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Golden, Torretta win golf tournament, $125K scholarship

Hurricanes football coach Al Golden and 1992 Heisman Trophy winner Gino Torretta held off a back-nine charge from South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier and Sterling Sharpe to win the 2013 Chick-fil-A Bowl Challenge.

Miami’s 11-under round was one better than the Gamecocks duo and solidified the first-place scholarship prize of $125,000. Miami finished the front nine with five straight birdies to make the turn at 8-under, one stroke ahead of two-time defending champion Georgia Tech and two shots clear of South Carolina.

The Hurricanes and Yellow Jackets played stroke-for-stroke on the back nine until Miami pulled ahead with birdies on 16 and 17. The Gamecocks went birdie-eagle-birdie over the final three holes to make a run at Miami, but fell just short when Golden holed a five-foot putt for par on 18.

“South Carolina and Georgia Tech are really good teams. We had a lot of fun down the stretch and Gino hit some big putts to keep us in it,” Golden said. “We scrambled and got lucky down the stretch.”

“Hitting that 30-footer for par on 15 and another big putt on 17 were huge. We didn’t know they were so close on our heels until we finished 17,” Torretta said. “We just tried to stay within ourselves and we kept the ball in play. It just seemed to work today.”

The Chick-fil-A Bowl Challenge is the country’s premier head coach and celebrity charity golf event featuring NCAA head coaches and former athletes and celebrities from the same school competing against their rivals for a share of a $520,000 scholarship purse.

In addition to the $520,000 scholarship purse, another $144,000 was generated for charitable organizations including Chick-fil-A’s WinShape Homes foster care program. Over the last seven years, the event has contributed a total of $3.8 million in scholarship and charity, helping make the Chick-fil-A Bowl college football’s most charitable bowl game.


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I like Spurrier. Always did- gators had a good team in 95 and 96. gator fans were better than. Not the losers they havenow who come on here talking unnecessary smack (for no reason)- even then there wouldbe some collegial bantering, but nothing as nasty as the losers that come on here.

But glad Goldie put one on them. Chalk that up for the U. That scholie $ should help significantly.

While the rest of the elite were competing in golf, the gatr contingent of Muscrap and Jamar Hornsby were down the road playing horsehoew and drinking Natty Light.

Yea, I like Spurrier, too. But why that guy walked away from what he built and had at UF remains mind-boggling. Spurrier is one of the best offensive minds ever in the game.

Now, I'd like to see a yearly series between UF and UM in every sport. That's good for everybody.

Spurrier thought he was good enough to coach in the NFL. You can't blame a coach for wanting a shot at coaching at the highest level. He obviously failed, like Saban and countless others, but you can't blame him for trying.

crockilla, be leary of your confidence in our defense my man, here's what we're up against come sept 7th, brent pease(a proven oc at boise st. & now with the gaytors) who out-schemed stoops at Fsu. While i'm not saying stoops is the best dc in college football, he's definitely a real solid one. So brent pease vs clown 117th. This is a match-up i'm not looking forward to no time soon or anytime after that.

From an offensive standpoint, we got the players, but it can't be us trying to use duke johnson like he's lamar miller though. duke should not be the featured offensive player right now, but of course he should get enuff touches as well. Here's to danny dilliard bringing the noise as well as dallas crawford and also the incoming freshmen from new york, we'll see what happens though.

I have no faith in a team that is led by the offene! If we win, it won't shock me, but it's how we play the game is what i'm looking at!

spurrier like emmitt smith & wilbur marshall are about the only gaytors i can think of that i rooted for when they wasn't playing us or Fsu. I luv when spurrier was leaving the nfl and the gaytors were on the spot to either re-hire him or try and go in another direction, so when the president of the gaytors in his attempt to try and not make it easy for spurrier to come back, he asked that spurrier submit a resume and once spurrier heard about that spurrier "he(the president) wants a resume, tell em to go and look in the trophy case".

One of my favorite bobby bowden lines was when they asked him about what he thought about our team, i think it was the year either before SEAN TAYLOR had that exceptional game against them or around the year after, but when they asked ole bobby what he thought he said "Miami plays defense like they invented the dog on thang, now we play pretty good defense to, you know, mickey and the boys, but Miami"

Sarasota, why do you never use your name on this site. You post here regularly under other names. Are you nervous that your Space brethren will think less of you? I'd say that aside from being a delusional moron that lives in disgusting Georgia, you are a chickensh1t.


