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Hurricanes LB Gabe Terry busted for pot (felony because of the amount) and suspended indefinitely


  Hurricanes linebacker Gabe Terry, a rising sophomore, was arrested Friday for possessing more than 20 grams of marijuana, a felony; and for "resisting an officer without violence.''

   He has been suspended indefinitely.

Terry, listed as 6-3 and 210 pounds on the spring roster and 6-4 and 185 pounds on the arrest report, played in seven games this past season as a freshman. He finished with five tackles, and blocked a punt against Virginia Tech.

   He was suspended late last season and missed the Virginia and USF games, though UM coach Al Golden never specified what he had done wrong.

   Terry was arrested in eighth grade for burglary and larceny and sent to Boys Town, a center for at-risk youth in Omaha, Neb. He spent more than three years there.

   “Out there I grew up,’’ he said in early November. “I was young, and I don’t even know how to say it, just a little out of control. I had to grow up and learn some social skills and learn how to carry myself like a young teenager. It really did help me.''

   Terry’s father, Clarence Terry, is serving a life sentence in a Central Florida prison for a 2001 murder. The two were huge Hurricanes fans together before Clarence went to prison.   



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Newsflash for cAlvin. Colorado finished 117th in defense. Please show us your source (s) that says Miami was 117th. You posting it doesn't make it the truth as the vast amount of your posts were proven wrong already.


Thank you for posting your extraordinary life experiences.

You have overcome so very much and accomplished so very much...you have a lot to be proud of.

The stunning abstract as to your views on life and the toxic and perverted views of Gallo/Calvina highlight why people such as yourself make America such a great country.

You are a world-class example of who kids of today should be fashioning their lives after.

ditto on the knuckleheads Miami has had over the years.

Ray Ray

UM dont need dummies like that on the team.

They are selfish, weak minded, me-first, dummies. They threw their lives away. They threw their teamates under the bus.

For 20 grams of weed? Seriously. If he was trafficking 20 tons of the other stuff I could see that, but what was he to gain with 20 grams of marihuana?

Dont tell me as a student athlete he needs the money bc he has 3 free meals (and more) per day, he gets a stipend, travel money, TV exposure on his way to a possible NFL career.

Where Finnie at right now?
Where Willie Williams?

It's asinine to try and prove coach goldie can recruit offensive players by showing & posting commits that haven't even signed or played here yet, lol. And again, with all the help that's needed on defense, when are we going to get any defensive recruits. These guys don't seem to learn, how many guys were commited last year that decommitted from coach goldie.

Now it's funny how we can get offensive recruits and seems like the emphasis is going to be on the o-line, but can't get a concentrated amount of d-line recruits. So this imbalance in recruiting is going to be a problem, trying to point out to recruits and trying to use Muhammad wilkerson is a reference point is not going to work here plus, who else you got. In order to get defensive recruits to come here you have to have position coaches or a scheme that allows the defensive players to excel.

Right now, who's actually excelling on the defensive side of the ball. 117th defensively, if this defense doesn't jump to the top 50 in every defensive category, but even if it does, it's not an attacking style of defense, doesnt' attack the line of scrimmage, doesn't re-route receivers, just tries to concentrate on taking away certain angles and gaps, instead of forcing offenses to adjust to the defense.

I want to make the following Statement Gallo is a broken toy, a sick dude. I think it's time that maybe the herald should discontinue the comment section of this blog. The comment section has become a joke.

It's always funny to me to see grown mean start calling teenagers names just because they're jealous that they didn't have the talent to get into the same position, lol. These buzzards can't keep their jealousy under control. It seems like the goldie method is, let's kick a good majority of the productive defensive players off the team so we can keep having more "self inlficted" excuses for hos boy clown 117th.

Stand-by for Calvina's (the Curse) other alias, Gallo, to chime in and tell him/us how smart his latest screwball observations are.

This cat is one mentally whacked-out nutball whose whole life evolves around all of the Canes blogs.

Calvin you are such a moron to even imply that AG does not want his defense to get better is just a remarkably stupid insinuation . It's also stupid to blame our DC for Colorados defense . And I don't hear you calling Gallo asinine for blaming AG for causing us to lose players that he was not responsible for . I know you two are extemely close (lovers) but right is right and wrong is wrong . Go Canes

Ga Cane, gallo can defend his own post, he doesn't need me to do that. I'm not sure what players you are refering to but ask gallo to explain his post to you if you don't understand them, i'm sure he'd be happy to let you know.

As far as coach goldie, he's the moron and you and the rest of these clowns are morons for making excuses and if yall think his boy clown 117th is the answer to our defense. On top of that, getting upset with d-linemen and suspending them for getting up field and causing a fumble is asinine(see luther robinson). Recruiting defensive players particularly d-linemen and moving them to the offensive side of the ball when you consistently keep complaining about depth on defense is moronic.

Coming in moving several defensive players to offense and than complaining about defensive depth only to move some of those players back to the defense is moronic. over bulking up dyron dye to 275lbs than moving him back to the d-line at that size with his speed is the main reason that man got hurt. That weight dyron was allowed to put on was bad weight for him offensively or defensively. The weight management under coach goldie and his boy clown 117th in certain positions has been horrific and moronic at best.

