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B-Rad First-Team All-ACC; Football roster making space; McDermott on Rimington Watch List.

Bryan Radziewski was not his usual self during his last regular-season start, but he was amazing all season -- coming off shoulder surgery nonetheless.

The left-handed junior was among five starting pitchers named to the 2013 All-ACC First Team on Monday.

B-Rad, as he is called by his fans and teammates, ended the season ranked among the conference leaders in nearly every statistical category. He ranked third in ERA (1.64), tied for second in wins (eight), tied for second in complete games (two), third in strikeouts (96) and first in batting average against (.175).

Radziewski is one of three pitchers in the ACC averaging more than 10 strikeouts per nine innings (11.27). The former Baseball America Freshman All-American has recorded 204 Ks over 33 starts and has a 19-4 career record and career ERA of 2.64. 

Miami begins its quest for an ACC title at 3 p.m. Thursday, when it meets No. 1 seed North Carolina in a Pool A matchup in Durham, N.C.

UM lost in the title game to Georgia Tech last year.


   Chris Yandle, director of communications for UM athletics, just confirmed to me that 6-5, 251-pound defensive end Ricardo Williams is no longer on the team. A redshirt sophomore, Williams is out of Homestead Senior High. Williams played in one game last year -- against North Carolina. 

   Williams' name has already been removed from the football roster.

   Wide receiver Robert Lockhart Jr., who also has been granted his release, according to Canesport.com, is still on the roster.

    "As far as Robert Lockhart, I have not been informed about anything,'' Yandle said.

   Lockhart is a 6-1, 183-pound redshirt sophomore out of Fork Union Military Academy, via West Boca Raton High.  Lockhart was a four-star recruit by Rivals.com and ESPN. As a high school senior he had 34 catches for 686 yards and six touchdowns. He chose UM over Virginia Tech. Lockhart played in two games last season -- UNC and FSU -- but sustained a season-ending knee injury.


     UM center Shane McDermott is one of 44 players named to the 2013 Rimington Trophy spring watch list. The award is presented annually to the nation's top collegiate center.

    McDermott, a junior, missed spring practice after undergoing offseason shoulder surgery.

     An All-ACC honorable mention selection in 2012 by league coaches, McDermott started all 12 games at center for UM. UM had the ACC's third-best passing offense (295.4-yards-per-game average) and fifth-best total offense (440.2). As a redshirt freshman in 2011, he played in 10 games, allowing no sacks and not being flagged for any penalties.

    McDermott is from Lake Worth. He was awarded the Walter Kichefski Endowed Football Scholarship at the most recent UM Sports Hall of Fame induction banquet. He will earn his bachelor's degree this summer.

    McDermott's younger brother (I won't say "little'' brother as he's 6-6 and approaching 300 pounds), Kc McDermott, has already pledged his commitment to UM for the Class of 2014, a huge get for the Canes.
 Kc is a four-star lineman, according to Rivals.com, and is listed as the 40th best player overall, regardless of position. He is listed as the fifth best tackle in the Class of 2014.

   Notre Dame also wanted Kc, and actually still wants him, but Kc said he's not budging from his commitment to the Hurricanes.  



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Over 11 months ago, four-star wide receiver Ryeshene Bronson (Fort Myers, FL) became the first 2014 prospect to commit to the Florida Gators. On Tuesday, Bronson decided to rescind his pledge and reopen his recruitment, becoming the second prospect to part ways with Florida in the last five days.

Brad kaaya wins golden gun award at the Elite 11 camp and is upgraded to a 4* on Rivals.


Like i said.....kid is going to blow up.