Calvin: I wish those defensive days would return. But I don't think DunnoToday, DunnoTomorrow, JustDunno and NeverWillDunno cares. Right not, the DC has the tightest grip on the UM football program and he, yes he of the 600-plus club, unfortunately ain't going nowhere.

But Calvin, Sir, there was a time when UM was feared, just like 'ole Bobby said.

Calvin: I wish those defensive days would return. But I don't think DunnoToday, DunnoTomorrow, JustDunno and NeverWillDunno cares. Right not, the DC has the tightest grip on the UM football program and he, yes he of the 600-plus club, unfortunately ain't going nowhere.

But Calvin, Sir, there was a time when UM was feared, just like 'ole Bobby said.
Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat | May 01, 2013 at 04:57 PM

No doubt man and this is why i'm losing respect for coach goldie man cause he's putting his boy clown 117th job security above the programs success. He talks about players being accountable but yet and still all he does is consistently make excuses for his boy's poor performances. For him and his boy to try ans single out rayshawn jenkins as some kind of point for the failure of that soft defensive scheme is a cowards move. If rayshawn gave up a 99 yard touchdown than who gave up the other 484 yards of offense.

Who was it against NC St. Who was it against Georgia tech and the others. So the time is out for hearing these excuses and trying to single out players about why this defense is this pathetic. And why is coach goldie the only coach i hear in college football complaining about the schedule and complainging about how many young players had to play when that's what you were selling as if he's the only coach that has these challenges!

Here's the final list of where the undrafted Canes ended up: Ramon Buchanon (Seattle contract), Jeremy Lewis (Tampa tryout), Kendal Thompkins (Kansas City tryout), Dalton Botts (Saints and Buccaneers tryouts). Jake Wieclaw has found nothing, his agent said.


Florida and FSU have 19 players Drafted and another 10 Signing Free-Agent contracts between them. Miami has 2 drafted, 1 signed F/A and 3 getting tryouts?

Easy for High School kids to see that the Gators and Noles get players drafted and bonus $ F/A signings while Miami gets kids dog and pony tryouts along with the general public.

P-U......really....u want to battle on the draft front.....and guys in NFL.....hey when will the Turds or Noles beat our touchdown streak?

Never......hahahaha.....never an undefeated season? Ever? Ever ever?


Programs with players in NFL rosters- As of May 2013- before camps:

1- UM------------ 45
2- USC 43
3-Ohio St 40
4- LSU 39
5- Texas 37
6- FSU 31
7- Tennessee 30
7- Alabama 30
9-Florida 28
10- Oklahoma 26
11- Michigan 25

Is there any reason to believe that there is any other NFL-U?

Recruits look at that list.

Alabama, UF, LSU have won 5 of the last 10 national championships.Yet they are not putting as many players in the NFL... or retaining them. Reasons: Overrated. Dumb. Cant read a playbook. Stupid. Goony goo goo spread offenses.

UM may have had a drop this year but next year they will likely put in another ten players in the NFL.

NFL pipeline... The U.

Calvin- Rayshawn Jenkins gave up the 99 yd TD to Duke because he did what much of the defense has done for thelast twoyears: Free lance and not play your assignments. You obviously can't understand. If a player is told tocover this man- and be here in this lane- but at the last minute decides to go elsewhere... tranlation--- blown assignment, TD. Get itthrough your thick heads. That plus poor tackling (yes that would be on Donofrio) and simply put bc they were not mature enough caused the defense t be that bad. Thomas Finnie never progressed as a sophomore despite being a great athlete. Glad he is gone. Next!

AgainstGeorgia Tech- Come one man. Dont be ridiculous.

Tech put 500 yds on many teams. A couple of yrs ago they put 500 yds on an SEC defense (UGA). Are you seriously makingthat argument?

You have lost your cred. Your not allowed on here any more. Thats it.

PU are you STILL hanging onto the NFL draft, lol? WHO CARES!!! U are the ONLY one even mentioning it which shows your ignorance. You went to ALL the trouble to look up ALL our draft eligible players for you to make a point, that's pretty PATHETIC, lol. We STILL have more players in the pros than your BUM TEAM so learn it, live it, and love it baby.

