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Canes miss out on Michel, but tailback tandem of the future could be at Miami Central

Heralded Plantation American Heritage five-star running back Sony Michel made his college announcement Friday and it wasn't what the Hurricanes were hoping for.

Picture 1
Two thirds of this talented Miami Central trio -- Joseph Yearby and Trevor Darling -- are trying to convince Dalvin Cook (right) to commit to the Canes too.

Michel, considered the fifth best recruit regardless of position according to Rivals.com, chose the Georgia Bulldogs over the Hurricanes because he "wanted something different."

Michel (5-11, 205) is the second straight highly-touted running back from Broward County to choose an SEC school over the Hurricanes. In February South Plantation star tailback Alex Collins chose Arkansas over Miami. 

As disappointing as those losses may be, Canes fans shouldn't be totally heartbroken. Something different could end up being a good thing come February when Michel and the rest of the 2014 signing class has to put their commitments to paper and sign National Letters of Intent.

As it stands, the Hurricanes have Miami Central standout Joseph Yearby, the sixth-best running back in the country according to Rivals, as a 2014 commitment. And getting his teammate, Dalvin Cook, rated the fourth-best running back in the country by Rivals, to saddle up with the Canes may not be far-fetched. Cook, currently committed to Florida, said earlier this week continuing his college career alongside Yearby and UM-bound offensive tackle Trevor Darling, another Miami Central standout, is something three have been discussing plenty.

"We talk about it a lot. Playing together at the next level would be a fun experience," Cook said. "This recruiting process is crazy. Things happen. A lot of it changes. All of us are graduating early. Miami? I'm letting them recruit me. We'll see what happens."

Yearby, who has shared the backfield with Cook for the defending Class 6A state champions the last two years, sharing it in college is no big deal to him. 

"Our families want to see us stay together because they say me and Dalvin are the best duo they've seen in years," Yearby said. "They would love to see us play at the next level again. Coach Golden, too. Playing at home is very attractive. It's not like we've got to go build ourselves up. Everybody knows us and will come support us."

Of course, it's no guarantee Cook, Yearby and Darling pick Miami as the place where all three play together at the next level. USF hired their former high school coach Telly Lockette two months ago and teamming up together in Tampa isn't something the three say is out of the question.

"What's exciting about that is we could go play for a coach we had for three years, so it would be a very good choice for us to make, too," Yearby said.

Yearby (5-10, 185) said USF and USC continue to pursue him.

Cook (5-11, 195), once a Clemson commitment, also has an older brother, new Canes' basketball guard Deandre Burnett, pushing him to stay home.


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U lose

Not really. Just another kid not wanting to compete and wants playing time right away. You new to recruiting or something?

We have Duke and Yearby coming who is a 5 star. Like I said, that other 5 star doesn't want to compete. Plus there may have been $$$ exchanges. But that doesn't matter to me. Kids should be paid.

Also, please tell me you're a Gator with a 1-7 record against my Canes since '83. Too funny. smh

Gators suck

We got duke for three more years well be ok lol

Heading to Athens is nothing new for Sony Michel, who has family in Georgia. He spent a large portion of his summer in the state.

Still, Michel told ESPN that he committed to Georgia because it was a change.

"Georgia is a wonderful place, first time I stepped on campus, I loved it," Michel said. "Georgia is different and I wanted to experience something different."

When asked why he wouldn't even consider the Florida Gators Michel said; "I like the people, values, history and traditions at Georgia, Miami and Notre Dame, but simply didn't feel that Florida was in the same league as those schools."

Michel's commitment to Mark Richt's program was expected, but it is not binding. He has until National Signing Day 2014 — Wednesday, February 5 — to change his mind, if he so chooses. That's the first day players can sign his National Letter of Intent.

Duke is so good they arent going to be playing much. Thats why he didnt commit. Bet that. Duke will be the greatest running back in history of fl running backs. Hes that bad

Yearby will be a great rb for us

These kids today don't see a commitment as a, well, as a commitment. It's just how they feel for now. Why else would Yearby say he could see himself, Darling and Cook playing for his former coach at USF. Hey, a commitment is no big deal, right. Hey man, let me do my thing, right. I do feel, however, that Michel will stick with Georgia. UM is caught in a bind. You have to win big to get the best. How do you win big, if the best players won't sign with you, making it very hard to win big. Golden is getting there, but it will take time.

The interesting thing here is what kind of coach Hurley Brown will be. Everybody likes HB, but he's not an offensive coach.

But the O will carry itself, they are that good. Now to the D: They got problems and couldn't find the Miami River if they were standing right over it.