If you guys think these are the first set of UM players to steal and smoke weed at this level you guys are moronic. In fact, this is nothing compared to what the other headcoaches had to go thru, ask art kehoe.

Protecting your players is part of being the headcoach at UM, the easy answer is always kick em off the team. shannon made sure guys understood the rules and consquences, so guys knew not to mess up but so much plus shannon is well connected out their. Where as coach goldie is an outsider and until he becomes part of a national championship team here, he won't get to much respect from anybody here and will be like coach frank haith was, complaining about nobody recognizing him.

shannon was a 1st time headcoach and had worse talent to work with so why is it that coach goldie is only about +2 games better than shannon was in his 1st 2 years. goldie is going into his 8th year as a headcoach this coming season, mike london owns coach goldie, gumbo fisher owns goldie, the coach at unc 1 & 0 against goldie, coach cutliffe has duke on goldie's heels until you're not sure if we'll even beat duke now, especially if the offense has a bad game look out.

I see no separation of coach goldie being a consistent winning headcoach, i remember when coach goldie first got hired and this friend of mine posted up this write up from this temple fan who broke al goldie down to a tee and so far that guy has been on point. He said coach goldie was well organized and did alot of good things with running the program but he said goldie kicked alot of productive players of the team(just like here) he said goldie wasn't a good game day coach(just like here)many things he said was on point, i'll see if i can find that post that was put up in 2011!

Calvin, Gallo, and Cool Cat, you guys must have nightmares about Golden winning at Miami. I bet the three of you have even sat around and thought about how to best attack any success that Golden might have. Calvin, you talk about only 2 games better than Shannon and he didn't have any talent? Shannon's partial treatment towards certain coaches locally landed him the number 1 class nationally his first year at the program. However, once there these players did NOTHING with the lone exception being Miller and Spence. Even Shannon's local favorites started to cool on him after seeing how he did so little with so much. Golden has done everything he has under NCAA investigation as well and you think that hasn't hindered recruits and had an impact in games won? How many times have recruits these past three years openly spoke about sanctions and ultimately chose to go elsewhere because of them? Hell, Collins himself said that it was a big part of his decision to go to Arkansas. Facts won't matter though, because for you guys it's not about seeing Miami back on top. It's more about who isn't leading them any longer, which only cements your stupidity. Go Canes and thank you Golden for your commitment to this team and university.

Alvin you are an a55 clown sir

wU got weed ?

I think the two of them are too stupid to even know how to jerk each other off.

Collins didn't say that...he specifically said that his decision to got to Arkansas was the coaches and place....

"Collins said he loves the University of Miami, saying its NCAA issues didn't scare him away. But he said he chose the Razorbacks because he likes them more.Love the campus, I love the environment, I love the people," he said. "It is great up there.".....South Florida 6 TV interview

golden couldn't close UM's top recruits.....they decommitted which is a total embarrassment

40-45 / 28-20 conference / no bowl wins with an average loss per year at 6.42 games.....#116 defense that is 4th from the bottom of all NCAA teams...

Temple :27-34 / 20-12 conference.....he wont deviate much from his record....UM will never get to BCS with al golden.....its a statistical impossibility....

revenue at UM football is at an all-time low....all this TMZ with him/dnofrio is nothing more than a Chinese fire drill....

Calvin's post says it all....he is doing what he did at temple.....but goldens record at temple is deceiving since there were 4 games he won by 2/3 points against teams that were either 1-11 or 2-10.....which puts his record at 23-38

What if Calvin and Gallo are right about Golden and crew?

What if Calvin and Gallo are right about Golden and crew?

Posted by: canesallnight | April 22, 2013 at 08:31 AM

Go read all of the posts that they have littered on this blog. Even the sun shines on a dogs arse once in awhile but unfortunately for them, it's always night where with their mindset.

A statistical impossibility for UM to get to a BCS bowl game with Al Golden? Are you serious or smoking some of the 26.8 grams of weed that Gabe Terry was arrested for?

I'm sure he would have been a good contributor but he has to go. Hopefully Golden does the right thing and dismisses him from the team. Things like this at Miami can't be tolerated

I am not saying that AG is the "answer" I'm saying I have not quit on him yet . Let the ncaa get off our backs and AG get a level playing field and see what he's got. Let him get the kind of players he wants and not be restricted by anything and see if he can be the man . If not see you later and on to the next one . Stats have nothing to do win whether a coach can win or not, JJ would not have won here if that was true . The comment about a coaches job is to protect his players , well yeh but their are 80 other players to protect to , it's not asking too much for a player to keep his own house in order. Tressel protected his players how did it work out for him? Go Canes

absolutely.....there are plenty of NCAA coaches with much more skill, experience and ability that struggle to get to a BCS game.....there is no way golden with his history/data can achieve that goal.....not to mention that an elementary decision to rid his weakest coach/dnofrio.....he cant execute....his is a fool and puts his friendship above the UM brand....the mere fact that dnofrio after just 1 year tried to jump ship to temple after posting the worst defensive stats in UM history and golden STILL has him here....who does that?

performance like that = the exit door (what business allows the worst failure possible to stay?)

golden + TMZ + dnofrio + loss revenue = failure

What tressel did was the honorable thing, buckeye or no buckeye, that's the real luv goldie talks about he has for his players but jim tressel proved it. He understands how these hypocrites/nc2a work, pryor getting free tattoo's while already playing for the school is some big crime, in the meantime these buzzards raking in billions, lol. Coach tressel sticks to what he believes.

