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Terry's career finished with the Canes; Golden mum on transfer rumors

UM coach Al Golden made it pretty clear Thursday -- freshman linebacker Gabe Terry is no longer a Hurricane and won't be again.

"Gabe was suspended before the incident and we didn't take him to the spring game. Gabe is no longer with our football team," Golden said. "It's done. Again, I apologize. I don't know what [information] was released on our end, but he's no longer with the team. He was suspended before the incident. We've separated and moved in another direction."

Terry, arrested last Friday morning after being found by police face down on the steps near his dorm with 26.8 grams of marijuana, had been suspended indefinitely according to UM's sports information department before Thursday. But it's official now -- Terry is the fourth defensive player (Eddie Johnson, Gionni Paul, Thomas Finnie) to be booted from the team since the end of last season. Golden said he handles all disciplinary issues the same.

"It's certainly case by case and it certainly has to do with the resume of the young man in terms of whether or not there were any incidents in his career here and whether or not he does all the things we ask him to do here," Golden explained.

In other news:

> Golden expects to have everybody on the roster healthy and back by Aug. 1 with the exception of defensive end Dyron Dye. "But it sounds like Dyron will have a chance to be back during training camp, which is great," Golden said.

> Golden described the situation with senior running back Eduardo Clements, who told The Miami Herald last month he was definitely coming back this fall, as "still a little tenuous."

"I know he's anxious to come back. All indications are he will be cleared," Golden said. "But in terms of the medical aspects of that I have to make sure I'm careful with that and don't overstep my bounds."

> As far as the backup running back situation is concerned, Golden said: "I was pleased with Dallas Crawford. He had a really good spring, certainly showed his interchangeable and can do a lot of things with the football... Danny Dillard made a lot progress. Gus Edwards is a big back coming in. The eight ball, the guy who threw us the curve was Mo Hagens. Mo really grew as a ballcarrier."

> Although there are rumors out there receiver Robert Lockhart may be interested in transferring, Golden said it's premature to address those because players are still taking exams and the semester hasn't ended.

"It would be premature for me to say that or speculate on that when nothing is definitive," Golden said. "It's probably prudent for me to wait until we're finished with [spring] exams and then make a release. Obviously every year at this time there are kids for a variety of reasons -- to go home, play earlier, seek transfer. The best thing for us to do is let it play out and then release it all on one day."

> Despite the loss of three linebackers from the end of last season, Golden said he's confident there is enough depth at the position and raved about the growth of freshman Alex Figueroa.

"I just kept waiting for him to hit a wall and he never did," Golden said of Figueroa. "He's a mature kid. His parents are marines. Very disciplined young man, very tough. He comes to us 6-3 and 230, very strong, physical, smart, explosive. You're talking about when this guy is all said and done he's going be 250, running and a smart player. We're excited about his progress. He's kind of thrown away the freshman tag because he doesn't act like it at all. He's started from the first practice to the last and did the same in the off-season program with his conditioning. He's on a mission right now. We're going to continue to let him grow and do his thing. "

> As for his team's new punter Pat O'Donnell, Golden said: "Pat is going to give us a great opportunity and really the experience we need, the veteran player we need," he said. "I'm excited about [Matt] Goudis. He did a lot of good things this spring to take that next step. We're going to supplement Pat with a lot of eager walk-ons that want to come in and earn a scholarship. Pat kind of bridges that gap. O'Donnell definitely gives us an opportunity to be steady because we were really steady there there the last two years."


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this is no surprise... here comes the Golden bashing from Gallo and cAlvin for not making Terry a victim and holding him accountable for HIS ACTIONS (also no surprise).

Lockette, one of three on the board of the Miami-Dade County Coaches Association, doesn't want to take shots at Shannon or his staff. He's known Shannon since he was a teenager, grew up playing at the same park where Shannon frequented up in Northwest Dade. But Lockette still isn't sure why the Hurricanes didn't come around to recruit his players more often or other local players many thought were good enough to play for the Canes but ended up elsewhere.

