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Hot time in MIami: Gators at Canes in football: noon on Sept. 7 on ESPN.

University of Miami tailgaters might want to get to sleep early on Friday, Sept. 6th. That's because the highly anticipated Florida Gators at Miami Hurricanes football game was announced for a noon kickoff at Sun Life Stadium on Saturday, Sept. 7 on ESPN -- upsetting fans who would rather have a night game.

A night game would certainly be a great draw and the event to party around at Sun Life. UM would get heavy-duty exposure. And let's face it, night games are always more fun (unless you're on deadline or savor getting broiled outside).

Turns out that ABC has NASCAR from Richmond, Va., that night and ESPN is broadcasting the Notre Dame-Michigan football game in prime time. A game has not yet been announced for the prime-time ESPN2 slot.

"We requested and lobbied ESPN for an evening slot for the game vs #BeatUF.'' tweeted UM athletic director Blake James. "Unfortunately, they were unable to accomodate.'' 

 I just got off the phone with ESPN spokesman Mike Humes, whom I asked about the noon start.

"Essentially, we looked at all the options and this was the best available window for the game,'' Humes said. "We average probably around three million viewers for that time slot. So it wasn’t like, 'Let’s put the worst game on at noon.' The noon window does really well with fans.

"We view this as a great matchup. Scheduling games is like putting together differrent puzzles with different time zones and commitments, and this was the best window.''

 UM AD James also tweeted this: "espn/abc wanted to take game national 3:30 slot is regional coverage."

Humes said the 3:30 p.m. ABC game is Oregon at Virginia.

In other Canes football news, the Aug. 30 season opener at Sun Life Stadium against FAU will kick off at 8 p.m. Aug. 30 -- a Friday -- and will be aired by ESPNU.



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Relax Cane Cl[]_[]cks, []_[] can drink plenty of Cervazas after the game to regain []_[]r del[]_[]sional st[]_[]pidity back after the GATORS beat []_[]down like the perro sucio's that []_[] are...

Oh, and if []_[] were any good, ESPN would have a 7pm kickoff in primetime, b[]_[]t []_[] are not worthy... And thanks for bringing our Strength of Schedule down []_[] []_[]nranked, and not even recieving votes, b[]_[]ms...

[]_[] play 2 Ranked teams and only 4 teams with a winning record.


Above poster is a douche troll. Have fun in your trailer with your sheep and 3 teeth. Keep digging your hole and relish your loss to Louisville.

Lol at anyone talking crap about lowering uf's strength of schedule. All you need to do is look at the history of the out of conference schedule. Which is not only a complete joke, but they are nearly all home games! And save that "we are in the sec" garbage, nut up!

Miami is gonna beat the turds like a hillbilly beats his redheaded step child aka his cousins baby

Gators #1

At being the dooshiest school in america

Neither team really has much of an audience really. Last season neither impressed anyone. Miami has a lousy defense, the turds have a lousy offense. Kind of boring except those who back one of these teams. As a turd hater since the 60's, I hope we blow them out, which would be the end of muschump. The guy is a true nutcase. We shall see

An early September game in Miami at Noon ... what is everyone crying about???!! That's precisely what we want to improve the home field advantage! Make those chicken Gators wilt in the 95-degree cauldron.

Remember the 80s decade of dominance. Most of the home games were noon or 3:30 pm kick-offs at the OB.

BTW.....did the baseball Canes get smacked down AGAIN today up at North Carolina??????Yep....just 10-0.Way to put up a fight guys.Ron Fraser would be so upset...but not Jim Morris.He doesn t care because he knows he s lucky he s still keeping busy in life.Just not a decent coach anymore....that s all.The AD doesn t care either or Donna.Only a few fans I guess who remember how the program used to be in yesteryear actually care now.Guess I m starting to get old.Apathy for the U s baseball program is running rampany.Oh well.

Very soon UM will rule college football again and we will get more respect from the networks. I am not a big fan of the noon games but let's cook the Gators on sept.7.

