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Hurricanes LB Gabe Terry busted for pot (felony because of the amount) and suspended indefinitely


  Hurricanes linebacker Gabe Terry, a rising sophomore, was arrested Friday for possessing more than 20 grams of marijuana, a felony; and for "resisting an officer without violence.''

   He has been suspended indefinitely.

Terry, listed as 6-3 and 210 pounds on the spring roster and 6-4 and 185 pounds on the arrest report, played in seven games this past season as a freshman. He finished with five tackles, and blocked a punt against Virginia Tech.

   He was suspended late last season and missed the Virginia and USF games, though UM coach Al Golden never specified what he had done wrong.

   Terry was arrested in eighth grade for burglary and larceny and sent to Boys Town, a center for at-risk youth in Omaha, Neb. He spent more than three years there.

   “Out there I grew up,’’ he said in early November. “I was young, and I don’t even know how to say it, just a little out of control. I had to grow up and learn some social skills and learn how to carry myself like a young teenager. It really did help me.''

   Terry’s father, Clarence Terry, is serving a life sentence in a Central Florida prison for a 2001 murder. The two were huge Hurricanes fans together before Clarence went to prison.   



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Smh blew a chance that some would die for...

kid comes from a troubled background, sometimes it's tough to stay on the straight and narrow, for some, circumstances make it even tougher. Hope Gabe Terry can stay on the team and given one final chance to change his lifestyle

A STUPID player who has thrown away a "Golden" opportunity to make a future for himself. Some people don't ever receive a chance...he did and squandered it.

Another linebacker is on the way out. UM has been cursed at the position since Golden arrived. He was a good special teams player and could have helped at linebacker. The defense continues to have most of the problems.

Again....just dumb....all you have to do is go to school and play ball. Were starting to look like the Turds to the north with the arrests here. Felony possession....not good. Next man up.

Insert Jawand Blue

Cut him loose..... with all that is going on with the NCAA, that is all we needed. What the hell is these guys thinking? not only to throw away their own chance , but screw the school in the process. WOW what total bonehead move. My son's would have loved a canes scholly, I'm so sick of seeing dumb crap like this. cut him lose and make room for another who wants to be a team player instead of a Pothead!!!! Good riddance.

Well at least he is not shooting ak47s ,choking down coaches,using dead peoples credit cards,beating girlfriends,or stealing tacos.....ok,stealing tacos was for stupidity but is still to this day funny....can him. This aint the sec. Its not ok and u dont have free lawyers.

Thank God he was not ballin like Eddie Johnson....would have really sucked.

Sins of the father are always passed to the son. It's the son's responsibility to change the family tree. If it's illegal then don't do it or move to California.

Here's to hoping this doesn't set him too far back or to just give up on making his life better.

Oh and I forgot, as per Gallo, this will be Golden's fault as well if this kid is thrown off the team for good. Because he prolly didn't "know" he was doing wrong, I mean it was only Drugs and that is always good for an athlete...

Seriously with all of this garbage still lingering around?

GT - Can't put yourself first when you're part of a team.

I'm sure that school that took EJ will surely take another former Cane.


Where is the discipline. What happen to accountability. Who's next to take the Golden Axe. Great job this type of behavior cannot be tolerated. Don't suspended. Automatic off the team . Next man up.

not condoning doing something that's illegal but lets not lose perspective here, the guy was going to smoke weed. If he lived in my state there would be no problem with that whatsoever.

Keith, is your kid of college age? If so he's likely to have smoked himself, please don't be so naive.

another self-destructive young person, apparently.

Smoke weed.....had had 20 grams plus......distribution for sure.....keep it real.

See ya!

This kid just won the monthly stupid contest that had been the sole domain of the Florida Gators over the last decade.

Aww hell, it's getting old with UM and the patronizing statement of "so & so is suspended indefinitely" It would be funny if all of our linebackers ended up at the same community college as eddie johnson, would've been better if they all ended up at BETHUNE COOKMAN.