The thought process here isn't that the Canes need to get every local kid. The thought process is at least come and make your presence felt so if you have to offer a kid late in the game, you don't come in as a total stranger.

"I remember Randy coming in personally about a year ago, we sat down and talked," Lockette said. "From then on, we thought it was going to be better. I'm not trying to throw Randy Shannon or his staff under the bus. I JUST THOUGHT THEY WERE RECRUITING A DIFFERENT TYPE ATHLETE. They would say, 'Well this guy can't play at Miami.' Jeffrey Godfrey? He can't play at Miami? You look at the guys who are going off to Louisville and what they're going to do. You know and I know you've been watching football for a long time -- that's sickening.

"At the end of the day, if you look at the track record, I've been here for three years. You mean to tell me I'm sending 53 kids off to school from here, 38 are D-I and only one is going to UM? I don't know what the deal was. They have to answer that."

That player UM got from Central, cornerback Thomas Finnie, wasn't even recruited by Shannon or anybody on his staff. Golden came down and swooped him away from South Carolina -- right under Steve Spurrier and Lockett's nose. Lockette was a little bothered at first that Golden nor anybody on his staff called to let him know they were meeting with Finnie on the morning he was set to leave for South Carolina.

But that's ancient history now.

Jacoby Brissett "He came in and we sat down a week ago Tuesday," Lockette said. "He wanted to apologize for the whole ordeal and how everything went down. I told him I understood. I was telling him at this point if he wants to recruit my kids I don't have any problems with him doing it. That's when they jumped on [offensive tackle] John Miller. Once coach [Art] Kehoe got in and saw John Miller, he was ecstatic, wanted the kid bad, but it was too late.

"Coach Golden is a good guy, a straight up guy. I don't blame him for coming after the kids the way he did late in the game. It's unfortunate they were caught in that situation. I just would have liked a courtesy phone call saying coach I'm going to go after your kid. But I understand they were under the gun. That's called recruiting. I didn't have a problem with that."

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2011/02/#storylink=cpy

That must be a lie because cAlvin said that Donna Shalala was the one who said that UM was recruiting a different kind of athlete and that Randy Shannon had connections with all of the local coaches (maybe only Northwestern and Booker T).

here we goooooooooo TMZ in full swing and the season hasent started yet.

"Speaking of his roster in general, Golden said: “I have concerns everywhere. I have concerns at a number of positions. We built some depth in the spring. We have a long way to go to be the type of team we want to be."

hey al, can you say QB position? Morris goes down we are screwed thanks to you not preparing/bringing a QB forward....

2013 latest golden casualty - Gabe terry has been put to rest....golden hates LB's....watch Alex F go next....why not, everyone else does....

Guy is an idiot, arrested, and kicked off the team. Sounds about right actually. Only a complete fool and moron could argue that someone else should be held responsible for another`s actions. Period.

Screw GT. He's a selfish drug abusing clown. Next.

Easley, Bullard, Fowler, Powell. Recognize these names cane clucks? You'll know them all too well soon enough.

It's gonna take an act of god for your eroded little
Program to beat Florida. The Gators are losing a bunch of defensive STUDS to the NFL draft but there are guys just as nasty in line right behind them. It's called depth(s). It's something you know zero about. That Lil smurf back will see what a front looks like. Probably get snapped in half.

It's called depth(s)........

You mean like the paper thin OL that kept the gaturds from even having a spring game?

2012 Golden casualties or discipline issues:

vernon davis
darion hall
storm johnson
kevin nelson
andrew tallman
billy sanders
cj holton
adarius johnson
keion payne
devonta davis
jeremy davis
ray ray armstrong
thomas finnie
gionni paul
travis williams
jamal reid
kelvin cain
Vaughn telemaque
tracy howard
curtis porter
luther robinson
darius smith

2013 Golden Casualties or disciplinary issues

alex collins
denver kirkland
terrell brooks
matthew thomas
jaynard bostwick
keith bryant
luther campbell
tim ice harris
booker T
carol city
miami central
Terry Richardson
Jedd Fisch
Geroge Mcdonald
Mario Christobal
Eddie Johnson
Rashawn Scott - currently out of the discipline bull pen
Gabe Terry
Robert Lockheart

typo - robert lochart

Decisions are made by Coach Golden on a review of activity generated by the individual player.

