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Diaz to get start in UM's baseball regional; Morris still hospitalized, but...

Hurricanes left-handed sophomore Chris Diaz, a six-foot, 195-pounder out of Gulliver Prep, is slated to start the first game for UM against Oklahoma State in the Louisville Regional that begins at 2 p.m. Friday (ESPN3).

Diaz is 6-5 this season with a 1.75 ERA. He gave up six runs -- only three of them earned -- on eight hits and four walks in six innings during a 7-1 loss to NC State in the ACC Tournament last week.

The Cowboys (39-17) are expected to start 6-foot-1, 197-pound sophomore Jason Hursh (6-4, 2.65). His last appearance was a no-decision on May 23 against TCU.

The Cowboys have a .285 team batting average and a 2.93 composite ERA. The Hurricanes (36-23) have a .260 batting average and a 3.33 ERA.

UM Coach Jim Morris remains hospitalized with pneumonia at Duke University, but I hear he very badly wants to leave for Louisville by Friday. Have no idea how that will all play out, except that it appears increasingly likely that assistant Gino DiMare will be the skipper for at least the first game.

We'll see.

I hope Jim gets well soon, regardless.

If you haven't seen Barry Jackson's Buzz column, check it out. http://tinyurl.com/pzbxb7o  Lots of UM news regarding the NCAA, quarterback/third baseman David Thompson and former UM receivers coach Aubrey Hill getting the head coaching job at Miami Carol City High.



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We've done our time... Leave []_[]s alone... Set []_[]s FREE !

[]_[] are

Read Barry Jackson. Even though he is good the so called NCAA "news" is more of the same baloney we have heard before. Bottom line, there is no more news until the mid June hearing where punishment will be handed down.
Hill is the new head football coach at Carol City, another pipeline opening up for the Gators in recruiting.

F the fing gaytors and evrything they represent

Just because Hill is at Carol City does not mean they will flock to Florida.


uf could not show Hill the door fast enough and yet current and former UM players are going to bat for him. Will (Bagman) Muschamp gets weak in the knees when the ncaa even looks in his direction and for good reason...

Yeah, UF turned their back on Hill. I doubt it will be another pipleine for the Gators. Dwyer is also gone as a pipeline after numerous players have transferred. Muschamp is burning bridges, but I guess he still has his drawer of cash...

Posted by: Says The Habitual 3rd. Strike Lack of Institutional Control []_[] Offenders... | May 29, 2013 at 11:27 PM

[]_[] are

Posted by: []_[] | May 30, 2013 at 06:24 AM

Hmmmm, is there an obsessed Pig in the house? It feels the need to post repetitive garbage at 11:27 PM then again at 6:24 AM?

Coincides with the start of the Costco security guard nightshift and last coffee break.

What a loser. Daydreaming about Vagotis all day.

You still suck, Pig.

Why is this site nothing more than a battleground for Cane on Cane HATE? It's pretty obvious that there is enormous discord amongst Hurricane fans. Successful programs do not have this amongst their fans. Sure there are disagreements, but nothing like the viscous battles that go down here. It's all because of Gator fans right? LMAO. It's actually just the result of thinking you are relevant when the entire football watching nation knows that you aren't. The program has done NOTHING significant in a full decade. You don't get any more irrelevant than that. If cane fan would just accept that the program is irrelevant and that there is nothing left, none of this horrific infighting would be taking place. You see, the fighting is not the problem, it's a symptom of the problem. And that problem is an eroded program that isn't competitive with elite programs and shows no signs of attempting to become competitive (see: $$$). Al Golden? You keep riding with that Cane fan. It's cute.
Soon, all those HGH monsters that you sent to the league will retire and then you won't even have your fun little NFL chatter. But you do gots mo pro-bowlers.
You guy are so pathetic with your bottomless arguments about which fourth choice coach filled the cupboard and which fourth choice coach emptied the cupboard. It's funny and deeply indicative of the sad state if UM football. Lets not forget that the .500 MAC coach was FAR from your first choice.
Now get back to infighting []_[] delusional clucks.

UM football has been a running joke for ten full years. 2013 will be no different with that pop Warner DC on the staff. And then the offense will leave and it will be back to building depths. It's not a cycle, it's the NORM at mid-tier programs. But []_[] are different right? Rieeeet? Delusional morons that still haven't sniffed a laughable ACC title.

You might be right, Historically Bad Defense. I get the feeling the 'Canes have removed themselves from national championship contention.

Perhaps rightly so, when you look at what the perennial national championship contenders do to win.

It's a matter of personal choice, I guess. Some people are okay with allowing the sports programs to control the school, which is necessary to win national titles. Other people see the school more as an academic institution and don't want to see it become a jock mill.

Looking at massive, publicly-funded schools like Florida, Georgie, Alabama, Ohio State and even Florida State, and what they have to do to contend for national titles every year (except Florida and Florida State, which can't seem to get it together no matter how many top-ranked players they recruit, and no matter how much they pay their coaches) . . .

What does a small, private school like the University of Miami have to do to compete with them? It's amazing the 'Canes won as much as they did back in the 1980s and 1990s, against schools with such vastly superior resources and state-wide support.

College football has gone crazy. Even Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska seem to have thrown up their hands and given up on the national championship picture. They're not going to sign their entire states over to their college football teams, like Alabama and Ohio do.

Golden will put together some good teams, given the chance. But--especially with Shalala at the helm--I don't see the University of Miami committing itself entirely to winning a national football title, and without that kind of committment, the 'Canes won't be in the national title hunt.

So it goes.

I get the feeling the 'Canes have removed themselves from national championship contention

You are 10 years too late with this feeling. It aint a feeling its a fact.

Papo We are still in the NC race every spring. I felt the same way every parole board hearing

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