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Road trip! Who's heading to Naples for spring scrimmage No. 2? The Canes expect a standing-room only crowd.

Road trip!

Who's going?

The Canes, like last season, will conduct their second spring scrimmage on the West Coast of Florida.

Last year it was at Fort Myers Bishop Verot Catholic High, with a standing-only crowd.

This year -- at 7 p.m. Friday -- it's at Naples High School, and expects an even bigger crowd, Naples High athletic director Ernie Modugno and head football coach Bill Kramer told me by phone.

 Modugno said the stadium seats 4,000, but temporary bleachers will bring capacity to about 5,000, with up to several thousand fans expected to stand.

    “Naples has very strong support,’’ Modugno said. “We have a lot of UM fans and graduates in the area.’’

  Kramer coached at Hialeah American High for 11 years, the last three (1995-97) as head coach before he took over at perennial power Naples. The Golden Eagles, who were host to and got beaten by Miami Central in a 2012 Class 6A state semifinal, have averaged more than 10 wins a season for the past 14 years.

    They’ll be watching the Hurricanes.

    “Heck yes, we’re excited,’’ Kramer said. “I’m confident it will be standing-room only. This is big-time Division I football. We sell out our high school games. Folks want to see the University of Miami. How often do you get to be this close to an elite program?’’

   Kramer said that last year he “took a busload of players’’ to watch UM in Fort Myers. “It really was great,’’ he said. “We want our kids to get a sense of possibility and a realistic snapshot of what college football looks like and sounds like.

    “I know it’s a controlled scrimmage, but the size and speed of those guys, you really have to be there.

    “And it’s good for the parents, too. When they’re trying to find out why their 5-10, 190-pound lineman son doesn’t have offers from BCS schools, they’ll start to get an idea why – kind of a reality check.’’       

    Basically, one more week of practices before the Spring Game at 3 p.m. on April 13 at Sun Life Stadium (ESPN3).

   But before that, here's the info for Friday night's scrimmage at Naples High:

   Admission: Free.

   Directions: Take I-75 to Alligator Alley and get off exit No. 105, which is Golden Gate Parkway (note that the first exit after the toll plaza is exit No. 101; and exit 105 is after that one). Stay on Golden Gate Parkway (you'll be going west) for about four miles (about 10 or so minutes of driving -- be careful, I'm told, because the police like to give tickets for speeding) until you see school on right.

   Gates open: 5:30 p.m.

   Strong suggestion for parking: There is barely any parking at the school, so fans park directly across the street at Coastland Center Mall. I'm told Police will be there to help direct traffic and to escort fans across the street.   

  Friday’s scrimmage will also feature a family- and kid-friendly “Fan Zone” that features inflatables and a football toss. In-game, Sebastian the Ibis and the Miami cheerleaders will throw T-shirts and hand out posters to fans in attendance.




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Gallo.....How does it feel knowing the head coach for the team you root for was Auburns bag man?

I could care less....all I care about is UM beating fsu/florida....if that happens I'll reconsider my opinion of golden and get on board.....if he looses those 2 games, he might as well just get on the next plane out of miami....

its time to fish or cut bait...

ook.....I am good with all of it....alumni dinners for players, gifts, "hit" pools and excursions to exotic places...all of it including guns in the dorms.....

no player can do no wrong....just like the old days....sorry

heres my answer:

keion payne
devonta davis
jeremy davis
ray ray armstrong
thomas finnie
gionni paul
travis williams
jamal reid
kelvin cain
Vaughn telemaque
tracy howard
eddie johnson
curtis porter
luther robinson
darius smith

come back.....UM welcomes you with open arms....all is forgiven

Darius Smith graduated already from Miami last year you f-ing idiot!!

How can he come back fool?

Gallo, may your day be filled with an accidental shooting, or taking an overdose of prescription medication, or playing on I-95. Anything, just die please.

I could care less....all I care about is UM beating fsu/florida....

Your a better liar than shitpiro......

