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Golden, Torretta win golf tournament, $125K scholarship

Hurricanes football coach Al Golden and 1992 Heisman Trophy winner Gino Torretta held off a back-nine charge from South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier and Sterling Sharpe to win the 2013 Chick-fil-A Bowl Challenge.

Miami’s 11-under round was one better than the Gamecocks duo and solidified the first-place scholarship prize of $125,000. Miami finished the front nine with five straight birdies to make the turn at 8-under, one stroke ahead of two-time defending champion Georgia Tech and two shots clear of South Carolina.

The Hurricanes and Yellow Jackets played stroke-for-stroke on the back nine until Miami pulled ahead with birdies on 16 and 17. The Gamecocks went birdie-eagle-birdie over the final three holes to make a run at Miami, but fell just short when Golden holed a five-foot putt for par on 18.

“South Carolina and Georgia Tech are really good teams. We had a lot of fun down the stretch and Gino hit some big putts to keep us in it,” Golden said. “We scrambled and got lucky down the stretch.”

“Hitting that 30-footer for par on 15 and another big putt on 17 were huge. We didn’t know they were so close on our heels until we finished 17,” Torretta said. “We just tried to stay within ourselves and we kept the ball in play. It just seemed to work today.”

The Chick-fil-A Bowl Challenge is the country’s premier head coach and celebrity charity golf event featuring NCAA head coaches and former athletes and celebrities from the same school competing against their rivals for a share of a $520,000 scholarship purse.

In addition to the $520,000 scholarship purse, another $144,000 was generated for charitable organizations including Chick-fil-A’s WinShape Homes foster care program. Over the last seven years, the event has contributed a total of $3.8 million in scholarship and charity, helping make the Chick-fil-A Bowl college football’s most charitable bowl game.


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Arthur Brown failure? the guy just went second round.

It's An S.E.C. Thing ... []_[] Wouldn't Understand ...


Slive Adds SEC Network To Extensive Legacy

The unveiling of the SEC Network in Atlanta on Thursday was typical Mike Slive. It wasn't hurried, it was well thought out and it will be a tremendous success.

That's what we have come to expect from the SEC commissioner.

The SEC Network isn't a knee-jerk reaction. If it was, we'd have had one a long time ago. The league started seriously talking about it seven years ago, but there were concerns.

So the SEC waited for other leagues to try it out. You be our guinea pigs, Big Ten and Mountain West. We'll see what problems you have and whether we can solve them.

And the SEC did by becoming partners with ESPN for the longest rights agreement ever. Distribution? We've got your distribution. It's called the Ocho. ESPN has more networks than HBO.

So here we are, with an SEC Network ready to launch in August of 2014. If you're like me, you can't wait.

But the league did. It waited until a digital website could be launched in 2009. It waited until it could see the numbers from the Big Ten's effort. In Nashville at the SEC Tournament, Slive told me he was waiting until the hoops season was over so the announcement wouldn't take away any attention from March Madness. The league even waited another week to make the announcement because of the tragedy in Boston.

While we contemplate how our viewing habits are going to change when there is an SEC Network, I also wonder this — I've had many conversations with SEC officials who have expressed a concern over sagging attendance at football and basketball games. Wouldn't it be counter-productive to show more games on TV?

It's just the way of the world today, an almost if-you-can't-beat-them attitude. They're talking about increasing revenues by $1.5 million per team per year with this deal. That'll pay for a lot of soccer balls and batting cages.

And almost every football and basketball game is on TV now anyway.

I have high hopes for the SEC Network because I have been waiting for someone to develop “30 for 30” type of documentaries on things that were important to me, but may not be a big enough deal to warrant a national piece.

For example, I'd love to see one on Steve Spurrier. Or Billy Donovan. Or the Rick Pitino Kentucky years. Or the LSU baseball dominance. Or Florida's national title run in soccer.

Believe me, I could give them a list of 100 that I would sit and watch. Maybe I'm watching too much TV.