2013 UM Travel Team

2012 / 2013 Golden Casualties - Disciplinary Issues

vernon davis - RB
darion hall - RB
storm johnson - RB (backup)
kevin nelson - LB
andrew tallman - TE
billy sanders - TE
cj holton - FB
adarius johnson - WR
keion payne - DB
devonta davis - DB
jermaine barton - OL
ray ray armstrong - S
thomas finnie - CB
gionni paul - LB
travis williams - LB
jamal reid - DB
kelvin cain - LB
Vaughn telemaque - S
tracy howard - CB
curtis porter - DT
luther robinson - DT
jeffery brown - DT
darius smith - DT
alex collins - RB
denver kirkland - OL
terrell brooks - DT
matthew thomas - LB
jaynard bostwick - DT
keith bryant - DT
luther campbell - #1 UM fan
tim ice harris - feeder coach
northwestern - feeder school
booker T - feeder school
carol city - feeder school
miami central - feeder school
norland - feeder school
Terry Richardson - RB coach
Jedd Fisch - Offensive coordinator
Geroge Mcdonald - WR coach
Mario Christobal - Head coach
Eddie Johnson - LB
Rashawn Scott-currently out of the discipline bull pen
Gabe Terry - LB
Robert Lockhart - WR
Sony Michel - RB
Preston Dewey - QB (backup)
Alin Edouard - QB
Ricardo Williams - DE

Please break glass in case of an emergency....

Scrolled to this....

Posted by: JIm Gallo | May 21, 2013 at 01:38 PM

Doesn't bother Gallo that he constantly looks like a fool. Actually is probably 14.

UM baseball is in trouble with Morris at the helm. UM had a losing record in ACC play for the first time and benefited from the weakest non-conference schedule they've had since they joined the ACC. Take a look at the schedule if you don't believe me. This team will make the NCAA Tournament, but they probably don't deserve to. They have a respectable record only because of their weak out of conference schedule. Their best out of conference win was against Florida, an average team this year. They played no heavyweights OOC. Morris has a year left on his contract so he'll be around at least for another year. He no longer gives the effort needed to compete as an expensive private school.

KC hang in there.

Your brother can attest that the 'Cane family is very deep in bonding with the legacy of the 'U'.

You also will find that the fans are loyal but expect the world from their team.
As a team it can be done. As an individual it is an impossiblity.

Welcome and we look forward to you as a 'Cane.

The NCAA ruling in June will have an effect on the team. The marginal players and those who do not buy into the Coach G program will be moving on.

Williams and Lockhart thank you, and good luck.
There will still be a few more players that I believe will not make the cut.

Summer camp will be here and the 2 a days will start.
The team mentally and physically are ready.

Gallows put a default on your lists. Cut and paste are for little kids. Grow up and realize that 98% of the readers scroll on by. Calvina, and Malcom Cold cat might study the junk but others are not interested.
You are playing with yourself. Grow up.
You are not a blip on anyones radar.
We are the 'Canes, you are not.
Go 'Canes

Jim Gallo your a nut

Lil' Jimmy Gallo likes the nut attached to tube steak.

Heh, heh, green pea. I am an old twisted fruit.

The news about Lockhart and Williams is "old" news; it was reported by credible sources and published days ago. Why are "YOU" just reporting this information?

We ARE LOADED at receiver....hope Lockhart and Williams are ok....God bless them.

Lockhart is still on the roster- what gives?

With Kaaya now a 4 star does Gallo the dumb a55 take back all the crap he said about him?

The U should move up from #10 then.

Ricardo Williams- Addition by subtraction. Sorry kid. Didnt work out.

Morris needs to go um is not the 5th best in Florida. Lets cut ties Donna get some balls

Who cares how many stars sombody puts by a kids name, it's the stars they get after they get to UM and play a game is all that matters. curtis porter was a 3 star coming out, when healthy he plays like a 4 1/2 to star as well. He destroys almost all of our o-linemen, can he play at that level for most of the game is the question, stamina will be about his only enemy. allen hurns, balla's, in fact many of the guys from that 2010 class keep doing work, that's the class where shannon really understood what he needed to get done.

smo17 3star
mo haggens-3star
clive walford -use to be a 2star now they got as a 3 star
feliciano & bunche-3 stars
jimmy gaines-2 stars


What it is brah???

POS Canetrash quote:

"football girls have been losing for a decade"

Hmmmmmmmmmm. Lets fact check his retarded a55

2012 (no the 2013 season hasnt started) minus 10= 2002

What happened since?

Do the math, chump. Do the math.

Posted by: holmie | May 21, 2013 at 12:57 PM


Del[]_[]ded Cane Cl[]_[]ck Holmie is Spinning himself Silly...

I'll go slow for []_[]... Ready ?

2013 is here. 2013 is NOW. 2012 is History (as are the ancient 80's n 90's)... TOP-25 TEAMS and Programs deal and prepare in the here and now... Now we know []_[] never deal in the present, but try hard to join the rest of us for a bit. []_[] are []_[]NRANKED and play in a crap Conference in 2013... FLORIDA and FSU are RANKED and Will BOTH compete for Conference and BCS BOWL Games this YEAR like LAST YEAR... []_[] ? Not even close.