I was making a point idiot.....that all those players should have never been either dismissed or disciplined especially before key games.....

but well see.....your comments are all about nothing.....lets see what the results are from fsu/florida....then well see who was right

Gallo, you will never be right because you are an idiot. Worse, you are Gatr trash. Garbage. A redneck maggot who spends 7 years in undergrad to have a worthless diploma haning on the wall of a dead-end middle management job.

But dem days in duh Swamp wuz fun.

Auburn will nkw be investigated for the next 10 years.

all those players should have never been either dismissed or disciplined especially before key games.....

HMMMMMMMM......Spoken like a true gaturd.


Auburn’s football program changed players’ grades to secure eligibility, offered money to potential NFL draft picks so they would return for their senior seasons, and violated NCAA recruiting rules under former coach Gene Chizik, according to a report by former New York Times and Sports Illustrated writer Selena Roberts.

As many as nine players’ grades were changed before Auburn’s win in the 2011 BCS national championship game.

“We thought we would be without (running back) Mike Dyer because he said he was one of them, but Auburn found a way to make those dudes eligible,” former Auburn defensive lineman Mike Blanc told Roberts.

According to the report, Auburn coaches offered money to players for any number of reasons, including as a means to convince players to bypass the NFL draft.

Darvin Adams, a former Auburn wide receiver, told Roberts that coaches offered him cash to keep him at the school.

Blanc and Mike McNeil, another former Auburn player, told Roberts the money amounts reached “several thousand dollars.”

“Coaches would say, ‘Don’t tell anyone where you got it from,’” Blanc told Roberts.

~~**~~McNeil told Roberts he had a meeting with then-defensive coordinator “Will Muschamp”, now Florida’s coach, in 2007.~~**~~”

I had no clue what it was about because I’d never directly asked "Muschamp" for anything,” McNeil told Roberts. “He slid about $400 over to me. He went into a drawer and gave me money and said, ‘Is this enough? Is this good?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I’m good.’”

Athlon Sports Ranking the ACC's College Football Coaches for 2013


#2 Rated ACC Coach: Al Golden, Miami

Golden earned the Miami job after building bottom feeder Temple into a MAC contender. He didn’t have a losing league record in his final four seasons in Philly and earned MAC Coach of the Year honors in 2009. A massive NCAA scandal involving super booster Nevin Shapiro didn’t slow Golden’s recruiting efforts and his team showed improvement last fall by winning the ACC's Coastal Division. Yet, for a second straight year, Miami missed a bowl game due to self-imposed postseason sanctions. His tribute to Howard Schnellenberger — a dress shirt, tie, slacks and jacket gameday attire — has once again become an iconic symbol on the Hurricanes’ sideline. After more than 10 freshmen saw starting time in ’12, Miami could be the front-runner in the Coastal this fall. Golden still has much to prove in Coral Gables, but his resurrection job at Temple shows he's capable of elevating Miami back into ACC title contention - provided the program can dodge major NCAA sanctions from the ongoing investigation.

!!Not sure if anyone has seen the article from former Sports Illustrated and New York Times investigative reporter Selena Roberts

Auburn Football, Will Muschamp Accused of NCAA Violations in Explosive Report

Though most of these violations will rock the Auburn community, one name in particular could pique the NCAA’s interest about a fellow SEC school.

Roberts' report cites, via McNeil, then-Auburn defensive coordinator and current Florida head coach Will Muschamp as one of the coaches who directly handed money to a former player. McNeil recalls an instance where Muschamp gave him $400 in cash in 2007.

This is very very interesting. One thing all "U" fans have learned is where there is smoke there is fire. Florida fans better watch out.

What wonderful representation for the "U" Many of these comments read like they're from jail house thugs. I thought we were losing, or trying to lose that image.

I hate the Turds but the worst that can happen is they lose a coach....unless they find improprieties with him at Florida.

