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B-Rad First-Team All-ACC; Football roster making space; McDermott on Rimington Watch List.

Bryan Radziewski was not his usual self during his last regular-season start, but he was amazing all season -- coming off shoulder surgery nonetheless.

The left-handed junior was among five starting pitchers named to the 2013 All-ACC First Team on Monday.

B-Rad, as he is called by his fans and teammates, ended the season ranked among the conference leaders in nearly every statistical category. He ranked third in ERA (1.64), tied for second in wins (eight), tied for second in complete games (two), third in strikeouts (96) and first in batting average against (.175).

Radziewski is one of three pitchers in the ACC averaging more than 10 strikeouts per nine innings (11.27). The former Baseball America Freshman All-American has recorded 204 Ks over 33 starts and has a 19-4 career record and career ERA of 2.64. 

Miami begins its quest for an ACC title at 3 p.m. Thursday, when it meets No. 1 seed North Carolina in a Pool A matchup in Durham, N.C.

UM lost in the title game to Georgia Tech last year.


   Chris Yandle, director of communications for UM athletics, just confirmed to me that 6-5, 251-pound defensive end Ricardo Williams is no longer on the team. A redshirt sophomore, Williams is out of Homestead Senior High. Williams played in one game last year -- against North Carolina. 

   Williams' name has already been removed from the football roster.

   Wide receiver Robert Lockhart Jr., who also has been granted his release, according to Canesport.com, is still on the roster.

    "As far as Robert Lockhart, I have not been informed about anything,'' Yandle said.

   Lockhart is a 6-1, 183-pound redshirt sophomore out of Fork Union Military Academy, via West Boca Raton High.  Lockhart was a four-star recruit by Rivals.com and ESPN. As a high school senior he had 34 catches for 686 yards and six touchdowns. He chose UM over Virginia Tech. Lockhart played in two games last season -- UNC and FSU -- but sustained a season-ending knee injury.


     UM center Shane McDermott is one of 44 players named to the 2013 Rimington Trophy spring watch list. The award is presented annually to the nation's top collegiate center.

    McDermott, a junior, missed spring practice after undergoing offseason shoulder surgery.

     An All-ACC honorable mention selection in 2012 by league coaches, McDermott started all 12 games at center for UM. UM had the ACC's third-best passing offense (295.4-yards-per-game average) and fifth-best total offense (440.2). As a redshirt freshman in 2011, he played in 10 games, allowing no sacks and not being flagged for any penalties.

    McDermott is from Lake Worth. He was awarded the Walter Kichefski Endowed Football Scholarship at the most recent UM Sports Hall of Fame induction banquet. He will earn his bachelor's degree this summer.

    McDermott's younger brother (I won't say "little'' brother as he's 6-6 and approaching 300 pounds), Kc McDermott, has already pledged his commitment to UM for the Class of 2014, a huge get for the Canes.
 Kc is a four-star lineman, according to Rivals.com, and is listed as the 40th best player overall, regardless of position. He is listed as the fifth best tackle in the Class of 2014.

   Notre Dame also wanted Kc, and actually still wants him, but Kc said he's not budging from his commitment to the Hurricanes.  



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Calvin that right there tells me you've never even sniffed a f-ball field with your mind numbingly STUPID rationale.

If I was a player and currently had BARELY any draft stock, like say Marcus Forston because injuries took my play time away, then I'd be smart enough to stay for my senior year because even though the D as a whole flopped, I STILL could've EXCELLED at my position and therefore INCREASED my draft stock. Look where he's at now.

Just because the D stinks doesn't mean YOU do. How many guys get drafted when their team isn't very good? TONS of them, that's who.

gallo, i'm starting to wonder if james coley or somebody is starting to wisen coach goldie up or something, because it's funny how gabe terry all of a sudden is about to be straight now. coach goldie is slow, if he had the respect of Miami, he would be notified first by any law enforcement before they snatch any of the football players up. Now this is how it's almost suppose to be done, only next time, we don't need to see this crap in the news, deal with it in house.

Deal with it in house.

Your delusional nutjob Gators Gallo friend is the one always crying when he doesn't know every detail of why a kid's suspended.

And the point you were making earlier is that Al Golden was left a ton of talent and you were FLAT OUT WRONG.

Give it a rest, you just don't understand college football, no matter how many inane paragraphs you write a day.