Now []_[] Fool... Math time...Hold hold out both []_[]r hands and make two FIVES... []_[] there yet ? We'll wait........ Now starting with where we are now, that's 2013, count backwards and remove a finger per year.... We'll wait......................... On []_[]r second hand yet ? .......................... OK, what do []_[] get ? '04-'05-'06-'07-'08-'09-'10-'11-'12--MAY 21st, 2013 6pm Post Spring, 100 DAYS TIL KICKOFF...

2004 .... NOT 2002... []_[] have done NOTHING since then and after the NCAA straps []_[] with more BIG Scholly Sanctions in JUNE.... Hold []_[] hands out again and add TEN more to 2013 as to where []_[]r heading... '23

FACTS []_[] Axe ? Try these... THE LAST DECADE !

The Last Decade...

[]_[]- 66-46 Overall Record... ZERO ACC Coastal Titles and ZERO ACC Championships... ZERO National Championships... 2-4 Bowl Record... TWO NON-Winning Seasons. And mind []_[], that []_[]r 66-46 OVERALL RECORD Includes Wins over[]_[]r 2 Yearly Bethune's and FIU's/Coastal Car./FAMU/FAU plus 3-4 ACC Ch[]_[]mps BC's-Duke's Maryland's and Wake's 5 W's a year or []_[] would be looking at...

21-46 Record Minus the Above Scr[]_[]b W's...

[]_[]'ve Won Barely 20- TWENTY GAMES !!! Verses "decent" Teams the last TEN YEARS, and "decent" is being Kind since only Three ACC Teams have even Sniffed BCS Bowl Games in... Well Forever.

Barely 20 W's verses "decent" Teams over the last Decade ?

2 quality W's a year over teams like NC-NC St.-Ga.Tech? While FSU-Clemson-Va.Tech even Vir. Own []_[]...

New Cane Thang h[]_[]h ?

Next Year Riiieeet ?

Again... []_[] Looose.

GATORS The Last DECADE? - 90-28 Overall Record... FOUR SEC East Titles and TWO SEC Championships... TWO National Championships... 6-3 Bowl Record... No NON-Winning Seasons in over 25 YEARS.

[]_[] COMPRENDE ? []_[] are what []_[] are and the last DECADE... ?





HOLA ARTY !!! 9 SEC Titles This Year And More To Come !

yes I am nut..that's it...lol

oh, BTW.....new relationship/bond between ex-wr coach george mcdonald (see golden casualty list) and luther campbell at northwestern......looks like ryan mayes db and jojo robinson rb/wr are on their way to of all places Syracuse....

notice how they are not directed toward UM?.....wait I forgot...northwestern is on golden casualty list....

everything I say is crazy....i get it....keep drinking to golden/dnofrio koolaid

OK Cane Fans... I know []_[]r ALL Charged []_[]p and popping off about 10-Win, Undefeated, Coastal, ACC Championship Seasons in 2013... We get it... It's what []_[] do and Del[]_[]sionally have done over the last 10 Summers for a Decade now in []_[]r little Cane B[]_[]bble...

Now find me ONE Reputable Pre-Season Top-25 List that []_[]r even Ranked in... Just one. Heck, I'll even take, "recieving votes" and then []_[] can spo[]_[]t off how []_[] "Ranked" # 37th or something...

[]_[]ntil then, here's []_[]r reality, lack of []_[]r Relevance dosage for the day... Sports Illustrated/AP 2013 College Football Top-25 is out... I'll spare []_[] the Top-25, []_[] know who they are, and go straight waaaaayyy down the page to, "Also Recieving Votes"...

So here []_[] go... http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/football/ncaa/polls/

Baylor95, Penn State90, Cincinnati78, Oklahoma State42, Tulsa34, UCLA31, Arkansas State28, TCU9, UCF9, Wisconsin6, North Dakota State1


[]_[] see where []_[] are in the eyes of intelligent people outside []_[]r little brainwashed Cane Thang b[]_[]bble ? Hey, don't feel to bad, look on the bright side tho[]_[]gh... []_[]r only 1 Vote behind North Dakota State.