If anybody thinks you're going to have 85 guys do the right thing all the time, you're plain stupid. Even in your own households, whether you got 2 kids or even 1 kid or more, the rules are going to be broken so for any headcoach to cry and complain in the media about in house situations, that's a sign of real weakness and reflects the record.

To those who like to point to the 2008 class as being the #1 highschool, you don't know football. But that same 2008 class made a real strong mark in 2009 and started the season off 3 & 1, but for idiots to try and say shannon had talent, the o-line talent got left with was pathetic, nowhere near what he left coach goldie. The d-line shannon was left with was solid and had he kept coach palmero, the d-line would've continued to get even stronger.

shannon had a bunch of low budget assistants, most were in over there heads. coach goldie, like at temple had the floodgates opened up to em, 500K for an oc alone is almost what they paid shannon to be the headcoach. That troll, along with kirby ho-cutt, mark nipple and the snitch all had it in for shannon so they handcuffed that man. forced an oc on em that he didn't hire himself. But even still shannon did a way better job in his 1st 2 years than what coach goldie has done with a way better tlent base.

Somebody was dumb enuff to try and post up some stuff ryan hill said as some sort of proof, lol, who the heck is ryan hill, intead of him running off at the mouth in the media go and be leader and say that to your teammates not the media. People will say the team is in better shape now, so all this Utough did was account for 2 more wins than shannon but plays atrocious defense/117th, looks like the so called out-of-shape-defense clearly trumps this so call in-shape defense hands down.

Also, the nc2a investigation is not an excuse for coach goldie, for those that want to keep slurpin the goldie kool-aid, have at it, but i don't like liars myself, coach goldie said 3 recruiting classes have been affected by this situation, i would like to ask what 3 classes is he refering to, it can't be the 2011 class because coach goldie said he didn't know anything about this situation until he got blindsided right before the season started, which leaves the 2012 & 2013 classes, so he must be talking about the 2014 class, which still wouldn't make sense but have at it.

How did usc do under similar circumstances in recruiting, didn't seem to affect them none. Did the nc2a investigation cause coach goldie against Fsu to throw 2 fades routes/jump balls to a receiver(in robert lockhart) that basically hadn't played all year. Did the nc2a investigation cause coach goldie to punk out and kick a fiedgoal to only go up by 10 insteand of going for it on 4th and goal at the 1 1/2 yard line against Fsu, but you're only down 3 and you come out at halftime and call for an onside kick, is that the nc2a's fault.

Who's idea was it to sit back in a prevent defense and let Fsu march all the way down field and be able to get a chance to go up by 3 points, should we blame the nc2a for that too. Who's fault is it that even though the I-formation play with maurice haggens & mike james in the backfield worked pretty much everytime, we abandoned that play in games where we should've used and went with more finess schmitt than need be.

Did the nc2a have anything to do with all those 4th quarter leads giving up by coach goldie and his boy oach OH-NO over the last 2 years, that's all on coaching, not the players. I have seen nothing from coach goldie that leads me to believe he'll bring a national championship here, from the way he's coaching, he'll need 1st round talent at every position in order to get close to the championship game and still would probably lose it.

This defense needs to be on the verge of getting back to being one of the top defenses in the nation, to much access to those caliber athletes to be ranked 117th. The "buy more time" tatics for his boy oach OH-NO has just about run it's course, pretty soon it'll be real clear to the those who don't know football that this clown can't coach defense. 2 years in a row you let we see the Virginia tech qb going up the gut un-touched, to many oc's know how easy it is to set oach OH-NO up.

Calvina/Gallo (and the curses other aliases) is on full tilt with a new smorgasbord of lies.

1. This wingnut attacks Jimmy Johnson claiming the man has no idea as to what he's talking about.

2. He said the Canes basketball players were quitters and quit during the Marquette game during the NCAA tournament.

3. He claims that Ken Dorsey wasn't really a good QB.

4. He calls for the coaches and administration to ignore any and all infractions by players claiming that is the key to having a winning football team.

5. He says that the NCAA investigation and charges has had absolutely no effect on recruiting or the players mindset.

6. He has attacked Donna Shalala and the Miami legal team concerning their handling of the NCAA investigation that he claims has been a big to do over nothing saying that they should not respond to the NCAA and simply accept what ever punishment they hand down.

7. He asserts that when Coach Golden suspends a player for major infractions he does so to damage the team.

8. He, I might add, hilariously cites skewed statistics that in no way apply to his idiotic arguments as a means to belittle Coach Golden and our players. This activity is a flat-out bell ringer of stupidity, but he's so dumb he really believes he's onto an intellectual exercise...again, hilarious!

9. He claimed all of the former and current players hate and disrespect Coach Golden, only to have Manny post an article that quoted key players fawning over Coach Golden and describing their love and respect for the man and their belief he has brought a winning program to the "U".

10. He claims that all of the local high school coaches and players dislike Coach Golden when the reality is they greatly respect and like the man as he has repaired torn relationships by the last coaching staff and hired back the great Art Kehoe as a statement as to how much he honors the programs history.