I've noticed that when Calvin gets called out as to how STUPID he is, he starts looking for Gallo instead of responding to that bloggers intelligent post. I believe that's called the BLIND looking for the BLIND, lol.

Not understanding why reference is still being made to our schedule....WE PLAY THE 11th ranked team the second game of season....so....were crying about ONE game?? We always play one "patsy" (Bethune, A&M)....this year we play two....then our conference. Unless your looking at USF as I "patsy" as well....I DONT.....USF can beat you down on any given day....if they are having a good one. So...this year we play TWO "patsies" and everyone is up in arms. Everyone is scheduling like this....why cant we?

The 80s are over with Calvin.....go take your Duran Duran LPS and stick em up your arse.

I believe it should be handled "in house". Problem with Gabe Terry is that the cops found him passed out in a stairwell....not Golden. So...Calvin...it seems like you "know it all" once again. You just automatically assume that because were The U that our players should get special treatment should they be caught doing something wrong....like...."Hey...lets call AG and "keep this under wraps".....

Yeah right.....

Gabe Terry got caught slippin....I hope he is allowed back on the team....EVERYONE deserves a second chance!!

Fri, Aug 30 vsFlorida Atl 3 - 9
Sat, Sept 7 vsFlorida 11 - 2
Sat, Sept 21 vsSavannah St 1 - 10
Sat, Sept 28 @South Florida 3 - 9
Sat, Oct 5 vsGeorgia Tech 7 - 7
Thu, Oct 17 @North Carolina 8 - 4
Sat, Oct 26 vsWake Forest 5 - 7
Sat, Nov 2 @Florida St 12 - 2
Sat, Nov 9 vsVirginia Tech 7 - 6
Sat, Nov 16 @Duke 6 - 7
Sat, Nov 23 vsVirginia 4 - 8
Fri, Nov 29 @Pittsburgh 6 - 7

"Not understanding why reference is still being made to our schedule"

Could it be because U only play 2 top 25 teams?
Or is it that U only play 4 teams with winning records?
No top 25 program schedules like this, in large part because FSU and Clemson are the only top 25 programs in the ACC, meaning U must schedule top teams OOC or U get what U have, a pansy schedule.
Whos's afraid of a 3 win team?
Only the canes that are used to losing to such teams.
Could U think before U post?
Can U think at all?

And the point you were making earlier is that Al Golden was left a ton of talent and you were FLAT OUT WRONG.

Give it a rest, you just don't understand college football, no matter how many inane paragraphs you write a day.

Posted by: MIAMI | May 23, 2013 at 10:45 AM

No the point is clearly coach goldie did less with more than what muschamp had and guys also left because they knew under coach goldie, except for streeter, their draft stocks would've have gone down. What people luv to leave out about streeter is, who was the qb that was throwing him the ball for him to have a break-out year. streeter didn't trust coach goldie or smo17

I love Golden
I Love all of Golden's moves
All his decisions too
How dare someone question Golden

Golden is the greatest coach in the history of college football despite him not being black. Putney Swope aka JUST THE FACTS says so.

Fact Check hers's a FACT for you, EVERY year Miami NORMALLY plays 2 or 3 top 15 teams. Lsat year 2 TOP TEN teams, so let your STUPID logic go man. Unlike UF or VaT or even FSU, we play one fo the toughest schedules in the NATION. This years schedule is the way it is because we've PAID our dues and by the way numbskull, schedules are made years in advance so no one knows how good a team is going to be. Your post is moronic to say the least.

Can't wait for that vicious Kentucky vs, UFailure game.

What about UFailure vs. Toledo.

No, wait, GA Southern will be great one.

Damn, Tennessee?


Damn, those teams suck too. What's a trailer maggot to do?

Randy Shannon - recruits/returning players/players listed on the 2011 roster left for golden.

