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FORMER UM linebacker Eddie Johnson has signed to play at HInds Community College in Mississippi

UM linebacker Eddie Johnson was a talent waiting to break out in a big way. Actually, he had begun to break out already in his redshirt freshman season in 2012.

Unfortunately, from what I'm told by insiders, he began hanging out with the wrong crowd, and got himself in trouble that UM didn't want to touch. 

He's now officially a Hinds Community College Eagle, said his new head coach, Gene Murphy.  

"He'll be enrolled for the summer session and start practice in August,'' said Murphy, who also serves as the athletic director at Hinds CC in Raymond, just outside Jackson. "We're excited about it. My evaluation of him is that he's a sideline to sideline guy and he knows how to play the game.''

Other UM players who played at Hinds include first-round draft pick Jerome McDougle in 1999, a defensive end. At the same time, former UM DE Andrew Williams played there. 

The difference: McDougal and Williams played at HInds first, then transferred to Miami.

"We've had about 50 guys who have played in the NFL after starting out at HInds,'' Murphy said.

In 2012, the Eagles had a disappointing season, starting the preseason ranked sixth in the nation but ending 4-5.

"We fell off the cliff,' Murphy said.

This past season, Johnson was fourth in team tackles, while playing only eight games. Suspensions plagued him. He had 59 tackles, a sack, an interception and three forced fumbles.

Here's hoping his trouble is in the past.





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Transfers to a Community College = flunked out.

I have irrefutable video proof that Gallo (Curse) is really Tommy Flanagan…the Pathological Liar!


The information contained in Susan's article makes it clear that Eddie Johnson saw no interest from any programs around the country other than a Community College. Yet, the wingnut Gallo has been claiming he was going to be the next Ray Lewis or even better than Lewis.

All this after Gallo promoted Ray-Ray to legendary status as a safety only to find out that NFL scouts are saying he has no speed and MAY be a candidate to play linebacker, although that is a massive long-shot idea.

Yo Gallo-what's it like to never be right about anything?

what trouble? as in all golden media spins we never really know why a kid leaves or is disciplined other than "a mutual" decision.....

Oh well #36 is pretty good too.

gallo, the sad part about it is, who's leading this charge, the same troll that can careless and helped to run the football program in the ground. Here's the question, why is UM threatening to go to court when they paid a settlement earlier(i think around 80K) supposedly for the players not to be subpoenaed later on.

The way to handle these bozo's is early and get the settlement out the way early and don't let these buzzards in, let it drag out and try and show you're cooperating is stupid. What i will say though is this, i don't understand what the big deal is about players that are already signed to a school getting money and benefits, now if they start showing alot of money being spent on gaining new-comers, than you might have something.

eddie johnson would've been a team captain under jimmy johnson, would've gave him the responsibility he needed to be able to focus on football. Sending eddie out to the coin toss is the same mentality we needed on this football team to rid it of the softness. No disrespect to malcom lewis cause he's an outstanding young man, but had that been ej44 laying on that ground like that and coach goldie would've tried to hug that man like that, ej44 would've told goldie, "man, GTF off me like that" and got up and hopped off the field and than would've turn around and try and find out who did that.

eddie johnson went the community college route so he doesn't have to sit out a year and than he can always jump back to D-1 without missing a beat!

sociopaths are so funny.

Calvin......EJ's uncle is Alonso Highsmith. Go ask him how many chances Golden gave 44 to get his s##t together.


Alonzo Highsmith

and while your at it ask him how many times HE tried to talk some sense into him.....


attn miamiherald.com:

you added the f$u version of the ACC digital network ...


This is the last thing i will say on the EJ thing...when you get into physical altercations with coaches (among numerous other things) your days are numbered. Unless you play for Urban Meyer that is!

yep golden is all about 'TMZ and dragging players names through the mud...oh wait...now were b!tching that he doesnt tell us why players arent at practice. come on golden everyone knows gallo deserves that info. he is ginger after all.

Who said he got into physical altercations with coaches?

juniors and seniors generally pick captains.

No question EJ is a great football player. And there's no question (better than anyone) that Golden knows that! - so why would anyone think Golden "ran him off"?? (as Gallo insinuates with his "discipline comment") - we all agree the bottom line is, he's trying to build a winning program with players that perform on and off the field. EJ has "on the field" figured out! ....Unfortunately for Eddie that's only half the equation. -- Look at the program he's going to. The coach says "we fell off the cliff"....sounds like he had a ton of talent but doesn't have a clue how to coach it. - Can you say "Discipline"!!??

sorry peas.....jimmy, dennis and butch would not have all these issues...I have lived and witness those eras...nobody gets rid of (sacrificed) a 6'4" 226 lb safety - ray-ray......if it were duke/morris, all would be forgiven...

if it were possible I would welcome back with open arms ray-ray, paul, finnie and johnson.....

but miss porter (golden) with his/her 300 page binders will not allow that....

