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Canes hoops honored in Tallahassee, sign JUCO forward James Kelly

Thursday turned out to be a pretty good day for the Hurricanes' basketball team.

Coach Jim Larranaga and athletic director Blake James were in the state capitol building Thursday and honored on the floor of the house of representatives and senate, who designated April 18th, 2013 as University of Miami Hurricanes Men's Basketball Day in Florida.

That was nice, but so was seeing junior college transfer James Kelly officially sign his National Letter of Intent. The 6-7, 240-pound forward from Division II Owens Community College in Findlay, Ohio is considered a three-star recruit by Rivals.com and 247Sports.com. He averaged 18.3 points and 10.1 rebounds a game last season and is know for some pretty vicious dunks on YouTube. Here are a few links (CLIP 1, CLIP 2, CLIP 3)

Kelly also had recruiting interest from Clemson, Louisiana Tech, Marshall and St. Bonaventure. He's the third player to sign with UM joining Deandre Burnett and Davon Reed, who signed in the early signing period. Running back Corn Elder, who signed a football scholarship with the Hurricanes, is also expected to play hoops this coming season for Jim Larranaga.


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and WR/ PF Derrick Griffin. Get yer facts Jack.

Will Derrick Griffin be academically eligible?

St Bonaventure? WTF is that?
That is who the canes compete with for players.
Great reload fools, bunch of no name 3 star at best JUCO kids who have to choose between St Bonaventure and the canes.
Shane Larkin gone to the NBA bench.
Cane basketball back to normal next year
NIT here come the canes again.

St. Bonaventure is a highly respected school in upstate NY.

Jimmy Johnson Quote: “I told Al he’s doing it the right way,” Johnson said Tuesday at his College Football Hall of Fame press conference in New York. “He’s an outstanding recruiter and topflight coach. He’s very disciplined and organized. He’s the perfect guy to get Miami back on track.”

That's right...the coach that many believe was the best ever at Miami and is a professional analyst believe Al Golden is the perfect guy to lead Miami back to championship football.

Yet, Gallo and Calvina (one of his many alter egos), believes that he knows more about football than Jimmy Johnson and claims Al Golden is not qualified...too funny!

@ Reality Bites

"St Bonaventure? WTF is that?"


Why can't we get studs anymore?

f course jj is gonna say that.....whats he gonna say to the herald....no al golden is not right for the job. Golden needs to be fired. He's allowed a DC to stay after putting UM at the bottom of the NCAA......no one should be allowed to keep his job for a performance like that....

lets not forget that dnofrio without being ask, took it upon himself to apply for the temple job after just 1 year at UM....him and jedd had/have no desire to stick it out for a national championship....this all falls at the feet of al golden.

Calvin, agree..technology has nothing to do with any of this....the administration really could care less if UM goes to a national championship...it would be nice but it is not a PRIORITY.....not like the old days where UM was all about the football team.....Florida is the only school in the state where the team is EVERYTHING....Florida field is sold out every game.....

the weak scheduled also hurts UM....a season ticket holder is crying over the 2013 home game line up....pathetic......

jj is wrong....golden will never get UM to a national championship so what is he right for then?

Now Gallo is calling Jimmy Johnson a liar and misleads the media concerning Al Golden.

Then he goes on to say Jimmy is wrong and he (Gallo/Curse) knows more about football than Coach Johnson.

Finally, he bragged about his cowardly, cheating Florida Gators...what a clown!


Galolo is the epitome of a troll. A pathetic worm. Calvin is well, in street terms he is a jive turkey.

WOW ! We stole James Kelly from La. Tech, Marshall and St. Bonaventure !!! Major co[]_[]p !


Posted by: BB King | April 18, 2013 at 02:36 PM

nice straw and spitballs

Perfect Example of CCDBS... Chronic Cane DelUsional Brain Syndrome...


Posted by: TK SWAN!! | April 18, 2013 at 02:32 AM

wat about the 3 games they barely won giving up an average of 500 yards and 40 points to Ga. Tech, BC and Duke ? Guess "if" []_[]'d of lost 2 of those 3, dUh []_[] wouldn't have been 5-7 huh ?