I too like to reminisce sometimes about the Spurrier Fun N Gun, the 1990s were so much fun...........but I don't dwell on that or make it the focus of my life........I suggest you do the same cane fan........stop living in the past.

"Alabama, UF, LSU have won 5 of the last 10 national championships.Yet they are not putting as many players in the NFL... "

This is a prime example of cane logic and delusion.
Your list of teams with the most players in the NFL is changing as we speak. Your #1 position on that list will soon fade, most of those numbers come form the 2001 team and the 1990s teams, since 2002 you have been declining.

To say that SEC players are "Overrated. Dumb. Cant read a playbook. Stupid. Goony goo goo spread offenses." is beyond stupid. A cane thing must be.
Wasn't that can't read a playbook thing said about Sam Shields recently?

On the bright side this charity golf thingy is the only time that Golden is a winner and beat good competition. Congrats, Golden can beat anyone in Golf.
Now if he only coach college football............

if he could only coach

Look at the Pig with the old man prostate problem trying to tie the Gatr trash with the Noles. Wow, used to be at least the UFailure could stand on its own. Now the Vagotis man-lover has to combine the poor record of failure with FSU.

A sad sack of man-meat loving Pig.

".hey when will the Turds or Noles beat our touchdown streak?"

Keep it
A meaningless stat, a meaningless streak
Not a stat at all as a matter of fact
We have the NFL "touchdown streak", never mind we have been mediocre for a decade, never mind we haven't had a player drafted in the first round for 5 years in a row.
Hey that "touchdown streak" should be good for a few victories? No? How about is it good for recruiting? No? Al least we have that darned canoe.

Hey dUmblogic you know this college football thing runs in cycles right ? For instance where was UF before Timmy ? Thats right mediocre. When the NCAA gets off our back and we start getting everything back together will be leaving UF in the dust again . You see other teams run in 5 or 6 year cycles of being good but we run in 20 year cycles so enjoy what little time you have left because it's nearly over. Our defense will be back soon with or without D'nofrio,maybe in spite of him. Go Canes

You know what doesn't run in cycles?

That miserable Gators troll who lives on this blog.

Doesn't matter what happens when we play the Gators next season, that dude doesn't care about college football, he only cares about talking to people on the internet.

TD streak means nothing....sure....keep believing that when recruits EVEY Sunday FOR 140 WEEKS or so got to see our defensive and offensive players making differences on NFL scoreboards....YOU ARE JUST DUM AND IN DENIAL. Things do run in cycles....you all keep clamoring we have been mediocre for a decade.....there are teams in D-1 that have been mediocre there entire existence....are trophy case is stacked fool...again....let me announce the most unbelievable factoid that exists in college football today:

The University of Florida....which is located IN FLORIDA....that has access to all the Florida talent....has NEVER BEEN ABLE TO MUSTARD UP AN UNDEFEATED SEASON....EVER!!!!!


Your 3 NCS are with at least 1 loss.....while others in he top ten who were undefeated never got the chance to play for it all......all three get an


Were you really the BEST those three years...I GUESS WE WILL NEVER KNOW.

Were you really the BEST those three years...I GUESS WE WILL NEVER KNOW.

The Canes beat EVERY team they played.....so yea. gaturds not so much.

They are truly a joke....like AG said....get your licks in now.

Instead of playing golf, Golden should be in the film room. You do not see Sabin playing golf. Either get this team back in the top 5 every year or just drop the program. There is no reason that the U should not be in the NC hunt every year, well except for Donna "THE TROLL", trying to do the best she can to make the U an average football team. THE TROLL MUST GO!!!!

Anyone from Turdville getting pre-season Heisman considerations....didn't think so....yes...the table will eventually turn back in our direction.

The folks over at Heisman Pundit are always good to start a debate. That group released its post-spring Heisman watch list with several familiar faces from the ACC included:

•Tajh Boyd, QB, Clemson
•Stefon Diggs, WR, Maryland
•Duke Johnson, RB, Miami

Jamarcus Russell -- OVER EFFEN RATED

Shall I go on?