A lil weed, it's college, that man doing what he gotta do, we need about 20 mo gabe terry's on the team. Here is where al goldie is hurting us, he has no connections to or in Miami so all the players under him keep getting exposed. You know how many players from, forget the 80's & 90's teams but you know how many players smoked weed from the 2000 team, it's just that coaches like art kehoe, soldinger, vernon heagraves, shannon and soldinger had a way of dealing with the players who got caught in house.

goldie keep exposing all the weed smokers to the media, somehow he's got to learn to reel that in, gabe is only 19 years old and you got idiots way older than him calling him names. He's to talented to not play football again, the problem with this regime is, it'll have to be somewhere else, if gabe terry is on this team in the future, i'm almost willing to bet house money he won't be back, but he was one of the players i was looking forward to see play this year. goldie the serial goon cutter.

If you got goon in you, goldie trying to send you packing. gabe got into it with jelani, why is a weed charge still being blown up, somebody snitching. Since guys gotta fight up the depth chart, with the Utough, they don't have time to work, so gabe t. got himself a lil part time job, that's all now he's suspended "indefinitely" instead of UM getting back to how it use to be and being apart of the positive process, "kick em out is always the answer".

Like i said in an earlier post, goldie will learn, and these type of situations will continue to happen at UM, he can screen all he wants and holler about "core valvues" all day long, golden will soon learn that he'll have to learn how to discipline guys from here in a different way or he'll be the 4th or 5th best team in the state.

Another dummy screws things up for himself.

So it was Golden who had him arrested and charged with a felony? Seems as though you may have had a few grams of what he was arrested for Calvin.

the problem for the defence is not the players its the Defensive co-ordinator

Calvin you are such an idiot , this sh*t is not ok you moron this is Div 1 college football not the longest yard. You and Gallo are as stupid as each other with blaming AG for these kids screwing themselves over and screwing our school in the process . When a kid is offered a scholarship for a free education he should accept it like it means something , they throw it away like its nothing . These kids are young but they are old enough to know right from wrong. Go Canes

Calvin, you are truly an idiot. You want to bumb your gums all day long about how Golden keeps running "playas" off the squad and then when a dumba** is caught with enough weed that it's a felony, you say ah let him play? Golden has handled this program with pride and respect and in turn he's been valued and recognized by his peers as being one of the best and brightest coaches in the country. Not many would've stuck with the program like Golden once the investigation originally broke especially since the administration didn't inform him of it via all reports at the time. If it's not Shannon, then it's automatically wrong. You and Gallo are the dumbest people walking the planet. Only you can refer to peddling drugs as a part time job. Coward, worthless loser.

And one last thing, Paul, Finne, EJ, and soon this Terry clown too, will all be off the team as it should be. This is NOT Gainesville. Go Canes!

20 grams of Pot is not a misdemeanor in most of our Country. It's an infraction and not even an arresting offense in most western states. It's really a shame Florida is still stuck in the stone age as it relates to Pot. Stop trying to ruin a young man's future for a small amount of marijuana.

you're starting to be more and more like the Gators, only not half as good...

see u sept 7

hell he probably was getting ready to celebrate 420!

rbleigh, are you people stupid, he's not just an average college kid, he's a scholarship football player at a major institution, He is held to a much higher standard than Joe Blow student, don't be naive. If I get arrested for a similar incident, I get fired from my job. Whether you like it or not pot is illegal in Florida, and since it's illegal someone being arrested for it must suffer the consequences. That's way all of you wanting to the U to recruit player of questionable character should get used to these types of incidents. It's better to recruit good character kids, than to have to suspend an Eddie Johnson, or Gabe Terry wasting a scholorship.

2012 Golden casualties or discipline issues:

vernon davis
darion hall
storm johnson
kevin nelson
andrew tallman
billy sanders
cj holton
adarius johnson
keion payne
devonta davis
jeremy davis
ray ray armstrong
thomas finnie
gionni paul
travis williams
jamal reid
kelvin cain
Vaughn telemaque
tracy howard
curtis porter
luther robinson
darius smith

2013 Golden Casualties or disciplinary issues

alex collins
denver kirkland
terrell brooks
matthew thomas
jaynard bostwick
keith bryant
luther campbell
tim ice harris
booker T
carol city
miami central
Terry Richardson
Jedd Fisch
Geroge Mcdonald
Mario Christobal
Eddie Johnson
Rashawn Scott - currently out of the discipline bull pen
Gabe Terry

the carving up of UM football continues with the golden axe....bye, bye defense

Gabe Terry I am sorry you did not buy into the thing called TEAM..How do you think the rest of the 'Canes are feeling?.
.Why go out and hurt your team, and school, and to top it off "resisting an officer".