Posted by: cane maf | April 18, 2013 at 02:37 AM

Miami should go undefeated in this league and win the ACC championship. Yes winning will put fans in the stand. Love the canes hate the conference. Too many games against teams from NC. Didn't know the state of NC was such a power in football. If you truly want fans in the stand and a real fan base How about some attractive games that fans want to see. Does the ACC offer that. If I'm Donna Shalala I think the Big 12 is where the canes should be thinking . Big money , football conference and name brand opponents that fans will come to see the canes play. ACC or Big 12

Agree to a certaindegree- but all conferences have games with "weak" conference opponents. The Big 12 has Baylor, Iowa State, Iowa, and other weaklings (which sometimes are good). The ACC has teams that can beat anyone anytime and I mean ANYONE- Clemson, FSU, UNC, GA Tech at a given day can beat anyone. But UM cannot forget its tradition- ANYONE ANYTIME ANYPLACE if theywant to sell tickets. And get notoriety- eg playing Ohio State, Nebraska, Michigan or Oklahoma, Texas.

I wish they would schedule home and away series with USC

Don't look now, but even after a decade of being under the radar, we still have more championships than any other school in Florida.

I still don't get why the lizards hang around here. You won one game in 30 years against Miami. ONE. Lmbo @ you fools.

Jimmy Johnson Quote: “I told Wayne he’s doing it the right way,” Johnson said. Promote Wanny to HC after I leave. He’s an outstanding personnel guy and topflight coach. He’s very disciplined and organized. He’s the perfect guy to get the Fins back on track.”
And now he likes Al Golden............................

Then there is the genius 9>5>2
Iowa plays in the Big 10
Baylor was 8 - 5, if that is a weakling, what are U?
GaTech can beat anyone, maybe every other game since they are 7 - 7
UM has been losing to ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYPLACE for 10 years now while playing in the worst conference in the planet

CaneArifmatik and cane maf
Those are good

St Bonaventure. Really WTF.

of course reality: then Huizenga proceeds to sell the team.....I love Jimmy but his calls are media driven.....there is no way he would ever not endorse ANYONE coaching UM....all spin by bloggers that really have no TRUE confidence in the golden/dnofrio saga....

UM will suffer financially which already I believe it has regarding the football team.....I don't think ticket/parking nets the university much after lease payments to sunlife....

a national championship changes all of this but I don't see that at all....the whole world has their finger in the "state of miami".....parity in ncaa, tremendous investments in programs via Arkansas and the like....UM has competition that it never had in the past....

golden is mediocre...its all in the stats....a big name college/NFL coach (gruden type) changes the tide...goldens excuses and TMZ just add another layer of resistance.....let me know how the kool aid taste down the road

Gallo (Curse) now claiming Jimmy Johnson has no integrity and his comments are only media driven.

Of course the sheer stupidity of that charge could only come from Gallo/Calvina as "it" would have you believe that somehow Jimmy Johnson benefits from lying to the general public about his views on Al Golden.

Then he references Wayne Huizenga alluding that because of Jimmy Johnson (suggesting Jimmy was a failure) the man sold the Dolphins.

The sheer insanity/stupidity of Gallo (Curse) is high on the entertainment scale, but worrisome that a despot like this is apparently roaming freely amongst society. One can only hope his posts are coming from a prison or high security mental ward.

Reality. You obviously aee too stupid to understand my point...when did you win the nobel prize genius?

green pea class of 2016.....the reference is that no matter how credible or legitimate an opinion is....it doesn't mean that the outcome will be the same.....in the case of JJ and the dolphins....the opinion did not influence the performance thereafter which the team ended up getting sold.......so the endorsement was meaningless

green pea still has beef stew in his pants....call your mother

Everything you are saying is speculation. You have no clue how to produce a national championship any more than the rest of us do. But I think just as all coaches do AG has a plan and course he wants to take and if it works great if it doesnt then he will be gone but it is his team right now and his job to lose. We are not going to feed his family or pay his mortgage so I believe he has the right to guide his career in the way he thinks is his best chance at success. I know all the negative people dont think so but he wants to win as bad or worse than we want him to , if he loses nobody wins . Go Canes

Posted by: Ga Cane | April 18, 2013 at 08:07 PM

Where you're wrong is if coach goldie loses, than that's a win for our defense and team. Cause no new coach coming in would keep clown 117th. Another point where you're wrong is, the fans do help pay for everything you said goldie pays for, unless the ponzi schemer is paying em.