OK loser, I know you have nothing better to do with your life than read about UM football and try to troll people on the internet into talking to you but here's an unfortunate reality for you:

Of course college rankings are nonsense and all that matters is the games.

But the GAMES don't even matter for you, because you're not a college football fan, you're an internet troll desperate for someone to talk to.

UM plays UF once every 5 years. You've been here ever since the last game, you'll be here either with a week long burst of enthusiasm or quiet after we ACTUALLY play next season.

And you'll be here for the next 5 years after that. Even if we never schedule a UF game.

Because you're not a college football fan. You're an internet loser troll.

Latest Coaches Top-25... But what do Coaches know Riiiett ?

Others Receiving Votes: Michigan101, UCLA75, Baylor52, Oklahoma State36, Wisconsin18, UCF15, Arkansas State13, Arizona State10, Rutgers9, Kent State5, Louisiana Tech2, Ohio1, Arizona1

Maybe []_[]'ll get La. Tech ([]_[] know, that team the GATORS beat last year that []_[] said SUCKED) or OHIO (that team, now ranked ahead over []_[] the GATORS crushed 2 years ago) in an Early December Bowl game.

Too bad the Gators don't have UCF, La. Tech, Rutgers or Ohio on our schedule this year instead of []_[]... Our Strength of Schedule would sky-rocket


Others Receiving Votes: San Jose State199, Rutgers93, Vanderbilt76, Tulsa71, Oklahoma State58, Baylor55, Fresno State52, San Diego State38, Cincinnati37, Mississippi State32, Louisiana Tech25, TCU25, USC20, Arkansas State19, Arizona8, Syracuse5, Toledo3, East Carolina3, UCF3, West Virginia2, Louisiana-Monroe2


P-[]_[] ='s M.I.A.

Certain 10- Win and Possible []_[]ndefeated Season Riiieeet ?


Coaches- GATORS #10

BSC ---- GATORS # 3



Lemme g[]_[]ess... Bleacher B[]_[]m Report has []_[] at # 25 ?

My favorite saying EL RETARO SOLDY . Mind over matter , I don't mind cause you don't matter , what a waste of oxygen you are . Go Canes

The Tr[]_[]ff Shall Set []_[] Free ...

[]_[] Are Whats []_[] Is ...

12-0 !!!








7-5 ... W's='s FAU-Savannah St.-USF-GT-Wake-Duke-Pitt...

Impressive !!! Trust In GOLDEN !!!

He Has A Win More Than Looose Fiddy/Fiddy% Plan !!!


What it is brah???

Posted by: Nashvillecane | May 21, 2013 at 05:52 PM

What up big dawg, getting closer to the season day by day, i'm not looking forward to this "hoping we can play defense" crap again. Never has a UM team went into the season hoping ot be a good defense, we might not have been a dominant defense but we normally if nothng else was going to play defense. offensively, we'll see if 500K is going to at least add some power plays back to the offense, jedd got to gaytor for me in a lot of crucial situations and took away the threat of the run in to many formations for me, especially in the 3rd and 3 situations.

It's obvious coach goldie is an offensive minded coach, he knows he won't be getting to many top notch defensive recruits except for the ones that just want to be Hurricanes, but jethro franklin is not going to be looked at as some top notch d-line coach, should've kept coach petri. And of course, in this defensive scheme, i'm thinking you'll be hard pressed to have multiple guys get drafted from it in the same year. I do know curtis porter(shannon recruit) if healthy all year will make noise and get drafted, he's the best d-tackle we've had here in a while when healthy.

luther robinson is to athletic not to get drafted or signed, come this year, no excuses, we are not young on the defensive front, curtis porter, senior, shayon green, senior, luther robinson, senior, 3g, junior, olsen pierre, junior, jalen grimble, junior, kelvin "can't get rid of me" cain, senior, corey king, redshirt sophmore, 3rd year man, so this is the year, we should whether or not coach jethro is worth anything, we saw right away the petri affect, alot whole lot of tackles-for-losses under him, coach jethro, all we're doing is trying to just clog up lanes and when the run bounces outside, we're expecting our db's to come up and fill after being 15 yards back downfield, "soft tape" scheme!

