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Eduardo Clements says he will be ready for contact this fall

NAPLES -- Hurricanes tailback Eduardo Clements was wearing a headset during Friday's scrimmage at Naples High. But he expects that -- and the neck brace he's been wearing for months -- to be replaced with a football helmet soon.

The 5-9, 192-pound senior from Booker T. Washington High, whose health and future with UM has been in question, said Friday he will have his brace taken off in the next two weeks and expects to be full-go when fall practice rolls around.

"I'm really happy that I will be getting this thing off," Clements said Friday. "At first they thought it was a stinger, but then they realized I had to have surgery for a herniated disk. I'm really going to be excited to be back out there with the guys soon."

Clements' return will provide experience behind ACC Freshman of the Year Duke Johnson as well as depth alongside sophomore Dallas Crawford.

Redshirt freshman Danny Dillard (6-2, 210) appeared to injure his shoulder during Friday's action. But he got praised by UM coach Al Golden for his work after Friday's scrimmage when asked how Johnson's backups have been performing.

"We're giving the ball to Maurice Hagens more. He's answering. Mo is a physical runner, has a good lateral cut. He's showing some niftiness. I'm excited about it," Golden said. "I thought Danny ran hard on the goalline," Golden said. "I think Danny Dillard is starting to understand who he is. He's got to be a big back and wear people down. What can you say about Dallas? He's having arguably the best spring on the offensive side of the ball."


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Stand by for a negative post by either Jim Gallo or Calvin....

That's great news regarding Clements. He's invaluable as a special teams player and can help the team in the backfield. He's always had a great attitude and he deserves nothing but praise for his team first attitude.

How bad was Dillard's injury?

This year -- at 7 p.m. Friday -- it's at Naples High School, and expects an even bigger crowd, Naples High athletic director Ernie Modugno and head football coach Bill Kramer told me by phone.

Modugno said the stadium seats 4,000, but temporary bleachers will bring capacity to about 5,000, with up to several thousand fans expected to stand.

...as the Hurricanes wrapped up their second scrimmage of the spring in front of about 3,000 people (atually 2k) at Naples High Friday night.


Sounds about right... Plenty of seats available. Thousands of seats disguised as fans. []_[] still are what []_[] are... IRRELEVANT

No actually 3000 showed up. Minus one a55hole gator that posted at 1200

Miami baseball has lost 7 of the last 8 games one of which was to Bethune and another to FAU.

Can someone here. Anyone. Please tell me why JimMorris is still the coach of UM baseball?

Posted by: 9>5>2 | April 06, 2013 at 12:08 AM

Well Congratulations are in order then on Ur "3K" Crowd Ni-Fi-Fo ...

[]_[] still couldn't even fill a 5K 3-A High School Stadium.


I'd rather there are 3000 to see this team than 50-60000 to watch that overrated, overhyped weak a55 gaytor squad. Dont worry there will be at least 65000 on 09/07 to watch the massacre.

You all- I know Kyle Wright talked because he thought Sean Allen had been deposed and felt he had to talk. Butt he fact is the NCAA questioned himunder illegal pretenses. Nonetheless, Kyle Wright still qualifies as a SNITCH. A RAT. A Traitor. Plus he is s stupid a55 who believed the little ponzi schemer. How stupid cna you be? I recall when his daddy got into fights in the stands with fans who were booing his baby boy for his horrendous performances. Feel better now that your son is an effen rat, sir?

Kyle Wright and Jacorry Harris have been the un-doing of this program.

Even when Brock Berlin was here the U never lost to UF or FSU!

Eduardo Clements has always been Money. Always good for 4-5 yds a pop!. Runs hard. I hope he is included in the depth chart bc Duke will definitely need to take breaks:


Can't wait til the Canes wip-up-on the gaturds and noleses, this season!

See you all at Sun life next weekend!

golden better do something....Ryan Williams is basically wasted since his start will be as a senior then hes gone.....

grey crow, who knows what he can do in real time play....these backups have been bench warmers and golden hasn't gotten them ready.....the QB spot is VERY vulnerable....if morris goes down UM is f...cked

where is Preston Dewey?

