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Lewis' recovery ahead of schedule

Even though watching the replays of his season-ending ankle injury last fall at Georgia Tech might induce others to feel sick to their stomachs, Hurricanes receiver Malcolm Lewis said he doesn't cover his eyes or even wince in disgust when he sees it.

According to the sophomore standout from Miramar High, he's taken the video of his pain and suffering and used it both as a learning tool and as motivation when he fully recovers to keep playing the game the way he always has.

"I watch it and see what I could've [done] to prevent the injury," Lewis said Tuesday -- about a month since he began individual work and route running on his own.

"I should have kept my feet chopping instead of letting it sit in the ground and roll... It was just a football play -- fighting for extra yardage. Something tragic happened. But there's nothing you can do. I'm still going to be the same player, fight for extra yards every time."

Last week UM coach Al Golden called Lewis' return "a medical miracle." Truth is, Lewis said, he's about a month ahead of schedule. Doctors first told him at the end of September it would take him about eight months before he would finish rehab.

He said while his teammates have been practicing this spring he's been lifting light weights while gaining strength back in his ankle. He said he's progressively been lifting heavier weights over the last few weeks as his ankle strength has improved.

"It felt weird [at first]," Lewis said of running routes at the start of camp. "Now that things have been going on and on I've been feeling better."

He said he expects to be fully cleared for contact next month and ready to go in the fall.

"It's a blessing just to be back on the field and doing what I can," Lewis said. "[Doctors] didn't know it wouldn't be happening this fast. I shouldn't be running this quickly. I should be rehabbing right now. But my leg is feeling stronger.

"I'm just going to try to pick up where I left off, do the best I can."

> Golden said defensive end Dyron Dye has an Achilles injury, but didn't rule him out from returning this coming season.


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Posted by: Jim Gallo | April 03, 2013 at 12:19 PM

* Wrong as always, or did that go without saying?

McDermott said Al Golden's steadfastness with the Miami program was another key reason he chose the Hurricanes.

"I agree with him 1000 percent," McDermott said of Golden. "If you go through all the tough times he's been through — he had chances to leave, but he chose Miami and he's turned it around."

Posted by: Jim Gallo | April 03, 2013 at 12:40 PM

* You're so f*cking pathetic that you can find a way to complain about a five star recruit committing to Miami.

sam the dooshh bag gator:

2013-12 years (according to you the gator grad)=2001

By the way UM played for the NC in 2002- 11 years
Finished ranked in the top 5 in 2003- 10 years
destroyed the pathetic gators in the Peach Bowl- 9 years
Finished 9-3 in 2004 despite losing to LSU (An LSU team that within 2 years would win the NC)- 8 years
In 2005 UM was at one point ranked #2 by the BCS

So now we know gator trailer trash like you dont have an idea how to count.

And before pukes like you come on here saying UM will never be relevant- please remind yourself that Big East team (yes, Big East) Louisville essentially de-flowered your mighty turds last year. Problem is you all have selective memory. But we will rattle your knucklehead brains a bit on 09/07. Not that beating UF will make UM relevant again, but at least it will shut you dooshbags up for a while!

And by the way--Um wouldnt beat anyone in the SEC? Does that include 2-10 Auburn or Kentucky?


agreed. Or the worst Tennessee team in a decade? Or the over-rated Missy State?

How about last year's Arkansas team?

Damn, Gatr trash is sooooooo dumb. Must be the fumes in the trailerpark they spent 7 undergrad years in.