Granted you can do what you want, but if you break the rule you pay the price. Look at what you heard from Coach Soldy..Walk with respect for yourself, and your team.

I feel sorry that your talent is so enormous but the greed for weed trumps your actions.

If you get suspended, reflect and know that you represent a Great School, and have a chance that thousands would die for. You are still out of control and if Calvina ( Alvin) thinks that a "little goon in you" is fine. It is not.

Calvina (Alvin) if you think working with pot as a part time job is OK, then an infraction and resisting is no deal. Where do you draw the line?..Assault with intent?
Respect yourself, the team, the school, the family. That's it with no addendums.
Go 'Canes

Lets if he gets kicked off the team...if Johnson got kicked off for less it is only logical that terry goes as well...all defensive players no inspiration from dnofrio but golden wont fire him....both need to go

JMike, please do not call me stupid :) I am an Aerospace Engineer currently working for a well-established company and in addition will be receiving my MBA in 2 months. Again, I do not condone an individual smoking or possessing marijuana/paraphanelia in a state where its illegal.

Do I believe a kid should be kicked off a football team for possessing less than an oz of pot or ridiculed by adults, no. Is this a one time offense? Does he go to class and try? How are his grades? And stating such and such should be held to a higher standard is BS. When I say perspective I say it in when comparing the offense to a violent crime or incriminating others.

Go Canes!

I can’t believe the stupidity of some of the genetically gifted people in the world. I would give anything to have the physical tools to play college ball and a shot at the NFL. Instead I’m 5’ 5” and 150 lbs. I would be broken in half with the first hit. So I work 60 hours a week at a job I don’t like, while this jerk smokes his way off a major college team and a free education. What a Dick!

This is just unheard of in the annals of UM sports. A coach is supposed to have some kind of in-house discipline. A coach is more than just a coach. RS used to just tell who ever was close to trouble to watch it, "Goldy goes right to DS and the AD.

Who hasn't smoked a little bit of weed? I have actually liked this LB corps. Now UM has one more excuse for the pathetic DC, he of the 600-plus club.

Calvin....Terry was not caught by Golden....he was caught by the cops you idiot!!!!!! How does Golden even have a chance to help him??

The sad part is that cAlvin has probably brought kids into this world with his set of "values". I guess that's job security for Corrections Officers....

Funny how Gallo adds Gabe Terry to his list of Golden Casualties like Golden was using him to move 20 GRAMS of weed. This is the sign of our times. No accountability or self responsibility. Just a sense of entitlement and blaming others for YOUR OWN bad decisions. Now Gabe Terry is a "victim" according to Gallo and cAlvin.

Poor Calvin, he may have passed Gallo at the bottom of the totum pole. "that man doing what he gotta do" might be the dumbest thing I've heard since Obama said 1000 times that taxes won't increase for the middle class. I guess Gabe Terry has glaucoma or something if he do what he gotta do!

rbleigh, it's bs for them not to be compared at a higher standard. That's life, and he's learn it if he applies for a job and is rejected because of the arrest after a background check. That's how it is, whether it's financial services, whether it's banking, whether it's insurance, whether it's career in criminal justice, or any career that requires a background check, including NASA......you should know that shouldn't you, he's unemployable. Period, higher standard, bet you ass.

Only a complete and utter idiot would connect this to the university or Golden! In defense of all from improvished, fatherless or from the hood backgrounds, we all know the risk involved in any illegal activities! Thats why they hide it! Its a risk that person and that person only has decided to take! Accept they blew it and not anyone else. Myself and many others from the so called hood all went to college and got degrees, many of us masters and Doctorates.
This boy knew better and don't make excuses for him or blame it on anyone else.

Much ado about NOTHING, y'all Cane rUffians!

Because it's like the kid, G.T., was ever going to be All-American. Or even become 1st Team All-A.C.C. and whatnot.