The championship formula at UM hasn't changed, goldie can either follow the blue print or stay at 117th trying to follow another blue print!

Right now at 13 & 11, he might want to start looking at that proven blue print a whole lot more!

"Reality. You obviously aee too stupid to understand my point...when did you win the nobel prize genius?"

Tough to know what you are talking about since you change your handle constantly. Therefore i do not know which of your many flawed "points" you are talking about.


"Then he references Wayne Huizenga alluding that because of Jimmy Johnson (suggesting Jimmy was a failure) the man sold the Dolphins."

I did not interpret his comment like you did.
My point is JJ endorsed a failure in Wanny, so what if he now endorses Golden. Another failure?

it is a statistical impossibility for golden to achieve a national championship ranking based upon his coaching profile and his selection of a DC.

40-45 / 28-20 conference / no bowl wins with an average loss per year at 6.42 games.....

I will short golden all day as you go long him to appear in a national championship every year he is coach at UM.....lets see who's account goes to zero first.....

UM current offense with duke at PK/RB.....A NEW DC plus got to 4-4 / 4-3 defense...get rid of the 3-4.

DE - chickillo 6-4 274 jr
DT - pierre 6-4 305 jr
DT - porter 6-1 316 sr
DE - green 6-3 264 sr
LB - johnson 6-1 234 soph
LB - perryman 6-0 236 jr
LB - gains 6-3 235 sr
LB - paul 6-1 234 jr
S - armstrong 6-4 226 sr
CB - rodgers 6-2 212 sr
CB - highsmith 6-0 210 (move him over from safety)

now you have SIZE and EXPERIENCE on defense (no freshman).....plus retain the brawlers....but too late

can you imagine those 4 across the box


they would be deadly...

It's do or die for D'Onofrio. If he doesn't produce this year and is not fired, Golden isn't the man we thought he'd be and they should both be let go. However, I'm rooting mightily against myself.

it is a statistical impossibility for golden to achieve a national championship ranking based upon his coaching profile and his selection of a DC.

40-45 / 28-20 conference / no bowl wins with an average loss per year at 6.42 games.....

I will short golden all day as you go long him to appear in a national championship every year he is coach at UM.....lets see who's account goes to zero first.....

Posted by: Jim Gallo |


This Gallo clown is quoting statistics to convince people that Al Golden will not win a national championship. Clearly he has no worldly idea as how statistical application works...truly hilarious!

Had you applied the same moronic thinking to say Vince Lombardi, Don Shula, Joe Paterno, Jimmy Johnson, Bill Belichick, etc., you would never have heard from these legendary coaches.

In Gallo's demented world he would have early in their careers fired Lombardi, Shula, Paterno, Johnson, Belichick and any number of other great coaches, because his skewed and improperly applied statistics told him to do so.

Interested in what's funniest of all? Imagine the Bozo Gallo managing other peoples money. Uh...duh...I'm not going to invest in Google's IPO 'cause my statistics tell me it will never be a good company. Uh...duh...same goes with that Apple company. What I have decided to do is put all your money with Bernie Madoff 'cause I like the bad boys and I know he will hit a grand-slam.

If anybody looks at coach goldie and thinks he's one of the best coaches in college football on gameday, they're smoking. This guy has done nothing on gameday's that shows he's one of the best up & coming coaches in football. We've see time & time again us getting into shoot-outs and not playing defense, so here's the question, where is coaching goldie hanging his hat on when it comes to this team? We all know it's not the defense, it's not special teams, so he's trying to build this team offensively and anybody who know's anything about football knows, offensive teams with no defense don't win championships.