Turds are delusional for sure.... to say we will never be relevant again just goes to show you how desperate they are to "clinging" to their 3 years of "relevance" during Timmy's tenure. They were relevant for 3-4 years with Timmy Tears at the helm. Thats nothing new for us. We won in the 80's, 90'S & 2000'S....facts are facts. WE CANT BE GREAT EVERY YEAR....AND WE acknowledge that. Other teams are going to get their shot to shine and rightly so. Good for Bama....doing their thing....winning NC'S....good for Notre Dame....glad to see them doing well, despite our rivalry.....good for Kansas State....what a great coach and legend they have. So....you see...the good times can go around for EVERYONE.....even the Turds.
The problem we have with Turd fans is the hysterical delusional frenzy and disrespect you displayed once you all "had you run" with Timmy. All of a sudden it was like the second coming of Christ and youall were the greatest team ever created....so....you guys started taking your shots (while keeping us off the schedule) and talking sh*t. So...this is here we are. Were going to beat you down come September....MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT. Your QB is a little shaky under pressure.....Logan Thomas from VT is a better QB....he scares me....capable of shredding a defense....not Driscoll though. I would not be surprised if we saw your second string QB at some point.

Gallo - dipsh*t...your posts are laughable
Calvin - Just as dumb....

Yo Cane trash

Yo Cherry Coke Pig. DelUsional. It's a cane thang U know. U own it.
"We can be great every year"
Maybe you can in a dream, problem is you haven't
In a about decade
About, not exactly for U nitpicking maggot
Does it make U feel better to know U have sUcked for 8 years and not 10 or 12??????????
Does it dUmb clUck????

U still sUck either way
It's like Ur fellow doUche arguing whether U r the #116 worst defense or the # 117
What a Moron and doUche!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yo chUmp why U still holding on to the memory of Tebow cleaning Ur clock?
Let it go
Many more have cleaned Ur clock as well
Don't be such an angry Pig

Yo sid the all knowing, know it all wannabe clUck
U know nothing dUmmy
Don't matter either way
Know this
U r a doUche

Enjoy the Spring clUcks
Fun and Games and cookouts for all
Golden Retriever is so much fun
He just signed another offensive player
What a Genius
Who needs Defense
Who needs special teams
U got Golden Retriever and his "must score 50 or more" offense.
Ahh the Spring
Best time to be a cane
We are back and
We can be great every year
Repeat 100 times until the Fall

LOOSERS, nothing but LOOSERS!!!!!


This Gatr maggot is repetitive... and boring.... and inbred...... and lives in a trailerpark.

Yikes, man, get a life.

yes.....golden creates all this negative press, page after page in both the Miami herald and the Miami times....alienated feeder schools and coaches.....THEN schedules a meeting to get Denver Kirkland to sign with UM but golden is a no-show at that meeting which then forces Matthew Thomas to switch to Arkansas (his words).....THEN says no need for OL....BUT goes and offers a scholarship to a player that is smaller?

makes sense since at #116 defensive ranking (4th from the bottom) and the DC is still here....hey why not, lol

Funny how both side call each other delusional. Who is really deluded? Well I haven't heard any Gator fan predicting national championships or Heisman trophys or such.
I have read many bloggers here predicting such things. Not only now but in the past as well. Some of you are on record here predicting an undefeated 2013 season and Heisman for both Morris and Duke.
Reminds me of one Jacory Harris being touted for Heisman in the spring of 2010. We all know how that ended.
When you predict you are back year in and year out and you keep getting 6 - 6 and 7 - 6 seasons does it make you deluded?
We will see how this season turns out for you. The expectations for the team and individual players are very high indeed. Is there evidence to warrant these high expectations? Or is this another delusion?

YOu are a liar, Gallo. Several head coaches from local high schools have said that Golden and his staff reach out locally far more than Randy ever did.

You are a liar. Go swallow some battery acid.

Matthew Thomas switched to Fsu. Point is the players and coaches have put us in a situation where it's next man up. No excuses we were 116 and now have three pieces missing from that. We cant go anywhere but up.What that means is some one else will have to step up. IMO we have an oppertunity to go undefeated. The old cane teams would have been salivating at the mouth for a schedule like this. Fsu will be a beast though. No one has seen Winston because of baseball but I think Jacob Coker 6-6 260 will be on his heels for that job. Go canes

My boyfriend is a mer-man.

He beats me with his tail.