If you are clean and keep your nose to the task at hand you can generate a pass to improve and grow with the team
If not next man up..

It is a privilege to play and represent the 'U'. Standards of the Coaching Staff are written and implied. If you can't conform then the 'U'. is not the place for your abilities as an athlete.

Remember we are still dealing with the NCAA on compliance issues, so this is even more of a factor.

Our program has to be clean and transparent.

Good luck to the young man and I hope he gets the help in life that he is searching for.
Go 'Canes

The self righteous bozo's are trying to come out in full force again i see. These idiots would be the same ones trying to prosecute an 18 year old for having sex with a 15/16 year old(even though they're both in the same highschool, the 18 year old is hopefully a senior and 15/16 is probably a sophmore) because they're like a horse with blinders and can't see, and can only think & do what somebody else wants them to think & do.

Here's something for all those wanna wise owls, it's something called "the spirit of the law" this was put into place but while their are laws on the books, common sense should not be left out to as well. Than for an idiot to say that man is ruining it for the rest of us" he's not ruining nothing for me, quit being selfish and thinking about yourself, at 19, that man is still in youth mode. He'll be alright, all he has to do is go the juco route and than next year he'll be right back where he started, he's to gifted.

Like i said before, if goldie is so hell bent on weed, he needs to start showing up at recruits houses with piss cups instead of wasting all this money recruiting players he later on kicks off the team anyway. Don't step up to the podium the after receiving all the signed L.O.I.'s and began to start telling us how great these kids are and how much character they have an how much they all fitted "our core values" than next thing we know, the goldie axe is coming out, GTFOH with.

If you gone be the headcaoch at UM, deal with the right way and help these kids get to that level. This is why coach goldie keeps trying to defend himself by saying when he was at temple, he lived in the inner city and this and that, well, so far, it's not working here, time to change what you doing or you'll get changed.


the list just gets longer + dnofrio @ #116.....does anyone really think that UM has a chance to advance to BCS?

"Speaking of his roster in general, Golden said: “I have concerns everywhere. I have concerns at a number of positions. We built some depth in the spring. We have a long way to go to be the type of team we want to be."....al golden 4-25-2013

a statistical impossibility with AG/MD....

"but there are guys just as nasty in line right behind them. It's called depth."

Is that the depth that got pounded by the 'ville? Oops, better work on that depth because the 'ville just scored again.

You still suck, Pig.

Hey, gAllo, why don't you comment on what Coach Lockette said, you fairy? You are a liar, a coward and and a Pig.

Come to think of it, that is exactly what the Curse and Soldy are. Hmmmmm, ya thinkin' what I'm thinkin?

Gators defense crushes canes offense that folds like tissue EVERYTIME it faces a real defense. Those pansy ACC defenses are laughable.
Makes EASY work out of soft canes.

We don't even want to discuss your defense that is nonexistent.

Oops, Kansas State just scored again

Thats easy.....

2013 UM Starting Roster

17 Stephen Morris - shannon
8 Duke Johnson - shannon
79 Malcolm Bunche - shannon
70 Jon Feliciano - shannon
62 Shane McDermott - shannon
65 Brandon Linder - shannon
77 Seantrel Henderson - shannon
46 Clive Walford - shannon
4 Phillip Dorsett - shannon
1 Allen Hurns - shannon
71 Anthony Chickillo - shannon
96 Curtis Porter - shannon
51 Shayon Green - shannon
59 Jimmy Gaines - shannon
30 AJ Highsmith - shannon
22 Kacy Rodgers - shannon

Coach Lockette:

Thomas Finnie - terminated by al golden

next question

oops forgot one:

shannon - teddy bridgewater

plays - 878
total yards - 5939
TD's - 46

at this rate hell graduate with 11,878 total yards plus 92 TD's......so much for lockette "not throwing" randy under the bus...lol

