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Canes freshman LB Gabe Terry -- tased during his arrest -- has hearing set for May 20th

Suspended Hurricanes linebacker Gabriel Terry was tased during his arrest early Friday morning, moments after school police officers found the 19-year old freshman sleeping face down on the steps near the rear entrance of his dorm and with a Ziploc bag filled with 26.8 grams of marijuana in the left-side pocket of his shorts.

According to the arrest affidavit from the Coral Gables police department, officers woke Terry up at around 3:48 a.m. and asked him several times to stand up and put his hands behind his back, but he did not comply. Terry then began to argue and pushed an officer away with his body before police shoved him to the ground in an attempt to handcuff him. Terry, who turns 20 on Sept. 21st, was warned he would be tased according to the report, but didn't comply and was able to standup before police used the taser to subdue him. The report said Terry eventually cooperated.

Coral Gables fire rescue was called "to retrieve the [taser] prongs" from Terry's back. Terry was charged with felony possession of cannabis and resisting an officer without violence. He was released Saturday after posting $6,000 bond.

Terry, who has a troubled history as a juvenile and whose father is serving a life sentence in a Central Florida prison for a 2001 murder, has an arraignment hearing scheduled for 9:45 a.m. on May 20th.

Listed as 6-3 and 210 pounds on the spring roster, Terry played in seven games as a freshman. He finished with five tackles and blocked a punt against Virginia Tech. He was suspended for the Virginia and USF games late last season, though UM coach Al Golden never specified what Terry had done wrong.

UM has taken Terry's name off its roster online and suspended him indefinitely. UM's defense has parted ways with three underclassmen -- linebackers Gionni Paul and Eddie Johnson and cornerback Thomas Finnie -- since the end of last season following suspensions and or arrests.


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Good thugs won't be tolerated at The U and we can give a scholi to some one more

Laz, go on a diet you fat bag of lard. Ur disgusting.

So let me get this straight Putney Swope aka JUST THE FACTS? You're convinced that Jim Gallo is me???????? LMGDMFAOROF ! I am infinitely familiar with UF's roster. I know ZERO About UM's paper thin roster. This will NEVER change. Gallo knows UM's roster top to bottom like I've never seen.

Why do you have "FACTS" in your handle when all you do is state opinions? You're a whackadoo of the highest order. I think we can all agree that the guy who spends his days callin people crazy is truly the crazy one. Keep defending GARBAGE you moron.

Never believe police testimony.

I can buy that he had pot on him. And I buy that he was found asleep in front of the building.

But what they call "resisting arrest" is a confused young man being awoken to screams and threats and him not being fully aware of what was going on. If there is ever video of the arrest, I am willing to wage $100 that the tasing was completely unnecessary.

I don't know. I just think somebody in-house has to take a better stand as far as dealing with disciplinary problems, etc. I mean, if I take a pencil from a fellow student am I going to get a second chance? Is anybody going to listen to my gripe?

If stuff like this is happening, it's not the person caught who's guilty of something. It's supervisors, the whole nine yards.

A shame. With this kid's father as a "role model," the deck was stacked early against him. It is unfortunate he could not rise above it and stay on a positive path in his life...a waste of talent for Gabe. Hope he turns it around.

If stuff like this is happening, it's not the person caught who's guilty of something. It's supervisors, the whole nine yards.
Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat | April 23, 2013 at 06:11 PM

Wow... this is the problem with our country today. No accountability or self responsibility. It's always somebody else's fault when that you make a bad decision and get caught. Let's hope this tard doesn't have any kids!

If stuff like this is happening, it's not the person caught who's guilty of something. It's supervisors, the whole nine yards.

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat | April 23, 2013 at 06:11 PM

I'm not even a republican, but this is just a disgusting sentiment, the kid passes out behind his dorm with an OUNCE of pot and it's "someone else's fault".

Just complete lack of character or accountability, really troubling sentiment.

If stuff like this is happening, it's not the person caught who's guilty of something. It's supervisors, the whole nine yards.

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat


Wow! That post may be the most disconnected, wrongheaded, whacko ever posted.

I can only conclude it's Curse employing yet another alias (Gallo, Calvin, etc.) as the thought there are two people slithering around the planet who are this terminally stupid and insane is too much to process.