CaneTrash.....you cant even READ properly you fool....I said "We CANT be great every year"....I was actually acknowledging the success of other teams and THEIR RIGHT to have a chance at having "GREAT SEASONS".


It will NEVER GET OLD.....

UFelony....lets here our little saying again....

Timmy Tears on TV
No dynasty
Bama beatdown every year
Bulldog beatdown every year
65+ arrests and counting
Top 5 recruiting classes with no results
NEVER AN UNDEFEATED SEASON (*Next to National Championships)
Urban Meyer the Liar Ohio Hire
Louisville Romp in the Swamp
1 win over Canes in last 30 years....

See you in September....Turds!!

Gallo....What AG has just basically shown to fools like you is....hey...want to string us along...fine....want to choose another school besides us....fine....do your thing....but...at the end of the day....we simply find someone as good or better. Were stacked at O-Line this year...not having Kirkland is a blessing actually....drama queen....cant make a decision....

a duhhhhhh.....a duh...do I block the guy to left or right...a duhhhh.....drool....drool....drool...please

"Oh coach took away my scholarship....boo hoo hoo...crybaby....get the flog out of here.

McDermott is better then Kirkland and will probably start from day one if we need him. So....remember this phrase.

With ALLLLLLLLL the talent south of Palm Beach...."Were not going to chase you....but replace you".

How bout dat??

[]_[] keep on sporadically getting fat slow white little brothers that are NOT Playmakers and we'll keep adding S. FLA. Studs to our already Stacked Team...

Tony told []_[] No Thank []_[]... Faahhhgettabo[]_[]t it.

Posted by: Hwy, Look... Another Tr[]_[]ck Drove Right Thro[]_[]gh []_[]r D-Line... | April 03, 2013 at 12:11 AM

rofl! With the way coach odell haggins and muschamp are loading up on d-linemen, i've been looking at this same scenario. We got some dawgs in there though, but on paper right now, athlete for athlete, on the interior, it's going to be a dog fight, that's for sure.

Canetrash CHOMPS on Calvin, while Gallo looks on like a dummy as normal!! CHOM CHOMP CHOMP on the JOCK... HEEEYYY THERE GAAAYTUURDS!!! CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP on the JOCK... FIVE FIVE FIVE > CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP..

Defense is definitely about attitude, that's why our escort-defense service has been one of the best escort services around. It's the weak philosophical attitude scheme to playing defense that makes this defense look pathetic.

THe players can't be aggressive in this scheme because the nature of it is to sit back and wait to sit what happens and than react. THe d-linemen are being taught to read run first that use your secondary pass rushing move to get to the qb, this is why they all stand the o-linemen up first than try and transistion to a pass rush and by that time they're stifled. Which is exactly why luther robinson got suspended for a few games after the Georgia tech game because the staff got mad at him for just going up field and causing a fumble.

Go back to that Georgia tech game, goldie, jehtro nor oach OH-NO were happy with luther robinson causing that fumble because he didn't play the technique they wanted to see. He got up field first than attacked the run and forced a play. Than ever since, they've been making statements like luther robinson is finally maturing, translation: he's not fighting using the technique we taught him.

typo...alex collins...not matthew thomas (another top UM decommit).....

“Miami came in second place because of the things that have [happened] these past couple weeks,” Kirkland said. “That’s the only reason they came in second. After that I was leaning toward Florida State and Arkansas. It meant a lot to have so many people supporting me. I’m going to move on with my life and go to Arkansas

would rather have kirkland than mcdermott....but well see if mcdermott sign's......have a LONG way to go before national signing day...he only gave verbal...

remember all the verbals that decomitted last year?


Yeah, "Miami came in second place." You mean, after or before they pulled his scholarship?

Gallo, if I could post a bounty on your head starting at, say $50K, so as to not have to even glance at the garbage you post, I would do it.

In the meantime, drive your car into a telephone pole.