11. He bellows that Coach Golden is a terrible recruiter and can't recruit offensive players and the next thing you know the God of high school football, Larry Bluestein, wrote an article about the magnificent job Coach Golden has done with local recruits and coaches and despite the anchor of a major NCAA investigation has so far recruited a stellar 2014 class of...wait for it...offensive stars!

I could go on and on and on about this lunatics lies, but suffice to say Gallo/Calvina/Cursie's... "I'm a Miami fan" act has grown tiresome and stale. Cursie, time for you to come up with another insane persona my illiterate monkey boy.

that's funny...you left out 1 other thing.....that when Mario Cristobal left for Alabama that duke Johnson tweeted that he was worried on the direction and team....

plus the lie golden told to a group of local coaches at a meeting in Orlando....

"The same month, Golden rescinded a scholarship offer to Booker T. Washington offensive lineman Denver Kirkland, which came as a shock. Back in March, during a high school coaches' convention in Orlando, I was in the room when Golden and his staff told the coaches at Miami Central, Carol City, Booker T., Norland, and Northwestern, that he would never pull a scholarship offer he made to a student-athlete."

Miami times 4-12-2012

UM will go 10-2 at worse next year. I'd like to se if Alvin and his chipmunk gallo, and his pet "chuy" aka Cool cat have the manhood to come on and publically state,

"we wuz wrong"


Another point...

There will be "probably" 2 seniors drafted this upcoming draft. Two Shannon seniors. What does that tell you?

And canesallnight- Your question is valid. Golden and his staff may not be the answer, but unlike Alvin and his dumberettes, I have enough sense to realize that AG has coached this team for 2 seasons ONLY! and in 2 seasons you cannot and should not make that determination. Otherwise, I would havewanted Shannon fired after going 5-7 and 7-6! But I didnt want him fired. I wanted him fired after he went 5-7, 7-6, 9-4, and then again 7-6 despite his #1 2008 class and going 0-2 in bowls prior to getting canned.

crockilla, how would going 8 & 4 be better than what shannon did in his 3rd year. When shannon went 9 & 4 in his 3rd year and had to coach against a way tougher schedule and if he had marc trestman(chicago bears headcoach) or dirk koetter(Atlanta falcons oc) like he wanted initially but since the administration low balled shannon and than forced mark nipple on him in 2009, we would've more than likely only lost 1 game or no games and would've played for the national championship that same year, that's how close shannon was to doing that in his 3rd year.

People tend to forget that fact, also, with j70 being injurd basically throwing the ball with no thumb in 2009, but yet an still the dumb oc goes into the North Carolina game tossing up the ball as much as he did and keep in mind back than UNC had the 5th best defense in the nation and they still needed a forward lateral to help them win.

shannon in his 3rd/2009 year at UM was much closer to getting to a national championship/bcs bowl than alot of the imbeciles on here want to realize. 9 & 3 in the regular season with a close loss at clemson and a close loss to unc and was on the verge of a 2nd half comeback in blacksburgh but jimmy graham than was not the jimmy graham now.

People try and point to basically 1 player that came alive under coach goldie, actually 2, in streeter and davon johnson, but you ask yourself why, shannon had aubrey money, coach goldie had george "young, leave the nfl" mcdonald money. Plus, barring injuries, davon would've done the same thing under shannon because he was doing it his freshman year to as well.

shannon was a 1st time headcoach and in his 2nd year, only a back-up was drafted, under shannon, many players started getting drafted again, all the way to shannon having a 2nd round pick, you can give credit to shannon for kp21 being a first round pick as well since he came out of shannon's defensive scheme, but if you don't want to give him credit for him, no problem, brandon harris was a 2nd round draft pick under shannon. Everybody knows shannon got left with some of the worst talent assembled in UM history.

Come on folks, it's not even close, shannon got left with matt pipho, shannon left coach goldie with, malcom bunche and seantrel henderson, brandon washington and basically 100% of the starters on the o-line. What dissappoints me about coach goldie is, he's going into his 8th year as a headcoach period, he should be head and heels above where shannon was if he's that much better like yall saying.

If i'm wrong and i hope i'm wrong cause i want us to be dominant again, but it's not looking good!

Calvin your wrong because you cant compare Temple to UM or include those years for Golden. AG came in under harsh circumstances.....this guy has been the glue of our program with the Shapiro mess and NEVER WAIVERED. He brought in Jedd Fisch who got the most out of J12....he has recruited under harsh circumstances. We OVERACHIEVED last year and won 7 games with a BUNCH of freshman....could have won ONE more against Virginia had Eddie Johnson been on the field and not in trouble....making it an 8-4 season when EVERYONE had us at 6-6 or worse. WE COULD HAVE PLAYED FOR THE ACC Championship had we not self imposed. DUDE you are the one who needs to check himself....not us....not Golden....not the players or cheerleaders....CALVIN NEEDS TO LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND FACE THE FACTS....GOLDEN IS SIMPLY DOING AN OUTSTANDING JOB CONSIDERING WHAT HE WAS HANDED FROM SHANNON & SHAPIRO.....PLAIN AND SIMPLE. I'm really interested in seeing what you come up with at the end of this season when were 10-2 or better and playing for he ACC Championship.

that's funny...you left out 1 other thing.....that when Mario Cristobal left for Alabama that duke Johnson tweeted that he was worried on the direction and team....