Duke Johnson
Erik Akre
Thurston Armbrister
Ray Ray Armstrong
Blake Ayles
Chad Barnes
Jermaine Barton
Travis Benjamin
Dalton Botts
Ben Bruneau
Ramon Buchanan
Malcolm Bunche
LaRon Byrd
Kelvin Cain
John Calhoun
Lee Chambers
Anthony Chickillo
Eduardo Clements
Asante Cleveland
Tyrone Cornileus
Akil Craig
Dallas Crawford
Cameron Dean
Phillip Dorsett
Chris Dunckel
Dyron Dye
Jonathan Feliciano
Nantambu Fentress
Joel Figueroa
Chase Ford
Marcus Forston
Jordan Futch
James Gaines
Nathan Gholston
Sean Goldstein
Matt Goudis
Shayon Green
Jalen Grimble
Harland Gunn
Maurice Hagens
Darion Hall
Jacory Harris
Sean Harvey
Seantrel Henderson
Alonzo Highsmith
C.J. Holton
Ben Hopfinger
Tyler Horn
Darris Hughes
Allen Hurns
Alex Irastorza
Chris Ivory
Ken Jackson
Mike James
Aldarius Johnson
Davon Johnson
Jermaine Johnson
Ben Jones
Garrett Kidd
DeAndre Lewis
Jeremy Lewis
Erik Lichter
Brandon Linder
Eduardo Lopez
Shane McDermott
Brandon McGee
Sean McNally
Lamar Miller
Stephen Morris
JoJo Nicolas
Shawn O'Dare
Adewale Ojomo
Keion Payne
David Perry
Curtis Porter
Micanor Regis
Luther Robinson
Marcus Robinson
Kacy Rodgers
Billy Sanders
Andrew Smith
Darius Smith
Sean Spence
Tommy Streeter
Andrew Swasey
Vaughn Telemaque
Kendal Thompkins
David Thompson
Jordon Tolson
Olivier Vernon
Clive Walford
Brandon Washington
Cory White
Jake Wieclaw
Mike Williams
Ryan Williams
Robert Wright

golden still goes 6-6.....please

calvin..well see, maybe my casualty list has gotten to him.....transparency says it all.....you cant help but say based upon the 2012/2013 casualty list where UM would be today if randy Shannon was still here....I maintain that the team would have been better....

bridgewater/morris team up to break UM offensive stats....

no way would a shannon defense be at #116 no matter how weak you thought randy was....

After looking at Jim Gallow's post I concluded he has no idea what he is talking about. First of all, the number of players that are off the team is roughly equivalent to that of any other top 25 football program. Last I checked you don't let people who can't follow rules destory discipline and moral or end up as part of the police blotter. Second all of these feeder schools and coaches will kiss and make up with the U. After all, the kids at those schools still want to go to the U. Last, Luther Campbell, he's a lifelong Canes fan. Gallow you're pretty dam shallow.

The U will go 10-2. Minimum. Will play the ACC ship, potentially vs Clemson, and end 10-3. Then they will play a major bowl and finish 11-3. The NCAA will conclude that UM will receive some more scholie reductions. That's that, then Calvin and Gallo will come on here and apologize for being the #1 doosches on this blog.

Fact Check....its not our fault the teams we play in our conference had losing records last year....we have no choice but to play them this year....it is what it is.

Gallo....didnt we agree that you cant use AG'S first year as a measuring stick??


You cant go by the guys first year when he had multiple starters benched because of something that happened before he got there.

If you and Calvin were smart....you would spin it the other way and say that AG should have won more games his first year thanks to Shannon leaving him a lot of talent....but....unfortunately he had his hands tied as Randy's "talent" was unable to play due to sanctions.....that's a fair way of putting it.

Yes...had AG had access to J12 & Co against Maryland then we would have won that game....we probably beat KState and North Carolina as well.

9-3 possibly his first year.

UR, your posts contain LOGIC, and that's something that Shallow Gallo, and Funky Calvin can't grasp. They're like the kid from the Cosby cartoon who couldn't hardly enuciate a word, ( I ba dee ba dey ba), you know that I mean, lol?

look I don't know how you look at stats.....but when the guy takes over is when I start and ends the day he leaves.........I don't manufacture events...

golden took over in 2011...period. I didn't not agree to anything.....you ate responsible for what you type...not me

2007: randy takes over and inherits kyle wright

total offense - 3780 / 30 TD's
total defense - 4140 / 31 sacks

2008: randy moved marve out - jacory in

total offense - 4238 / 42 TD's
total defense - 4121 / 30 sacks

2009: jacory firmly in place

total offense - 5187 / 50 TD's
total defense - 4277 / 23 sacks

2010: randy's last year

total offense - 5473 / 44 TD's
total defense - 4199 / 37 sacks

2011: golden takes over and is handed 2 top QB's (harris/morris)

total offense - 4524 / 41 TD's (worse than last year)
total defense - 4308 / 23 sacks (worse than last year)

2012: golden cry's about TMZ & tough scheduled

total offense - 5280 / 45 TD's worse then randys last year
total defense - 5832 / 13 sacks (all time UM worse record)

sorry the stats say it all

al golden/shalala have alienated Luther......don't you read the papers....Luther and George McDonald (ex UM wr coach) are good friends now....top 2 northwestern kids on their way to Syracuse.....under the old relationships these kids would be heading right to UM...NO MOREEEEEEE

300 page binders + disciplinary issues + TMZ = JUCO recruits.