We got a whole lot of buzzards over here though man, but it's no insecurties with whoever is running this site, it's a real blog, where you state your case and that's that. To much ball jugglin was goings onz behind the scene, you could tell. As soon as reggie miller starting crying, his big sister always tried to show up, got wrong for that fake type stuff man, i like real people man.

nash, it's sad when we got 1 defensive commit and it had nothing to do with nobody on this staff but the one guy who knew about in james coley and he's on offense. investigation my foot, it's not hindering the offensive recruits. investigation or sanctions, if you can ball, and you're at Miami, you're going to get drafted and looked at, hands down. The guys that paved the way made that possible, now it's up to coach goldie to "Uphold the Legacy".

Coach kehoe is doing that, coach barrow almost had a chance to do it, but coach goldie keeps cutting all of his players, although gabe terry might be a kelvin cain type and "guess who's back", he let the administration know, he won't get caught with that again, it'll stay in the stash spot from here on in.

You see coach goldie coming to Miami and thinking it's ok to say things like "we teach kids how to play with passion here" WTF is is he talking about and what kind of kids is he recruiting that have to be taught how to play with passion, tell coach goldie to GTFOH with that, always trying to sac ride off of an already established situation.

Here's the bottom line. We don't care about the polls. Games are won on the field. So let the gators and the Seminoles come in highly rank. We still put are big boy pants on the same way. Save the smooth talk for the lady's. Us real canes except nothing but perfection. Something gators and Seminoles have never experience. So if All Golden the messiah like some choose to believe. We have nothing to worry about. Go canes!!!!!!!


Does anybody read the insane blathering of the 3 nitwits listed above?

The above question is for those with an IQ above 20 and are not currently loaded on psych meds day and night, which immediately disqualifies Curse/Gallo/Calvin

Imagine being a gator redneck with the tobacco in your lip. The truck with the rebel flag, the cap, the boots. The tool box ( how appropriate), and always being ranked top ten preseason, bc you know iths the sec, and you kow, espn has a contract with the sec, but youre a gator and our team has a dude that loks like a rotor rooter guy, and your qb has low set pointy ears, and yo all nearly lose to the louisiana lafayette rajin cajuns. And you sill suck a55

That would be so sad.

Cal I see U still keeping up the good fight dawg.

On the subject of the 'efense and goldie's bff. I tried to tell folks after the twerps game in 2011 the Mac side of the ball was over their collective heads!! Been giving up swing passes quick outs, and what ever else the opposing OC wants to run since they been here. Case in point look at how the OFFENSIVE side of the ball was raided during the off season but Goldie couldn't give them boys away that call the ''efense! Lol

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink!!

One thing foe sho tho he won't have any excuses this year watered down schedule and all!

For all the good things ppl say about Goldie and his CEO/politician/baby kissing skills he sho nuff lacking in his evaluation of his 'efensive coaches!!

[]_[] name j[]_[]st ONE q[]_[]ality Win verses a Top-10 opponent the last Decade ?

j[]_[]st 1 ...

How abo[]_[]t some q[]_[]ality "close" Loooses ?

Yeah man, still loking for the independent thnkers, alot of goldie slupers over here, but nash, you called it, in fact i remember you being one of the only ones who said we were going to lose to the turtles in 2011 and alot of people blasted you than after the game, gave you no credit, lol. This is why i see alot of people getting hype about this team going up against the gaytors, i'm not when it comes to actually playing the game. Here's the match-up, brent pease vs clown 117th.

People on here keep trying to down jeff driskell when almost every qb we've gone up against looked like they were in the heisman race. I still can't get over logan thomas going something like 22/23, to me, that trumped kirby freeman going 1-14, it's either equal or worse. I'm getting tired of coach goldie bringing all this drama to UM. When he said "we teach kids how to play with passion at Miami" how is that possible is what i want to know and what game has any of that passion been on display when the whole team is trying to hold their breath to hold to a game after scoring 52 points.

This staff doesnt' know what a 3 & out is on defense. Than when you see them looking at another offeense driving on us, than they start looking for excuses like "we got to get stronger in the weight room" how about this defensive coaching staff minus coach barrow get stronger in the film room.

Our offense goes up against a weak defensive scheme in practice, but they'll be going up against a physical in your face defense come September 7th. This is going to be interesting cause if the offense can't score, and with that athletic o-line the gaytors have, it's going to be real interesting. We have offensive weapons for sure, but if we could only hold duke to 45 points, it might get comical.

