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Post-spring depth chart released, Canes add punter from Cincinnati

Coach Al Golden released his team's post-spring depth chart Tuesday with one notable addition -- a new punter.

Pat O'Donnell, a graduate from the University of Cincinnati, is listed as the Canes' No. 1 punter and is also listed on the depth chart for field goals, kickoffs and placeholder. O'Donnell has signed a financial aid agreement with the University of Miami and is expected to enroll in either the summer or fall semesters according to UM. O'Donnell averaged 41.8 yards per punt on 59 attempts with the Bearcats in 2012, while dropping 23 kicks inside the 20-yard line and booting 10 kicks of 50+ yards.

UM returns 10 starters on offense and nine on defense from its 2012 squad that finished 7-5 overall and tied for first in the ACC Coastal Division with a 5-3 league mark. Several players were held out of spring practice due to injury, including LB Thurston Armbrister, RB Eduardo Clements, WR Robert Lockhart Jr., C Shane McDermott and DL David Perry. WR Malcolm Lewis, who was held out for the majority of spring practice, made his debut during the Spring Game with a scripted 75-yard TD catch - his first action since a season-ending ankle injury last September at Georgia Tech.

Freshman Alex Figueroa is listed as the Canes' No. 1 outside linebacker, the only freshman listed as a starter following spring practice.


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After last Saturday’s no-show at Cincinnati’s Spring practice, super punter Patrick O’Donnell is rumored to be transferring to the Miami Hurricanes, near where he went to high school.

If true, this is a major positive development for Miami and a major hit for Cincy.

O'Donnell is a game changer and creates great field position with every punt...he's not only a game changer, but a program changer!

Posted by: JUST THE FACTS | April 16, 2013 at 12:01 AM


A Game Changing PUNTER !!!

We gots our MVP for the next THREE YEARS !!!

O'Donnell was second team all Big East and is on the Ray Guy pre-season watch list. This is a very big pick up!

Both Figueroa and flowers starting? Duke Johnson not doing kickoff returns? Here we go again just like last year with the younger players....

Golden must be afraid duke will get hurt....but if you are gonna give the guy 139 handles like last year, here needs more playing time and KR is just right for him.....duke is not a 320-380 carry a season guy. He is too small.

this will be interesting

Any word or updates on Eddie Johnson and how many years of eligibility does Pat O'Donnell have?

Wait, wait....He's on the Ray Guy "watch list?" I'll stayed tuned to that one. Let's hope we don't need the services of a punter too often.

The real problem is the defense. And until somebody does something with DunnoToday, DunnoTomorrow, JustDunno, Won'tEverKnow, UM is doomed.

A good punter is VERY needed esp if your back up into you endzone.....so...welcome son.

A great punter is a weapon and can be a game changer.

O'Donnell will be one of the top punters in the nation next year and will positively impact every game he participates in during this upcoming season.

Note neither calvin or gallo made this depth chart.

Gallo drawing conclusions on a spring list as to who is starting. What a short needle dick.

Awesome, great news on ODonnell. Welcome to THE U.....

Gallo (Curse),

Your stupidity never fails to impress. You claim the NCAA never reversed itself after I clearly stated in my post in the previous thread that they did so in 1970 regarding the University of Pittsburgh.

You've called Miami's football players, coaches and administrators quitters and pus”ies, you claimed that the Miami hoops players quit in the NCAA Tournament and now you claim that Miami's attorney's lack courage to take on the NCAA in court.

Yet, in a recent filing Miami's legal team advised the NCAA that they reserve the right to litigate this case via the U.S. Court system, which is code for--we are coming after you! Of course, anyone with a 3rd grade education and an intellect slightly above a sub-moron knows that to be true, but you don't!

This game of you playing a Miami fan has run its course stupid. We are going to maul your phony Gators this fall and play in a BCS Bowl Game. Furthermore, it will soon be proven that your insane head coach, Muschamp, was paying off players at Auburn and most probably Florida as well.

Miami owns you cowardly Gators and your impersonation act only highlights the cowardice all you Gators demonstrate whenever challenged by a worthy foe--now run along junior and worry about Kent State or Miami of Ohio.