Yo Cane trash

Yo chUmps why no comments so far on this story bout a practice in Naples?
Why all the Gallo hatred and the Auburn story?
That is all U dUmmies talk about

Yo Bob, U got it right. Most posters here are "jailhouse thugs" who give a bad name to Dah U
Thing is, these doUches never attended Dah U
They have no education, it shows in what they post

Yo just the made up facts
Golden Retriver gets high marks for wearing a tie
That is the thing that ranks him the highest
What a crock
Golden Retriever gets a high ACC ranking, an oxymoron in itself, cause he wears a tie
To be a high ranked ACC football coach is a step above a high school coach. Big woop dUmmy.

Yo chUmps the canes will have a sold out game finally
4k dUmmies in Naples, most get bused in
What an accomplishment!
No worries clUcks, Sept 7th will be sold out
Not due to anything UM related
Just due to the opponent
Like any old 2nd rate program, only sells out when the opposing team is highly regarded and draws

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!!

Gallo you're a retard, Tracy Howard publicly came out and said he love coach Golden. Curtis Porter loves Golden as well. And to all those players dissmissed from the team they knew the rules before they broke them. If you can't stop smoking or partying and want both Football and no rules go somewhere like West Virginia or Auburn. Don't ever put a player being dismissed on coach. Players make their own choices.

This Muschamp/Auburn cheating will finally open the eyes of the nation as to what the real reasons are for the SEC’s dominance over the past decade.

Conferences throughout history get on runs where they take the lead, but the absurdity of the SEC’s unimaginable, statistically improbable run has never been questioned and that boys and girls is about to change.

Mr. Muschamp, soon to be Florida’s ex-football coach, is in SERIOUS trouble regarding his Auburn payoffs, which will invite intense scrutiny of the Florida athletic department that is way over due.

These situations always begin with the targets of the investigation issuing a denial and proclaiming their innocence. And like clockwork, through an intermediary Muschamp immediately issued a denial as there is no way Foley or Huntley Johnson will allow him to go before the press until they’ve created a polished and practiced alibi/story, but once you see leaks like the ones now being made public the floodgates soon open and there is no way too contain the damage.

NASCAR watches very closely for cheaters and when one team takes a huge advantage over the other teams NASCAR knows they are cheating and it’s only a matter of time before they identify how they are doing it and put a stop to it. This analogy should apply too the SEC, although the NCAA chose to turn a blind-eye to this obvious situation.

The SEC’ distinct and large advantage over every other conference, who are all supposedly playing by the same rules, defies all odds. Just look at Mississippi’s recruiting haul this past year, here again it defies all logic if they are playing by the same rules dictated by the NCAA that schools outside of the SEC for the most part follow.

The eye opening and outrageous practices that Auburn employed is rampant in the SEC and all he// is going to break loose over the next 12 months.

Yo Canetrash.....

What up slurpee boyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

It's funny, your the one who talks is if they are a jailhouse convict...don't worry about our attendance....its been the same amount since the OB. It will be better once the stadium is renovated....were not sweating it....like you.

Yes...AG looks like the Golden Child....the savior when all is said and done. Not like Muschump who is probably soiling his G-string as we speak. Canes defense will be much better this year....but...we deserve to here the smack until proven....all good. The pressure is NOT on us come September 7th....it's on the Turds....we will play loose....Turds....probably not. Again....



I am a Cane Alum, and season ticket holder and went to High School at Immokalee High with Edgerrin James. I live in Ft. Myers now, but will be in Naples. Any Canes coming from Ft. Myers? Go CANES!!


CANETRASH is so inbred that he gave birth to himself.

Nothing to see here. Please move along. Don't pull that lever or look behind that curtain.

All is well.

Great comments about the SEC and an unfair advantage in recruiting. Low academic standards and plenty of money for recruits. This thing may blow wide open if the NCAA truly looks into it. Wasn't Mark Emmeret (spelling?) associated with the SEC before moving on to the NCAA? I thought he had ties to the SEC. So much for a fair investigation. He tries to rape the U but I'll bet dollars to donuts that he barely looks under the covers of the SEC.

Emmert was president of LSU. Go figure.

Nothing as greasy as an SEC administrator.