The bottom line is the kid, G.T., was just another PROJECT of Goldie and his DECADES-LONG frat rat buddy. dUh.

Bon jour et Bonsoir

"He was suspended late last season and missed the Virginia and USF games, though UM coach Al Golden never specified what he had done wrong".

johnson - no explanation
paul - no explanation
ray-ray - no explanation
terry - no explanation
darion hall - no explanation
keion payne - no explanation
kevin cain - no explination
seantral henderson - no explanation

on and on.....

If a players is outside of goldens 300 page binder under the discipline section...he goes but there is no transparency about goldens mandate....what are HIS benchmarks for the 2 million he is getting? How many championships is he required to attain and what is his timeline? What is his winning percentage requirement?....OR does he call the shots totally and UM limps along?

"Were gonna do this and were gonna do that....I have motivational tapes/books that I copy/use.....posters in my office with the word DISCIPLINE under it...Joe paterno is my idol"....

40-45 / 28-20 conference / no bowl wins with an average loss per year at 6.42 games.....#116 defense that is 4th from the bottom of all NCAA teams...

"TMZ" seems to be a good way everyone look the wrong way on your failures?

Spotlight on | Recruiting

Strong recruiting in face of NCAA troubles shows Al Golden’s abilities

By Larry Blustein

It has now been two full years since Al Golden accepted the position as head coach at the University of Miami. People are now starting to see how he was able to rebuild Temple and put his footprint on several other programs.

With the large shadow of the NCAA and the negatives that have gone along with the current investigation, Golden altered no plans when it came to recruiting. He went full steam ahead - despite the critics who continued to take shots at him for missing this prospect or another, nobody can dispute what he did the past two years to get the state of Florida back in the crosshairs.

Very few coaches have been able to do what Golden has done when it comes to mending fences and building new bridges in the state. He has made it a daily ritual to reach out to local, regional and statewide head coaches to get that once healthy recruiting pipeline back flowing strong.

You have to remember what area we are dealing with before you start to pile criticism on this current regime. The Hurricanes are indeed the hometown team, but with over 175 potential major college athletes from the Palm Beaches to Key West, getting everyone of them is simply not a reality. It never has been.

I have been following recruiting since the 1960s and 70s - when Miami was lucky to grab onto one of the local stars. Things changed over the years, but as Golden and his staff have found out, getting players from different states and regions of the country are a mere enhancement to the riches that roam the football fields within 75 miles of Coral Gables.

The plan this year was simple. Get those marquee kids who can impact the program from all over the country, but use the state of Florida as a starting point. Make sure that the offers that are made will include some major prospects from south Florida. They certainly have done that.

No matter how many local "stars" the University of Miami keeps home, there are always going to be those detractors who believe that the Hurricanes should have landed this prospect or that one. In reality, that has never happened. Even during the great days of the program, premier players still found a way to head to Tallahassee, Gainesville and other football hotbeds across the country.

Having watched all three scrimmages the Hurricanes hosted this spring, there is little doubt that the local footprint is firmly in place. Last Saturday, while watching the spring game, it seemed like every local star we talked about over the past four years has started to make an impact at the collegiate level.

Miami has six 2014 commitments in place. Four of those players are linemen - which shows that this program is going to control the line scrimmage, making it exciting for quarterbacks, running backs, tight ends and receivers to come play there.

Here is a look at the current commitment list for the Class of 2014:

• Alin Edouard, QB, 6-2, 185, Hialeah: Here is a football prospect many still have no idea about, but after watching him the past two years, his athletic ability, knowledge of the game and knack of leading the offense will surprise you. A very talented athlete who can play quarterback, but also gives any program the option of looking at him in several different positions. Has the chance to be very special.

• Trevor Darling, OL, 6-5, 320, Miami Central: The first commitment in this class, here is one of those athletic big men who can translate to the next level with little problem. Has been tested against some of the elite players and more than held his own since his ninth grade year. His ability to get physical against any competition is why the Hurricanes loved him from the beginning. Comes in with perhaps the strongest offensive line class in the history of the school.