Just the facts

Gallo ....he owned you on that. You loser

More Gallo bashing
Don't forget about Calvin
More gator envy
Keep patting yourselves in the back like: "Gallo ....he owned you on that. You loser"
If you got to toot your own horn, cause no one else will, you are irrelevant
Just like your canes
Wow! Great news!! We got a Super Star punter!!!
Botts was your MVP last year, only all ACC cane
So now you got another MVP punter
Punters, TEs, WRs and RBs
No DTs
Bring on the punter
Get all worked up with Mr Super Punter
Who needs a defense when you got 12 TEs, 29 WRs 17 RBs 8 QBs and a Super Punter
You will find out soon, enjoy the spring and summer while you can..................


Posted by: non-relevant | April 16, 2013 at 06:13 PM


Apparently you do. You just read the article.

Golden must be afraid duke will get hurt....but if you are gonna give the guy 139 handles like last year, here needs more playing time and KR is just right for him.....duke is not a 320-380 carry a season guy. He is too small.

this will be interesting

Posted by: Jim Gallo | April 16, 2013 at 06:22 PM



Only three players in all of CFB exceeded 350 carries last year and only 1 in the pro's.

whats happening with NCAA is EXACTLY as I predicted.....UM was supposed to be humble..let it die, but no....a lot of bravado backed with frivolous motions....

the quote green pea was the NCAA has never dropped the notice of allegations....also UM has notified the NCAA it reserves the right to go to court, lol wtf is that...are you some child.....you don't need to reserve anything just file the complaint in civil court and pay the fee, lol

this was from congress overview of NCAA....

"Another way in which the proceeding is unlike a normal judicial case is that the committee is not limited to finding violations that are alleged in the NOA. If during the course of the hearing, the committee finds evidence of violations not listed in the NOA, it may rule that such violations have been committed without the institution being given the opportunity to investigate or to prepare to rebut such alleged violations and without the individuals affected by the ruling being notified or consulted. This offers yet another reason why, unlike a criminal defendant, institutions might feel constrained from aggressively seeking to use all possible objections and tactics to avoid any penalties—even in the unlikely event it proves that the charges in the NOA are without merit, there can still be a price to pay, especially if the committee becomes put off by overaggressive posturing or believes that the institution does not display a sufficiently cooperative or contrite attitude"

UM better be very careful with these motions.....but then again the NOA has been given...the institutions have NEVER been exonerated during the hearings....UM is guilty....

Um lawyers seen to want to have self sanctions be the end of this BUT....I think there is alot more here.....more evidence from NCAA of UM "lack of institutional control".....

let is die.....

Posted by: Jim Gallo | April 06, 2013 at 11:17 AM


9 - SRs
7 - JRs
5 - SOs
1 - FR

12 Upperclass as back ups
10 Underclass as back ups

Moving in the right direction!

If we can pull a 9-3 Season I will be really happy...feel there is a slip up game in there an we are an 8-4 team...still better than last year...but not good enough...

I am not 100% Confindent in a 9-3 Season...new OC, and I felt good about the Spring Game considering Vanilla Looks...

We could only score 28pts against the Second Team D. I like the feel good play for #9, but think we should have had a better day...Morris still needs to be more accurate in the Red Zone...we need a 2 punch to back up the 1 at RB.

Bigger issue was our #1 D giving up 13 pts to our #2 O with no one playing a decent game at QB for the White Team...

Just my thoguhts...

Gallo is a F'n Moron Pig!

Bleeding Orange Green & White!

Gator envy???

the Gator has easily been the most overrated teams in CFB over the last 3 or 4 years. Lofty rankings with NOTHING to show for it.

Wait. I'm sorry.
They're in the same conference as Alabama. So if they fail to live up to expectations, it's ok. Because they, and 10 other teams, can tout the conference while failing to take care of business themselves.

the top 10 rushers last year averaged 314 carries...duke did just 139 (f...king weak)

he was UM's top returned last year #1 in ACC and #2 in the NCAA....wtf would you change that.....golden is a complete idiot....

yes..the basketball team QUIT against Marquette just like dnofrio tried to quit last year when he threw his hat in the temple HC ring.....he could care less abut UM...if Florida /FSU beat UM.....Um will be the laughing stock of the state....I have absolutely no confidence in dnofrio or his vanilla schemes.