Good luck to Eddie. Definitely one of the best I've seen in a UM uniform. This guy will be in NFL one day.

Calvin do your research.. That $83,000 settlement was to the Trustee of Shapiro's Bankrupcy proceedings. It was to repay the money that Shapiro donated for the student athlete lounge and any cash or other gifts given to UM student athletes. Part of the settlement was that the Trustee wouldn't subpoena any current or former players to testify. It wasn't a settlement with the ncaa and has no bearing with a potential lawsuit against the ncaa.

nobody doubts u would welcome them back. ur a sociopath and a ginger.

Wow this blog has gotten amazingly worse. On that note, you can't have a nice garden with ugly weeds in it.Not saying he EJ was a weed but, he wasn't growing in the garden and he had to be plucked out. IMO I believed he flunked out.

Alex Fig is beasting and Mccord moved to LB so i'm not really worried. he will be missed though..

What a shame. He was our best LB.

EJ would be captain under Jimmy"- Calvin


Now he'll be team captain at bumf*k Mississippi Jc

when he could have would have should have:

Gotten a 200,000 dollar world class education
TV exposure
Pipeline to the pros
Top competition to show case your skeels
Instead, dumba55 threw it all away trying to play the Ghetto thug card

Guess what dumba55 #2 aka calvin:

Jimmy Johnson is no longer here
Jimmy Johnson went 8-5 in his first year with howards players and lost to maryland after being up 31 points at half time, lost to BC and lost a bowl.
Jimmy Johnson has publically stated that he supports Al Golden and what he is doing
Jimmy Johnosn told me he thinks you are a dumba55

By the Way- Where Willie Williams at?

More Gallo bashing
Piling on Calvin too
Careful Cat you may be next
Calvin is right about the 80k paid
Jim point is Um paid not to have players subpoenad so if you now turn around and sue all those players will be forced to testify under oath, just like a subpoena and the NCAA will be able to elicit much more damaging testimony than what they now have.
Stupid to sue, more stupid to settle, pay 80k and sue months later.
Clueless and stupid
Must be a cane thang
Just like if some moron claimed a freshman who has yet to play and was already injured in practice, say Figueroa, was better than a proven commodity, say EJ.
Wait, some moron actually claimed that already
Some other moron claims JJ really likes Golden
As if that would matter
Short memory moron remember JJ loved Wannestead and saddled the Fins with that loser for years
Good thing you got a Super Punter
You will need him badly

So Gallo now you know, EJ would not have been academically eligible his season, smart move by AG to cut ties before wasting all the reps on him so his replacement could be ready. The fact that you are still bitching about it only prove what we all already knew your an idiot. Nobody throws away his production unless he has to. Contrary to what you and Calvin believe AG is not stupid. Go Canes

EJ made the smart move for his future. He was a beast in donofrios garbage, hes gonna be allworld in a regular aggressive scheme. Nobody. Repeat... nobody playing in donofrios scheme will ever make the first round. We have that caliber talent, but dc has no idea what to do with it. EJ will stunt this year, transfer to somewhere in yhe sec and be all american. Kids got instincts.

Last year...

"Eddie Johnson is a BEAST !!! Our BEST Defensive Player that will Lead our DOMINANT DEFENSE and Sure ALL-AMERICAN the next 3 YEARS !!!

This year...

Eddie Johnson is a B[]_[]M !!! An OVERRATED Cancer and we now have BETTER Depth on the D-Line and will be better without him. Good RIDDANCE !!!

EJS problem is academic....plain and simple....THIS ISNT THE 80'S ANY LONGER.....GET USED TO IT!!!!

Ray Ray OVER RATED....GET REAL GALLO....the kid was average at best....So....all of a sudden he would have "balled" out his senior season....yeah....RIGHT.

where does it say EJ was not academically eligible? RU kidding me, al golden has been mistake after mistake.....the latest being taking duke johnson off kickoffs....he is only #2 in the country and #1 ACC...

