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Donnie Sol, Ken Dorsey, other UM greats to be enshrined tonight in UM Sports Hall of Fame

Tonight's the night for some UM classics to be immortalized in the UM Sports Hall of Fame.

The list of UM greats to be inducted at Jungle Island: baseball player Ed Contreras, quarterback Ken Dorsey and his center Brett Romberg, diver Bryan Gillooly, golf coach Norm Parsons, pitcher Jay Tessmer and RB coach Don Soldinger.

I spoke at length to former RB coach Don Soldinger, who is extremely excited about the honor, and he should be. Great coach, super guy. 

I also spoke to quarterback wonder Ken Dorsey as he was driving from Charlotte to pick up his wife (former UM soccer player Jordan Sims) to drive to Miami. He's also very pumped.

"I couldn't believe it when I heard I was voted in,'' Dorsey told me.  “I’ve been a Heisman Trophy finalist two times, won the Maxwell Award and played in the NFL. But this is by far the biggest thrill I’ve ever had.

"I love that place. I love the city of Miami. I love the people there -- they are diehard Canes fans. Beautiful campus and the teachers are the best in the country. When you go into the UM Hall of Fame it's not just about UM but the whole city.''

I asked Dorsey, the new quarterbacks coach for the Carolina Panthers, if he would ever like to coach at UM -- as a head coach, quarterbacks coach, offensive coordinator, whatever.

"One day,'' he said. "It's not for lack of trying. If that's something they'd ever be interested in, that's something I'd definitely be interested in, for sure. I think everybody there knows I'm involved in coaching and everything like that. I'll just leave it at that.''

Dorsey and Soldinger will see lots of their old friends tonight. 

Should be fun.

I was told, by the way, that it's too late to buy tickets for tonight's event.







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ken Dorsey was the best QB in UM history...and Harris is the 2nd best.....so far, what is it you green peas don't understand? Who said Dorsey doesn't deserve the recognition?

little class of 2016....I'd be worried about our offense.....lets see if the QB's can remember the NEW system, go vertical, make the right check-offs to the right players and yardage....will there be a lot of interceptions.....

you see green peas it takes a good 2 yrs to learn a system...goldens buddy leaves UM just as the players get to really know the plays/system/reads....but then jedd leaves...what a loser...

outside of Morris...we have 3 QB's that haven't taken a snap let alone learn a whole new system.....lets see how this all plays out...then add dnofrio giving back all the offensive yard gains....I can see UM going 8-4 or 7-5...I do not think we will beat FSU/Florida....

too bad we couldn't get jon gruden.....watch him on ESPN U.....tons of knowledge especially at the QB spot

sorry, green peas....kool aid all gone?

Who cares if no one shows up to the spring game today. You idiots in trailorville need to understand that THIS IS MIAMI....were not living in a swamp where the ONLY ting to do today would be go watch Florida spring "practice"....haha...there are 1000 things to do in Miami today that you cant do in Trailorville....so....yes....probably not that big of a turnout....were not sweating it....YOU SURE ARE THOUGH???

Once again Turds:

Urban Meyer the Liar Ohio Hire
Tiimmy Tears on TV
Bama beatdown
Bulldog beatdown
Louisville Romp in the Swamp
65 plus arrests.....
Muschump with the $400 Fist Bump
Never an undefeated season

1 win over THE U in last 30 years
The U....multiple wins including bowl wins ...more

Talking sh*t....right until kickoff!!!!


Why doesn't the Miami Herald have this article up on their website yet?

Jon Gruden was never coming to the U. If you think he is the answer. See the Bucs a year after he won Super bowl with Dungy players

This is exactly why having a guy like art kehoe back on staff is important, he knows the standard, if soldinger was here, it would be even that much beter cause he knows as well. Guys like them are the True links and keys to the past and present Canes!

UM fans hope Johnson makes them cheer for years to come. Kehoe has played or coached at Miami for 29 years and has seen the who’s who list of running backs that have suited up in orange and green. Johnson, Kehoe said, doesn’t take a back seat to any of them.

“He’s special,” Kehoe said. “Knock on wood he stays healthy and does the things he’s capable of but he’s right there all these spectacular backs we’ve had.”

Hard to select because so many choices, but current dumbism from gallo this week:

Dorsey best qb in UM history and harris 2nd best.

As if harris was better than Jim Kelly for example.

No guarantee this will hold up--- every post from him a possible winner.

still not sure duke Johnson and be a feature back and handle 300 carries.....he really needs to bulk up from 5'9" 183 a lot....at least get to Giovanni Bernard size 5'10" 210

I think this years a lot of questions need to be answered from just about every area outside of the OL....

Jim Kelly stats are nowhere near Harris or Dorsey since UM ran a lot back then....he only threw 676 attempts vs 1153 Dorsey and 1170 Harris....

poor green peas just don't want to admit how productive Harris was at UM....

Possible dumber quote from gallo re" duke size

" he needs to bulk up from 5'9" 183 ....to...5'10" 210"

1. If people knew how to add inches you would have added to your 2 incher some time ago.

Your endless lists and stats are absurd. Harris is a better qb than Harris because he had more pass attempts? Truly, I think you are really dumb, but had no idea you were that dumb.

better than Kelly

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I'm the skanky fake online lawyer

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You can't miss me. I have the beer gut of a truck driver and about 50 lb of clown makeup.

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