Gator envy? Miami has beaten Florida 6 of the last seven times they have played. Look it up!

well see...that's all I can say. But if UM gets swamped by Florida in their own back yard because of dnofrio..lets see how many here will ask for goldens resignation.....

We don't have Mike James lining up in the back field this year so Duke is more valuable at RB then returning kicks and punts. We have other guys who can do that (Stacey Coley, Dorsett, Waters, Artie Burns or that Lockey kid if he doesn't red shirt).

Gallo aka Curse Pig loves to work the kak

Drunk bums line up for miles to to abuse this loser for a nickel a pop

and butch Davis had other guys as well...but he didn't swap out Devin Hester.....duke can do both @ 139 carries or so just like Hester does both wide receiver and kickoffs....you don't change the #2 return man in the country.....hagens replaces james..problem solved...

The longer the post the shorter the unit

Exhibit A -- the one and only moronic Gallo

Btw, the can't predict whether his unit will grow to
1 1/2 or 1 3/4 inches but he knows how many carries Duke is capable of.

Where's butt buddy Calvin to "back him up"?

OMG, why hasn't anyone snapped up the strategic geni of calvin and butt buddy gallo?

phillip dorsett is JUST OK (PK/PT).....I would never swap duke out for him

But gallo, you're internet geek and not a real coach. Time for you an your imaginary friend Calvin to cuddle up and call it a night.

Gallo said: “Also UM has notified the NCAA it reserves the right to go to court, lol wtf is that...are you some child.....you don't need to reserve anything just file the complaint in civil court and pay the fee, lol


Constantly educating poor, old, dumb Gallo (Curse) as to the way the world works has become a sideline business for me and many other Canes. Okay stupid; the following is why the Miami legal team advised the NCAA that they reserve the right to litigate this case via the U.S. Court system:

Demand letters are often used because they are a courtesy attempt to maintain goodwill between parties and they often help in avoiding litigation. A good demand letter will always contain the warning that if it is not adhered to, the next communication between the parties will be through a court of law in the form of formal legal action or they reserve right to litigate this case via the U.S. Court system.

Gallo (Curse), it must be fun living in your delusional world where you absolutely believe your idiotic nonsense is factual. By the way dummy…the Canes own your little felony committing Gator girls and your bagman coach is going down, along with your pansy football program!!!

What is it they say about no animal being more dangerous than one wounded or backed into a corner? Apparently the same is true of a staggered NCAA, which suffers from the national embarrassment of its own corruption and buffoonery but nevertheless has some desperate fight left in it.

This cannot be good news for the University of Miami.

But all the while something sinister boils under the serene surface, threatening a sinkhole.
It is the NCAA. Poked, prodded and not happy about it.

Miami now finds itself in an uncomfortable position partly of its own doing: Hoping for mercy — or at least fairness — from the same NCAA it has publicly denounced and angered.



Nothing to see here right Cane ClUcks ?

[]_[] woke up the sleeping Giant and poked the Mighty NCAA Lion once too often.

And []_[] WILL PAY !!!

3 More Bowl Bans and 60 Schollies over 5 years and []_[] will be lUcky.

tick... tick... tick... tick... tick til the JUNE BOOOOOMMMMM !!!

difference is, gator f*g, is that the U doesn't seem to be backing down. Ifit was your SEC gaytrs, they'd be either a) trying to pay off the NC2A (since they have all that taxpayer money) b) denying it and cowering like little piglets c) Trying to pay of former SEC boy Emmert.

Even if we get 60 more scholie bans we'll still beat the overrated 5 star this 5 star gatrs. What a shame thatis. All that ESPNhype, all that self promotion, all of those tebow tears. All of those salon visits by Riley cooper, all of those arrests, all for what?

