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Hot time in MIami: Gators at Canes in football: noon on Sept. 7 on ESPN.

University of Miami tailgaters might want to get to sleep early on Friday, Sept. 6th. That's because the highly anticipated Florida Gators at Miami Hurricanes football game was announced for a noon kickoff at Sun Life Stadium on Saturday, Sept. 7 on ESPN -- upsetting fans who would rather have a night game.

A night game would certainly be a great draw and the event to party around at Sun Life. UM would get heavy-duty exposure. And let's face it, night games are always more fun (unless you're on deadline or savor getting broiled outside).

Turns out that ABC has NASCAR from Richmond, Va., that night and ESPN is broadcasting the Notre Dame-Michigan football game in prime time. A game has not yet been announced for the prime-time ESPN2 slot.

"We requested and lobbied ESPN for an evening slot for the game vs #BeatUF.'' tweeted UM athletic director Blake James. "Unfortunately, they were unable to accomodate.'' 

 I just got off the phone with ESPN spokesman Mike Humes, whom I asked about the noon start.

"Essentially, we looked at all the options and this was the best available window for the game,'' Humes said. "We average probably around three million viewers for that time slot. So it wasn’t like, 'Let’s put the worst game on at noon.' The noon window does really well with fans.

"We view this as a great matchup. Scheduling games is like putting together differrent puzzles with different time zones and commitments, and this was the best window.''

 UM AD James also tweeted this: "espn/abc wanted to take game national 3:30 slot is regional coverage."

Humes said the 3:30 p.m. ABC game is Oregon at Virginia.

In other Canes football news, the Aug. 30 season opener at Sun Life Stadium against FAU will kick off at 8 p.m. Aug. 30 -- a Friday -- and will be aired by ESPNU.



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typo..DL twice

Canes baseball team rocked again,when will Morris go?

To cover up what you moron? If you play the best players you have that are not injured whatever class you are. You said any average coach could have done the same thing at Temple , I expected no less coming from you but you are saying it took 100 years to find an average coach what a dipstick . It does not matter what you say because AG could win the next two NC and you would say yeh thanks to Randy Shannon , Calvin and me , whens he gonna do it on his own . Pure idiot .Go Canes

Hey Jim....that's because the freshman he recruited were better then the upperclassman.

Hey Jim Gallo.....READ BELOW...

Hey Calvin....read below....

He Cane trash....read below....

Alex Collins....read below...

Matt Thomas...read below.....

Luke....read below...

Ice Harris....read below....

Hey Turds....read below.....

Gallo I'm defending the Defense but you try to out recruit Florida,Alabama,FSU and Florida with this whole Shapiro Scandal. The man went 7-6 with a Freshman and Sophomore lead team. 20 starters coming back and Florida is just going to whoop Miami? Please man. I follow about 5 recruiting web sites and theres about 40 to 50 4 and 5 star recruits that wanted to go to Miami but didn't because of the Shapiro thing. Let this pass and then judge the Man. We have some serious talented freshman coming in. Can't wait to see him recruit without the shapiro scandal over his head. He will lock down south florida and destroy the weak ACC. Oh and since we are going into a playoff and the SEC will have to actually earn a trip to the championship game (instead of just being placed there)theres no need for recruits to go to the SEC like before.

NFL U....read below....

So were early into this recruiting season and were ranked 8th in Rivals....nice....still early though....we can easily move up or down in the order. I will tell you this....should we make it through the Shapiro mess with only some schollies removed...along with a 9-10 win season.....we should be looking good for next year.

Takes a delusional fool to pat himself on the back while posting crap. Takes a cane imbecile to start talking about the 2014 recruiting season before the 2013 football season starts.
You will get hit by the NCAA soon, watch those verbal commits for 2014 go away.
But the most ididotic of all is the moron who says the SEC is going to have to earn it's way into the playoffs. That is just the way it has been since the BCSas born. It is teams like the canes who engineer a weak schedule who will be left out even if they go 10 - 2.
U so smart

Hey dUmb why are spending your time here instead of your teams blog? Do they already know what you are proving here ? Oh did I forget the logic part of your name ? Nope I did'nt . Go Canes

I don't know about this UM-UF game/match up; It just doesn't have the same feel as years past. i think its because UM has reached unprecedented levels of mediocrity and UF is almost on the up and up.

If UM loses this game, then the DC must go.

o[]_[]tscored 17-1 in Two ACC To[]_[]rney Beisbol games ?


I don't think Gainseville is that bad.

125,000 people.

4 last names.