Certainly, the time is right for the SEC to strike with seven straight national titles in football and 149 in all sports since 1990. The SEC is white-hot right now even if its basketball image is low. The exposure this network will give to basketball, with more than 100 games being televised, has to help.

I was on Tim Brando's national radio show Thursday, and he said this will be Slive's legacy. Possibly. The guy has done so much right in the last 11 years that I think his legacy will be more extensive than simply starting a network.

But the SEC Network, once referred to as Project X by Slive, is going to be a big deal in so many ways for the 14 teams that make up the league.

It was interesting that the announcement came in a city without an SEC team — Atlanta. But Atlanta may be the biggest SEC city in America. It's a mixture of alumni from every school in the conference.

It's an SEC world. The rest of you are just living in it.

And now you're about to be bombarded by it.


Can []_[] Say ... ESPN Sssssssss. Eeeeeeeee. Ceeeeeeeee. OCHO ?

but nobody got kicked off the team.....the point is nobody really wants to come or stay at UM under golden/dnofrio....

the casualties will grow for 2013....you can bet on it

and if UM loses to florida/fsu the voices will get louder and these koolaid bloggers will look stupid for their unwavering support for a mediocre coach and his room mate


Hilarious to see florida gator fans drool, and wet their panties about their "SEC"

Never in history has one conference and the fans that cheer on the schoolsin said conference been so arrogant and so simultaneously obnoxious and annoying about its success on and off the field. It reminds us all of the 1980s and 1990s Notre Dame- How it got the media (aka NBC) to swoon all over them and pay them big money just bc it was Notre Dame. Then they ate their words bc Notre Dame s--ked a55 for the next 20 years!

Also funny is how the likes of Kentucky, tennessee, Auburn, Ole Miss, Miss State and now Mizzou and their fans ride major coattails and blab about SEC this SEC taht. Despite that they s--k a55.
Same with the gators. gators really really s-k. They do. They got pasted by a Big East team. They nearly lost to the rajin cajuns- only a miracle blocked punt saved them from further embarassment.

The SEC is 90% Alabama and LSU, 5% hype, and 5% the transient successes of UGA, UF, and USC/

You all are lucky that Texas A&M received so much hype ( Again, the hype)- for all practical purposes They would have been destroyed in a typical Big 12 season- and hype alone gave a freshman the Heisman. I can think of ten other upperclassmen who deserved the Heisman more!

SEC hype. ESPN has a contract with the SEC. so why wouldnt they hype the SEC?

Trey Wingo during the draft was drooling over the SEC-I paraphrase,
"Its just astounding that 30 of 60 picks have come from the SEC."
And then a cheesy comment about Michigan and Miami.

Why not? ESPN benfits from giving its conference hype.

SEC maggots- You are now owned by a media conglomerate. Proud?

Tr[]_[]th h[]_[]rts []_[]

SEC is a 50/50 conference.....half the league good....other half bad....

The fact Miami had only two draft picks (Rams fifth-rounder Brandon McGee, Buccaneers sixth-rounder Mike James) was primarily a result of its small senior class and the previous year’s early departures.

And though the Hurricanes might not have a first round selection next year, evaluators see very encouraging signs. “Things are changing with the talent level there, especially offensively,” said one NFL scout who studies UM a lot. “They can have "at least" five kids drafted next year.”


Folks, those are the FACTS by people who know football, unlike the moron twins--Gallo & Calvina. It is a first rate endorsement of the job our great head coach, Al Golden, is doing...an all of this while enduring the worst and most destructive NCAA investigation in history.

It's An S.E.C. Thing ... []_[] Wouldn't Understand ... But, Law Enforcement Officials Sure Do!!!

Slive Adds SEC Prison Network To Extensive Disgraceful Legacy

The unveiling of the SEC Prison Network in Atlanta on Thursday was typical Mike Slive, ignoring the SEC felons and criminals . It was hurried, it wasn’t well thought out and it will be a tremendous failure.