As much as we all wanted Sonny to pick the U, it's not so dishartening. He is injury prone. He is heralded on the hype of being a super 8th an 9th grader. He missed most of his sohpmore yr due to injury. He had a stacked team this last season and were illiminated in the first round of the playoffs. He pulled his hamstring running track this spring.
We have a better chance of getting Cook who is star struck and commits to every school that he visits.

Georgia has 2 stud running backs who are sophmores and with Sonny's history of injury he will be lucky to see significant playing time.

Its funny, when a local player says that he doesn't care what people think and he is doing what is best for him ( which is what he should do) its a telegraph that he is not going to the U.

Dalvin Cook

gators suck my a55.

UM backfield:

DDuke Johnson. Proven. No surgery.
Dallas Crawford
etc etc

Sony Michel has proven himself with 3A competition and has been injured. hes been hit since hewas in 7th grade. He'll burn out soon,, gurantteed. I was never hot on him bc of the number of carries hes had SINCE 7TH GRADE!

LET the bulldogs have him.

Hope the Yellow jackets whoop their a55.


Look at all these sour grapes fools. A couple of years from now he'll be tearing it up. Every single dooooooshbag on this blog wanted him. Now he's scared to compete? How many times do the candy canes need to get their hearts cut out before they realize that UM recruiting just plain succccks?

Good luck Sony. I respect the choice. Sadden that you will not be in the back field with Duke but happy that you feel comfortable with UGA. Again, good luck young man.

Yearby and Duke together is deadly. Put in Cook with them and that is a dangerous back field. I hope Cook and Yearby realize that they will be running behind the best OL in Miami history over the next few years. Our Offense is stacked and only getting better. We have two QBs of the future coming in and we also have WRs on the radar that are the best in the country.

That all being said, I hope these guys see what they are a part of. I also hope we can get the D back to where it should be. We need that top DT to commit and start the snow ball. If he signed I think it would really start our defense commitments to roll in. All in all right now we have a the best class started that Golden has brought in since he has been here. It can only get better once the NCAA stuff is wrapped up. Just gotta keep our fingers crossed that the kids see what is building down in the 305. It won't be long till we are on top. The season is a make or break season for Golden's assistant coaches. If they win big, we sign a stacked class, if we lose then that might spell the end to all the momentum we build last year.


No sour grapes here from me man. I wish the guy good luck. I hope he does well. I will of course root for UGA over UF every time. You are correct we wanted him here just like we want to keep all the guys from the MIA home. Can't help it if they want to leave. Hell I did my undergrad at UK (Miami didn't have my sport) and my PhD at Iowa. Can't hate on someone who wants to travel and see the world. It is a good experience. I agree with the idiots saying he doesn't want to compete when he is going to the school with the best duo of running backs in the SEC and NCAA. UGA is stacked at the RB position, Sony probably won't see the field much his first year there since he will be riding the bench behind the two RBs there. It might be good for him to rest his legs since he has been running the ball heavily for 5 years now.

the miami herald is the worse pos newsoutlet in the world. wouldt wipe my iguana aa55 with it. why? hers why

1) it allows pieces of garbage like cool cat, gallo, calvin and cane 72 on here

I have sources who had told me 5 years ago " check this kid Sony Michel out he's in 7th grade and he is a cane through and through". That was BS. garbage. But the Herald focused on how he chose UGa over UM. He never said in the last 2 years that Um was 1 or 2. He was always MUM.

2) all the BS about UM not getting any drafted players..... its only the 3rd round and there are already headlines...

By the way gaytor fa66ots:

10 drafted players? we at 83 and only 2 gator chumps drafted? whats the matter with you losers?

Another article proving that Gallo/Calvin/Curse is the consummate liar.

How many times has that piece of garbage, Gallo/Calvin/Curse, claimed that players from Central WOULD NEVER become Canes because of Coach Golden?

Yet, as we now see--everyone from Central, including their coaches, cheerleaders, equipment managers, crossing guards, etc. are clamoring to become Canes.

Stupid never takes a holiday when it comes to Gallo/Calvin/Curse.

Dear Denver Kirkland,

You mad because the U pulled the scholarship they had offered you. I see you getting kicked off Arkansas team already. We all know BTW kids ain't good in college.

Lets not berate the kid. He made his decision. He did it with respect and thats what you want. We can't and won't get all the SoFlo kids, we're already back in play for them all. Canes in good shape at RB with the two recruits this year and Yearby next. We need Khiari Clark and Trevonte Valentine. If the staff knows the proper angle to take we could land the big DT from NYC. I've been to Athens and what makes that place attractive is beyond me.

with all these kids committing on live tv almost an entire year before singing day. what happened to the days when a kid quietly sign a letter of intent with his family and his coaches and go an prove himself in college. the haters of the u will continue to hate no matter what. we'll be back as soon as the ncaa board stop indulge itself in hypocrisy.