Gallo you contradict your self again....you say AG inherited two top notch QBS.....we all know SM was not a "top notch" QB when he lost to Maryland....J12 was not even a top notch QB to be honest....he was good....we probably would have beaten Maryland that first game with a FULL team....not a partial one with "sort of" an in-experienced QB in Morris.

Again....with a full squad....we beat Maryland, KState and North Carolina that year to go 9-3....with a full squad and THANKS to Shannon for recruiting those guys to begin with.

Unlike UF or VaT or even FSU, we play one fo the toughest schedules in the NATION

Team rankings.com 2012 season SOS
#5 Florida
#34 FSU
#46 VaTech
#50 UM

2011 season
#20 Florida
#37 FSU
#48 Va Tech
#66 UM

Think before U post
It's not what U wish would happen
It is what actually happens
The more U post the more moronic U appear

AGS 6-6 record is flawed with 6 major starters out due to sanctions.

Then they opt out early for the draft leaving gaping holes to fill.....but...no sweat....what does AG do?

Not much but simply go 7-5 with a boatload of freshman playing on both sides of the ball....

Haha....AG looks actually incredible in this scenario....esp after everyone expected us to win only 4 - 5 games.....and we BLEW one against Virginia....haha....we should have been 8-4 actually.

Golden is GOLDEN!!!!

Shoulda, coulda, woulda a cane thing.
ha ha we went 7 - 5, Golden is a genius!
Shoulda given him another raise.
Let's put an asterisk next to all those close losses and call them wins for Golden!!!!
Wonderful cane logic, or like my name implies.......

Cola harping on Calvin about LOGIC when he is exposed by Fact Check as a delusional moron. Must be snorting something.........

Thank God for Al Golden...America's best young football coach.

"Big Al's" leadership is extraordinary when taking a team with an ingrained losing culture, players who simply were not talented and the worst NCAA investigation since SMU was given the death penalty and against all odds still wins.

The college football world is abuzz with what Al Golden has achieved so far and know that once the NCAA penalties are behind the Canes "Big Al"..."The Golden One"...will be brining even more National Championships to Miami.

Even the great Jimmy Johnson is in awe of and loves "The Golden One" and has stated many times that "Big Al" will clean up the horrible mess he was left with and once again place Miami atop the college football world.

Even the great Jimmy Johnson is in awe of and loves "The Mustached One" and has stated many times that "Big Dave" will clean up the horrible mess he was left with and once again place Miami atop the pro football world.

NOON kickoff time for Florida at Miami. It's going to be HOT. Conditioning will be key.

All we need is a T.D. and 2 point conversion.

Go C.A.N.E.S. !!!

golden goes .500 and gets a raise......shannon/coker go .500 and get fired.....

this guy loses on average 7 games a year since he started coaching 7 yr ago....never won a bowl game

fire him and dnofrio...UM is just wasting time....

Yes. All you say, you sick Pig Gallo, is true.

And yet players want to come here. Top 10 recruiting class. Ahead of the Gatr maggot.

Go figure. Either they are wrong your you have your head up your arse and are a sick Pig.

I vote the latter.

Fire Morris dot com.
Fire Morris dot com
JimGallo is a moron
Jim Gallo is a doosh
JimGallo is a chump
Fire Morris .com
Jim Gallo is a eunuch
Jim Gallo is a product of incest
Jim Gallo is a product of incest

It's amazing reading cAlvin's post telling other posters to that he wants legit stats... this coming from the a $ s clown who makes stuff up and then ignores the FACTS when he's proven wrong.

Might be time for the cAlvin's Lies list to be posted again..

Gallo, did you go to Brother Jimmy's BBQ on the 16th? Did Golden answer any of your questions?

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