Absolutely not...I always thought Clements was way underused.....but then again he is a Shannon guy and a Booker t guy....so golden uses a freshman in Dallas Crawford instead because he is HIS guy.....

so now kyle wright is a snitch.....why because he told the truth? all the testimony from allen/prez has been redacted....jacory harris the second best QB in UM history via the stats is also a traitor and ruined the program?

the only one that has ruined the program is AL golden - mark dnofrio and Jedd fisch.....there has been more turmoil with the players and high school coaches as well as bad press since they all got here.....

so kyle wright is a traitor but Jedd fisch who leaves 2 days before UM weekend and right before national signing day that sabotaged UMs recruiting...hes not a traitor?

have more kool aid...

kyle wrong, the 2nd worst qb in UM history. I remember the first time i saw him in live action, he droped back to pass, held the ball and got sacked and i'm thinking to myself, uh oh, this guy is a slower thinker. His whole career proved it, but not only did he hurt UM during games now he's hurting UM with his mouF. I try not to get negative with kids, but i never liked kyle wrong mentality. He was one of the first ones to say "willie williams wouldn't be welcomed back to the team" a scrub trying to speak on somebody like ww17, i didn't like beason opening up his mouth on that situation either, but at least beason, not that good in college had some production under his belt.

jacory harris was part of the rise in expectations again at UM for being able to actually win games, nobody really expected us to win games when kyle wrong was the qb, especially when we got down by 7 or more points. If the game was a shoot out, no coming back with kyle wrong under center, game winning drives, i don't think he ever had one, kirby did against Fsu though and will always have my respect for that, although that 1-14 against NC st. is hard to ignore.


After at least 1 year, we have finally snagged @MiamiHurricanes from a squatter. Account will be all #Canes football
-- chris freet


gallo they know if jacory had the same coaching and same team as ken dorsey had, j70 would have all the qb records at UM and even some in college football, but if you put non-mobile ken dorsey on those squads j70 was on, with the same coach j70 had, dorsey wouldn't ever been the starter here, couldn't tkae no punishment. As soon as he got breathed on by ohigho st. he nutted up that game, throwing phantom picks and missing andre johnson wide open not just that game, the whole season.

dorsey was nowhere near as accurate as j70, he constantly missed dre on crossing routes. Not trying to say dorsey didn't do a good job under the circumstances, but there is a reason jacory is 2nd best all time at UM without being on a national championship team. If jacory was here right now, smo17 still wouldn't be able to beat him out.

this was from congress overview of NCAA....

"Another way in which the proceeding is unlike a normal judicial case is that the committee is not limited to finding violations that are alleged in the NOA. If during the course of the hearing, the committee finds evidence of violations not listed in the NOA, it may rule that such violations have been committed without the institution being given the opportunity to investigate or to prepare to rebut such alleged violations and without the individuals affected by the ruling being notified or consulted. This offers yet another reason why, unlike a criminal defendant, institutions might feel constrained from aggressively seeking to use all possible objections and tactics to avoid any penalties—even in the unlikely event it proves that the charges in the NOA are without merit, there can still be a price to pay, especially if the committee becomes put off by overaggressive posturing or believes that the institution does not display a sufficiently cooperative or contrite attitude"

UM better be very careful with these motions.....but then again the NOA has been given...the institutions have NEVER been exonerated during the hearings....UM is guilty....

Um lawyers seen to want to have self sanctions be the end of this BUT....I think there is alot more here.....more evidence from NCAA of UM "lack of institutional control".....

let is die.....

UM is handling this all wrong.....they should go in there "hat in hand"...contrite and apologetic....NCAA knows what it did already.....let them off and save face.....more than likely that will be enough to satisfy the penalties.....

this will end it all and allow UM to move forward without any more issues.....

Dillard always strikes me as a player that can/will surprise.Hope he gets over his shoulder injury/that it s not serious.HE can really help wear down defenses and provide excellent depth when needed.Glad Clements is getting much healthier than he s been for quite awhile now.THAT can only help the team.

Time for UM to go in another direction with the baseball program. The game has passed Jim Morris by. I'd like to see a young, up and coming coach get a shot. Someone who knows South Florida well.


Weather supposed to clear up in Naples for UM scrimmage. Looking forward to seeing the Hurricanes for first time this spring.