"at least ten gators will be picked in the NFL draft"

Name them, fool. Go ahead.

Matt Elam.

Ten? Your fos. That gainesville math needs some double checkin'

Posted by: The NCAA is dirty | April 25, 2013 at 01:32 PM


Shariff Floyd, Matt Elam, Jon Bostic and Jorden Reed so far in just 3 Rounds... Many, many more to come tomorrow []_[] know Nada Fool ! Stay tuned.

32 SEC Players in the First 3 Rounds !!! That an ENTIRE ROUND and nearly TRIPLE the Amount the All Cupcake Conference !

Now who's fos ?

Canes await Sony Michel's announcement Friday...

NO THANK []_[] !!!

Gators await Sony Michel's announcement Friday...no wait...that's not right--Sony told the world he wouldn't even consider the cowardly Gators...too funny!

NO THANK []_[] !!!

"At least ten spineless gators will be arrested after the NFL draft"

Name them cowardly Gator fool!

Okay! Shariff Floyd, Matt Elam, Jon Bostic and Jorden Reed so far... Many, many more to come tomorrow []_[] know ! Stay tuned.

32 SEC Players in prison on the First 3 floors at Raiford State Pen !!! That's an ENTIRE PRISON and nearly TRIPLE the Amount of All the other Conferences !

Now who's fos ?

"At least ten spineless gators will be arrested after the NFL draft"

Name them cowardly Gator fool!

Okay! Shariff Floyd, Matt Elam, Jon Bostic and Jorden Reed so far... Many, many more to come tomorrow []_[] know ! Stay tuned.

32 SEC Players in prison on the First 3 floors at Raiford State Pen !!! That's an ENTIRE PRISON and nearly TRIPLE the Amount of All the other Conferences !

Now who's fos ?

Anyone know which MacDonalds is hosting the Canes draft party? I would like to go and cheer on Mike James and Brandon McGee. Is it true they are giving away free football tickets with a happy meal? That would be great. Go Canes!

Posted by: delUsionalcane | April 26, 2013 at 11:06 AM


University of Miami NFL Draft Party at McDonalds across the Skreet from the BuC !!!

Rounds 4-7: Saturday, April 27 at 12 p.m. ET !!!

The 7th. Round should begin at 6pm, so We'll see []_[] there around 6:30pm to see our, one and ONLY boy, Teets "Toast" McGee, the Wrong Way D.B., come off the Board !!! Everyone gets a FREE McNugget and slice of B[]_[]rnt Toast in Mc's honor !!!

See []_[] There !!!

Posted by: Sponsored By Ronald McDonald Ho[]_[]se...

Denver Kirkland.....You still mad FAT BOY! LMBAO ..What school do U play 4...Exactly! So SHUT YOUR FAT FACE ABOUT THE []_[] OR ANY COLLEGE 4 THAT MATTER..U FAT NONE QUALIFYING DUMDB A55...

No offense, but I wasn't drooling over Sony Michel. I honestly feel that he would have a better chance going higher in the draft attending Miami, because we have some very good offensive linemen and our passing game has been explosive the last two seasons so that actually helps the running backs.

What I don't understand is why is he still a Miami fan? How can you call yourself a fan and not pick to play for your favorite team when they offer? Trust me, showing fan loyalty to another team and playing on another team will not go well in the locker room. It will be a bunch of unnecessary confrontation. It's like a black man saying I like the KKK and being part of the civil rights movement... IT JUST DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE.

I wish you luck at the next level Sony, but I pray for better judgement. If your head and heart don't say the same thing then you need to take your time and pray, because God is not the author of confusion.

Ek money was obvioualy involved. just saying. I know all about these reruiting services, they are very shady but they somehow remain within NCAA regs.

It was a matter of time that loser trailer trassh began babbling about the SEC being drafted. SEC SEC. What college is that? Its the LOsers way of sticking together since theyre team s--ks. You all ride Alabama and LSUs coattails- always have.

Bad decision Sony. God bless. youll be alright. I mean Giovanni Bernard did ok in carolina, so why wouldnt you do ok in UGA. Not the same as starting for your hometown canes. I bet those losers at UGA including former cane Mark Richt talked the program down about NCAA sanctions and what not.

Yeah gator losers thats 3 drafted in 3 rounds Where the ten at?