That's what we have come to expect from the SEC commissioner.

The SEC Prison Network is a knee-jerk reaction. The disgraceful league started seriously talking about it seven years ago, but there were concerns…all of the criminal activity by their student athletes.

So the SEC waited for all of their probation officers to be paid off by Florida bagman, Willy Muschamp.

And the SEC did by becoming partners with various heads of criminal families. Distribution? We've got your distribution. It's called the Gator Drug Group. The Florida Gators have more criminals than Raiford State Prison.

So here we are, with an SEC Prison Network ready to launch in August of 2014. If you're like me, you are appalled.

While we contemplate how our viewing habits are going to change when there is an SEC Prison Network, I also wonder this — I've had many conversations with SEC officials who have expressed a concern over sagging attendance at football and basketball games. Wouldn't it be counter-productive to show more Gator felons on TV?

I was on fatboy, homer Tim Brando's joke of a national radio show Thursday, and he said this will be Slive's pathetic legacy. Possibly. The guy has done so much wrong in the last 11 years that I think his legacy will be more extensive than simply starting a foul prison network.

But the SEC Network, once referred to as Project X by Slive, is going to be a big deal in so many ways for the country’s criminal judicial system.

Shannon casualties

Jacory Harris
Aldarious Johnson - BUST
Tommy Streeter
Ben Jones - Took AGS people to finally get him somewhere
Sean Spence - Would not have torn knee up had he been better developed early on by Randy
Clint Hurt
Mark Whipple
Arthur Brown - *****Biggest failure
Thearon Colliar - Booker T kid never developed....BUST
Marcus Forston - NW kid....BUST
Davon Johnson - BUST under Shannon....AG finally gets production and some "return on investment" from schollie
Brandon Marti - BUST - Discipline issue
Cannon Smith
Vaughn Telemack - Never developed early by Shannon...cost him...
Robert Marve - Shannon plays favorites - Discpline issues
Jermaine McKenzie
Adewale Ojomo - broken jaw by walk-on under Shannon...cost him an entire year...hurt our defense that year
Ray Ray Armstrong - Under achiever - troublemaker
Dyron Dye - BUST
Kacy Rodgers - BUST
Storm Johnson -Pothead - Shannon no due dillegence on this kid prior to wasting schollie on him
Chase Ford - BUST - Not sure which game film he was watching
Jeff Brown - Raped a girl on campus - Shannons boy...dismissed from team....a 2* from Chi Town...Yippee!!!!

And the list COULD go on.....

And though the Hurricanes might not have a first round selection next year, evaluators see very encouraging signs. “Things are changing with the talent level there, especially offensively,” said one NFL scout who studies UM a lot. “They can have "at least" five kids drafted next year.”

Perfect, notice they're not expecting any defensive players, to go although we do know dzp has that potential, his draft stock went down though last year cause some genius wanted to move the man to mlb than later one sherlock holmes showed up saying "we needed more speed on the outside so we're moving denzel back outside" and how long did it take clown 117th to figure that out. So instead of trying to bulk up dzp he did just fine at the weight he came in at.

Also, coach goldie keeps discriminating against most of the defensive recruits in the name of trying to buy his boy oach OH-NO more time because they like al groh know this scheme is a power based defensive scheme so it can't rely on freshmen and sophmores that need to bulk up and add strenght in order to play in this scheme and the sad part is, even once they get their, the scheme is still trash, just ask Georgia tech.

And this is why i said before the Georgia tech game, coach goldie was real irritating and needed to stfu cause you could tell when he was talking about Georgia tech's defense before the game him and his boy clown 117th were googling over them because goldie said "yeah, their defense looks just like the way an al groh defense looks, 6'6 bookends, 245lb linebackers, they're going to be tuff".