You ever notice at how the NCAA never pulls an investigation of a program while they are really good but when they fall on hard times like Auburn has the last few years then they are all about putting it on them. I guarantee U that if they took a look at Alabama and LSU they would find the same things as they are finding out that happened at Auburn. Plus they already had evidence against Auburn when CaM Newton was winning the National Title but heavens no they didn't want to expose the great SEC for what it was when that was their only chance at a National Title. Here's a hint NCAA, do your damn job and investigate things when they are right infront of U and quit trying to make evidence that isn't there against schools like the U and others, U f-ckin hypocrites.

nope...sorry....been a cane since 1972....never have seen anything like the TMZ last year.....Jimmy, Butch, Dennis, Larry and randy never let good players go or any for that matter that I can remember....

like ive said....at this point what is done is done....FSU/Florida are all that matters....if golden looses both, then he and all these idiot bloggers can leave with him.....go back to temple and worship a tier 2 program

but I will be asking a lot of question from golden in nyc on may 16th....

Yo Cane trash

Yo Coke Cherry Slurpy Pig
R U saying I talk like a thug or convict little maggot?????
U say I misspell LOOSERS????
Really clUck, is that all U got?
Yo I speak in a language for the average cane clUck to understand on purpose dUmmy
Comprende my MDCC drop out?

Golden Retriever is no golden child
He hasn't done squat
Yo dUmmy the NCAA is not done with U yet
Ur punishment is about to come
If U sue then U will drag this slime many more years
Worry bout Ur sorry, cheating program before U worry about the SEC

Yo no pressure on Sept 7 for the Gators
U have a home game in theory
U have only one other top program on Ur schedule
U need to win badly
Bring on the 10 TEs on defense
No cookouts after this game
Fun and games will be over chUmp

LOOSERS, pathetic LOOSERS!!!!

Gallo....Golden and Co assessed the talent and discovered it was no good....plain and simple. Where is Kevin Nelson today? Keion Payne? Are these guys major players at other schools? Don't think so!!

look....what is AL goldens mandate? is he just a coach at UM or is he expected to win a national championship? The administration never articulates that....its always "open-ended" with...."we want to bring UM back to prominence" Thats what I want to know..I have a feeling that the national championship model is not that important to shalala or golden for that matter....what are goldens benchmarks from UM..not the fans but the administration?

Does the revenue have to go back to the early 70's when you bought a burger king whopper, you got free UM ticket?

next year is year 3....the glass is running out of sand or is all this blogging an exercise in fantasy?

Canetrash is a weak pathetic person. j

Not even if you give out free tix with a happy meal will you ever sell out that dump of a rent a stadium. That is your sad reality. Only when FSU, UF or ND come to town will you get a sell out.
Year 3 of the Golden experiment is crucial, no more excuses, we will soon see.

I also like how for some reason it keeps being highlighted how rayshawn jenkins gave up that 99 yard touchdown but the other 38 points giving up to duke, how did that happen, why that's not being highlighted.

How come when had SEAN TAYLOR(sophmore), mo sikes(junior), glenn sharpe(true freshman) kelly jennings(redshirt freshman) how come we didn't see no 99 yard busted coverages back than or in all the years of our secondaries. They can bring up the rumph/ed reed play, but that whole game, the defense balled, so that one play doesn't count. Against duke, they were scoring touchdowns left and right, so why that 99 yard bomb is being highlighted and jenkins name is being brought up as supposedly some type of self defense mechanism for oach OH-NO.

Situations like that is what goldie needs to tighten up on, trying to expose a player to try and defend his boy, that's not how it's suppose to be done. Again, who gave up the other 38 points in the duke game since the one jenkins play seems to try and be the focal point of a pathetic defensive scheme.

Oh shut the hell up Gallober. U say the same B/s blog after blog after blog. You are like a crack head that has overdid the pipe. If U want to know what the "agenda" is so bad why don't U do one of two things, call the administration, or go to the scrimmage and ask Coach Golden yourself, or sit back, shut the hell up and open your retarded eyes and learn the game, dumbarse.