Good luck to Sony. A RB does not make your team great. I've always felt RB's are much over rated as to the importance of the offense. Great OL can make an average RB look great.

SEC had 12 selections in the first round to tie the record. Who held the record? ACC had 12 first rounders I believe it was in 2005 or 2006.

I would give anything for the NCAA to start prying into the SEC. The conference is really dirty. Auburn is just the tip of the ice berg. Where you have rabid fans, alumni, and boosters you have bad things happening. Just saying.....

I could careless about the sec and what they're doing, none of it is going to matter if we get back to playing Hurricane football and not this weak sit back and react zone defensive crap, you're not going to win many games playing that style of football, we will turn into a team that has the potential to get to the big game, but not win it. Teams will continue to out flank and out speed our defensive scheme.

That's what it is going to boil down to, coaching philosophies and we got coaches who are going with a regressive scheme on defense that consistently got exposed in college this year. These bozo's(goldie and oach OH-NO) don't realize that in order to be a top notch defense, you need at least 1 corner that you can stick on a receiver by himself and this is something we're not practicing enuff and when we do play man, it's not press man, where you're re-routing a receiver, it's matador man.

What put ohigho fakes defense over the top and made them tuffer was because of chris gamble. What makes saban's defenses tuff is one, he knows how to coach the secondary and even though they play a 3-4, they play an aggressive press man version of the 3-4.

Here we are, in 2013, playing the softest version of the 3-4 known to man. We are one d-co away from being in the hunt again, to much talent not to be.

the BOZO IS YOU CALVIN. What your puny little football brain doesnt get ( which is why you are sitting there in Little Haiti posting this garbage and not coaching) is that UM hasnt had the athletes or the defensivedepth to do what you say they should so.

If UM had Bill Belchick as the Defensive coordiantor, or Bear Bryant, that D would not have been any better. Shannon's kids didnt know how to:

-read an offense
-stay in lanes
-NOT free lance
- work out in the off season

They were young, inexperienced, and had a brand new DC. You are jealous because your boy was fired and your boys werent hired. You are jealous bc the HC and DC are white.

Be a man. Admit it. Its a black thing and you, Cool cat, Canefan 72 and Gallo are just racist pigs. Man up and admit it, and then we cans start talking football, because right now, you completely lack cred.

The all cup cake conference . What a year for the sec the greatest conference ever. Good job you just tied the all cup cake conference for most drafted players in the first round. Gtfoh, still the most players in the nfl. The difference between Miami fans and everyone in the sec is we stand with our team. And not behind a conference. We've been down in the last decade. But still we only are one championship behind if since 2000. And that was your best run ever.

All the whiney little beyatches go to Canesport where you will be in good company along with the operator of the site I think his last name rhymes with Vermin!

Typical delusional and bitter cane sour grapes.
First 360cane says Sony "didn't wanna compete" then Redcane says he's injury prone and wont see the field at UGA.
FYI dumb canes UGA has two excellent RBs who are just sophs. More competition than if he woulda stayed at UM
Morons and spurned dopes.
Then some cane inbdecile talks about the draft.
Yep imbecile 5 Gators drafted so far and more to come. And yes the SEC is kicking arse. So the ACC had a record back in 2006. So you won back in the 19990s. Why must you all cling to the past?
I know, cause your present sucks.
Miami fans stand with their team says another deluded idiot. Like when they show up on Saturday afternoons in droves to wacht them play? Deluded and pathetic.
SEC fans stand with their team first, then with the conference. Miami "fans" don't stand by either team or conference, they are bandwagon and front runners who have no allegiance to the University they never attended. And even a retarded cane would never be proud of te ACC.
sUcks to be U

gallo, don't worry about the liar trying to say our defense was 116th, it's 117th in the nation in yard per game give up. But for some imbecile to try and argue wheher it's 116th or 117th shows they are either oach OH-NO or coach goldie or just a plain imbecile.

2nd year Comparison's of coach shannon and goldie

2008 defensive stats under coach shannon:
Points given up=56th in the nation
Yds per gm given up=25th in the nation
pass yds given up=14th in the nation
rush yrds given up=68th in the nation

2012 defensive stats under goldie:

Points given up=79th(makes since, home of the given up axzzzss in Miami) in the nation
Yds per gm given up=117th in the nation
pass yds given up=98th in the nation
rush yrds given up=109th in the nation

So the question is, where does all this blind confidence comes from when it comes to coach goldie. For him or any other defensive coach to get interviewed and than say, "we have to get better on defense" You start looking around to se if sherlock holmes is somewhere around!