• Reilly Gibbons, OT, 6-6, 265, St. Petersburg Catholic: In an area that the Hurricanes have always done well in, they made a huge splash with a prospect who spent the first part of his high school career playing tight end, only to make the move inside as he grew, getting bigger and stronger.

• Nick Linder, OL, 6-3, 280, Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas: A big time football taint who is follows in the footsteps of his talented older brother. This is one of those football talents who has been groomed for the position, and has proven that he can indeed stand toe-to-toe with some of the best in the country. Brings so much to the table.

• Kc McDermott, OT, 6-6, 296, Palm Beach Central: Even though his older brother is the starting center of the Hurricanes, you had the feeling all along that this would be a great fit for the current system. A big, strong and athletic football player who has been playing at a high levee for the past three years. rated as one of the best in the country for good reason.

• Joseph Yearby, RB, 5-8, 190, Miami Central: One of the most gifted runners in this class - nationally - there is little doubt that when he gets on campus next year - he will quickly make a huge impact on the team from his running back position as well as what he does as a returner. Has developed into one of the better line from scrimmage backs in the country, setting himself up for a fourth straight state title appearance.

its time for golden to put up some stats instead of more ribs on the barbecue at UM pick nicks...

1. cane walks
2. barbecues instead of spring practice
3. photos of hugs with players on front pages of herald
4. shots of kneeling in front of injured players - aka Kent State with girl crying on her knees
5. staged touchdowns with adoring team mates
6. 300 page binders
7. discipline rubber stamped at every corner of the locker room
8. motivational speeches from ex-hurricanes to sleeping/texting I phone players - a dumbfounded JJ
10. player committees as middlemen for the coaches

It aint workinggggggggg. Golden is like a bad stock...there is no bottom until you hit ZERO

No accountability from coach golden when it comes to protecting his players. As much as these idiots on here like to bash shannon, especially all those idiots who got mad at shannon for benching robert marve the first game of the year at the last minute, that's how you handle things in house without exposing the players. But as much as they hate shannon, randy never had this many people arrested and getting kicked off the team, why, because he was connected to the players and understood how to discipline them.

There is a big disconnect between goldie and these players which is why jim gallo keeps pointing out how goldie had to set-up a players committee, but more importantly, those bozo's who like to try and point out the players shannon recruited, i got a question, how many players has coach goldie recruited and has now kicked off the team. Why don't coach goldie stop being a hypocrite, if he's so hell bent on players not using weed, how bout while he's recruiting them he take some drug testing kits whne he goes on his in-home visit and have one of the parents drug test them, if it comes back negative, offer the schalorship, if it comes back positive, roll out than if it's that serious to em.

Otherwise coach goldie is wasting to much money, going back and forth recruiting players, driving and flying and than at the end of the day, he ends up kicking them off the team. goldie better find a better way, this has nothing to do with the internet age, it has everything to do with coach goldie needed to understand he needs to start having meetings with the right people in this community, otherwise, he'll continue to see this. People talking like technology just took off since coach goldie got hired, clowns.

I got a question for all these self righteous people on here, weed is illegal on the books and so is underage drinking on college campuses so if the administrations across this nation continue to look the other way on all the alcohol trash that these universities continue to pay people to clean-up, most of you on here are hypocrites just like them.

Notice the majority of the players lumber-axe goldie are on the defensive side of the ball. Not to put these guys out there, but almost all the runningbacks coach soldinger coached, if not all of them gabe terried a time or too on up to the pro's, don't believe me, just watch this hypocrites:


Calvin...how about all the empty bottles of straight hard alcohol and throw up in the dorm bathrooms.....how many kids got kicked out of UM?....NONE


11. adoring article about how great al golden is recruiting.....

Exactly gallo, these self righteous bozo's continue to be hypocrites. The facts are clear, this is the first headcoach at UM that i can think of that players keep getting arrested. I'll say it again, with bozo oach OH-NO trying to impersonate a d-co, with a defense rated 117th in the nation, with defensive players draft stocks going down, with a defensive scheme where the corners won't get drafted high, only the safeties will have a chance too, with a cooton candy defensive scheme, i'm surprised the whole defense is not on weed.

^^^^^^ You two jerking each other off now.

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