Heard estimates of up to 10,000 although the Naples HS stadium holds far less.
-- jorge milian

Sunset in naples
-- BrianTheBeastLondon


Who is Jim Morris?


The U on TPC
-- Jesse Marks



New FB Players Lounge at the Schwartz Center! Amazing!
-- Jesse Marks


The Gallo girls are at it again today.

They claim to be Miami fans, yet Laverne and Shirley never have a positive comment about the Canes. Only today Calvina attacked Ken Dorsey and said that Jacory was a better player than Ken...this would be hilarious if that twat wasn't serious.

Also, Gallo, the woman always on her period, claims that the NCAA investigation was nothing and in no way negatively impacted our football program. But, he perfectly plays the role of a retarded Johnny Cochran when blathering on about how badly Miami is handling this challenge and of course how he would do it differently.

Finally, how is it that both of the Sunshine Girls go silent simultaneously and then come back on-line precisely at the same time each and every day?

"so golden uses a freshman in Dallas Crawford instead because he is HIS guy."

yeah, Gallo, you sick ignorant prick. Maybe because Clements has neck problems and had surgery that is why he isn't being used.

You are truly a sick douchebag, Gallo. You are almost as bad as the blog Pig. Maybe you are the same person.

Clements was healthy last year. he was not on the injured list at all, golden was experimenting with his "freshman-Temple" approach...good try

Kyle Wright is a snitch because he was under no obligation to testify and still did. He works a regular job like everybody else because he has no talent.

Jacory could've spent years living with Dan Marino and Joe Montana....and he'd still be a horrible qb. The guy was horrible!

At least he knows enough not to snitch

Snitch list...

Kyle Wright
Tyrone Moss

Who am I missing?

Gallo....go let you mom sodomize you....jack*ss....it will be a great day when the blogs go to the format of signing in through Facebook first before posting.

Alright Calvina lay the crack pipe down. U are saying Dorsey was not as accuarate as J70 is correct if you are talking about throwing int's to the opposing team. Get a life Jacory in his best dreams is no where near as good as Dorsey. Heck at least Dorsey played in the NFL, Jacory will be lucky to play in the Arena League. What a freakin moron U are.

Gallober, clements was injured much of the year, where are U getting your information from? Oh I forgot idiots anonymous.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | April 06, 2013 at 10:35 AM

* Right,UM's in trouble at quarterback. They have Kevin Olsen committed, three redshirt freshmen in Crow and Dewey, and Thompson, an experienced junior in Ryan Williams, and a top flight senior in Stephen Morris.

Because in Jim Gallo's world everything that is is awful and everything that could be would be great. How could Ryan Williams be a decent backup to Morris if Al Golden is the one who made the depth chart?

* Clements was way underused, Golden used Crawford instead because Shannon recruited Clements.

Clements played 7 games and ran 16 times before breaking his neck. Crawford was healthy all 12 games and had 6 carries.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | April 06, 2013 at 10:45 AM

* Kyle Wright is a snitch because he told the truth. Yes. That's what a snitch is.

* Jacory isn't even close to being the second best quarterback in UM history. He has the second most touchdowns along with a sh*t ton of interceptions and bad losses under Randy Shannon.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | April 06, 2013 at 11:17 AM

* Forget UM saving face, the NCAA has a lot more to lose than Miami. UM may be guilty but they've already taken more sanctions than could possibly come from this case. Any additional penalty could result in a lawsuit at a time when public support is behind Miami.

Leave it too Laverne and Shirley (Gallo and Calvina) to defend Kyle Wright's snake actions. He betrayed all of his teammates which insures he will be despised.

And the NCCA's thank you for Wright's rat nark BS...they leaked that he was in fact the turncoat squealer.

Kyle, the informant, better not have aspirations of a high level football coaching career as there are a bunch of ex-Canes that will do everything in their power to destroy the stoolie.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | April 06, 2013 at 04:11 PM

* Clements was healthy last year, wasn't on the injured list at all. He broke his neck the 7th game, missed 5 games and is still in a neck brace.

Feel free to refute any of my fact checking at any time, literally everything you say is a lie or distorted negative bullish*t.