What good is it to score points but can't stop people. To many times since coach goldie and his crew have been here, it's been shoot-out after shoot-out.
But keep slurpin what goldie is selling. Investigation or no investigation, no excuse for playing 117th on defense!

its simple calvin:

shoot out before:

boston college - 41-32 win / 537 give up on defense

shoot out after:

duke - 52-45 win / 583 give on defense

average attendance at UM home games 2012 = 47,719
randy Shannon attendance 2010 = 52,575
Florida 2012 = 87,597

now add the pathetic 2013 home game schedule = worse attendance....economic will force golden out as well

the market doesn't believe in golden either....just kool aid drinkers

lets see: 7 year timeline

don Shula - 71-23-4 766% 1 championship
Vince Lombardi - 68-23 750% 3 championships
Jimmy Johnson - 47-32-3 611% 1 championship

al golden - 40-45 no winning percentage / no championships

I feel pretty good about my opinion based upon your data submitted.....in comparison...AG fails statistically

Here again, you lying piece of Gallo-crap, you cherry picked the time period, thus skewing the numbers.

Your stupidity is apparent to anyone that has an education past the 3rd grade level.

You are a cheap hustler who is so use to lying to people that you believe you can say or post garbage and everyone will buy into it.

Seriously, I know you are a hustler and fired from every job you ever held due to the lies and theft. You nickel and dimed people and are despised by anyone who really knows you...statistically speaking!

those are the first 7 years of each coaches career.....tell where it is wrong specifically green pea.....

see class 2016....when you drill down...you see a whole different picture.....kool aid requires just sugar and water....for simple minds....praying sometimes helps....lol

lol, gallo, this blind faith in coach goldie is comical. But they all make themselves feel better by blaming coach goldie's short-comings on randy shannon who was the one that brought the talent back that helped to raise the expectation level of the fans again. I'm sure coach goldie had to learn something when he heard coach soldinger spit that fire in his talk to the team.

What happens at Miami when you merge confident football players with confident coaches from the Miami area who already understand what time it is, this is the only reason why i couldn't knock coach james coley coming here cause he's from the crib. Other than that, getting guys like kehoe back on staff has already had our o-line unit playing at a championship level and they should be even more solid come this year as well. coach barrow will continue to coach and impart what needed to be imparted on this team.

Even the new tight-ends coach is an upgrade over what we've had there, so we'll be straight at the tight-ends spot as long as james coley gets the ball to them. Those who know UM football know, you can't get their we several coaching candidates being up for the running for the "weak link(117th, bodeen, brennann carroll, honorable mention: paul williams) of the year award".

When the moron's begin the chatter...you know that; they'rrreee baaaaaccccckkkkk. September 17th, 2013!!! Golden is going to place the Tri-County area on recruiting lock down in a way that was never done by his predecessors. I love summer but I can't wait for September, so that you morons shut the F..K up!!!! See ya girlzzzz.....

Excuse me September 07th...you guys know that I know!!!

Did Gabe Terry think he played for UF? Let's wait for Gallo and cAlvin to blame Al Golden for suspending Gabe Terry after he got arrested for having 20 grams of weed!

Where the discipline. Can't wait for the season to start. Who's next for the Golden axe.

No Jim, Terry would have never made it onto the Gator squad. None of your playes woulda, in Gainesville there is no tolerance for what Terry did. 90% of your players woulda been arrested if they played for UF, the Gainesville PD is quick to arrest anyone for a very minor violation, things the cane players get away with on a daily basis. Big difference form the Miami PD where you have to commit at least a felony and be stupid about it for them to finally arrest you.
Keep mouthing off fool you cheat and yet you can't win. Pathetic.

everyone needs to calm down, most of the time what is reported to yahoo and rivals is not completely accurate and writers are too lazy or unable to reach coaches who know etc....marshall, st bonaventure, and la tech were visits he took in the fall. However, by the end of his recruitment if you did more research online he had Michigan State, West Virginia, Clemson, and many more on him. We got in early and is the reason we beat out a Michigan State (where Kelly is from!) This is a good get for the hurricanes. He is ranked as a Top 20 JUCO player in the entire country...so stop overracting and do your research.

Gator Leg Humpers love getting Big Brother's attention.

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