And we all know what happened, but the real sad part is, that's what they envision for this defense and it's not going to work, going away from a speed based defense to a slow power big 10 defense is asinine. I'm tired of teams turning the corner on us, and the main reason they get to the corner is because we're almost always asking the defensive end to crash down inside and try and think that the stand-up linebacker is suppose to hold the point of attack on the outside, eddie johnson did a decent job of it because he had that real dawg and fight in em, but right now, that's not tyriq's strong point or ever will be.

tyriq will more than likely be a non-factor this year.

U cane losers have sukkkkedassss for a FULL DECADE


Yeah right, a down time


How's that whole P A T A thing coming along?
Any suspects? Arrests? Word on the street is that he sold blow.

Jeff Brown rapist
Gabe Terry weed dealer
BP blow dealer

Nice little criminal enterprise u be runnin there

A thought on these All SEC and Texas ESPN Stations. They certainly do create an an advantage for SEC Schools when Football Coaches can tell recruits that no matter where you're from and who they are playing, your Family and friends can see you on TV all over the Country every single weekend. Same thing in Basketball and Baseball as many games will be shown live and or repeated. It's a complete conflict of interest for all other Conferences and teams. That plus the revenue that is generated puts SEC Schools in a totally different economic level that will directly lead to better recruiting advantages. I hope after we are done exposing the NCAA for what they are, we and other schools can unite and file an anti-trust class action suit against the SEC, NCAA, and the SEC's Slurpping Sugar Daddy and blow this illegal bullcrap out of the water.

Go Canes !

the SEC's Slurpping Sugar Daddy ='s ESPN

U cowardly gator losers have sukkkkedassss for a FULL 10 DECADES


Yeah right, a down time

How's that whole Jamar Hornsby thing coming along?
Any more dead girls have their credit cards stolen? Arrests? Word on the street is that he sold blow.

Nice BIG criminal enterprise u cowardly gators be runnin there

Hey Rick.....you really messed up with that post. I know of guy who made the same reference and he got a visit from homicide detectives asking questions. Be prepared. Why would you even go there?

Hey Rick that thing about Pata is about as low class as you can get , I know everyone on here bad mouths the other teams but to go that low is not cool at all . Besides everything else you have no idea what you are talking about , I hope you pause and think about things you say from now on .Go Canes

Rick Ko-ck s-ker:

You have delved into a gator low. You have proven all the hateful posts about gator fans. Thank youfor that. At onepoint I thought we were exaggerating what pieces of ss-t you all are- but youhave proven thatfact. To bring the death of a UMstudent bythe hands of a murderer, a young man, who was someone's son, is the lowest of the low

The Boston Terrorist bombers>> Rick K--ock and any gator whoposts on here.

See you trailer trash on 09/07- If you can afford the gas foryouir haul from Alachua county

In a move that was disappointing but not surprising to UM, the NCAA this week ruled out Miami’s slim hopes of the case being dismissed.


Well... d[]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][][]_[][]_[]hhhhhhhhh...


In a move that was disappointing but not surprising to the cowardly gators, the NCAA this week ruled out the cowardly gators slim hopes concerning the hillbillies request of never having to play another away game.

Well... d[]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][][]_[][]_[]hhhhhhhhh COWARDLY GATORS...


u continue to boom urselfs

ur really good at it

every one knows Brandon Spikes IS a coke dealer. And a user.

Evryone knows Tebow is gay. But he is struggling on how tobreak the news to his "flock"

But to bring up a dead student and smack talk about him, a dead youngman, who was mourned byhis family, is proof of the pathetic nature of UFfans/

You all are trash.

A round worm> gator fan

I cant wait till 09/07.

It's an SEC thing... I understand:

Understand this

Capital One cup--- to choose the best NCAA in sports

2013 standings:

1. IU tires withMichigan
Only other SEC prorgam is Alabama, tied with athletic powerhouse NORTH DAKOTA STATE

Where the gators at? No where.
Ahead of themin the standings, sports behemoths Georgetown and Sam Houston State!

