from coaching.


5. Even after being corrected, cAlvin continues to stand by "his" stats that Miami was the 117th ranked defense last season.

TRUTH: Colorado was ranked 117th. Miami wasn't much better coming in at 116th.

6. cAlvin QUOTED Ed Reed as saying "Hell Naw, I'mma veteran dawg" when trying to play up John Harbaugh as not being weak minded like Al Golden and being able to handle what's perceived as direspect.

TRUTH: While Ed Reed and Bernard Pollard were vocal about their displeasure of practicing in full pads after they were destroyed by the Texans.. cAlvin simply made that quote up. As for Harbaugh not being weak minded and being able to handled preceived lack of respect.. Funny how they made no effort to resign Ed Reed and they cut Bernard Pollard. Just a coincidence? Yeah I have ocean front property to sell you in Arizona!

I'll stop right there, for the bozo (cAlvin).

Miami had a quick strike offense last year. Why didn't you look up how many of their scoring drives were under 3 minutes? When you throw a 50 yard TD or bust off a 50 yard TD run and put a defense that couldn't stop anybody on 3rd down than of course, you're going to have a bad time of possession ranking. Florida couldn't throw the ball downfield and had to run the ball. Unlike our defense, Florida's defense stopped teams on 3rd down got the ball back to their offense. That time of possession will be more important for the Gators on Sept 7th. They need to keep Miami's offense off the field to win.

Yo Gator Trash

Yo Gator Pig U know what they say bout imitation and flattery
But Ur intellect falls way short of a monkey—you dUmmy, cause I speak the truth and all U do is spew make believe, delusional cowardly Gator crap that makes no sense.

Gator draft party @ Alachua County Jail Sat 7PM justin time for the sting operation where more of our felons will be arrested

Now that is classic, funny and is true since our only 2 Gator players available without an arrest record help Muschamp payoff our other convicts

We already got 2 Gators arrested yesterday
5 year streak of 25 Gator felons each year is pathetic

I would venture that we don’t have any cowardly Gators who will ne paroled in that time frame

We spineless Gators sUck and have sUcked forever

It shows on the field..and especially in the prison cells where we refined our sucking abilities

The scoreboard and the win loss record don’t lie…Louisville 75 Cowardly Gators 0…LMAO!

Yo is screwball Muschamp gonna fetch a new batch of convicts for ya chUmps
Or is he going to just train the wannabe felons you currently have?

What about the septic tank you inbred dUmmies call a stadium?

How's that gonna get better
By getting rid of some more hillbillies?

No worries Bubba Gump Foley can make up for all those who get arrested this season. He's a super Gator coward…no ma baby! Even on the one good leg he's got

GATOR LOOSERS! delUsional and dUmb cowardly Gator LOOSERS!!

And of course cane fan scurries in with "quick strike offense." Shut it fool. But maybe you're on to something and that is why your pansy weak winded defense looks like dried vomit? You could draw a correlation between 119th T.O.P. and 116th defense. Regardless, that little gumby you call a RB will have ample time to catch his breath from THE BENCH. You'll get physically manhandled and grow increasingly impatient with your teams inability to get on the field and predictably head down the unclogged aisles to the exits, muttering excuses the whole way like a good cluck would.


Did anybody notice the glaring difference between ND's coaching staff and UM's during that game? When they showed the Irish sideline you would see deliberate and intense coaches that were highly focused on instructing their respective units. Flash over to the cane sideline and you saw guys literally standing around. The difference in staffs between UM and elite programs is night and day. Golden does have a charisma to him with good looks and speeches but that's where it stops. UM operates on a shoestring budget and it shows in the staff as well as other areas. In today's ultra competitive college football environment it just does not get it done. UM football is so battered that fans cling to anyone that has actual speaking skills ( love ya Randy). Golden is not the answer. Looks great, sounds great. Has done squat. ( please don't embarrass yourself by saying he "turned Temple around)

And of course cowardly Gator fan scurries in with "We's betta dan da Canes"....Shut it spineless fool. But, maybe you're on to something and that is why your pansy weak winded defense looks like dried vomit against Louisville? You could draw a correlation between 149th T.O.P. and 150th defense. Regardless, that Gator rag arm fatty you call a quarterback will have ample time to catch his breath from THE BENCH. You'll get physically manhandled and grow increasingly impatient with your Gator team of convicts being unable to get on the field and predictably head down the aisles to the exits stunned that you are not walking in raw sewage like when you are at the septic tank you call a football stadium in Trailerville, muttering excuses through the three teeth you have left the whole way like a good cowardly hillbilly Gator does.


Wow guys... Throwing Golden under the bus after the horrible years of recruiting by Coker and Shannon? Please! You can't judge this guy in 2 years. Miami under Coker and Shannon was soft. We already look more athletic and they are still young. By end of the 2014 season judge away. I think it was a miracle that Miami qualified to be bowl eligible in 2011 and that they won the right to play in the ACC title game this year. I think Miami has a very legit shot to get there again this year and can win the ACC in 2014.

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