Posted by: Jim Gallo


Of curse...excuse me, I meant "of course" the above was proven to be yet another of your endless lies as you took Duke's tweet out of context, because his comment had NOTHING to do with Mario or the football program.

At least you didn't refute all of your other lies listed above that you have endlessly regurgitated, you brainless twit...please, please, please list some more statistics as the foundation for your lies...laughing my arse off at you!!!

Everybody knows shannon got left with some of the worst talent assembled in UM history.

Come on folks, it's not even close, shannon got left with matt pipho.

Posted by: Calvin


Calvin—Sweetie Pie:

Below is a brief list of the talent Randy Shannon inherited at Miami…7 or 8 NFL’ers…stop with the lies he didn’t have any talent!

57 Allen Bailey LB 6-3 270 FR Darien, GA (McIntosh County Academy)
72 Andrew Bain OL 6-3 330 SR Pompano Beach, FL (Blanche Ely HS)
79 Chris Barney OL 6-5 340 SO* Miami, FL (Miami Northwestern HS)
67 Tyrone Byrd OL 6-5 295 JR* Sugar Land, TX (Hightower HS)
81 Calais Campbell DE 6-7 280 09/01/1986 JR Denver, CO (South HS)
96 Antonio Dixon DT 6-3 335 06/30/1985 JR New Berlin, NY (Milford Academy)
18 Dedrick Epps TE 6-4 235 06/19/1988 SO Richmond, VA (Huguenot HS)
11 DajLeon Farr TE 6-5 250 10/05/1986 JR Galena Park, TX (North Shore Sr HS)
61 Joel Figueroa OL 6-3 335 FR* North Miami, FL (North Miami Senior HS)
64 Jason Fox OL 6-6 265 SO Fort Worth, TX (North Crowley HS)
74 Orlando Franklin OL 6-6 325 FR Delray Beach, FL (Atlantic HS)
52 Tavares Gooden LB 6-2 235 10/07/1984 SR Fort Lauderdale, FL (St. Thomas Aquinas HS)
84 Richard Gordon TE 6-4 255 SO Miami, FL (Miami Norland HS)
24 Chavez Grant CB 5-11 175 SO Miami, FL (Booker T. Washington HS)
66 Harland Gunn OL 6-2 300 FR Omaha, NE (Central HS)
85 Leonard Hankerson WR 6-3 200 FR Fort Lauderdale, FL (St. Thomas Aquinas HS)
92 Josh Holmes DL 6-2 270 FR* San Diego, CA (Point Loma Senior HS)
63 Tyler Horn OL 6-4 290 FR Memphis, TN (Memphis University School)
5 Javarris James RB 6-0 200 09/18/1987 SO Immokalee, FL (Immokalee HS)
8 Darnell Jenkins WR 5-10 190 12/31/1982 SR* Miami, FL (Miami Central HS)
22 Bruce Johnson CB 5-11 175 02/18/1987 JR Live Oak, FL (Suwannee HS)
23 Tervaris Johnson S 6-2 220 SO Miami, FL (Monsignor Pace HS)
34 Charlie Jones RB 5-10 220 SR Homestead, FL (South Dade Senior HS)
87 Khalil Jones WR 6-2 220 12/10/1985 JR Miami, FL (Miami Northwestern HS)
91 Joe Joseph DT 6-3 295 SO* Orlando, FL (Oak Ridge HS)
9 Lance Leggett WR 6-2.5 195 02/11/1985 SR Arlington, TX (Grace Preparatory Academy, Inc)
12 Robert Marve QB 6-1 195 FR Tampa, FL (Plant Senior HS)
44 Colin McCarthy LB 6-3 220 SO Clearwater, FL (Central Catholic HS)
54 Teraz McCray DT 6-1 300 SR Pompano Beach, FL (Blanche Ely HS)
15 Jermaine McKenzie WR 6-2 170 FR Bradenton, FL (Bradenton Academy)
33 Shawnbrey McNeal RB 5-10 190 10/17/1988 FR Dallas, TX (James Madison HS)
94 Eric Moncur DE 6-2 260 JR Miami, FL (Miami Carol City HS)
71 Derrick Morse OL 6-4 325 02/25/1985 SR* Estero, FL (Estero HS)
21 JoJo Nicolas S 6-1 190 FR Homestead, FL (Homestead Senior HS)
97 Adewale Ojomo DE 6-4 240 FR Hialeah, FL (Hialeah Senior HS)
98 Chris Perry DT 6-3 310 FR Keller, TX (Fossil Ridge HS)
1 Kenny Phillips S 6-2 210 JR
6 Randy Phillips DB 6-0 204 JR Belle Glade, FL (Glades Central HS)
65 Matt Pipho OL 6-7 290 SO* La Porte City, IA (Union HS)
35 Lovon Ponder S 6-0 205 JR Miami, FL (Monsignor Pace HS)
26 Anthony Reddick S 6-0 205 JR Fort Lauderdale, FL (St. Thomas Aquinas HS)
36 Kylan Robinson RB 6-1 215 FR* Tampa, FL (Chamberlain Senior HS)
76 Chris Rutledge OL 6-5 325 JR Miami, FL (Dr. Michael M. Krop HS)
4 Glenn Sharpe CB 5-11 190 02/27/1984 SR* Miami, FL (Miami Carol City HS)
50 Darryl Sharpton LB 5-11 225 SO Coral Gables, FL (Coral Gables Senior HS)
83 Sam Shields WR 6-0 175 12/08/1987 SO Sarasota, FL (Booker HS)
68 Ian Symonette OL 6-9 340 FR* Houston, TX (St. Pius X HS)
70 A.J. Trump OL 6-3 295 SO* Clearwater, FL (Central Catholic HS)
3 Kyle Wright QB 6-3.5 225 10/18/1984 SR* Danville, CA (Monte Vista HS)
77 Reggie Youngblood OL 6-5 305 JR Houston, TX (Washington B T HS)

golden best years:

2009 9-4 / 2010 8-4 temple.....90% of the wins were against teams with losing records......see his wins

He was 17-8.....teams beat (5-7, 3-9, 1-11, 2-10, 0-12 and the like)

if you look at the teams they are almost exact records to the upcoming 2013 UM schedule

la atlantic / 3-9
savanah state / 1-10
usf / 3-9
gt / 7-7
nc / 8-4
wake / 5-7
vt / 7-6
duke / 6-7
virginia / 4-8
pitt / 6-7

same results are anticipated.....so 10-2 is no accomplishment just like 9-4 wasn't at temple

green peas should take time and look at the temple 2009/2010 teams wins and loses.....weak as pond water

So are your comments Gallo

please randy Shannon had nothing really in 2007/2008....

2007 he had kyle wright 1747 / 12 TD's weak....graig cooper / javarris james were weak also....1264 yards combined....the top receiver is darnell jenkins with 2 TD's....then in 2008 robert marve 9 TD the whole season...

Shannon went 12-13 with NO EXPERIENCE vs golden at 14-13 with 5 YEARS HC EXPERIENCE....

Not even the dumbest nimrod with a shred of college football knowledge would be so stupid to argue that Al Golden’s tenure at Temple was anything other than miraculous. Temple was a program that should have been abolished and was saved by Al Golden. Of course Gallo/Calvina/Curse are on the sub-moron list making the average dumb arse appear to be smart…read on and enjoy Canes fans…

To that end Tim Hyland wrote in “About College Football”:

From 2003-2005, the Temple Owls went 3-31.

Yes, 3-31.

They lost games by such scores as 65-0, 70-16 and 63-16. They were, by all accounts, one of the worst programs in all of college football. They even managed to get kicked out of the Big East.

Which is why, for a while there, it seemed not at all unlikely that Temple—a university that has fielded a football program since 1894—would drop the sport altogether.

Then, in December of 2005, Al Golden arrived as the Owls’ new head coach. In short order, the former Virginia and Penn State assistant began working toward the seemingly impossible goal of saving Temple football.

And you know what? He’s succeeded.

After leading the Owls to records of 1-11, 4-8 and 5-7 in his first three seasons, Golden delivered a magical 9-4 campaign to long-suffering Owls fans. Temple flirted with the Top 25 and very nearly knocked off UCLA in the EagleBank Bowl.

It was a remarkable run manufactured by a remarkable—and highly regarded—young coach.

A love note to the liar Gallo/Calvina/Curse:

Al Golden said other schools use the threat of sanctions against Miami to steer players away, and the unknowns surrounding the probe create questions that have no answers.

"How can anybody say it hasn't impacted every one of us in the organization or our families, the coaches' families, the strength coaches or the trainers or the players? I don't think you can measure," Golden said. "This, the life span of a college coach or a college student-athlete is so small, to have bowls taken away from you or practice opportunities reduced or championship games basically deleted, that is a huge penalty. I don't know how you measure that."

Miami signed 16 players in this year's class, holding back a number of scholarships. Like everything else the Hurricanes have given up so far, Golden kept those scholarships – he did not divulge the number he didn't release, but it's believed to be around six – in anticipation of sanctions that still may be months away.

"Not only have we until recently been silent in our defense against the NCAA, we were silent against our opponents who are recruiting against us," Golden said. "That's a double-whammy. That's tough to overcome."

"Putting together last year's class was hard, but it was new," Golden said. "And the kids were only exposed from August to January. This year's group was exposed to the toxicity for two years, which was like having a shadow follow you, wherever you went. You were always combating that and talking about that and trying to keep the opposition on the facts, which got lost a lot."

Golden also said the NCAA's public announcement of the external review of its own investigative practices hurt the Hurricanes – even though, in actuality, the NCAA issues only hurt their own case and basically helped Miami's cause.

"The parents who have jobs or are working every day and the young man who's going to school every day and lifting after or playing basketball and then going home and doing homework, all they know after seeing that story is, `That's a mess down there,'" Golden said. "They didn't know it was a positive stroke for the University of Miami. All they know is that that fire got stoked again. And to have that two weeks out was an incredible impediment to our progress and to our program."

"Those articles, regardless of whether it's pointing to the positives for the University of Miami, were used as negatives by our attackers," Golden continued.

Golden was not told of Shapiro or the possibility for problems related to his involvement with the athletic department during his interview process with the Hurricanes.

"There's going to be a lot of people who didn't stand with us who are going to be remembered for not standing with us," Golden said. "`I Stand With The U' means this is tough right now. This is about as tough as it gets in our business. We've got a bunch of coaches and players that are digging in and rather than running are going to fight their way out of it. Now do you stand with us or not? And that is the truth. That is the truth. From my heart, that is the truth."