Miami baseball time for new blood...

This game time sucksssssssss.

Thank God for Al Golden...America's best young football coach.

"Big Al's" leadership is extraordinary when taking a team with an ingrained losing culture, players who simply were not talented and the worst NCAA investigation since SMU was given the death penalty and against all odds still wins.

The college football world is abuzz with what Al Golden has achieved so far and know that once the NCAA penalties are behind the Canes "Big Al"..."The Golden One"...will be brining even more National Championships to Miami.

Even the great Jimmy Johnson, former coach of the National Champion Miami Hurricanes and Super Bowl winning coach and considered the best in the field at evaluating talent is in awe of and loves "The Golden One" and has stated many times that "Big Al" will clean up the horrible mess he was left with and once again place Miami atop the college football world.

Jimmy Johnson is football royalty and he is prepared to hand his crown to the great "Big Al Golden".

When they finally force the SEC to play 9 conference games, and drop the wannabes, they are DUN. The word has been out on the SEC's "plan to dominate" for a long time now. Just look at their sked'ing year after year. A few "good teams" play all the bad SEC teams and fill in the rest with wannabes that they pay milions to play them. Then only once a season (usually late) they'll play each other. Well padded.

Lol at anyone talking crap about lowering uf's strength of schedule. All you need to do is look at the history of the out of conference schedule.

Posted by: Dolemite | May 23, 2013 at 07:48 PM

[]_[] co[]_[]ldn't be more correct... Scheduling []_[] proves that.

Very winnable game for the canes.

An early September game in Miami at Noon ... what is everyone crying about???!! That's precisely what we want to improve the home field advantage! Make those chicken Gators wilt in the 95-degree cauldron.

Posted by: General Zod | May 23, 2013 at 09:41 PM

Silly Silly Cane Cl[]_[]ck...

The Average June-July-Aug-Sept High Temps in Miami are 87-88-89-87 and there hasn't been a one day record of over 100 since before WW2 in 1940...

The Average June-July-Aug-Sept High Temps in TITLETOWN GVILLE are 89-91-92-90 and there is an average of over 10 days per year with Temps over 100 degrees...

[]_[]'ll be the ones crappingout running o[]_[]tta gas with ZERO DEPTHS to replace []_[]r already Depthless team when it gets Too HOT... []_[] Silly Cl[]_[]cks got to used to all those sorry Pasty White BIG LEAST from the Northeast all those years Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy back in the 80's


[]_[] LOOOSE AGAIN ...


Remember the 80s decade of dominance. Most of the home games were noon or 3:30 pm kick-offs at the OB.

Posted by: General Zod | May 23, 2013 at 09:41 PM


Earth to Cl[]_[]less Cane Cl[]_[]ck... Miami Vice was cancelled, Duran Duran are in their 60's, The Dolphins haven't sniffed to a Super Bowl since '84, there were no HEAT-MARLINS-PANTHERS and []_[] have't dont sq[]_[]at in over a Decade...


Join the rest of the Modern World in th 21st. Century Cl[]_[]ck...

It's the humidity []_[] stupid cowardly gator and come September 7th, you girls in your cute orange and blue costumes will learn about the game of football when facing men.

Wow that gator guy is a real loser huh? Taking the time to research miami weather... Wow. You do realize that Florida has only beaten miami once in the last 30 years right? also, miami has 5NC's which would make miami title town. One more thing,gainesville is the worst town in Florida. Boring pathetic backwoods crap hole.

Love it!
We'll all tail gate, de-hydrate with beer, rehydrate with water (not that green crap that smells like urine), and de-hydrate again.

LOve that summer heat baby that is why I love south florida- and the players, the players most of them are floridians so they know how it is.

Nice and balmy.

Comfortable enough to enjoy the beat down. Floriduh will come in ranked- probably top 15. That will benefit Miami. My prediction there will be around 45000 UM fans and around 30000 gaytr fans. 75k. ESPN will wish they didnt under estimate the audience for this game/ UF has huge numbers of alumni scattered all over- The U is very popular in the NE. Just shows how dumb media people real are.