9>5, ok it's been 11 years. Your right,, undefeated in the regular season is relevant, but the slide started there. and like I said, we had an interem coach in the peach, and it was close til the punt return. But relevanc can be determined by WHO a team beats. These canes, haven't beat anyone, ANYONE, who is even a good team. Against top 10 teams, miami is 0 for whatever. Relevance isn't in preseason hype or predictions, but how you play on the field.We beat a good LSU last year, that's one more than you in many many years. Here is how most canes spell it, loosers. Illiterate and irrelevant LOSERS

Posted by: Jim Gallo | April 03, 2013 at 03:14 PM

* More lies. What negative press has Al Golden created? What feeder schools and coaches has he alienated? When did Al Golden say he was going to meet with Kirkland personally? When did Matthew Thomas say he "switched to Arkansas because of Kirkland"?

* What do you not get about college recruiting where you think that because a school doesn't want an offensive lineman in this class they can't possibly want a five star OL recruit in the following year's class?

Posted by: Jim Gallo | April 03, 2013 at 04:35 PM

* When did Alex Collins say he chose Arkansas because of Kirkland?

* What are "all the verbals" that de-committed last year? Is that number any higher than any other college football program?

What do Jim Gallo and Barack Obummer have in common?
They just spew out lies and expect everyone to believe it. Unfortnately, most people believe this crap.

read all their statements.....alex collins said the kirkland situation was a factor in his decision to switch to arkansas....

kirkland would not go with his parents a second time to meet golden if he wasnt ready to sign with UM....then golden didnt even bother to show up leaving kirkland and his parents sitting there....unbelievable

we lost:

alex collins
denver kirkland
terrell brooks
matthew thomas
jaynard bostwick

all out top recruits decommitted after verbals.....if we didnt pull the scholarship from kirkland we would have collins.....

SHHHH Sam the Gayturd!!! This is the big boys table.. Little boys like yourself, Gallo, Calvin, and Canetrash go sit in the corner and CHOMP away at each other and talk about how good the Qeebow days were!! Funny how you say didnt beat anyone good when the Gayturds lost a bowl game to a BIG EAST team!!!! Back to the corner you go little boy!!!

People keep trying to give credit to coach goldie for some of the committs we have right now when goldie besides being the headcoach, had not that much to do with it. mcdermont is on his way because his brother, art kehoe, friends and family and throw in james coley. lil linder is her because his brother, art kehoe and james coley. yearby is clearly here because of the james coley affect. That qb committ happened after cristobal got here so i'm almost certain he had something to do with him coming here because cristobal was trying to get him to come to F.i.u.

trevor darling, art kehoe and camp. goldie's philosophy was that the local players should camp it out in order to get an offer and they'll go and see the out of towners. That philosophy wasn't going to work down here, this is why players like mackensie alexander basically told goldie to gth cause he was trying to get him to camp and he wouldn't. Trying to get somebody to come all the way from the muck to camp is an insult. goldie doesn't understand the dynamics of recruiting DADE County, that's why you heard goldie say it himself, look, i'm only been for about 2 years so i'm still learning how things are down here"

Translation, ok, i messed up with denver kirkland, and coming off as a liar to coaches down here will get you crucified down here.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | April 03, 2013 at 05:20 PM

* Every word you have said here is a lie, why would I believe you that Alex Collins chose Arkansas because Kirkland's scholarship was revoked?

* Yet another lie, Al Golden didn't say he'd meet with Kirkland, his position coach and several other assistants met with Kirkland and his parents.

* Kirkland, Brooks, Thomas, and Bostwick never committed to Miami. So they had a single player decommit? Welcome to college football.

0 and whatever against top ten teams??? You might want to check your facts on that on Sam the Gayturd!! Now we can add you to the list!!!


1. Gallo
2. Canetrash
3. Calvin
4. Sam the Gayturd

Look Gallo I can make a list too!!! Back to the corner little boys. Your out of your leauge!!