So they woke up someone who obviously was partying and passed out drunk and was possibly to drunk to understand what was going on. The taser was uncalled for. Its like they want this kid to go down the same path his father went down. So he had some weed and was passed out drunk its college. I thinks shits ridiculous.

read the espn college football section almost every day across the nation at some school there is a arrest kids are away from home and make mistakes, with terry this is number three and you know what that means, u are out. paul and finnie and johnson are the same . sometimes schools just need to move on and that is what is happening at all schools across the nation . its a four year free ride that lots of kids will not screw up.

What a dumbsht.

Threw their lives away

Allthey had to do is. Keep their noses clean, go to class, practice, work out, go to meeetings and some will end up in the NFL.

$200,000 education
Free ride

What a bunch of selfish, stupida55es

Glad to see the U is back

The police continue to be rude, waking that man up like that, let the man get some sleep, he got Utough, than class, than life was already tuff for em, some people need weed to calm them down instead all the b.s. they sell in the pharmacy's. That's what happened with eddie johnson, as soon as that man came off that weed he went bezerk on the staff. Weed is not bad, but since they want to put on things like zoloft, prozac,abilify you know, the stuff that really jacks you up, but these young men just smoking a lil bit keeping themselves occupied.

Like nogracias said and i concur, that police story, 85% of it is a lie. What happened was, they realized how big gabe was and used unecessary force, they say he resisted without violence, lol.

It's like that time i took the police for a lil ride and they wrote me all kind of tickets, fleeing the police, running a red light, drunk driving and wreckless driving. Like i told the judge, if i was fleeing the police, i would've at least got a speeding ticket, the judge said, "ok, i'll give you that one" he already threw out the drunk driving cause they gave me no breathalyzer or blood test, those imbeciles use the same tatics year in and year out, just write up a bunch of charges cause they know the judge is going to find a reason to make 1 or 2 stick so he can get voted back in.

Free gabe, the weed will continue to flow at UM, coach goldie will jsut have to get use to his environment or keep recruiting from out of state with the guys he's more comfortable with. If it's not weed, it's guys speaking up that coach goldie doesn't like and whoever the bozo that tried to blame what jeffrey brown did on shannon, that man didn't do that until coach goldie became the headcoach, he would've never done that with coach shannon as the lead man. These players look at coach goldie a certain way, they don't fear coach goldie, or his boy clown 117th.

They didn't want to get in coach shannon's dog-house that's for sure. jimmy knew how to deal with the players without even addressing the issues directly. Its simple, just take all you weed smokers, and run it out of them.

What a waste of talent especially Eddie Johnson.

Hole up yall. I heard the a million times young black man resisting arrest, was acting violent. "we had to beat him". "We had to shoot him". "We had to taze him".
I've been knowin since I've been 12. You think it matters that he's at a university. OK, yea dat wasn't smart fallen asleep with weed in his pocket. noone said he was passed out. I understand him gettin in trouble. but tazed come on now. Chances is the police was thinkin "oh he's a big black LB. Let's juice up the story. who's da Judge gonna believe". You know I'm right. Thank You.

exactly....this kid no way needed to be tasered ....that's BS, my son goes to a very prestigious catholic college in the Bronx.....a girl in his dorm freak's out drunk...cuts herself and spells in her blood I am gonna kill myself and she is still there.....her parents are notified, she comes back all is forgotten....

this is college 2013.....get real, terrys stay on the team rather than alienated him like we did with all others....that approach is all wrong.....

kids today today do a lot of f...cked up things...UF/FSU are just as bad but no body gets kicked off the team

kids today today do a lot of f...cked up things...

Posted by: Jim Gallo


Finally! Gallo got something right... "kids today do a lot of f...cked up things".

What Gallo neglected to say; it is parents like him that condone this toxic behavior or make excuses for it, never setting a good example, thus the kids not only repeat these acts--they even get worse!

Really he should have been tased for being so stupud.This is a clear sign this team is not ready. All the distractions one player after another.where are your team leaders.Is anyone holding anybody accountable. Seem like it's all up to All. Great teams have their enforcers among them and they tow the line.They meet you at the line before you cross the line.

School Police are idiots. A student was asleep outside his dorm, so it's necessary to place his hands behind his back for what? I bet if it were Ken Dorsey or Vinny Testaverde the kid would have been sent to his dorm room. Hypocrites! the pot makes Terry a major felon, right?. These clowns should engage in some real Police work and stop harassing student athletes.

By: Barry Jackson

UM appreciates that former UM assistant equipment manager Sean Allen, who was manipulated and mistreated by the NCAA during the UM investigation, has done all he could to help UM’s case in recent weeks. It speaks well of Allen that he has gone out of his way to assist.