Jim Morris is done as coach for Miami baseball. He needs to be cut. Severed.

Hey gaturd #1, why don't you go post your crap on your own site and shut the F up on our site. No one wants to hear how stupid you are. And, you must like the Canes because you are good at making the U.

#51 Lopez has all the physical talent you could want in a ss, but a weakness in his mental game is holding back his further development. He's not a freshman at this time of year. I hope his coaches find a way to help him reach greatness. Carolina's ss is nowhere nearly as gifted, but he played big yesterday. I thought he was the difference-maker.

Canes have to be better than their opponent in the field and on the mound to beat them. The bats can be competitive, but the Canes don't have the kind of horse that can come from way off the pace. Let's go Canes. Today is a new day.

Doesn't maater what time....Gators are going to get stomped.

The engineering snafu that will cost the state and FDOT 88 million dollars was likely caused by a graduate of the UF college of engineering. Man. What a shame.

UFelony...always on our boards...there are two scenarios here:

Turds get an 11th "sympathy" ranking to start this year as they did have a great season last year until the end. But....they have no playmakers on offense coming back but a decent defense that did lose some key players this year.

Canes....get no ranking at this time as most of the experts are still "confused" about this team. They know the Canes have a top ten offense coming back with a potential Heisman candidate on it...but...its that defense they are not sure of.

Turds....let me tell you how this will go down. You will come here Sept 7th....YOU WILL LOSE....you will drop back to 18th in the polls....Canes will come in under 20. We will then leave you in our rearview never to be seen again.

The only way the Gatr Trash will feel comfortable playing at noon at SLS is if the field is first lined with 2000 lbs of elephant crap.

Then the Gatr trash will be right at home with the steaming stench.

I just want to apologize to all of you for my comments. I really do feel AG & Co are the right fit for this University. I am sorry for all my list that I put up.....I really didn't mean anything by it. Go Canes!!

Jim....I'm SORRY as well. I really feel were in good hands actually. Canes will be great this year!!

Yo Cane trash
It's fun to trash talk
Big difference though
Cane clUck chUmp has no basis, no facts, no reality with which to trash talk
Gator fan has the facts and the reality on their side

Yo Gators #1 stole most of my points
The heat and humidity are the same in both towns in the summer
Thing is a MDC reject/GED wannabe/canefan by default/never left Dade county/doUche don't know that.
They think Gainesville is somewhere in the North east with snow and cold.
Typical ignoramUs clUck

Yo chUmps U got nothing to brag about so U revert back to the 1980s crap
Good comeback by Gators #1 on that

The game will be colored Orange and Blue
The Gators will run all over the cane efense.
The so called top 10 offense/ only in preseason will be shut down, just like last year
These predictions r based on recent performance not some cane makebelief

U do bring Gator SSO down
Noon kcickoff is cause U sUck
The UF FSU game will be prime time
And the UGA game
Ans the LSU game
And the So Carolina game

Yo delusional clUck still talks bout schedules and SSO
U got no SSO and pansy schedule
Same as the past few years
Look it up facts don't lie

Bunch of pathetic delUsional LOOSERS!!

meant to say SOS doUches

You Canetrash....slurp, slurp, slurp.....slurpee boyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeee.....keep sucking this long black....haha....remember


Your "strength of schedule" is what caused you all to lose against Bama that year when the ENTIRE nation got the world premier of


boo hoo hoo....going out on a losing note is not what I wanted. I now have to revert to giving away all my money on Celebrity Apprentice just to get noticed anymore.....

boo hoo hoo.....


Its good to know Canes fans will only have to endure 90 more days of UFelony Fa*s on this board.

See you soon bafoon....