Casey Clausen-- Over effen rated

Problem is we (UM fans) dident start this argument. gator loser punks did- And when a fellow cane points out the obvious, they get to crying like the little b0=tches that they are.

The man is right. Alabama, LSu, and UF won like 5 or 6 of the last ships- and they still cant put the proportional number of players in the NFL- and if they do get drafted, they are waaaay Overrated- WHO HERE NOW THINKS THAT TEBLOW SHOULD HAVE BEEN A FIRST ROUND PICK? Put down the crack pipe Tebow cultists.

That is why there is only one NFL-U. Period end of story.

Yes the TD streak counts just like any "streak" the gators like to dream of. Just like any stat you all like to throw at us like your consecutive top 5 recruiting ranks. Does that mean anything? Or that common quote? tebow is a good kid he is a winner. Yeah that means a lot. The TD streak is unprecedented just as our all time home winning streak of 58. And the numbe rof probowlers. And the number of hall of famers.

for that matter all stats ae menaingless just like you all's constant whining about the SEC.

SEC this you coattail riding punks. The onlytruth is that Alabama is and has been for real. and their fans are respectful. And they do it right. because theyve been there. i have no problem with Bama. Unlike gaturd fans who are whiney little girls

SEC SEC- When will you all realize that the rest of the SEC world hastes you all with a passion?

Instead of playing golf, Golden should be in the film room. You do not see Sabin playing golf.

Saban played in the tournament troll. He was paired with Mark Ingram. They finished sixth.

Last I checked, Maggot, Spurrier played more golf while he was winning in Trailerville than he does now that he is losing more in Columbia, SC.

So, as far as being a turd maggot, you have that going for you.


[]_[] ? after []_[]r 12-0 early pansy schedule, []_[]NRANKED as []_[]sual.

Still ranked behind the GATORS in Everything, year after year after year after year...

But, what about the past and wait til next year riiieeet ?


Pig, enough. You are boring. Yes, the Gatr trash baseball will win some games, maybe make the CWS then choke, as usual. Is that what you are yapping about?

Give it up. You are boring, Pig. Go hold Vagotis' hand and get some rest. You have to get up in the middle of the night to piss you old bucket of puke.

U suck. U stink. The Gators are way better than you in everything. I tend to write the same things over and over. Like,

Hola Soldy.

Hola ARty. I am a dumb-shyt.

Hey, Pig. Suck it. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


Duke WILL NEVER WIN A HEISMAN. Miami will be fortunate to win anything for years. As long as this athletic program is content with these coaches, Morris, and Golden, miami will be irrelevant. Maybe a helmet change, from the U to a capital I, unless the U is "used to". Pathetic how this program is run now.

Yo Cane Cl[]_[]cks ... Gots []_[]r own ESPN NETWORK ?

SEC Network To Broadcast 24/7

Southeastern Conference sports -- including football and basketball -- will have a 24-hour-a-day home when the SEC Network launches in August 2014.

The SEC and ESPN announced a 20-year agreement and rights extension on Thursday. The deal includes a new television network and digital platform that will show SEC sports 24/7, including more than 1,000 events in the first year.

Included in the programming will be 45 football games, more than 100 men's and more than 60 women's basketball games, 75 baseball games and selected events from the other 17 SEC sports. The network will also feature studio shows and coverage of special events such as signing day and football pro days.

The digital network, which will launch nationally with AT&T U-verse, will show hundreds of additional events. Each SEC school will have the opportunity to produce and develop content for various platforms. The network will be based in ESPN's offices in Charlotte, N.C.

The extension means the SEC will have its games on ESPN's family of networks, plus the SEC Network, through 2034.

"The SEC Network will provide an unparalleled fan experience of top quality SEC content presented across the television network and its accompanying digital platforms," SEC commissioner Mike Slive said in a statement. "We will increase exposure of SEC athletics programs at all 14 member institutions, as we showcase the incredible student-athletes in our league. The agreement for a network streamlines and completes an overall media rights package that will continue the SEC's leadership for the foreseeable future."

"The SEC is unmatched in its success on the field and its popularity with fans nationwide," said ESPN president John Skipper. "The new network's top-quality SEC matchups across a range of sports will serve all sports enthusiasts including the most passionate, die-hard SEC fans. Also, it will serve the needs of our multichannel distributors and advertisers by providing extremely attractive programming options across all platforms."