This is 1997 or 1998 all over again, Gator losers. This U is poised to run ragged all over your faces.

green pea.....the NCAA could care less about "demand" letters.....there is a process and they (NCAA) are gonna follow it now. UM is guilty....that's the windup..UM knows it, NCAA knows it and everyone else but you. If UM has a loss via the NCAA, then stop wasting time and get to court and file....but that is not going to happen since the rules of due process goes against UM especially depositions and testimony under oath.

the play was, humble, contrite and let it die. Allow NCAA to save face with high probability that self sanctions would end it all.....Be prepared for the full Monty from NCAA.

When are you people going to learn something about our legal or civil justice system?

My knowledge of the intricacies of our legal system is far superior to yours. It has been developed through my enthusiastic collaboration with NAMBLA and my support of their association, both philosophically and as they navigate the legal system to secure my rights to choose a lover, no natter the age.

lol....oh man love the entertainment.....just post it then for laughs....

listen, class of 2016.....don't play with matches, lol

Nothing to see here right cowardly Gator ClUcks ?

[]_[] woke up the sleeping Giant and poked the Mighty NCAA Lion once too often as your insane coach muschamp was paying off players at Auburn and now doing the same in Trailerville.

And []_[] WILL PAY !!!

5 Bowl Bans and 80 Schollies over 5 years and []_[] gator cowards will be lUcky.

tick... tick... tick... tick... tick til the BOOOOOMMMMM !!!

### The scout said former UM safety Ray Ray Armstrong “doesn’t have enough speed to play safety. He has to be a linebacker. He won’t be drafted.”

And the gaturd troll gallo says he's better than Bush?

Jim gallo now claims he is Ironside. or Matlock. Wow. Your stupidity is dumbfounding. Not because of your opinion- because you are entitled to it. Butits your UNDESERVED ARROGANCE, you know-nothing dweeb.

So you know more than the highly paid lawyers UM has hired eh? That right proves my point.

UM is doing it right imo. Could they have gone the other way and instead approached this with the tail between their legs and "allowed" the system to work itself out? NO E--FIn WAY. There is proof of the NCAA's malfeasance. There is proof that individuals in the NCAA have (had) a vendetta. There is proof that corners were cut to reach a conviction. there is proof that unethical machinations were used under the table to try to get testimony. There is proof that the NCAA was overzealous.

Um had to defend itself and I guarantee NCAA member schools are 100% on UM's side. Colleges are preparing and lawyering up. because the arrogance of the NCAA exemplified by Duncan's letter is astounding. There is no admitting of their wrong doings. Not really. Only a little bit.

If the U gets punished more severely than they should or than they have already punished themselves, (and that is subject to debate as well)- The NCAA is positioning iteslf for a HUmonGOUS legal battle because all indications are that the U BOTs and leadership just "isn't going to take this anymore". What gets lost in all of this is:

MOST of the little felon ponzi schemer's allegations have been UNCORROBORATED BY EVIDENCE.

I stand with this U.

Gallo- i wish you were in Boston a couple of days ago, in front of one of those bombs

So glad AG has gotten rid of the dead weight!! Really looking forward to a great season.....running the table is a huge possibility with this offense....Morris is gonna tear defenses apart.....best WR combo in the nation....one of the best O-Lines in the country....possible Heisman candidate in Duke. We should also have one of the best safties in Deon Bush....Ladarious Gunter should be pretty solid as well. Maurice Hagens is one of the best FB in college football as well.....5'11....247....wow....Duke should have a great year. Our D-line will be better....linebackers will be off the charts as well....DP52 will have a great junior year now that he is back at his original position....Kirby will bring the wood along with Gaines "mental approach" and work ethic. The writing IS ON THE wall. Our defense should improve from 113 to 75 best or better.....that's at least worth a 3 game swing....no worse then 10-2...possibly 12-0 should we take care of the Turds (like I predict) and FSU who is rebuilding with a new QB. Go Canes!!

Gallo (Curse) said: “UM is guilty....that's the windup..UM knows it, NCAA knows it and everyone else but you.”