I could care less....all I care about is UM beating fsu/florida....if that happens I'll reconsider my opinion of golden and get on board.....if he looses those 2 games, he might as well just get on the next plane out of miami....

its time to fish or cut bait...

Posted by: Jim Gallo | April 04, 2013 at 10:57 AM

This the same thing i'm feeling dawg. If goldie wants to get a pass, insteading begging for a pass cause Fsu(trailerhassee) & jortsville/gaytors didn't get but 1 Dade County recruit, how bout you bring the "War Canoe" back to Miami where it belongs and than you might get me to think you know what you're doing. 0 & 2 againt gumbo fisher, he'll be going head up with one of his True coaching peers in 3rd year gaytor coach & 3rd year headcoach period in will muschamp. In all actuality, goldie will be going into his 8th year as a headcoach so he should be much further ahead than muschamp.

muschamp in his 2nd year almost made it to the national championship game like larranaga. People want to keep pointing to the louisville lost, yeah it was good seeing teddy b. carve up that gaytor defense, but stephen morris is no teddy bridgewater. teddy is a playmaker back there. smo17, strong arm but doesn't conssitently make the best plays.

look.....I am good with all of it....alumni dinners for players, gifts, "hit" pools and excursions to exotic places...all of it including guns in the dorms.....
no player can do no wrong....just like the old days....sorry
Posted by: Jim Gallo | April 04, 2013 at 11:00 AM

This is why Coral Gables has always been 2 different mindsets, you had the so called fans who still want to thump and beat there chest about the 5 national championships but those same fans will turn round and crucify those same players who give them something to brag about, a bunch of hypocrites. They don't understand goldie's rules are not for Miami kids and there type, that crap works up north with that mindset up there, down here, we didn't play dominant football because we hada bunch of follow the leader type mindsets down here, we had a bunch of independent individual minded players.

All the personalities that were on those teams, just think, they want to now start pointing out how many UM players are starting to end up in the hall of fame, but if sapp was here under goldie, that man would've been railroaded along with eddie johnson. Who on here think rohan marley would've lasted long on this team, this man coming from people growing got mango trees and weed side by side, so he stopped toting when he got to UM. irvin, brett perriman, selwyn brown, tolbert bain, all these guys would've been kicked off the team.

JEROME BROWN, goldie would've tried to suspend him like he did tracy howard for speaking up and JEROME would've told em what he needed to understand, and that would've been that.

Year 3 SHOULD be the measuring stick with Golden. I personally expect to win at least 10 games this year....NO LESS. If we go 9-3......win the Coastal and play for the ACC Championship (win or lose) then ok. So....no less then 9-3 and a trip to the ACC Champ. Should we go 10-2 and North Carolina balls out and goes 11-1 then....I'm cool with that as well....good bowl game for us and an improvement from the year prior. I do feel we should beat FSU & VT this year.

Well, goldie is going into his 8th year as a headcoach, we should see signs of him being being head and heels above muschamp & this guy at unc(fedora i think). Now if somebody beats us out because they only lost 1 game, ok, but we need to being playing some form of dominant football in at least 2 phases of the game. We need to start playing defense this year.

Defense must be played this year! Last year was bad and this team has to show improvement. We're looking at a good season if we play defense.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | April 04, 2013 at 11:17 AM

* Let's just see if we beat UF and FSU?


Now STFU and keep your miserable negative bullish*t lies to yourself until the Florida State game.

calvin: Like Micheal Irvin has said...back then UM was just plain bad boys from head to toe....and the coach Jimmy J was just as bad....

pull the 1986 archives and check all the arrest records....the team was a human crime wave...the best, how can you not love it.....golden would have kicked everyone off or better yet, those guys would have kicked golden off the campus, lol....when you look back at the ridiculous little things that got ray-ray, finnie, Paul, Luther, Johnson and so on off the team I laugh in disbelief....a stolen laptop, you got to be kidding me. There used to be guns in the dorms.....lol