@Jim Gallo you are a fool..Is this Manny just messing with us all these years? I will be going to the game september 7th Gallo hope you are there to choke on your on words. Our offense is ridiculously good. The defense can't do anything but improve. Canes 31-gayturds 13..LETS GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY SOMETHING DAYS AWAY

Will Muschamp Causualties:

Players Transferred or Kicked Off Team:
Jacoby Brissett
Chris Johnson
Jessaman Dunker
Matt Patchan
De-Ante Sanders
Willie Bailey
Josh Shaw
Lynden Trail
Chris Dunkley
Javares McRoy
Janoris Jenkins
Mike Blakely
Chris Martin
Michael McFarland
Dee Finley
Gerald Christian
Robert Clark

Coaches Lost:
Bryant Young
Charlie Weis
Dan Quinn

I'm sure there are others, feel free to add to the list.

gallo, you coward maggot, try and refute what Coach Lockette said. You know, a high school football coach who actually, you know, has first hand knowledge of Shannon and Golden and recruiting.

Not some old Pig who dreams about Vagotis and Curcio.

You still suck, Pig.

"at least ten gators will be picked in the NFL draft"

Name them, fool. Go ahead.

Matt Elam.

Ten? Your fos. That gainesville math needs some double checkin'

Posted by: The NCAA is dirty | April 25, 2013 at 01:32 PM


[]_[]r Right, I was wrong... It's not 10 Gators Expected to be Drafted Overall... It's 11.

Mel Kipers List of expected Gators, the MOST Projected by ANY College Team, to be taken in th 2013 NFL DRAFT... btw, []_[] enjoy []_[]r ONE and ONLY CANE DB "Toast" McGee taken in the 6-7 Round. ok ONE and a HALF if RAY RAY "The Next Sean Taylor" goes in the 7th. Rd.

Read... Learn... And Weep U Colossal Cane CL[]_[]CK !!!

Player, position, projected round

Sharrif Floyd, DT, 1

Matt Elam, S, 1-2

Jon Bostic, LB, 2-3

Mike Gillislee, TB, 3-4

Jordan Reed, TE, 4

Jelani Jenkins, LB, 4-5

Josh Evans, S, 4-5

Lerentee McCray, LB, 5-7

Xavier Nixon, OT, 6-7

Caleb Sturgis, PK, 7

Omar Hunter, DT, 7


ohhhhhh, I bet []_[] Cl[]_[]cks are soooo happy to see sooooo many Gators gGp Pro before Next Sept. 7th. huh ? Well, Lima Bean Brain, the Gators RELOAD with 5***** ready to play Top Starting Experienced Bullets while []_[] keep reloading year after year with rolls of toy red caps into []_[]r lack of REAL Depths plastic capgun.




Any Marines have kids that can play Football please call me ASAP ...


If you are clean and keep your nose to the task at hand you can generate a pass to improve and grow with the team.

Our program has to be clean and transparent.

Posted by: UGoCane | April 25, 2013 at 02:30 PM


Hey, maybe []_[] can put these nice Choir Boy Canes in Bow Ties, start a Barber Shop Multi-Q[]_[]artet and have them sing at American Legions, Glee Clubs and Old Folks Homes on Sundays... Cause they sure ain't gonna be playing Football on Sundays in the Future...

Can Shane Larkin play Line-Backer ?

He's like 6-2/ 220 riiieeet ?

University of Miami NFL Draft Party at McDonalds across the Skreet from the BuC !!!

Rounds 4-7: Saturday, April 27 at 12 p.m. ET !!!

The 7th. Round should begin at 6pm, so We'll see []_[] there around 6:30pm to see our, one and ONLY boy, Teets "Toast" McGee, the Wrong Way D.B., come off the Board !!! Everyone gets a FREE McNugget and slice of B[]_[]rnt Toast in Mc's honor !!!

See []_[] There !!!


Wait til the Miami M[]_[]nchkin Midget meets Mr. Morrison...