1. cant close collins, bryant and bostwick
2. self sanctioned for nothing denying class 2012 championship and bowl game in back yard
3. the kirkland fiasco
4. the ray-ray fiasco
5. kicks off our best players - johnson-paul-finnie
6. has not developed any other QB
7. responsible for hiring a DC that put UM at #117 defensively
8. pissed off area feeder schools
9. is 13-11 at UM

on and on.....rememeber, "I am still learning how things are done down here"...al golden

florida/fsu will end it all for golden..I hope, the sooner he & dnofrio are gone the better

2012 Golden casualties or discipline issues:

vernon davis
darion hall
storm johnson
kevin nelson
andrew tallman
billy sanders
cj holton
adarius johnson
keion payne
devonta davis
jeremy davis
ray ray armstrong
thomas finnie
gionni paul
travis williams
jamal reid
kelvin cain
Vaughn telemaque
tracy howard
curtis porter
luther robinson
darius smith

2013 Golden Casualties

alex collins
denver kirkland
terrell brooks
matthew thomas
jaynard bostwick
keith bryant
luther campbell
tim ice harris
booker T
carol city
miami central
Terry Richardson
Jedd Fisch
Geroge Mcdonald
Mario Christobal
Eddie Johnson
Rashawn Scott - currently out of the discipline bull pen

Who Cares - How about some reporting on some information about current players that have met all of their obligations and have managed to stay out of trouble. You and Manny are always trying to stir the pot. We want REAL reporting. Give us some valuable information about the Cane players that are on the roster. I'm sure you have some time to dig up some good stuff. Screw Eddie Johnson, he is a has been trouble maker.

Just a thought, and serious question. Come the opening of the 2013 practices in August, all teams, and I mean all teams suffer not just a few, but handfulls of injuries, both minor and major. That also applies as the Season progresses without doubt. They will occur. I feel great that we can deal with these type of setbacks to the O-Line and W.R. units, but I'm absolute terrified not if, but when these injuries happen to all the other units. Especially at Q.B.

I see us realistically at 9-3 if we stay healthy with Morris upright and not nicked. But if #17 gets so much as an ankle (remember last year), shoulder, knee or hammy, this team will be drastically different on Offense. I think we already know what we'll get on Defense with or without major hits. Average at best, hopefully.

Point is, we look good on paper now. But do we truly realistically have the depth to play at a high level when the injuries come. And they will, they always do.

jimmy-randy-dennis-larry-butch would have no problem molding and improving a 6'4" 226 safety (ray-ray)....these are still kids....the right leadership can turn the switch on these kids at any time.....just like Eddie Johnson.....either you value these kids or you don't.....golden uses them like a commodity....

alex F will have cob webs his first year and will blow coverages.....johnson-perryman-paul-gains (experience) on the 3-4.....not a freshman no matter how good he looks

we loose Morris...the party is over....

Gallo: Agreed. We have to feature Duke but not overuse him. A RB likes to have the ball, "Goldy is just going to have to rely on Duke to tell him, hey I need some rest. I'm for Duke on kickoffs and punt returns.

If used right way, he could be in Top 3 in nation.

But UM won't have wins against in-state teams for a long time. If this team plays UCF, it might be pushed. Even with all the changes at UF, they still got some players. I thought UF was overrated last year.

Still, "Goldy has to put some kind of pressure on the DC. It doesn't seem like he wants to, though. "Goldy either doesn't have the guts to confront the DC or its the DC who actually runs the team. Think about it: We're talking Psych 101.

Hey Gallo: Good point about JJ, RS, Butch and crew using discipline and how "Goldy doesn't. The discipline part is part of being a coach. It's like being a teacher.

UM is destined and well on its way to mediocrity with "Goldy.

EJ was on his way to being my favorite player.. Best wishes buddy get your head on straight..

Eddie Johnson off to nowheres ville after flunking out among other troubles and Gallo thinks he's the greatest player ever. Probably thought Willie Williams was too. They're both in the too dumb to play modern football mold. Why's nobody of note pick him up?

Canesport indicated he was an academic casualty....you do know that Canesport is dont yo? Please NEVER get a membership there!!

Also above mentions "hanging around" with wrong crowd....Goldens fault correct?

All he needed was a state issued id card nd he could have gotten into uf....

Come on , if he was a good player, every D1 school would tag him up. They know he doesn't have his head straight, he needs to move on. It is not about the talent but it is about discipline. This is not 1980's or 2000's, it is a different era.

Hurricanes will rebound/bounce back from adversity because that s what they do.They are resilient,tough son of a guns despite the NCAA.Miami still will turn the corner once the NCAA is gone.Whether they receive more sanctions or if they don t....they will recover.They are in it to win it.They are in it for the long haul.Each year we are improving.The NCAA can t do enough to stop Miami.Period.Miami is like a boulder going downhill....becoming larger and larger on a crash course with the NCAA bowling pins.