Women (recall a gator posted somethingaboutthe gators gymnastics team recently)
1. Stanford

Gators are at Number 8.

NO OTHER SEC schools in the top ten.

SEC? Again, the hype. The hype. Please stop with the hype.

Isiah Wynn after his workout with UF DE Dante Fowler:

Wynn also discussed his UF recruitment with Fowler and his father, Dante Sr.

“I had a couple questions for him about campus and what his first year was like,” Wynn said. “But he isn’t trying persuade me to go there. His dad did want me to know that the Florida coaches never once lied to him throughout the recruiting process and all the stuff they promised Dante was true. But they told me it’s my decision and I have to come see the school for myself.”

Wynn plans to do so this summer. He was offered by the Gators last month and immediately listed them among his favorites.

It's a shame that Golden LIED to me. That man lacks integrity.
Another thing.

These guys bring more NASTY than UM has seen in years. Wild arm Morris will be a MESS.

Lied about what?

Why doesn't cane fan have the stones to DENOUNCE the COKE DEALER that was on the roster. It cost him his life as he was shot in the BACK OF THE HEAD EXECUTION STYLE BY THE HATIAN MAFIA. and cane fan defends this human piece of garbage?


Some of the Turd D-Lineman kinda light....our O-Lineman should be able to negate that issue....they are good though....won't deny that.

Great read from Canesport in regards to Miami "declining" LSU'S invitation to play in 2014. After reading this it made perfect sense of what the Turds did during their 06 & 08 title run...as well as many teams in the SEC. I GET IT NOW....I ACTUALLY don't blame them for cancelling against us....they were simply following the best path to the National Championship game. It's funny....we implement the same thing this year and The Turds are quick to call us out....when were simply doing what they and everyone else has been doing.....here is an excerpt:

For all this talk about Miami, future out of conference schedules set, in rebuild mode and having ducked no one in recent years – Oklahoma, Florida, Ohio State, Kansas State, Notre Dame – how come there’s no outrage regarding the Urban Meyer school of late-season candy-ass scheduling?

Playing patsies early in the season seems to be the modus operandi for major powers, but what about this new November trend of taking on a weak out of conference foe, or two, in order to stay in the hunt, bettering your odds and hoping that others fall in conference play?

Florida started this tradition in 2006. After opening with non-conference games against Southern Miss and Central Florida, the Gators got into the meat of their SEC schedule, but on November 18th welcomed Western Carolina to The Swamp.

An extra bonus for Florida, Meyer sat defensive end Jarvis Moss for this game, instead of a showdown with South Carolina the previous week, which ended 17-16, with Moss blocking a potential game-winning field goal.

The trend worked for Florida and it’s something that’s been continued ever year since. Check out some of the Gators’ late-season foes as of late: Florida Atlantic (11/17/07), Citadel (11/22/08), Florida International (11/21/09), Appalachian State (11/20/10), Furman (11/19/11) and a double-whammy in 2012 with Louisiana-Lafayette (11/10) and Jacksonville State (11/17) back-to-back.

This November, Florida will take on Georgia Southern on November 23rd, while Miami’s would-be opponent LSU has Furman coming to Baton Rouge on October 26th.

Even the defending champs are following suit as Alabama gets a tune-up against Chattanooga on November 23rd, a week before their annual showdown with rival Auburn.

While no one would question the powerhouse that Alabama – or the SEC – currently is, scheduling tactics remain suspect.

After opening with No. 8 Michigan last season, two of the next three games were played against Western Kentucky and Florida Atlantic and again, another late-season patsy when Western Carolina visited Tuscaloosa on November 17th.

In previous years it was Georgia Southern (11/19/11), Georgia State (11/18/10), Chattanooga (11/21/09), Louisiana-Monroe (11/17/07) and Florida International (10/28/06).