"We were meant to be here," Golden's wife, Kelly Golden, told the AP on Wednesday. "Regardless of how it happened, what was said or not said, we need to be here right now. He needs to be here. Not sure who else could weather this storm the way he has. It was for a reason."

Great posts , 'Facts.

Good to see a great rebuttal to the empty headed, non sense spewed by Alvin and shallo- although that stupidity isnthard to refute, thanks for taking the time with interesting FACTS.


Gallo hated on Coop and javarris. Both made it to NFL rosters. Coop is injured so he couldnt reach his potential. But he was at full steam against Wisconsisn before he was hurt in that cow pasture at the Citrus Bowl. Despitye that, Randy Shannonand his boy Japicky still choked away a game against the "Big 10 Wisconsin" Recall Calvin always rips on the big 10 as being slow and Donofrio wanting to install a Big ten Defense- yet his boy Shannon couldnt beat a Big ten Defense

MAn would I not have given myleft --t to have that big a55 white D-end that played for wisconsin who now is at the Texans- That guys is a beast.

20 grams is not distribution for the idiot that wrote that. I'm from Hawaii & originally from Washington state where its legal and HI its legal medically but tolerated by police, you can pretty much smoke on any beach except Waikiki and have no problems. The USA locks up more non-violent drug offenders then all other countries combined! I'm using the term drug very loosely in regards to a natural growing plant that will be completely legal nation wide in the next 5-10 years. This kids life shouldn't be ruined for a little bit of marijuana... thats just stupid. And yes 20 grams is a little bit of marijuana, I'd smoke that in 4 days. The police need to start focusing their energy and efforts on violent crimes, not a college kid doing what all college kids do. Considering his background sounds like the poor guy could use a little ganja to get his mind off things. I hope Golden shows some mercy for this young man.

goldie would kick half of the players off the team from 1995 to 2001 to as well. He doesn't understand the real UM culture and what made it. So he's attacking the very core f it, people want to say what UM doesn't need on a team, lol, goldie has no pull because he's 13 & 11, so the players are being exposed, goldie starts winning, everything else will take care of itself.


A brief list (Drafted and signed free agents) of the talent Randy Shannon inherited when taking over at Miami in 2007…once again, Gallo/Calvina/Curse’s lies are refuted that Randy was left with no talent:

Allen Bailey—Kansas City Chiefs
Calais Campbell—Arizona Cardinals
Antonio Dixon—Philadelphia Eagles
Dedrick Epps—New York Jets
DajLeon Farr—Buffalo Bills
Jason Fox—Detroit Lions
Orlando Franklin—Denver Broncos
Tavares Gooden—Baltimore Ravens—49’ers
Richard Gordon—Oakland Raiders
Harland Gunn—Atlanta Falcons
Leonard Hankerson—Washington Redskins
Tyler Horn—Tennessee Titans
Javarris James-- Indianapolis Colts
Darnell Jenkins—New England Patriots
Bruce Johnson—New York Giants
Tervaris Johnson—Kansas City Chiefs
Khalil Jones—Atlanta Falcons
Joe Joseph—Washington Redskins
Lance Leggett—Cleveland Browns
Colin McCarthy—Tennessee Titans
Shawnbrey McNeal—San Diego Chargers
Eric Moncur—Philadelphia Eagles
Adewale Ojomo--New York Giants
Kenny Phillips--Philadelphia Eagles
Randy Phillips--Detroit Lions
Anthony Reddick--BC Lions of the Canadian Football League
Glenn Sharpe--Indianapolis Colts
Darryl Sharpton--Houston Texans
Sam Shields—Green Bay Packers

The stupid comments from Alvin just dont stop:

"Goldie would have kicked off half the UM players from 1995-2001"

You accusing thelikes of Ed Reed, Santana Moss, Reggie Wayne, Sean Taylor, Vince W, Warren Sapp, Edgerrin James of doing something illegal?

ikaika (Hawaii boy)- Thats an argument for another day bro. Nobody here said anything about whether MJ should be legal or not. Bottom line is in Fla, 20 gm possession is a felony. I love hawaii but their laws dont apply here. And at the present time, neither do the laws that you think will pass in the future regarding weed.

When informed of this situation my wife shouted " we're back ". I like convicts not conformists.

2007 team status:

Allen Bailey - recruited 2007 - 1 tackle for 2007
Calais Campbell - 45 ackles vs 64 perryman
Antonio Dixon - 12 tackles 2007
Dedrick Epps - 8 catches 2007
DajLeon Farr - 6 catches 2007
Jason Fox - good player
Orlando Franklin - recruited 2007 didn't play
Tavares Gooden - good player
Richard Gordon - 1 catch for 2007
Harland Gunn - wasn't on roster for 2007
Leonard Hankerson - recruited in 2007 - 6 catches
Tyler Horn - recruited 2007 - didn't play 2007
Javarris James - 582 total yards - weak
Darnell Jenkins - good player
Bruce Johnson - 30 tackles vs 54 kacy rodgers
Tervaris Johnson - 1 tackles for 2007
Khalil Jones - 1 catch for 2007
Joe Joseph - 7 tackles vs shayon green at 67
Lance Leggett - good player
Colin McCarthy - good player
Shawnbrey McNeal - recruited 2007 - 99 yards weak
Eric Moncur - 31 tackles vs 67 shayon green
Adewale Ojomo - recruited 2007 - didn't play 2007
Kenny Phillips - good player
Randy Phillips - good player
Anthony Reddick - didn't play 2007
Glenn Sharpe - 1 INT and 13 tackles - weak
Darryl Sharpton - good player
Sam Shields—Green - good player

only a handful of productive players for 2007 with no QB at all.....Shannon was handed a team overall with weak production......nowhere near what golden got.....all you have to do is compare the stats.....