Calvin....it comes with the 300 page binder on why I am good for UM....no scholarships unless you go to camp...even sports illustrated wrote an article on that and said it was hurting UM recruiting....they specifically said that dade county recruiting would not react well to that demand....but I have grown used to goldens 24/7 press conference and damage control....

the kirkland/booker T created a firestorm and these kool aid drinkers pretend it didn't happen....lol

golden doesn't even want to recruit.....that's why he hired Mario in the first place.....coley is is new answer to recruiting.....

golden is LAZY.....all that first year recruiting spirit is dead....all show....who did golden actually recruit?

name all the players....

oops for got...update decommit list 2013

alex collins
matthew thomas
denver kirkland
terrell brooks
jaynard bostwick
KEITH BRYANT.....REMEMBER...LOL. he was the first to decommit

Yo Cane trash

Yo Cherry Coke Pig
So instead of being a delUsional maggot U r captain Obvious
No one can be great every year, U just figured that out dUMMY?
I like my version better
Another famous cane saying next to WE ARE BACK
Sounds much better this way

Yo higuy doUche
So the Gators lost to UL
A team with a winning record and a BCS bowl team
U dUmmies lost to UVA and UNC
Losing records and no bowl games
U have no point
Xcept to point out U r dUmb

Fun and games at the rent a stadium
Family BBQ instead of practice
Cause we b mature now
The Golden Retriever Manure spring break
Lets bring in more O recriuts
Who cares about Defense
What are special teams?
Must put up north of 40
The Golden Plan


kc is way to light....I wouldn't want him until I see him at least 305..then try him out....we are averaging 312 now....don't need a 285 lb OL.....

we need a QB to replace Morris and what we have is pathetic.....

Interesting read on Roopstigo.com an article that exposes recruiting irregularities, payments to players, coaches turning their back on players, academic fraud and getting around drug tests that were positive. Even implicating now U of F head coach Will Muschamps while DC at Auburn allegedly giving $400 to a player,he of course denies it.

All you Gator slupers get ready the spotlight is about to be cast in Gainesville, roflmao!!!!!!

It will be interesting to see what the NCAA does with this SEC icon based on this investigative report, if indeed anything will come of this!

Posted by: Jim Gallo | April 03, 2013 at 05:40 PM

* What article in Sports Illustrated said Al Golden's camps were hurting UM's recruiting?

Posted by: Jim Gallo | April 03, 2013 at 05:45 PM

* Al Golden is too lazy to recruit. Are you out of your f*cking mind? Who did he recruit? Everyone in the 2012 and 2013 classes.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | April 03, 2013 at 05:55 PM

* Bryant and Collins decommited from Miami. The rest of your list were not UM commitments and it's not even unusual to get a handful of recruits who decommit and a handful who commit at the last minute.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | April 03, 2013 at 06:04 PM

* Of course there's something wrong with UM's five star recruit, Al Golden recruited him and not your boyfriend Randy Shannon. He's too light. You're too pathetic for words.

* Kind of like UM's quarterback situation, huh? Four star commit Kevin Olsen, "pathetic".

Seriously you piece of sh*t, stop pretending to be a UM fan. Go follow Arkansas so you can drool over their position coach.

look little green pea...do your own research.....also watch Olsen in the under amour game...what a disaster.....first goes the whole 1st half and cant get a 10 yard pass off and is running out of the pocket on EVERY play...then in the second half not 1 score which right at the beginning snap falls over his own feet....

Olsen and the rest are pathetic..pray to god Morris stays healthy....even with this embarrassing schedule UM will be under 500.....

let me also add that EVERY inner city feeder school hates al golden.....just ask Harris and Luther Campbell.....no wonder UM got ONLY 1 guy from dade county.....that's is unexplainable where you cant even recruit guys from your own home town.....

i'm only been for about 2 years so i'm still learning how things are down here"

Translation, ok, i messed up with denver kirkland, and coming off as a liar to coaches down here will get you crucified down here.

I rest my case.....

Posted by: Jim Gallo | April 03, 2013 at 07:40 PM

* Stop calling me green pea you old queen.