Calvin I agreedd with you about Kyle Wright until you started your same stoopid junk about Jacorry Pick 70 versus Ken Dorsey-
Listen Calvin- Maybe you are blind like Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder and never saw Ken Dorsey play. Seriously. If you would rather have jacorry pick 70 than Dorsey when the chips are down, thats you- that shows how stupid you are. No- how blind you are. Blinded by your racisst malcolm X glasses.

The best example is September 2000. Its 100 degrees inthe OB. Miami is playing #1 ranked FSU. The D just allowed Anquan Boldin to score and there is 1:36 left on the clock and UM has it on their own 26 yard line. What does Ken Dorsey do? Nothing. Nothing but pin point passes here- there. On 3rd down, Bam Bam bam .

then with 30 seconds left he drops back, He gets slammed by an on coming rush and he waits till the last minute and fins Shockey streking up the middle and puts it right there. TD!.

Best come back I have ever seen. Against the #1 team inthe country. Against all that speed on Defense.

Jacorry Harris is a nobody. he will always be hated at UM. He did nothing, won nothing at UM. NOTHING. He cant even get a starting job in the CFL.


Anyone watc the UF farse called the UF spring game? I did. there were 15,000 fans there- the entire towns oc Ocala = and Niceville were there. Drsikel looked like one of the banjo brothers on Deliverance. Muschump looks worried. The NCAA is coming to get the janitor.,

Any additional sanctions will trigger a lawsuit against the ncaa. It will keep this in the media for the rest of the year.

A Cane fan vehemently arguing about whether or not there were 2 or 3 thousand fans at a Scrimmage. If it weren't so sad, it wouldn't be so pathetically funny.

He Wasnt arguing, dooshbag, was responding to what a panzy pu55y a55 gator posted

The funny thing is you all say Calvin doesn't have any good points but you are steadily commenting on them. If he doesn't have valid points why respond to them. Dorsey was a good college qb and got signed to the nfl to hold clipboards. You can say jacory wasn't a good qb but he is second on the list for td's thrown. Neither one of them did anything in the nfl so what does that tell you.

The funny thing is U claim to be a Cane, but U consistently allign your allegience with two douche bag, Anti-Canes such as Gallober and Calvina. So that tells us all one of two things, which are either U are as full of Sh-t as those two morons or that U are a Cane who is not very bright. Also in regards to Dorsey vs. J70 debate, it tells me that Dorsey ranks among the gods of Mt. Olympus and Harris ranks among the Frank Costa's, kirby Freeman and Ryan Collins of qb's which would be the peasent section in regards to a college football forum. Now while he does ranks high as far as touchdown passes and the kid does deserve his cudo's for that, where does he rank amongst interceptions thrown? J70's saving grace however was that he did get to play one year under Al Golden and Jedd Fisch's system, in which he did flourish I might add. As far as the pro's Dorsey did stay in the league and actually played and started some games. Harris can't even get drafted or hook on and stick as a scout team QB.

Dorsey played for 2 championships....that's the difference.

Hmmm...really 3, but we got screwed and had to embarrass Florida.

What up championships....

Jacory is the Eskimo's practice squad qb...these guys want to hold him up like he's bernie kosar.

UM snitch list Kyle Wright. Tyrone Moss. Bernard Clark(pay for play) Has Miami ever had any great quarterbacks or was the talent surrounding them made them great.

Bernard Clark...good one!

Our good qbs always had a knack for making the right play. How many wide open receivers did kyle wright miss, Jacory could get through his progressions and would just panic. Dorsey threw a horrible ball, but it was always to the right receiver.

How's it a going Junk, just keeping up with the latest news with my Canes and seeing what these other delusional jackwagons are attempting to spew from their septic brains and mouths. It's funny to see them attempt to convince others or themselves for that matter that what they are saying is actually reality. Must be the bathsalts killing what few brain cells they were born with. That or its their UF and FSU education. Wait a minute I forgot U don't have to be smart to get into either of those schools. Take care bro, can't wait to the start of the season.


here we are ... same story, different decade

This U is still struggling internally as well as outwardly the last 11 years.

damn... where are the O.G. early 80 Cane Coaches ?

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