Than for any headcoach at UM to publicly or privately cry about that weak schedule from last year, that's no Hurricane football. at 13 & 11 going into his 8th year as a headcoach, im not seeing why coach shannon was let go myself. 300 page binder my foot, somebody hovering around following the buzzards when shannon was the headcoach, at this rate, somebody getting ready to see what that felt like. If cleveland brought back mike brown, than i gots no problem bringing coach shannon back.

Does making up your own facts and stats make you an "independent thinker"? GTFOH with that nonsense. Hurlie Brown's credible from a social stand point? LOL.

Cal how could we forget the 300 page O&G trapper keeper...lol

Evidently the ''efensive adjustments were left out.

Cal how bout when they said the oc for BC did some different things than he did when he was at ball st?? Lol


Shame on bill Snyder for not running the same plays vs UM than he did vs muzzo st the week before...lol

Oh btw how many players got drafted from und and kst that ran up and down the field on the Mac staff?

Colin Kline got drafted as a tight end after puttin his name in the hiest-man race vs UM.

And you right about ppl clowning Driskill, when has dumbnofrio EVER made a opposing qb look uncomfortable against us?? NEVER!!

Not even Chas Retig

Nashville cane and "Cal" (that's what Alvin calls himself now) seem to be having a long distance love affair of idiots.

You all make no sense with that junk, Why cant you see that?

Your hatred for Golden is transparent. You all are dumbsh*ts. Particularly because you all dint know sheet about football. Driskel? that pointy eared Deliverance reject? Are you serious? You defending him?

CAlvin is comparing Kirby Freeman with Logan Thomas? Now there is a genius analyisis.

Calvin if there was a Heisman trophy for stupidity- You would win it hands down Youand your fr--king 8 paragraph novels

Here's a titole for your next novel, Calvin,

" How to show the world that you are one dumb MF"

To the idiot who asked which quality team ranked top 10 MIami has beaten in the last decade?

Ohio State

Nebraska On January 3 2002
Va Tech

GTFOH with that you chump

the last time []_[] beat a Top-10 Team ?

To the idiot who asked which quality team ranked top 10 MIami has beaten in the last decade?

Ohio State


we got []_[]s 2 Shiny Diamond 'Ship Rings the last time we played those two outta Conference ...

"axed" which quality team ranked top 10 MIami"

[]_[] do Looose close well tho[]_[]gh ... Lots

somebody tell gallo that gabe terry is still on the team, shorten that list lmao

Good to hear from Calvin . Another homeboy post for the extremely lazy RS. He recruited 1 class from NW & quit recruiting after that . Why do you think the cupboard was bare when he was booted. The fact he isnt even a DC anywhere speaks volumes about his lack of coaching talent. Calvin I cant tell if your are stupid or are a member of Shannon's family. Oh yeah we havent heard that great I came from the ghetto story from RS in a while.I came from nothing to be a horrible head coach. I wonder if RS will try to talk the new Razorback coach to take the names off the backs of the jerseys. It worked so well here. Maybe you & the other fool (Gallo) can hold a stupid party in a phone booth!

You see, Calvin, you will eat your words nect season when the U shocks everyone. And they will. They will go 10-2, or at worse 9-3. And it will be partly bc the D will be better/ And a real man would come on here and say, you know, I'm sorry for saying all that nasty sh*t about a guy I don't know from adam- Coach Donofrio. I'm sorry i was wrong.

But you won't, because you are not. You dont have the sack to admit it. We shall see.

I for one. Iwill come on here and apologize and demand coaches heads if they dont do significantly better than last year. Beginning with Donofrio.
We shall see.

Gator pu55ies: 2008 is getting farther and farther away in your memory. How about for living in the past? Newsflash,toothleess necks: Timmy Tebow will a) not return to trailerville and b) he will not play football next season. Not here, not in canada, and not in an arena league. Get over it.

Hey Pig, get a load of this:

Miami has poor facilities? Check
Miami has had a poor record for a decade? Check
Miami is facing possible sanctions? Check
Negative recruiting against Miami? Check
No bowl game last year? Check
No signature wins recently? Check

But they are ranked ahead of the disgusting Gatr trash in Rivals ranking. You like preseason rankings, Pig? there is one for you.

How is that supposed to happen? The Gatr maggots with all the facilities, the janitor head corch and the banjo-player QB can't beat the Canes in recruiting?