UM with golden/dnofrio will never be great at UM.....their performance data/history does not support them both of being anything but mediocre......miracles do not exist in college football....

weak MAC division.....9-4/8-4 best years were against 2-10/1-11 teams.....never been won a bowl.....40-45 and 30-28 conference....average loss per year as a HC is 7.....with 7 years as a head coach.

naaaaaa dont ever see it.....but koolaid is sweet so enjoy

Posted by: URDUM DUM!! = 5>3>2

Your response to canetrash's post is that gators lost to bama 3 years ago in the SEC ship game and Tim Tebow

Very intelligent response, of course you are a prime example of what has been called cane make belief delusional crap. Bring up crap that has nothing to do with the subject at hand.
Forget reason and facts, it's a cane thing.

Canetrash does not know how to proof!!!!!.

Goodness what is a delUsional LOOSER?.

Look it up.....

CANETRASH:- Living on a rivals board and nary a life to live.


We don't care what time the game takes place..the toothless wonders will gum their way out of the stadium with a loss to the 'Canes.
Trash will never be heard from again on these boards.

The picture of a pathetic delUsional LOOSER.
Go 'Canes

Here's the breakdown on coach goldie, he's a solid coach, nothing special, has the potential to be able to put together a solid staff but has blatantly not done that. His best move was bringing back art kehoe, keeping barrow and maybe hiring james coley, we know he can recruitm but can he call a consistently good offensive game plan and make the necessary adjustments in game or does he need & yearns for halftime like coach goldie and clown 117th consistently does.
Bring in Kareem brown was a smart move because of the demands and expectations he brings to the players, they talk about him more than coach jethro who seems to just be going thru the motions.

goldie's suspect/jury still out moves:
moving brennan carroll to widereceivers coach
hurlie brown as the runningbacks coach
p.w. as the secondary coach(what i'm seeing from his is, safties seem to produce and blossom from his system but cornerbacks seem to be non-exsistent) or don't become draft worthy.

goldie's disastrous moves:
Hiring and keeping his incompetent boy clown 117th
Hiring coach jethro over coach petri
Not bringing back coach soldinger
Hiring p.w. or coach mcgriff
Being a punk when it comes to disciplining players, any coach can kick a player off the team, but don't come to UM hollering about, "we'll love our players" that statement was unecessary and indicates that he knew socially he was out of his element.
Telling obvious lies to highschool coaches, recruits, parents and to those goldie slurper's who luv to listen to em.

Gallo you never mention that those 2-10 or 1-11 teams were all historically better than Temple ever was. Ag took a lessor team and made them better with less talent . Now you give him comparable talent to the teams he plays he just may be successful. I don't know that to be fact but I am a Canes fan for life and thats what I have right now so I stand behind him until the field is leveled (ncaa) and he fails . I don't care what your skewed stats and lists suggest. We are not machines , their are variables involved in real life . Go Canes

please.....the UM brand deserves better than some weak accomplishments in a extremely weak division.....add the fact that temple had only 1 way to go which is UP.....any mediocre coach could have done exactly what golden did at temple.

it is when you go beyond the expected return (alpha) that you are deemed a hero......

out AD is weak also....bring back sam jankovich.....UM success, fundraising and athletic complexes are all on his watch.....blake/golden/dnofrio are ALL PATHETIC

see green pea....football is not important to the administration any more...enrollment is up at $56K a year....if UM could get out of the sunlife deal I wouldn't be surprised is it terminated UM football....

Hey Gator #1,
I think Louisville just scored again!!!!
If Louisville destroyed your defense, what do you think Stephen Morris and our ridiculous explosive offense is going to do?

Miami 34 Florida 17

95 is in the running for dumbest commenter in the history if this blog. Stay over at the Space with all the other delusional []_[] bubble boys.

10-2 huh? Who do you lose to? FSU and whichever game the refs steal?


Calvina wrote///////////////

:Being a punk when it comes to disciplining players, any coach can kick a player off the team.

If Coach G is a punk sweetpea Calvin - for kickng off players that steal, fight Coaches, Fall asleep with pot in stairwells, don't go to class, and loaf around practice thinking about their high school heroics-: then I am a punk too and all the 'Cane fans are punks who agree with the rules of a team.
Coach G and all the Coaches lay the wood and eliminate cancers like the above who take up space on our team.

