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Hurricanes LB Gabe Terry busted for pot (felony because of the amount) and suspended indefinitely


  Hurricanes linebacker Gabe Terry, a rising sophomore, was arrested Friday for possessing more than 20 grams of marijuana, a felony; and for "resisting an officer without violence.''

   He has been suspended indefinitely.

Terry, listed as 6-3 and 210 pounds on the spring roster and 6-4 and 185 pounds on the arrest report, played in seven games this past season as a freshman. He finished with five tackles, and blocked a punt against Virginia Tech.

   He was suspended late last season and missed the Virginia and USF games, though UM coach Al Golden never specified what he had done wrong.

   Terry was arrested in eighth grade for burglary and larceny and sent to Boys Town, a center for at-risk youth in Omaha, Neb. He spent more than three years there.

   “Out there I grew up,’’ he said in early November. “I was young, and I don’t even know how to say it, just a little out of control. I had to grow up and learn some social skills and learn how to carry myself like a young teenager. It really did help me.''

   Terry’s father, Clarence Terry, is serving a life sentence in a Central Florida prison for a 2001 murder. The two were huge Hurricanes fans together before Clarence went to prison.   



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Also, you can blame shannon for the assistants he hired but nobody gave shannon 500K to hire any coordinator, why is goldie getting 500K to hire a coordinator after going 7 & 6 is very funny. People acting like goldie is doing something honorable by sticking around, and while he does get some credit, he's not doing nothing coach shannon wouldn't have done, in fact had shannon been here, which is probably why the troll wanted him gone he would've been the one that might of been the cause of the troll leaving because had the investigators questioned him, it would've been obvious that he was one of the only ones who ran snitch away.

Whatever....the stats for Marve and J12 were very similar...had the "writing on the wall" gone in Marves favor there is no telling if he would have been able to put up the same stats or better then J12 WITH LESS INTS. Lets understand one agonizing fact...J12 was an interception machine....had a good skill set....don't get me wrong....I loved his throwing delivery under 25 yards. But....every time he threw it long people would gasp...perhaps Shannons choosing of Marve over J12 was his downfall....we will never know.

The 80's are over guys....get used to it. The days are over when we got away with our antics....it was fun though. We will always field a good team with the talent bed around us. This year will b a 10 win season.

Question to Gallo & Calvin - If we win 10 games this year and win the Coastal....what will your thoughts be then?

Sorry...meant to say J12 over Marve above...

if UM loses both florida/fsu....same knock on golden since the rest of the schedule will be easy wins for UM

just like the easy wins that gave a false sense of accomplishment at temple.....that's the downside of celebrating wins against teams that are 1-11, 2-10, 3-9, 5-7 and so on....

if he loses florida/fsu that will be goldens Waterloo...that's all tha matters 2013...those 2 games are the whole season.....

No matter what year, marve was never going to be better than jacory. he man was the starter the whole 2008 season except when he was suspended. Also, how many games did jacory come in and lead those come from behind victories in 2008. He opened up the year and balled or charleston southern. He came in against the gaytors and made plays. He brought us back to beat Virginia and had marve stayed in the whole game we might of lost to duke that same year but j70 came in and all of a sudden the offense opened up.

To many situations where jacory just had a better feel for the game. Also, had marve stayed, jacory would've gotten that much better because j70 thrives on competition. He sat marve down and he sat smo down, this is the main reason why they wanted shannon to name marve the starter prior to the next season, shannon didn't fall for the okie doke and said see ya.

Also marve threw bad picks where the defense scored, normally when jacory threw a pick, it was downfield, against unc, letting a db return a pick for over 70 something yards, that falls on the whole offense.

only a handful of productive players for 2007 with no QB at all.....Shannon was handed a team overall with weak production......nowhere near what golden got.....all you have to do is compare the stats.....



Yo El Stupido...the only stats that tell the true story is Shannon inherited a team/roster filled with future NFL'ers (See 'Facts' post) that he did nothing with, which is why statistically they look so bad. But, the tie breaker is most all of them played professional football proving they were talented.

Your argument-lie has been Shannon was left with no talent. Well that is another of your and Calvin's lies that proves nothing you post is true.

sorry green pea.....the production from the 2007 teams speaks for itself.....Shannon was handed a team that had done nothing compared to the production golden gets from Shannon recruits.....a HC/DC that both in their 1st year.....Marve does mediocre compared to a freshman in jacory.....both are first year under center since wright graduated. A lot of pressure with the exodus of coker....Shannon walked into a buzz saw.....

golden got handed a "turn-key" team.....right up until he started to rid the team of good players...that's when his "TMZ" set in.....

beware of the 300 page binder....cane walks, photo shoots holding down players in arms, ties and jackets on field and plane departures and staged TD's with endless u tube loops helps...lol

p.s. left our constant crying about the tough schedule and TMZ to the herald.....

Are you kidding...Golden had to clean out a lot of Shannons recruits....how about the kid Shannon recruited that got arrested for almost raping a girl....the guy from Chicago....haha. Golden has finally got the mess cleared up.

2013 UM Starting Roster

17 Stephen Morris - shannon
8 Duke Johnson - shannon
79 Malcolm Bunche - shannon
70 Jon Feliciano - shannon
62 Shane McDermott - shannon
65 Brandon Linder - shannon
77 Seantrel Henderson - shannon
46 Clive Walford - shannon
4 Phillip Dorsett - shannon
1 Allen Hurns - shannon
80 Rashawn Scott - golden
86 Herb Waters - golden
71 Anthony Chickillo - shannon
91 Olsen Pierre - golden
96 Curtis Porter - shannon
51 Shayon Green - shannon
59 Jimmy Gaines - shannon
34 Thurston Armbrister - golden
52 Denzel Perryman - golden
2 Deon Bush - golden
37 Ladarius Gunter - golden
30 AJ Highsmith - shannon
29 Rayshawn Jenkins - golden
22 Kacy Rodgers - shannon

I know golden sweep randy s recruits right into 2013 starters.....

and for all you Marve lovers.....he didn't even start at Purdue he was so weak...Shannon spotted it right away....

2010 - 2012:

marve - 166/253 for 1734 yards 15 TD's
harris - 703/1170 for 8823 yards 70 TD's

goldie would kick half of the players off the team from 1995 to 2001 to as well. He doesn't understand the real UM culture and what made it. So he's attacking the very core f it, people want to say what UM doesn't need on a team, lol, goldie has no pull because he's 13 & 11, so the players are being exposed, goldie starts winning, everything else will take care of itself.

Posted by: Calvin | April 22, 2013 at 10:48 PM

Golden probably would have. Butch (1995-2000) kicked a lot of them off himself if i remember correctly. I think you meant to refer to how erickson handled the program.

marve was a headcase who needed to leave, imo.

Calvin please post YOUR source/link that says Miami was 117th in defense. You have NO CREDIBILITY after you posted so many lies and exaggerations in the past. You saying something as much credence as the boy who cried wolf.

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