Keep in mind though, this guy got a contract extension after already coming in basically doubling coach shannon's first 2 year's of salary in 1 year and than getting more for far worst results. Stay tuned for the 3rd year statistics.

the 2012 defensive rank is #116 from the NCAA....but what difference does it make 116 vs 117?

new golden casualty list:

2013 Golden Casualties or disciplinary issues

alex collins
denver kirkland
terrell brooks
matthew thomas
jaynard bostwick
keith bryant
luther campbell
tim ice harris
booker T
carol city
miami central
Terry Richardson
Jedd Fisch
Geroge Mcdonald
Mario Christobal
Eddie Johnson
Rashawn Scott - currently out of the discipline bull pen
Gabe Terry
Robert Lockhart
Sony Michel

maybe green peas its time for a change?...this aint working....nobody wants to come here or stay for that matter

what if gallo/calvin are right?

Good luck to Sony. Let's not forget that Coach Mark is a Cane and a fine man. It is not like Sony is going to the slim lizards or dome heads. Maybe Cook will join Yearby. With them behind Duke for a year or two it will be a little like the old days where we could not wait to see how great the back up was. The more important news this week was we got a DT!!! I'll take a couple more good DTs instead of Sony any day. We three teams worth of WRs and actually some depth at QB. We are a couple menfoke at DT away from kicking as.. again. This is south Florida, another great, fast RB is just around every corner.

joseph yearby in the bullpend......can you say alex collins - denver kirkland - terrell brooks - matthew thomas - keith bryant and jaynard bostwick..

all were lock-ins at this very exact time last year but what happened next?, lol

golden/dnofrio have to go ASAP....put an end to this nightmare....

I like the fact that Sony....a South Florida boy....is going to Georgia....and I'm a Cane fan. We have enough talent at RB right now....Yearby coming in next year at right time....were good. Its almost lie our WR situation TOO MUCH talent. I will enjoy watching Sony tear up the Turds on a yearly basis....when was the last time the Turds even beat the Dogs??

Never an undefeated season? Ever? Ever ever?

What I don't understand is why is he still a Miami fan? How can you call yourself a fan and not pick to play for your favorite team when they offer?

Posted by: EK | April 27, 2013 at 06:18 AM


I'm going to explain this to []_[] Sllllooowwwwly so even []_[] can get it...

The... Kid... WAS... A... Fan... of... WHAT... d[]_[]h... []_[]... []_[]SED... to... Be... When ... He... Was... 6... 7... and... 8... Years... Old... Over... A... Decade... Ago... But... No... Longer... Are... And... Aren't... Ever... Going... To... Be... Again...............

And... Sony,,, Like... ANYBODY... Outside... The... Brainwashed 305... KNOWS... THIS... And... Wants... To...Play... BIGTIME... SEC... FOOTBALL !!!

MICKEY D's Across From d[]_[]h []_[] Today At 6:30 Fo The MIAMI HURRICANE DRAFT PARTY !!!

FREE D.B. "Teets" McGee B[]_[]RNT TOAST FOR ALL !!! (b.y.o. jam).

MORE GATORS and SEC Players already Picked in NFL Draft Today !!!


THIS DOLPHINS Regime Knows What They're Doing !!!

Kid WILL BE A STAR... NOW Just Draft More GATORS n S.E.C. PLAYERS !!!


pssssstttt... That's FIVE GATORS in LESS than HALF the DRAFT...

keep counting []_[] d[]_[]mb cl[]_[]cks...


It's funny how canes fans are losers but its the gaytor fan not even the efn moles canes but gaytors who spend more time compiling lists and rosters and post link attachments lmao more than anyone lmao ...I guess all those years of beatdowns and comebacks Head to Head really shook u guys up ....oh I know we sucked for a decade but still fill the need to justify the gaytors to us hmmmm? Why oh less rings records and pros STILL ? Bahhh

I'm going to explain this to []_[] Sllllooowwwwly so even []_[] cowardly Gators can get it...

The... Kid... is... A... Fan... of... the[]_[]... cowardly[]_[]F...never []_[]SED... to... Be...Even When ... He... Was... 6... 7... and... 8... Years... Old... Over... A... Decade... Ago... Never... Ever... Going... To... Be...

And... Sony… Like... ANYBODY... Outside or Inside... The... GREAT 305... KNOWS... THIS... And... Wants... To...Play... BIGTIME... MIAMI... FOOTBALL !!!

Alachua County Jail Across From d[]_[]h Gator Septic Tank Today At 6:30 For The COWARDLY FLORIDA GATOR BAIL HEARING PARTY !!!


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