That is, if he even clears the D-Line of Scrimmage.

You wish you gator inbred DNA abberation. No way the turds get 10 drafted.

depths? what is depths? Is that a word invented in Alachua county? depths?

Like the 1 QB? No Trey Burton dont count.

The panzie a55 soft O line? Nice orange and blue game. What a farce you gayturds are.


Can Trey Burton play QB? Maybe better than the watermelon head- you know #15 the bench warming #1 draft choice!

Gallo of all the players you list on 2012 casualties,how many have gone to another school and done anything! Not a one!!! There all pretty much bums getting in trouble wasting scholarships. Look them up. Storm johnson is closest to being a good player but thats it. Name me one player on your list that has had any success at another school? Didnt think sooo...lol

When the Gayturds have six picks in the first round ome talk to me morons.

cAlvin still the village idiot I see


Lately on this blog there has been a lot of talk of how UF is going to draft 10 players in the NFL draft this year... yet...despite all of UM's recent tough years....

There is and always be only ONE NFL U.

This []_[]

Players on NFL rosters currently:

USC 43
Ohio State 40
UF 38
LSU 39
Texas 37
FSU 31
Alabama 30
Tennessee 30
UF ---------------28
Oklahoma 26
Michigan 25


Care to revise the recruiting rankings after all the arrests and defections from your disgusting roster, ehhh cane maggots
Or, like ol' Cane Pig, the prince of the worthless diploma, he likes to hang onto the preseason rankings. It is much easier to live in fantasyland like a good thug cane inbred is wont to do.
That's right disgusting Pigs, if we were unranked in the preseason, and we lost most of our linebackers to assorted felonies and a CB that was a thief, what does that make us now? How can a cane team be more irrelevant than an unranked 7 - 6 no bowl game disaster with the #117 defense?
I ask myself these questions cause I don't recognize reality. I be a delusional cane maggot and a Pig.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/gator_clause/2013/04/boynton-beach-native-jessamen-dunker-to-transfer-from-florida.html#storylink=cpy

When it comes to coach goldie & the defense, the "next man in" means, start looking for the next highschool senior or juco player, that's what depth on defense has come to round here, cause the players he recruit, he doesn't seem to be able to do a good job keeping em.

Coach goldie not going thru nothing different than all the other headcoaches that came thru here, in fact, he has it the easiest out all of them. But here's where goldie is going to continue to jack it up:

Golden said he handles all disciplinary issues the same.
"It's certainly case by case and it certainly has to do with the resume of the young man in terms of whether or not there were any incidents in his career here and whether or not he does all the things we ask him to do here," Golden explained.

ROFL, gallo, is it me or is this guy continuing to talk out of both sides of his neck!

He started out telling the Truth, than went case by case, so i guess if gabe terry woke up and said "somebody put that in my pocket while i was sleep", he might of still been with the team on indefinite status though. We all know what "indefinite suspended" means around here, means, as soon as you finish packing, you outta here like last year.

The thing about it is, ej44 let them know how he felt on outro, lol!

From Barry Jackson's blog, just in case there was ANYONE (Calvin?) who still thinks Jim Gallo is a UM fan and not the miserable Gators troll who posted here all day every day right up until the day "Jim Gallo" showed up:

Wow green pea U came out strong..........NOT
Why do you insist in living in the past? All the stats are so old, nothing since 2008.
What about your most recent streak of no player drafted in the first or second round? How long is that one?
Miami has potential..
We are back........
We have pro bowlers.....
Same old same old, what has that gotten U lately?
Mediocrity, 10 years and counting
Get used to it
Go Heat

Posted by: Reality Bites | 04/25/2013 at 12:44 PM

I don't like it. I just don't like it. Was there any consideration to even try and keep GT enrolled? I respect the police, but were both sides adequately listened to?

This ain;'t JJ's team. It ain't Butch's team. It sure ain't RS's team. Heck, this even ain't Coker's team. I don't like it. Irrespective of somebody's past, UM lost more than a football player. I hope people realize this.