I hope golden starts to look the other way in 2013....screw times have changed....they are only changing because we are letting it change....lets be the bad boys in 2013 like 1986.....needs some negative print on TIME magazine or something to get it going

Yo Cane trash

Yo Coke Cherry it turns me on when you respond to me ‘cause I’m alon and live in mommy’s basement
R U saying I talk like a cowardly Gator convict little maggot?????
U say I misspell LOOSERS???? It’s about time you realized I am a moron
Really clUck, that’s all I got!
Yo I speak in a language that all us cowardly Gator imbecile speak—I am a dUmmy
Comprende…I’m a my MDCC drop out!

Screwball Muschamp is going down
He was a bagman for Auburn…
Yo dUmmy the NCAA is not done with the cowardly UF yet
oUr punishment is about to come
If we sue then it will drag our gator slime many more years
I’m worried bout my sorry, cheating, laughable cowardly gator program before I worry about the hole in the roof of my double-wide

Yo no pressure on Sept 7 for my cowardly Gators
We have a home game 11 out 12 games…we are too spineless to play away games
We have only one top program on oUr schedule…THE MIAMI HURRICANES!
We need to win badly, but know the U will send us back to Hooterville after administering an epic arse whopping on my Gator girls.
We are bringing on our 100 cowardly gator felons
No roadkill after the game for us UF cowards, because we will be roadkill after this game
Fun and games will be over for us cowardly gator chUmps

LOOSERS, pathetic cowardly gator LOOSERS!!!!



Swing and a miss turd troll, you don't sell tickets anymore because nobody wants to watch that garbage offense, including your own fanbase. UM will fill the stadium to watch it get get ground to only a 400 yard day though just for old times sake, oh and hatred. Plenty and plenty of hatred.

say it again gallo, only these soft minded people are always complaining and whining about how times have changed. Like all these penalties/flags now for players high stepping or flipping before they score, we all know how that got started, losers started complaining, whining and crying to officials, so now it's, let's punish the winners, now it's all the way to, "we taking touchdowns away now" that's what happens when you let losers become in charge, schmitt starts getting to soft.

It's like these people complaining about that coach at rutgers, first off, had he had some real players, the story would've been different, i'm pissed off at the players for letting him do that, No coach would've hit me with the ball without getting blasted in the face with the same ball let alone grabbing me, would've been a whole nother story. That couldn't of happened down here, i'm not mad at the coach, i'm mad at the players for letting this nerd with a terrible record debo them like that.

Calvin you forget that UM with Ed Reed nearly lost to BC. Yes, BC. And to Va Tech. And in JJs first year they gave up 31 points to Maryland. So dont vome on here dropping names rumph, taylor etc. Come on man, dont be such a doosh.

Emmert was a chncellor at LSU when LSU was charged with infractions but only "minor violations" were discovered. That whole emmert-sec connection is a mafia.

Hey Calvin. 1986 was a good year. Sometimes we are victims of our on success. Maybe the bar is set too high for these canes. Just out of curiosity from your perspective and others . Could a Mark Price pull a stunt like that and get away with it at the U. Seem to me that Rutgers basketball team has no heart.How can anybody stand around and not do anything. What is the mentality of young men today.

ESPN3 ?????

Posted by: Jim Gallo | April 04, 2013 at 09:09 PM

* UM football was great because of the players' talent and the coaches' ability to develop them, not because they were criminals.


Linder, McDermitt or Sean Taylor have any multiple brothers, nephews or cousins coming to the u through 2020 ?

over/under in The Gables ? 2

2 years

then b[]_[]h

Calvin please.....the secondary's cant even "hit" today both in college and NFL....the safeties are afraid they will get fined...the whole game on both sides of the spectrum has been sanitized.....but so what....play like bad boys....who cares at this point. Doesn't stop ND...they still are a dirty playing team to their credit all under the sign of Jesus.....what a terrific sham, lol.

let boys be boys......next year other than raping the prom queen....nobody gets kicked off or disciplined before games...

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