Allen, who filed a Florida bar complaint against Nevin Shapiro’s attorney several weeks ago, has given UM some key evidence – including then-NCAA investigator Ameen Najjar’s letter on behalf of Shapiro to Shapiro's sentencing judge, and e-mail exchanges that showed Najjar’s successor (Stephanie Hannah) was doing what Najjar did -- collaborating with Shapiro’s attorney to try to use depositions to obtain more information to incriminate UM, even though the NCAA now acknowledges it had no business doing that.

“Allen felt obligated to inform the university when he came across documentation that he believed should have been included in the Cadwalader Report,” UM said in its motion to dismiss the case. “Allen stated that while the enforcement staff consistently acted in what he believed to be an underhanded and manipulative manner, the university acted above aboard.”

since when is it a crime to take a nap on your steps?
This is BS in my opinion. A felony? less than one ounce of weed? really??? And he was searched why?

He smoked weed, big deal. Its' a totally natural plant. But we can have kids doped up on Prozac and the like and its no problem.
I went to high school with President Barry Obama and smoked a ton of marijuana with him. Big deal. It didn't affect him at all. How can marijuana affect anyone? It's a purely natural thing.

You all are a bunchof excuse makers.

I wasnt there- but neither were you.

But you all show how stupid you are.

According to the police report, he was asked to get up, more than once. He didnt. He then refused to cooperate with the police. He was warned. He continued to refuse to cooperate (without violence). So he was tasered. Did he have to be tasered? MAybe not. Did he need to get arrested? Absolutely yes. Why? Man has 28 gm of weed in his pocket. What does the law say? >20 gm is a felony. F-e-l-o-n-y. You dont like law, use your right to vote and change the laws. In Fl ita a felony. period end of story.

Gabe Terry is an idiot. A dumba55 likethat will never be able to learn a playbook, be disciplined to listen to do what coaches tell him. Whether its his faults or hislack of a man-figure inhis life, since his dad was absent is an argument for another day.

Gabe Terry- dumb a55
Thomas Finnie- Dumb a55
Eddie johnson- Dumb a55

SOme kids have problems with authority- white, black whatever. Then they have no business playing organized football.

Why am I so harsh with those kids? Because they had chances. And dumba55es ble it. GT for example knew very well what he was doing and was selfish. He could care less about his team about his coaches. So eff him- He blew his chances of playing D-1 football and being part of something special.

Leo- He wasnt just smoking weed. He could have "just" sked weed somewhere else and not be caught with 28 gms in his pocket.

And for the racist who said Vinnie T or Ken Dorsey would have been allowed to go- maybe yes maybe no- But police have arrested many white student athletes for stuff like this what about the dumb white gator student who was tasered a few yrs ago? DONT TASE ME BRO?


Who cares a 20year old college student passes out on The steps of his dorm With a nice bag of Pot! What college student has not had a late night?? This is NO BIG DEAL!!! Can't any of you remember your college days? Give me a break.....

I see Gallo and Calvin are being their dumb selves again. It's always the systems fault, no fault on the dumb ass kid who thinks he is entitled.

Oh, and Jack, pot is still illegal in case you didn't know it. And, not every kid in college uses it or has used it. You sound about as stupid as gallo and calvin.

Gallo YOU and Calvin are part of the REASON kids are so F'ed up in this day and age. NO ACCOUNTABILITY, and self entitlement. You BOTH are idiots. You skrew up, you pay the price, the kid resisted arrest and had an oz on him, he's busted plain and simple. It's a PRIVILEGE to get a 250k education, and if you're NOT going to take advantage of it, guess what, they're THOUSANDS of other kids who would give their right arm for it. You BOTH are again COMPLETE IDIOTS.

2012 Golden casualties or discipline issues:

vernon davis
darion hall
storm johnson
kevin nelson
andrew tallman
billy sanders
cj holton
adarius johnson
keion payne
devonta davis
jeremy davis
ray ray armstrong
thomas finnie
gionni paul
travis williams
jamal reid
kelvin cain
Vaughn telemaque
tracy howard
curtis porter
luther robinson
darius smith

2013 Golden Casualties or disciplinary issues

alex collins
denver kirkland
terrell brooks
matthew thomas
jaynard bostwick
keith bryant
luther campbell
tim ice harris
booker T
carol city
miami central
Terry Richardson
Jedd Fisch
Geroge Mcdonald
Mario Christobal
Eddie Johnson
Rashawn Scott - currently out of the discipline bull pen
Gabe Terry

the carving up of UM football continues with the golden axe...the good news is that on a probability weighted basis UM defense closes above #116 out of a possible #120.....Miami of Ohio and ball state...watch out, the mighty UM defense is coming for you, lol

Does the Pig, I mean Gallo, I mean the Pig, care to make one of his fem lists about the number of Gatr Trash maggot thugs that have been disciplined, transfered or dismissed from UFailure in the pat 3 years?