Just Say... "SEC Is The BEST", "SEC R[]_[]les" or "SEC Is # 1" and []_[]'ll get 3 Months, []_[]ntil August GATOR Posting Free here...

Just Say It ...

Tweet Tweet...

The SEC Logo‏@SEC_Logo

Hey Recruits: 7 straight national championships, 63 players drafted this year, and a brand new #SEC Network

Meanwhile the only news back in CandyCaneLand...

Cane Pingers drop 2 games to B.C, they're only 2 ACC wins...

Hoops sign Frenchy Euro-Trash G. Emmanuel LeComte that NOBODY wanted...

3 Canes gets tryouts as NFL blocking d[]_[]mmies...

Al Golden and Gino Toretta win a best ball golf tournament that means.... sq[]_[]at !!!

Tweet Tweet...

The SEC Logo‏@SEC_Jail House Rock

Hey Recruits: 7 straight national crime sprees, 163 players arrested this year, and a brand new jail strictly for SEC Players.

Ohhhh Yeahhhh ? Well a former Cane from back in the 1990's scored a Touchdown in an NFL game a few years ago and it was part of some kind of an awesome streak that no longer exists !


Just Say... "SEC Is The Felon Conference", "SEC R[]_[]les" the jail houses or "SEC Is # 1 in felony arrests" and []_[]'ll get 3 Months probation for simply saying Gators, []_[]ntil August 2050 GATORS Posting from Raiford Prison here...

Just Say It ... Gators are Cowards!

Meanwhile the only news back in Septic Tank Ville...

Gators suck on Canes Pingers and drop 2 games to Louisville and Kent State, they're only win against Alachua High School ...

Gator Hoops sign Felon Frenchy Euro-Trash that NOBODY wanted...

3 Gators get tryouts as Raiford Prison blocking d[]_[]mmies...

Will Muschamp and Huntley Johnson win a rat shooting and eating contest that means.... sq[]_[]at !!!

Lame Cane

Ohhhh Yeahhhh ? Well a former cowardly Gator from back in the 1930's scored a Touchdown in an CFL game and it was part of some kind of Hillbilly awesome streak that exists to this very day!


Not quite... Former gator wont even make the CFL

Can a gator ... Any gator... Guess who that is?

By the way gator drools:

Last cane to score a TD in the NFl last year was Frank Gore ... 2004.

Who was the rb for the mighty geckos in 2004? thats right you had none.

Congrats on your womens gymnastics team

Wtf cares

But i did hear that Driskel just got sacked again,

Gators ranked 21......why would you even brag about that?? Confused.....

SEC network......it's safe to say I will enjoy watching 50 percent of your league losing games on there own network......does it make a difference? Da white man just found another way to pimp those poor little black kids......great.

Mike Bianchi
May 2, 2013

TAMPA – "Just a little boy from Plymouth, Florida," Warren Sapp says, wiping away a single tear zigzagging down his cheek.

A little boy who had a ginormous dream.

"If they ain't laughing at your dreams," Sapp says, "you ain't dreamin' big enough."

On Thursday, another one of his dreams was realized when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made Sapp the fifth person in history to join the team's Ring of Honor and only the second player to have his number — the iconic No. 99 — retired. This comes in the wake of Sapp's being announced as a first-ballot NFL Hall-of-Famer in February.

Not too shabby for that little boy who grew up on a dirt road on the outskirts of Apopka and was raised by a single mother who worked multiple jobs to support the family. When you wake up at 4:30 in the morning to get on a bus that takes you to the groves where you pick oranges all day for $20, you appreciate where you come from. And do whatever you can to get out.

Sapp not only crashed through those boyhood barriers, he busted down the barricade of badness that had haunted the Bucs for most of their existence. But everything changed for the most laughable organization in professional sports when the Bucs drafted Sapp with the 12th pick in the 1995 NFL Draft and followed it up by taking Derrick Brooks with the 28th pick in the first round.

Sapp was a defensive tackle from Miami, and Brooks was a linebacker from Florida State. Together, they would help transform the franchise of futility into a Super Bowl champion.

"We were two Florida boys," Sapp says and smiles. "And if you know anything about Florida boys, you know we've got a chip on our shoulders."