Memo to "Goldy: If coached and played the right way, Dallas Crawford could be one of the best all-around players in the country. I like him in unconventional sets on O, and I like him in schemes on D.

Gallo's 2013 Casualties:

All the people he stole money from.

His screwed-up kid who will soon be passed out on steps with a bag of weed-only to be arrested for a felony.

The psychiatrist who is treating his OCD and other mental illnesses.

I don't like it. I just don't like it. Was there any consideration to even try and keep GT enrolled? I respect the police, but were both sides adequately listened to?

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat


The only consideration being given to GT at this point is...will he bunk with his old man in prison.

We are not the Florida Gators who believe that felons, weak schedules and ducking the Canes are the way to championships.

next question
Posted by: Jim Gallo | April 25, 2013 at 02:53 PM

so let me get this straight... First our players are no good because we have no talent? ok Thenwe suck beacuse Randy doesnt recruit the local talent? Then we suck beacuse randy cant coach- the supposed no talent team..Now by listing all these current players on the roster, (that randy recurited)- your suggesting we have talent again that golden cant coach?? ay dios gallo is going in cirlces again someone tell him to hit the damb pineta already!!

God Willing, come next signing class, we'll hear coach goldie again announce to the world how the class just signed is a class he's proud of and a class with players that were recruited to "our core values" Than sometime next year, a player or 2/3/4 will be kicked off the team.

This is one of the main reason why goldie keeps recruiting them out of towners, he can relate a lil better to them.

"We are not the Florida Gators who believe that felons, weak schedules and ducking the Canes are the way to championships"
So said the delUsional cane clUck
Fact is you have more felons recently than any other team
Fact is Golden Balls concocted a weak arse schedule on purpose and said it was his way f bringing the sorry canes back
Fact is the canes are the ones ducking every single decent OOC team in the land
Fact is the canes have been ducking FIU since the fight

Get mad if you want. I just think Coach Golden is bein a little to strict. He's a good coach. I'll say dat. But sometimes you gotta let them learn from their mistakes. If it's an on going thing, dat's differant. But come on give them a chance. Make em do drills or something.

Wow does not say much about the coaching if Gayturds have that many draft picks and won nothing. Go Canes

Why are their so many Gayturd maggots on this blog ? They are bringing down the intelligence average by 100 points or more . Go Canes

Why does it matter what happened to him? He was an unproven player busted for a felony possession. Good bye....good luck as well!!

What about rashawn scott, goldie only gets rid of defensive players, it's obvious he's going to wits end to try and preserve his boy oach OH-NO, defensive players good bye, what happened with gionni paul, since almost everybody else got exposed, same with aldarius johnson, same with ray ray, trying to say he lied, well if that's the case, coach goldie keeps lying so why is he still here. Just a few of goldie lies while being here:

I will not pull a local players schalorship after offering it(see denver kirkland)

oach OH-NO is the one of the best d-co's out there, if he's the best, i hate to see even a middle of the pack d-co.

We will luv our players(but don't get into trouble)

I have nothing to do with whether we go to a bowl game this year or not.

goldie said he treats everybody the same in one breath than the next breath he's saying he treats every case by a case by case basis.

I'll stop right their, for the bozo's!

Calvin/Gallo/Curse has cracked another case... he believes that Coach Golden is suspending only defensive players to...wait for it...help Coach Donofrio!

Make no mistake Canes fans--Calvin/Gallo/Curse has cornered the stupidity market.

The Gallo alias proudly points to Gabe Terry as how his kid acts and goes on to boast that is all due to his parenting.

The one and only name that should be on the goofball Gallo's causality list should be his goofball kid!

Terry messed up and got kicked off of the team. Is Golden supposed to accept this and keep him? I feel bad for the kid, but Golden is trying to run a football program, he's not a social worker.

Really stupid Gator fans on here. The Canes ONLY have 2 players entering the draft, so of course you
'll have more than us.

Wow does not say much about the coaching if Canes have that many NFL players and won nothing in 10 years. Canes sUck!

Posted by: Ga Cane

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