I am a turd.

Gallo....Sam Shields was an under achiever at The U....very athletic though. He gets to the pros and all of a sudden he is starting on a championship football team.....coaches at Green Bay say: Who was coaching him in college? Obviously they had a PROBLEM developing talent.

Enough said.

Shannon had PLENTY to work with....including his NW class....perhaps he did pick the wrong coordinators.....BUT HE PICKED THEM. By the way....I truly feel Marve would have had a better career then J12....unfortunately he never got the chance. That kid played with heart when he was in there. I remember him taking off down the field running with a vengeance against a few teams....Wake Forrest comes to mind one game here at Sun Life. Too many eggs in one basket....what a shame.

marve was a disaster.....no way him over jacory.

In 2007 kyle wright graduates...has not too bad as QB at UM.....then in 2008:

marve starts and goes 116/213 for 1293 yards and 12 TD's....but jacory as a freshman goes 118/194 (better completion) for 1193 yards and 12 TD's.....Shannon saw the writing on the wall....

marve quits since he is weak and jacory throw 242/406 for 3352 yards and 24 TD's....

end of story.....

...and 52 interceptions you piece of garbage, Gallo.

Why don't you swallow bleach? Or play hoops on I-95. Anything, just please die already. You are a sick piece of garbage.

The more you analyze Shannon at UM you come to the conclusion that UM would have been a lot better in 2012....his players ate starting for the most part anyway in 2013.....

S Ray-Ray Armstrong
OL Jermaine Barton
LB Kelvin Cain
RB Darion Hall
RB Storm Johnson
DB Devont'a Davis
LB Travis Williams
DB Jamal Reid
LB Kevin Nelson
DB Keion Payne
TE Andrew Tallman
TE Billy Sanders
FB CJ Holton
WR Aldarius Johnson

all these players would still be here PLUS TEDDY BRIDGEWATER and the defense would be no where near #117......

2007 - #33 total defense / randy shannon
2008 - #28 total defense / randy shannon
2009 - #29 total defense / randy shannon
2010 - #22 total defense / randy shannon

2012 - #117 total defense / al golden

now we got the guy exercising revenge in plucking top dade/broward recruits in UM's back yard.....that was smart on shalala's part.....lol

sorry.....NCAA has jacory at 39 INT career.....good try, lol

Let's clear up the sam shields situation, because people try and use this example as a knock on shannon, when in fact if it wasn't for shannon, shields would've had a hard time catching on in the nfl.

When shannon became the headcoach, around or after the 2007 season, shannon wanted shields to switch to db, shields didn't want to do it and on top of that shields was dealing with that sticky icky to as well. So of course shannon recruited about 8 wideouts and some came in making plays right away moreso than shields, but shields still didn't want to switch, long story short, after that Fsu game where they called that penalty on shields and people tried to blame shields for the lost when it was still 1st and goal but bozo nix had no plays.

So of course, by midway thru 2008 it started becoming real clear that sam needed to make the switch eventually he came around to it, so by 2009 it became official. Once he made the switch, coach mcgriff did a real solid job with em for being a first time starter and a new position. So of course when sam got to the pro's he wasn't a polished db and didn't know how to watch film yet as a db, but he learned enuff in 1 year to have a base to make it in the nfl.

Had shields been under coach goldie, yall know and i know he would've been kicked off the team along time ago. Also, who gave shields all those opportunities on special teams, shannon put shields on special teams in order for him to one, learn to sacrifice himself for the team and he began to excel at that and than 2, to get em more in the mindset of being a db.

Does anybody hear of any other nfl scouts saying brandon harris, bruce johnson or any other db under shannon that any nfl personnel are saying they don't know how to study film. Only one guy that was a 1 year starter where of course his only place to bega nto develop was in the nfl, had shields played db from his 2nd year on, he would've been a high draft pick.

So let's not use something positive shannon did, and try and somehow make it seem like it was a knock on him.

gallo, here's the sad part about the stats you just posted up, if you take the 4 years shannon was headcoach here and add up those defensive rankings combined, they still fall short of clown 117th, lol.

2007 - #33 total defense / randy shannon
2008 - #28 total defense / randy shannon
2009 - #29 total defense / randy shannon
2010 - #22 total defense / randy shannon
Combined ranking in 4 years=112

2012 - #117 total defense / al golden

Just shows how pathetic this defensive scheme is but yet alot of these clowns still try and defend the ranking by saying the players are young, lol, or there was no talent left, lol.

"sorry.....NCAA has jacory at 39 INT career.....good try, lol"

Sorry, lol, you grim sack of vomit, it is 48 INTs from ESPN. Of course, you being the Curse Pig with a love for that crap coach Vagotis wouldn't know any better.

Comprende, Pig?

Crushed again. The blog punching bag is a loser.

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