I am shocked that the cowardly Gatr maggots are behind. Just shocked.

Swallow that with your roach-ka-bobs and rat salad, Pig.

The truth about Calvin and Gallo is this - the sole reason why they live on this blog and constantly post negative things about the current coaching staff is because they have an AGENDA....plain and simple. These are not normal posters.....it could even be the same person. In my opinion Gallo and Calvin could be any one of these people:

Tim "Ice" Harris
Dan Sileo
Nevin himself (from prison)
Disgruntled parent or ex-player

All have been very outspoken about AG & Co. How disappointed they will be when we have a pretty stellar season this year.

Has BTW produced ANY top notch players who are currently playing D-1 football??

I cant find any to be honest....

too funny......

Ok so here is the lineup:

1. northwestern/luther = george mcdonald pipeline to Syracuse
2. charlie strong (louisville) = teddy bridgewater (single to UM left field)
3. randy shannon (arkansas) = alex collins/denver kirkland (double to UM right field - man on 1st,2nd & 3rd)
4. alabama = billboard outside of booker T with mario christobal coaching 3rd base
5. notre dame = 24/7 recruiting desk at st thomas Aquinas
6. florida/fsu = #2,4,6,8,9,11,12,14,15,20,22,25,27,30,32,33,34 recruits of top 50 Florida players

however we have dnofrio in the bullpen and more TMZ to look forward to.....

Yo Cane trash

Yo cane pig disguised as fake Gallo U too funny cause U so dUmb, let me break it down for U:

"Miami has poor facilities? Check
Miami has had a poor record for a decade? Check
Miami is facing possible sanctions? Check
Negative recruiting against Miami? Check
No bowl game last year? Check
No signature wins recently? Check"

U forgot the past 5 years when U did make it to a bowl game, 2nd rate crappy one as it may have been, U were blasted and humiliated.
U also forgot never ever sniffing an ACC ship game, let alone winning one.
But the funniest thing is this:

"But they are ranked ahead of the disgusting Gatr trash in Rivals ranking."

U realize u r talking about recruiting class rankings for 2014.
The previous blogger was referring to team rankings for the 2013 season.
U know what apples and oranges mean?
U know how stupid U sound?
U have any reading comprehension?
U talk recruiting when U r so far behind all Ur rivals?
First U live in the past and now U wanna fast forward to 2014?
Live in the present dUmmy, a lot can change between now and 2014 NSD.
Like big time NCAA pain next month doUche

Lastly cowardly is running from competition
Like the canes refusing to play LSU
Like Golden Retriever and his pathetic 2013 schedule

Yo 9.5.2 clUck scUMbag
the canes can go 10 - 2 or 9 - 3, not because they r any good dUmmy, but because they only play 2 good teams
Yo that is the Golden Retriever Challenge
No more than 2 losses allowed
he made up the soft schedule
He needs to dog up to it
I still predict U will lose at least 4 games
U always lose to a pansy or 2 apart from losing to Ur big brothers FSU and UF
Step up to the Challenge
put Ur predictions in
This dog needs to put up or get out of town

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS and dUmb arses as well

Even Nick Saban says it's a process , and this schedule thing is part of the process , because we have been down whether it be the Ncaa , losing coaches to NFL or other programs , early departures for the draft etc . We have been down . We end up 10-2 or 11-1 we get noticed for doing what we are supposed to do , win. That starts the ball rolling and recruits see we are on our way back and may want to come here and be a part of it , I have never heard a recruit say they are winning but not playing anyone . We are not at a stage in our process that we can afford to schedule world beaters and lose. It's the same for everybody even the SEC they schedule strategically , I am not complaining or downing them for that , they are using some intelligence . Tough out of conference games are early for them so they have the rest of the season to climb back in the race if they lose . I find no pride in saying we lost 5 games this season but they were to really good teams . I would much reather say we beat everybody we were supposed to , get used to winning again and build back to that place where we could compete against anyone . Just my opinion . Go Canes

Georgia I agree with you this one time. You have to start by beating everyone you are supposed to, and then move on to beating the real good teams. So far you haven't done that, your canes find a way to every year lose to at least one inferior team. Last year it was UVA, the one before it was BC and Maryland. At least you recognize that simple fact, most of your fellow posters are just delusional and blind to it.

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