In a twelve-game season, 25-percent of Alabama’s 2012 foes were glorified high schools and while the SEC is bar-none the best conference, on any given week a top power can go down, which happened last season when the Crimson Tide were upset by Texas A&M on November 10th.

The SEC isn’t the only one following this calculated, odds betterment pattern. Florida State has gotten on board, as well. After opening the season against new ACC foe Pittsburgh, Nevada and Bethune-Cookman come to Tallahassee back-to-back weeks, and on November 23rd the Noles take on Idaho, a week before their annual showdown with Florida.

Last year FSU faced Maryland, on the road, the week before taking on UF. The year before, Miami and Virginia back-to-back weeks and then a road trip to Gainesville.


The whole team was coked up

Rick Kork- If I find you, I will ---ill you.

Show us any police report proving that Pata was dealing Coke.

Man! Your momma mustve been on crack when she spread her legs before you were conceived by ... do you even know?

In college, the SEC and its corruption make these SEC jocks look like superstars, but when they get to the NFL and have to REALLY compete, many run home like sissies.

Why doesn't cowardly gator fan have the stones to DENOUNCE the COKE DEALERS that are on their roster. They cost the lives of many young and innocent kids.

And the cowardly gator defends those human pieces of garbage?

We're not in the SEC so couldn't care less. I don't even care about the ACC. I'm all about the canes, baby.

I agree junkie.

Many current programs in various conferences were in other ones in the past.

This recent media driven hype of the SEC is garbage- ESPN announcers are clearly told by their producers and obviously theoffices to hype up the SEC= becasue it will bring viewership and ad dollars to their incestuous relationship with the SEC.

Imeanhow stupid is all that? Texas A&M and MIzzou are less than a year removed from being in the BIg 12. West VA, a perennial Big East team is now in the BIg 12. Nebraska in the BIg 10? Something is wrong here.

WHat that all means is WHO GIVES A DA--N ABOUT CONFERENCES. They sdont give a da-m about loyalty so neither should the fans.

All I care is about the U.

How many Touchdowns will Gino Toretta throw to Andre Johnson for the Canes this season ? And how many Touchdowns will Malcolm Lewis score as Defenses will lay down letting him walk into the end-zone because they feel saaawwwry fo him ?

Over the last week and the only Canes news is that Golden and Toretta won a Golf Tourney ?

How many yards will Tebow rush for? and how many times will he kneel down in that self promoting fake a55 pose of his?

How many times willwe see the ugly face of Joke-eem Noah when the heat destroys them?

[]_[]r Moma

Can the Gatr Trash even field a team for a full scrimmage?

Is dis be duh depths dat the Blog Piggeth talks about.

Too stupid for words you trailer maggot.

Gatr Trash can't field a full scrimmage. Classic typical swamp donkey.

How much blow was P A T a actually moving? I mean, the HATIAN mafia shot him in the back of the head, execution style. Musta been a whole lotta blow that he s screwed somebody on. It's equally bad that cane fan defends this guy and aligns themselves with him. Good and decent kid? HE WAS A FRIGGIN DRUG DEALER

Field a whole squad for an inter-squad scrimmage you sick trailer maggot, then spout off about a dead person.

Dem trailer-bred gomers are some uh duh stooopidest low-class trash evuh.

Get a QB that doesnt look like a larger version of the pointy eared Deliverance banjo playing kid, and a coach that doesnt look like Schneider- the janitor from that 70s show One day at at time, and then you can talk about a murdered young man.

To the blog pig that signed itself as Shanties Augustin:

May your firsst and second born children get in utero AIDS from their crack head mommas

Personally, I think the scumbag was moving something like heroin. Why else would they shoot you , point blank, in the back of the head? Didn't he have $700 cash in his pocket? Definitely wasn't a robbery. Useless drug dealer. How many players was he giving coke to?

RIP to the guy but ill never understand why the fan base hasn't come out and denounced this guy. Sad that he was killed but c'mon man, every single circumstance screams loudly that he was a coke dealer.

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