Hmmmm.....Pig, yeah, talkin' to you, blog Pig, errrr...... Gallo, errrrr...... Pig.

UM has become a rip off.....you can do better up here with private university with class size around 20...no lecture halls etc....a lot more 1 on 1......this is what happens when the "money maker" is turned off with mediocre performances......the U takes it out on the enrollment.....

Although gallo has too much time on his hands....he doesnt have enough to make a ufelon casualty list...that would take two blogs.

I know - the police find Terry in a stairwell but it's Goldens fault....haha....I mean....no credibility at all for Gallo as usual. Its his shtick....he is like a comedian...just not funny...he is probably a paid poster for FSwho or UFelony or one of our rivals...who knows....probably an idiot FIWho fan....and the beat goes on....blah, blah, blah. Would not be surprised if it was Shipiro from prison....little twerp.

How in the hell can anyone blame anybody besides the student for this? Coaches are as the title suggests coaches not counselors , Daddys , or probation officers. Their are 80 or 90 other players that need coaching also , 3 or 4 selfish , unmotivated , unappreciative players cannot dictate where the coach spends his time . Like it or not weed is illegal and is not a big shocker for any of these kids to find that out. All of the players that have been kicked off of the team made the conscious decisions to end they're time on this team . People who think otherwise are half the problem with these kids thinking they can do whatever they want with no consequences. Go Canes

Actually....just heard through grapevine that Eddie Johnson, Gionni Paul, Finnie & Gabe Terry were actually PAID actors that The U hired to come here and ACT a fool. Once caught, The U quickly dismisses them in an attempt to show the NCAA that we "have our act" together....Yahoo is breaking the story later today....stay tuned!!

Hope Yahoo breaks the story that Gallo is the Curse Pig err......Soldy, errrr. Vagotis' "Hollywood".

The Pig is crushed nonstop.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

What happened to terry also falls on his teammates, this is what happens when you start trying to isolate the team, that man should've never been out there by himself anyway. The other guys know this man does his thing, so they should've been there to help scoop that man up instead of trying to look at him the way coach goldie looks at em.

If a headcoach is waiting on all 85 guys to do the right thing as some road block to winning a national championship and if anybody is stupid enuff to think that's what it takes for nobody to get in trouble, they don't know football.

The real team-leaders and teammates are not going to let guys fall behind like that, how this man was out there by himself and not one teammate around to snatch that man up is sickening to me, had eddie johnson been there he would've been sure to drag that man to the room so he can nod off.

What's funny to me, when shannon was the headcoach, 1 arrest, shannon is not the headcoach and when some of the players he recruited got into trouble after al goldie took over the statement from alot of these clowns is/was "coach goldie cleaning out all the shannon recruits" and "these are the type of players shannon recruited" and this and that, but since coach goldie has taken over, how many of his own recruits have gotten into trouble and the same self righteous hypocrites don't say "these are the type of players that coach goldie is recruiting" the just simply blame the players, lol, it's comical to watch these hypocrites in action.

WHen it's plain as day, coach goldie does not have the mentality to be able to deal with alot of the kids on this team the way they need to be dealt, it's always, kick em off the team is the only answer, so far, how well has that worked, lol. We'll here how thin we are at linebacker as an excuse but again more "self inficted" wounds. Good luck with alex figs, who's next, than to hear the man is 19 and these bozo's on here speaking from their high perches as usual with their noses in the air trying to condemn the young guns.

GTFOH hypocrites, yall are worst than those who always say things when some playr gets in trouble, whether they played here or not they'll still try and latch it on to us by saying things like so & so "a former Miami recruit" or if they're an nfl player that got into a situation they'll still say so & so a former Miami Hurricane player" even though he's in the nfl. You don't see that being done to no other school, but alot of people in here are worst that them because at least we know they hate UM, it's been in-grained in them since birth.

