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Canes miss out on Michel, but tailback tandem of the future could be at Miami Central

Heralded Plantation American Heritage five-star running back Sony Michel made his college announcement Friday and it wasn't what the Hurricanes were hoping for.

Picture 1
Two thirds of this talented Miami Central trio -- Joseph Yearby and Trevor Darling -- are trying to convince Dalvin Cook (right) to commit to the Canes too.

Michel, considered the fifth best recruit regardless of position according to Rivals.com, chose the Georgia Bulldogs over the Hurricanes because he "wanted something different."

Michel (5-11, 205) is the second straight highly-touted running back from Broward County to choose an SEC school over the Hurricanes. In February South Plantation star tailback Alex Collins chose Arkansas over Miami. 

As disappointing as those losses may be, Canes fans shouldn't be totally heartbroken. Something different could end up being a good thing come February when Michel and the rest of the 2014 signing class has to put their commitments to paper and sign National Letters of Intent.

As it stands, the Hurricanes have Miami Central standout Joseph Yearby, the sixth-best running back in the country according to Rivals, as a 2014 commitment. And getting his teammate, Dalvin Cook, rated the fourth-best running back in the country by Rivals, to saddle up with the Canes may not be far-fetched. Cook, currently committed to Florida, said earlier this week continuing his college career alongside Yearby and UM-bound offensive tackle Trevor Darling, another Miami Central standout, is something three have been discussing plenty.

"We talk about it a lot. Playing together at the next level would be a fun experience," Cook said. "This recruiting process is crazy. Things happen. A lot of it changes. All of us are graduating early. Miami? I'm letting them recruit me. We'll see what happens."

Yearby, who has shared the backfield with Cook for the defending Class 6A state champions the last two years, sharing it in college is no big deal to him. 

"Our families want to see us stay together because they say me and Dalvin are the best duo they've seen in years," Yearby said. "They would love to see us play at the next level again. Coach Golden, too. Playing at home is very attractive. It's not like we've got to go build ourselves up. Everybody knows us and will come support us."

Of course, it's no guarantee Cook, Yearby and Darling pick Miami as the place where all three play together at the next level. USF hired their former high school coach Telly Lockette two months ago and teamming up together in Tampa isn't something the three say is out of the question.

"What's exciting about that is we could go play for a coach we had for three years, so it would be a very good choice for us to make, too," Yearby said.

Yearby (5-10, 185) said USF and USC continue to pursue him.

Cook (5-11, 195), once a Clemson commitment, also has an older brother, new Canes' basketball guard Deandre Burnett, pushing him to stay home.


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THIS DOLPHINS Regime Was Forced To Do So At Gun Point—They Don’t Know What They’re Doing !!!



pssssstttt... That's FIVE GATOR ARRESTS in LESS than TWO DAYS...

keep counting []_[] d[]_[]mb COWARDLY GATOR cl[]_[]cks...

ten gators drafted????????

So far 5. And we are now in the 6th round.

I just cant stop laughing.



Congrats to Brandon McGee- drafted by teh rams. The U has put a kid in the draftfor the last 36 years,

Now we need to see Mike James get drafted

[]_[] were saying ?

Well dUmb cluck about an hour after your post it is now 6 Gators drafted with more to come. U? Finally had one player taken in the 5th, pathetic.
BTW your copy and paste doesn't work at all. But you are too stupid to see that.
Gileslee and Jenkins to the Fins, good job Ireland.

Caleb Sturgis to the Fins
That is 8 Gators so far
More to come
10 easily

Sucks to be a canes fan. When uf doesn't even have enough ol to play a spring game.Gtfoh . Go teach your qb to throw a 5 yrd out. Hey Um fans my team is so much better n yourn. You ins can't hang with that there sec yourn team ain't got no depths. 6 ol men? 6 ? Come on man

Good luck to you Sony.
I'd like all 300 D1 players in So Fla to commit to the Canes, but that may put us over the limit.

Regarding SEC football, i'm searching for some signature wins from the teams outside of the state of Alabama over the last 4 years.
Also wondering what good it is to brag about your conference when you haven't won anything, not even a division, over the last three years. And 4 years ago got embarrassed in the SEC championship game.

gallo, don't worry about the liar trying to say our defense was 116th, it's 117th in the nation in yard per game give up. But for some imbecile to try and argue wheher it's 116th or 117th shows they are either oach OH-NO or coach goldie or just an imbecile.

Posted by cAlvin

the 2012 defensive rank is #116 from the NCAA....but what difference does it make 116 vs 117?...

Posted by Jim Gallo

The point is too expose cAlvin for what he is... A Liar. He makes up stats, quotes, etc. He's either too stupid or too ignorant to understand or admit when he's wrong. Like I said before, cAlvin is entitled to his OPINION but not his own set of FACTS.

The only thing that could change the trend in recruiting is winning. The last time Miami had 10 or more wins in one season was in 2003. That was ten years ago and this years recruits were five to eight years old. That is the only thing I can think of that would make a kid say that Miami is in my heart but not on my mind. The clock is ticking and this year is our best year to win 10 games or more. If the defense can take big jumps all around and our offense continues to improve then 10 wins is very reachable.

If we get in the conversation for the National Title like Georgia did this past year then I do not see a reason why any kid will want to leave THE STATE OF MIAMI.

Denver Kirkland you are a pos that no one wanted, only reason you got offered is because we want MT you weigh 500 pounds and have the IQ of a grape fruit

I seriously doubt that Michel grew up a UGA fan. Another bad decesion made by a young man. UM will have the best O-line in the South. No Little Haiti in Red neck Athens. UGA has never set the bar high. All u kids have to do is stay and UM will win again. Let UGA get a running back from GA.

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