Correction: Sapp didn't just have a chip; he had Mount Kilimanjaro ripping through his shoulder pads. He only lost five games during his college career at UM and was drafted by a franchise with 12 consecutive seasons of double-digit losses. Sapp recalls watching TV with Brooks during their first NFL season, and ESPN commentator Chris Berman kept referring to their icky new team as the "Yuks."

Sapp turned to his teammate and said, "Brooks, this will be the last time they disrespect us, and we're going to go about in a really nasty manner."

Said former Bucs coach Tony Dungy, one of several former players and coaches who showed up to support Sapp on Thursday: "Warren brought the swagger and the attitude that this franchise needed."

Sapp became the centerpiece of the famous "Tampa 2" defense essentially because he was unblockable. He was a fierce, nasty 300-pound man who ran like a tight end and hit like a freight train. Dungy played in Pittsburgh when Mean Joe Greene charged out on the field and spit in the face of intimidating Chicago Bears linebacker Dick Butkus. It was Greene's way of telling everyone that there was a new enforcer in the league.

Sapp had his transcendent moments, too. Like 1996 — Dungy's first year as coach — when Vikings running back Robert Smith turned the corner and was 40 yards downfield and headed for a touchdown before Sapp ran him down and tackled him. Or what about a couple of years later when the Bucs played the Super Bowl champion Packers and Sapp went face mask to face mask with legendary Packers QB Brett Favre?

"It was Warren's way of saying, 'You guys may be the world champions, but here we are, and now you've got to contend with us,'" Dungy says.

For the next 10 years, Sapp would be the most dominant defensive lineman in the league and would be named to the NFL's All-Decade Team in the 1990s and the 2000s. He was voted All-Pro seven times, named Defensive Player of the Year in 1999 and, of course, earned the Super Bowl ring in 2003.

"They used to say Tampa Bay was the place where careers came to die," Sapp says. "That's a lie. We made it a city of champions."

Warren Sapp, once the meanest, orneriest player in the NFL, wipes away another tear as he is introduced Thursday.

"Damn, this feels good," he says.

It should.

Miami Hurricane. Hall of Fame. Ring of Honor. Retired jersey. World Champion.

Nobody's laughing anymore at the little boy with the big dreams from Plymouth, Florida.

2013 Golden Casualties or disciplinary issues

alex collins
denver kirkland
terrell brooks
matthew thomas
jaynard bostwick
keith bryant
luther campbell
tim ice harris
booker T
carol city
miami central
Terry Richardson
Jedd Fisch
Geroge Mcdonald
Mario Christobal
Eddie Johnson
Rashawn Scott - currently out of the discipline bull pen
Gabe Terry
Robert Lockhart
Sony Michel
Preston Dewey - a waste of time and never developed

Gallo....your point? Again....being stupid as usual...

Shannon casualties

Jacory Harris
Aldarious Johnson - BUST
Tommy Streeter
Ben Jones - Took AGS people to finally get him somewhere
Sean Spence - Would not have torn knee up had he been better developed early on by Randy
Clint Hurt
Mark Whipple
Arthur Brown - *****Biggest failure
Thearon Colliar - Booker T kid never developed....BUST
Marcus Forston - NW kid....BUST
Davon Johnson - BUST under Shannon....AG finally gets production and some "return on investment" from schollie
Brandon Marti - BUST - Discipline issue
Cannon Smith
Vaughn Telemack - Never developed early by Shannon...cost him...
Robert Marve - Shannon plays favorites - Discpline issues
Jermaine McKenzie
Adewale Ojomo - broken jaw by walk-on under Shannon...cost him an entire year...hurt our defense that year
Ray Ray Armstrong - Under achiever - troublemaker
Dyron Dye - BUST
Kacy Rodgers - BUST
Storm Johnson -Pothead - Shannon no due dillegence on this kid prior to wasting schollie on him
Chase Ford - BUST - Not sure which game film he was watching

And the list COULD go on.....

Gallo.....if your going to troll the blog at least come up with some new material. Thanks in advance.

Gallo...I forgot one more

Jeff Brown - Raped a girl on campus - Shannons boy...dismissed from team....a 2* from Chi Town...Yippee!!!!

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