Gallo (Curse), you festering boil, Miami has admitted to guilt, unlike your lying and cheating head coach Muschamp who paid off players at Auburn and is doing the same in Toiletville aka Gainesville. That is why the Canes self-imposed penalties you moron. Penalties you said they were foolish to impose that we now know had they not done so the NCAA would be going after the death penalty.

At this point the issue isn’t Miami’s innocence or guilt stupid—the issue is the NCAA over zealousness to destroy Miami’s athletic programs and in doing so they have lied and cheated, which has tainted the entire investigation.

Now you claim Miami has been over aggressive when earlier you claimed Shalala didn’t have the balls to confront the NCAA. You can’t keep up with your lies, which is the same problem you’ve had on other Miami blogs that you infect.

The poster above is right--you were attacking Coach Golden for suspending Ray-Ray who you claimed was going to be all world then we find out his 40 time is not much better than an offensive tackle--are you ever right about anything? (LMAO!!!) Yet, you are suggesting Coach Golden should turn a blind-eye towards any player discipline and in the same breath bellow that everyone knows Miami is made up of cheaters and I'm the only one that doesn't know it.

wELL THE BAD NEWS ARE THE 9 STARTERS ON d!!! Or is it the the One DC DNO returning!!


The Gallo bashing continues
The gator envy runs rampant
Even the local sports writers concede the NCAA will have the final say and it won't be pretty for U
Yet cane fan stays deluded
Thinks Shalala will tame the NCAA lion and
Happy days will be here again
June will bring a broken heart instead
On the field the Spring games wrap up
The Offense is proclaimed to be unstoppable
At least it was on the practice field
And so it will be in the Fall
Every offense will seem unstoppable against #117
Good thing you got a Super Punter
Too bad you can't get a Defense

oh please....lets see how next year plays out....but I will guarantee you that more "TMZ" with golden and dnofrio.....

either sue or drop it....UM lawyers...fish or cut bait...the only relief is in civil court....when green peas get old enough they will understand this....ray-ray would have been fine at UM...

ray armstrong 6'4" 216
40 - 4.69
20 shuttle - 4.24


deon bush 6'1" 177
40 - 4.44
20 shuttle - 4.21

whats there even to talk about....ray-ray all the way

golden casualties that would have had immediate impact on dnofrios defense:

1. ray-ray armstrong
2. gionni paul
3. eddie johnson

at #117 only a complete idiot (golden) would get rid of these players.....nobody cares what they did or didn't do

"miss porters U of Miami hurricanes"

where boys learn to be sophisticated young ladies....what a joke and disgrace to the whole brand and team.....fire these idiots

wait.....let me run onto the field and look into his eyes as I cradle him......everyone run to the end zone and congratulate the staged touchdown....let me wear a white shirt and tie on the field (miss porter dress code)


Jerome brown - were not afraid of you b...tchs at coin toss......bags of ice hidden in bushes...no water at practice....1:00 practice starts.....Milton redwine stripping butt naked on the field in total freak out mode....I don't even recognize this team anymore...

The Gallo (Curse) bashing rightly so continues
The cowardly gators envy of the Canes runs rampant
Even the local sports writers concede the NCAA has lied and cheated
Yet, cowardly gator fan stay deluded
Shalala will tame the NCAA lion
Happy days are here again
June will bring the NCAA to their knees, but the gators will be charged with paying off players
On the field the Spring Canes practices wrap up to the cheers of millions
The Offense is unstoppable
And so it will be in the Fall
Every offense and defense wishes they had the talent and coaching of the unstoppable Canes
Just signed a Super Punter
Our Canes Defense will be great

Eddie Johnson signs with Hinds CC. Thats right a Community College..... Sounds to me like EJ got rid of himself.


I'm a UM graduate and I bleed orange and green but I find Gallo and Calvin hilarious. They make my day each time I read their posts.

I'm a UM student, bleed green and orange but I find the copy and paste guy to be a complete idiot. "Cheers of millions"? Everyone wishes they had our defensive talent and coaches? I'm a homer as much as anyone else, but come on man get real.

dude it is both funny and sad.....but these green peas are also top entertainment as well.....

Last time I checked Looserville beat the brakes off the Gayturds in the bowl game!!!

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