"Good thugs won't be tolerated at The U and we can give a scholi to some one more

Thugs are not tolerated at the U? Yeah, ok.

It's funny watching alot of these wanna be UM fans posting, you can tell the ones who only want to brag about the 5 national championships, but are real quick to distance themselves from the actual individuals who put in the work to get it done. What alot of these morons fail to realize is, the school didn't actually win the national championships, it was alot of players like gabe terry that something like this was welcomed over some of the more serious issues.

You know how many guns use to be on campus back in the days. This is one of the main reasons why when shannon came in he instituted that no gun policy. We know who the real UM fans are, just keep watching the fake ones post!

It's funny watching alot of these wanna be UM fans posting.....

For a supposed to be born and bred 305 home boy why is it you never actually go to canes games calvin?

Calvin no matter how many times you say "self righteous" you wont be right. In your post you kept saying that MAN , A Man takes care of his business . Why should teammates be responsible for him ? You hold them accountable for him but he does not have to be accountable for not backing up his teammates by going to battle with them and not putting the team in a bad situation ? Talk about a hypocrite. Go Canes

….Following his sophomore season in 2011, ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. ranked UM safety Ray Ray Armstrong as the 18th-best prospect for the 2012 NFL Draft. That was as good as things got for Armstrong, whom virtually no one I’ve spoken to expects will be drafted this weekend. When it comes to the biggest UM busts of the last decade or so, Armstrong makes my top three along with Kyle Wright and Willie Williams.

Give Gabe Terry a break. He is paying a steep price for his stupidity.
Yes acted stupidly.
Did he deserve to be tased? Who knows, none of us were there. The story sounds suspicious though. If he was passed out, he would have been slow to respond when woken up, maybe even confused. Some police officers are good, some are idiots who abuse their power.
Terry put himself in a bad situation, he is to blame. He is paying the price already.
Thing is he is the fourth defensive player in the offseason to be thrown off the team for getting in trouble.
Where are the team meetings to address this?
Has the coaching staff made a point to continually address this situation?
Coaches and players need to be proactive and communicate to try and stop this trend.

Doooooennn taaaatttthhzzzz meeeeeee brruuuuooh !


Wasn't that quotation from an ignorant 'neck at UFailure? Hmmmm. I's believes it was.

kyle wright actually was not a bust.....he was only 136 yards less and 2 touchdowns than bernie kosar....

Ray-Ray is big safety....NEVER should have let him go 6'2" 237.....

UM current offense with duke at PK/RB.....A NEW DC plus a 4-4 defense AND TEDDY BRIDGEWATER......

DE - chickillo 6-4 274 jr
DT - pierre 6-4 305 jr
DT - porter 6-1 316 sr
DE - green 6-3 264 sr
LB - johnson 6-1 234 soph
LB - perryman 6-0 236 jr
LB - gains 6-3 235 sr
LB - paul 6-1 234 jr
S - armstrong 6-4 226 sr
CB - rodgers 6-2 212 sr
CB - highsmith 6-0 210 (move him over from safety)

make me sick....this team now can compete for national championship since experience kicks in for 2013

I guess some people don't read. He shoved a cop. You getting tased, white, black, pink or purple. Doesn't matter.

And if you "blacks" would just get it, you'd do what you could to clean up your communities. It's not the MAN holding you down, it's YOU. Just ask Ray Lewis and the rest of the guys that get it.

So sick and tired of racist bullcrap. It's your life, your choices. Stop blaming the environment. It's YOU. Always is and always will be. Stop blaming the color of your own darn skin. Geez.

Calvin, how stupid can one human being be? It is a toss up between you, Gallo and cool cat. You all are like the 3 Stooges, dumb, dumber and dumbest. If you think for one minute that a team mate of Tarry's was with him they would not have gotten him to his room? Really? Terry probably didn't want any of his team mate to know he was smoking weed, I wouldn't. You, on the other hand would want everybody to know you were smoling the weed, that is how dumb you are, you probably think it's cool, but until it is legal youare breaking the law, you should be arrested, you should be disiplined by your coach and maybe, if you can keep your nose clean, be given a second chance.
Why don't you and your 2 stooge friends stay off this blog and go complain on someone elses site.

Calvin...finally a good point on your part....yes...a WINGMAN is needed for each and every one of them...."my brothers keeper"....correct? No man left behind!!

I disagree he didn't need a wingman he needed to be a man. Think about his teammates and his future not how can I get high . Go Canes

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