Posted by: jo jo | April 17, 2013 at 02:13 PM

[]_[] sound just like the Germans and Japs back in the Mid 1940's yo yo...

WOW !!! 9 delUded Cliches in 1 PARAGRAPH !!! That's without a doubt a New Cane ClUck Record !

"Hurricanes will rebound/bounce back from adversity because that s what they do." "We're in it to win it ?" "Miami is like a boulder going downhill." Good luck with that Lima Bean. The NCAA is going to absolutely turn the entire Southwest corner of dUh []_[]'s Campus into a mile wide Bomb crater that will continue to burn then smolder well into the 2020's. []_[]r all pumped and fired up by Donna and her dimwitted dolts little "leaves []_[]s alone" letter to the BIG DADDY NCAA that []_[] still fail to see that all it was like, was a spitball bouncing off 6 foot thick steele. All []_[] did was pizz them off. They are now going to give []_[] multiple sport and lack of Institutional Control violators twice the amount of punishment than originally planned. Try 3 more Bowl bans and 60 Schollies through 2018... THEN []_[]'LL SUE !!! Don't []_[] d[]-[]mb Cl[]_[]cks realize that's EXACTLY what they want []_[] to do ? The KING LION NCAA already has suitcases FULL of HUNDREDS of Subpoenas waiting to be handed out to former Players and staff going back to the EARLY 80's. And they'll be able to drag out a trial for nearly a YEAR if they'd choose to do so with all those Billions of TV $. What a sight it would be as hundreds of Swagga Cane Thang players lined up to take the stand and a Dozen strong team of NCAA Lawyers AXE'd ALL []_[]r BOYZ, UNDER OATH ANY Questions that they want, for as long as they want and Would PROVE, EASILY, that d[]_[]h []_[] was and STILL IS a HABITCH[]_[]al, OUT of CONTROL INSTIT[]_[]TION and Athletic Department !!!

[]_[] would get CR[]_[]SHED and left near penniless after they'd get done with []_[] and any Cane with half a brain knows it... And don't []_[] forget or fail to see that there is ONE major sledge hammer that the NCAA has waiting to drop on []_[] that will hit []_[] in the back of the head during trial... []_[]r lil #1 FAN NEVIN ain't a complete d[]_[]mmy ([]_[] don't think he didn't have an elaborate Security Surveillance video system with cameras in EVERY room and square foot outside running and recording 24/7?) . He still has under lock n key, now in the hands of the NCAA, evidence that they have yet to come forward with. lil Cane Nevin has THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of hours, on video discs, crystal clear, Hi-Def Security film with sound confirming hundreds of Illegal NCAA Violations and FEDERAL Laws broken with Hundreds of CANE recruits, at the time current and former MIAMI Players that will BLOW []_[]r Sergeant Schultz, "I know Nada... Saw Nada" routine []_[]p when all those former players were "asked" testified to the NCAA the last year but didn't cooperate...

There'll be one question AXED as they are forced by law, sitting on the stand to answer under oath... "Is that []_[] on film with all the Hookers, Coke, Icky Sticky, Raining $100 Bills, High School Recruits and Current Cane Football and Basketball Players ?

answer ?

[]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[]hhhhhhhhhhhhh ?


Gallo- Dumbsh*t
Calvin- Dumber sh*T
Cool cat- even dumber sh*t

Neither of youlosers are real cane fans. I dont care if you live in O town carol city or L town. Opa Locka, SoBe or H town. None of you are real cane fans.

No real cane fan talks as much BS about the U as you losers. You all are a bunch of pu55ie a-55es.

"casualty of Golden secondary to discipline problems":

Thomas Finnie ????? hahahahahahah

"discipline problem"?

So now, commiting a felony and stealing from your fellow UM students is a "discipline problem"?

I guess you think the Boston bomber had a discipline problem too?

What a bunch of jacka55es you all are.

I stand with this U. ___*ck all the rest of you

"Jimmy also asks that Gallo stop calling him and breathing heavily into the phone. He knows it is you, fruitcake."


Very funny concerning Gallo (the repetitive fruit cake) and I suspect it's true!!!

Good points about EJ not going to another d1 school.


Look at that punter from cinci. Where he at now? The U

Where EJ?

Bumf... Egypt community college.

Why didnt Ray Ray end up say at FSU? Bama? USC? Texas?

coach DNO

Why use Egypt in trying to describe a not so good place. Insulting people is the sign of a true idiot. I'm sure you could have described a cane going to get himself together better than that. Good luck EJ.

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