I am cool with being a punk, but you are therefore a sneaky 'hood rat who knows nothing and is always dancing in the shadows and making excuses for the actions of misfits from the 'hood, and you are also a boy that is always ready to jump out of your social element; castigating ( I know that you won't know what that word means, it is not used in your little 'hood)adults who are teachers and leaders of a group, for anything that shapes good responsible adults .

I was going to write you need to man up but you wouldn't know what that means either. You are a boy not a man.
After calling Coach G a punk and a liar you have the gall to list disastrous moves like a boy in school, after calling Coach G a solid Coach in your first sentence.
Typical boyish actions.
Your thought pattern is childish.
Man up boy. Or try to.
Go 'Canes

If Louisville destroyed your defense, what do you think Stephen Morris and our ridiculous explosive offense is going to do?

First know that UL is a better team than you, much better.
I know what your O is going to do. The same thing it did last year when they played ND or KSU or FSU. FOLD.
It's what you have proven to do when playing a good D.
More important is what is your D going to do?
You are #117 for a reason, and you only got worse during the off season with so many D players gone.

Over 24 Fresman got playing time last year including 17 true freshman. We have 20 starters coming back. ND, Kansas, and FSU were all heavy Junior and Senior driven teams. Check how many players they lost. They were Varsity teams playing against our JV team made up of mostly freshman. If you saw the games we hung with FSU and Notre Dame most of the games but our ridiculous lack of depth killed us at the end. And against ND we were 2 no excuse wide open dropped passes away from being 14-0 in the first 5 minutes of the game. Our Offensive line is one of the best in the Nation so Stephen Morris will have all day to throw the ball.And if you only put 3 in the line Duke Johnson will rush for 200 yards.

UM baseball not the same since their PED supplier was exposed; what a shame.

uf baseball not the same since fat sully ate the (bat)donuts.

More important is what is your D going to do?

Well...considering the gaturds total offense was ranked 97th last year it seems like a wash.

The baseball team is an embarrassment. Morris has to go. He should just resign and save face.

As for the PED supplier, it is probably a good explanation for why this team can't hit anymore. The players are being tested regularly, unlike most other schools. I would guess most college baseball players are using PEDs.

The turds are notorious for allowing weak teams to hang with. With no spring practices or game....I think they are starting off the year as expected to be honest. To ask them to be ready by the second game of this season will be asking for much....which is why I do not see then beating us. The only team that really beat us down last year was KState....ND and FSU could have been different if we actually had some experienced guys on defense playing. This year will be different.

The schedule that lead to Timmy Tears in 2010:

Charleston Southern - Schedule Fluffer
Troy - Schedule Fluffer
Tennesee - 7-6
Kentucky - 7-6
LSU - 9-4
Arkansas - 8-5
Miss State - 5-7
Georgia - 8-5
Vandy - 2-10
South Carolina - 7-6
FIU - Schedule Fluffer
FSU - 6-6

So....The Turds played three schedule fluffers as noted above....

They played average teams in Tenn, Kentucky & South Carolina

A very bad Vandy team

A .500 Florida State team

And three decent teams in LSU, Georgia & Aorkansas


Bama beatdown in ACC game......let them flow....

Actually Bama had 3 "fluffers" as well on their schedule as well as games against an average SEC...hmmmmm

The SEC....where its ALL SMOKE AND MIRRORS!!!!!!

nfl u: wrong..UM had as many jr/sr on the roster last year...golden just decided to play freshman via what he did at temple:

jr/sr position count:

QB - 1
OL - 9
WR - 4
TE - 5
P - 2
RB - 4
K - 1

DL - 4
LB - 5
DL - 4
DB - 9

now add 10 sophomores on defense and 14 on offense.....all BS from golden about "having to play freshman"...its all just a ruse to cover up....

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