* You're the one making up lies, I'm not going to waste my time proving it, everyone already knows.

* Olsen sucks now too. Duly noted, if only Jacory Harris and Randy Shannon were still here, huh?

* Show me a shred of proof that coaches don't LOVE Al Golden and appreciate his camps. Show me any proof that any coach besides the Booker T coach (who already is over it) is upset with Al Golden.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | April 03, 2013 at 07:48 PM

* What Al Golden was pointing out was that UF and FSU only recruited one player from Miami-Dade combined. Then he went on to talk about how he wants to get the number of south Florida recruits up.

“I love the University of Miami. I want to be here forever, and I’m trying to get it right,” Golden said. “I’ve only been here two years, and I’m trying to learn the dynamics of everything. A lot of it is that you’re under fire because you can’t please everybody. I’ve studied the roster breakdowns and I look at the best team that’s ever been here. That 2001 team, 55 percent of that team was from Florida. We’re between 57 and 60, and we would have been over 60 yesterday if we hit a couple down the stretch.”

“There’s talk of me not wanting to recruit the inner-city? I just don’t understand that. … Florida State and Florida took one kid in Dade and Broward last year. One kid. They get a free pass? They took one kid out of this area. We did a great job down here last year. We missed on a couple targets (this year), but we got the guys (we wanted). Look at the guys we got. I’m excited about those guys, and it’s being overshadowed by the other stuff. It is what it is.”

Was a bag man for auburn. .....

No, sam the shi..ter

Not 11 yrs. Miami destroyed. No. Deflowered. No. Skinned. Chris leak and your turds in 2004. T minus 9 yrs

In 2005 they lost to a very strong LSU team but were still ranked high t minus 8

Get your facts straight alachua boy.

Truth slayer.... Braaaaaaaaaannng! (sound for wrongggg!!,!,!)

Calvin X: go ahead and laugh at so called slow white boys. I mean Wes Welker being the number 1-2 receiver in the NFL in the last few yrs iproves that righht!?

I guess Dan Morgan and Colin Mcarthy both s...kd right? Or that wisconsin DEnd that we played against and now is a beast... Or Bjorn Werner. Yah right, Al sharpton.

CANES- irrelevant tday, tomorrow, and for years to come. NOT ONLY in football, but baseball, I mean what happened there. This will be the end of the regional streak, and FSU will pass it by in a few seasons. Great season for the basketball team, maybe a little underacheived with the loss at 16, i believe they could have made the final 4, but still the greatest thing to happen in the sports world for the canes for many years. But reality is, ith everyone going, the BB team will be IRRELEVANT AGAIN NEXT YEAR. Maybe UM should shut down the athletic program, save money, and these whiny bloggers would have time to grow up. What else can we say, we stink.

IBIS is right How long do canes fans endure this garbage. Morris is one of the highest paid baseball coaches in college baseball, So why the dropoff. Why is he not held accountable. It's pathetic watching this team. No doubt one problem is Arteaga. And the batting coach hasn't proved much either in many years. Change can be good sometimes, and morris is overdue.

WELCOME back M.LEWIS may GOD keep giving you your blessing has for B I G kc BIG welcome to the U family and because you the 2014 class will be sick GO UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

FSU wont pass Miami in nothing ever! What kind of stupid comment was that?

Man there are rocket scientists and brain surgeons up in here!

FSUs best chance to win the CWS was when buster posey was playin 2 or 3 yrs ago. End result: BUST

It is still UM 4 , FSU 0, UF 0. No matter what

But I agree Morris has goten a 7 year pass, and currently this bb team is pathetic.

Breaking News............

Auburn is being accusd of players being payed $ by coaches and grads being altered. One of the accused..... Then DC Will Muschump.

Lets see how vigorous this is pursued. There as once that allegation that Cam Newton was paid to o to Auburn, but fizzzzzzzz! That allegation was brushed under the SEc rug.

This could be enough to have muschump fired from UF....

Loser gators

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