Florida hasn't played an away major conference non-SEC game in ages. That's why Fear starts with an F.

Cool Cat,

It has less appeal because of a lack of continuity, caused by UF wimping out. UF was dreadful last year, has no chemistry, no qb and lost a lot of players. Looks more like down and out than up and up.

This year will be different.

Posted by: URDUMDUM!! | May 24, 2013 at 02:15 PM


And there []_[] have it ...

Hey ....does anyone know how to get Trace Adkins number.....I have $300K I need t give him so I can be relevant again....

anyone? anyone?

I'm jst curious why people think coach goldie is going thru something no other UM coach has ever gone thru, lol, in fact, he has it easy compared to pretty much all the coaches that came before him. Just a few players here and their breaking a few rules and goldie keeps crying to the media about them. This is going to be the ultimate litmus test, gabe terry gets back on the team, all the hypocrites and cry babies trying to defend coach goldie's punk asp "kick off the team" mantra, just STFU from here on out.

All those people that praised coach goldie for the gabe terry situation, again to be clear, when he's back on the team, STFU. Coach goldie has been getting schooled on the fine arts of running a Miami football team, he can either sink or swim, right now, he's been going out on the limb with a saw(meaning the list of goldie axes jim gallo consistently post up). Go head and get rid of all the linebackers on the team coach goldie, continue to defend your boy at all cost, you're not at temple anymore.

For those who think what coach goldie did at temple was some type of incredible job, you're sadly mistaken, biggest budget in the mac conference in basically the heart of Philadelphia, and he didn't dominate that conference, lol. Coming into year 8th of his headcoaching tenure, coach muschamp going into just his 3rd year as a headcoach, "NO EXCUSES".

muschamp will see your 300 page binder and raise you a 11 & 2, 1 win away from playing for the national championship game! coach goldie will either continue to make punk moves or make man moves, any coach can kick a player off a team, nothing special about that. These punk asp goldie rules are the weakest rules ever at UM, had he been here just a few years ago, he would't have a team.

Calvin. You so dumb, yo mamma was kept behind an extra year in pre school

Dumbsht you are

Name one. Just one coach who has endured 3 recruiting cycles with the NCAA looming and yet no closure. Something he did no

Then shut the f u and go jump off the macartthur causeway

If coach goldie kicked aldarius johnson & ray ray armstrong off the team for what they said they believe those players "were not being Truthful" than why is coach goldie still on the team, he said: coach OH-NO was the best coordinator available to fill the position, here we are sitting at 117th in the nation.

He told highschool coaches he wouldn't pull a Miami kids schalorship at the last minute, we all know what happened.

He told whoever was listening, it had to be done because he was working with a "hard number and had no flexibility", after signing day, how many out-of-towners/players got signed.

He said "we teach kids how to play with passion at Miami" WTH, and what game was all this passion on display!

That is what I'm talking about. Preach Calvin. Let the U fans know about this false prophet coach.

Back by popular demand:

Thank God for Al Golden...America's best young football coach.

"Big Al's" leadership is extraordinary when taking a team with an ingrained losing culture, players who simply were not talented and the worst NCAA investigation since SMU was given the death penalty and against all odds still wins.

The college football world is abuzz with what Al Golden has achieved so far and know that once the NCAA penalties are behind the Canes "Big Al"..."The Golden One"...will be brining even more National Championships to Miami.

Even the great Jimmy Johnson, former coach of the National Champion Miami Hurricanes and Super Bowl winning coach and considered the best in the field at evaluating talent is in awe of and loves "The Golden One" and has stated many times that "Big Al" will clean up the horrible mess he was left with and once again place Miami atop the college football world.

Jimmy Johnson is football royalty and he is prepared to hand his crown to the great "Big Al Golden".

Calvin you talk so much crap and by the way your sniffin Muschumps jock you must be a gayturd fan .It does not matter what the budget was at Temple moron this aint the NFL you cant by your team . Kirkland cost himself his scholly all he had to do was silently commit and then play his little hat game in public . You can't cost yourself a scholarship to play these games at the last minute . And the players that got kicked off the team , should have taken care of thier business , thank god you are not in charge of this team or we would be looking at the death penalty for sure with your players can do what ever they want mentality . Go Canes

Calvin you talk so much crap and by the way your sniffin Muschumps jock you must be a gayturd fan .It does not matter what the budget was at Temple moron this aint the NFL you cant by your team . Kirkland cost himself his scholly all he had to do was silently commit and then play his little hat game in public . You can't cost yourself a scholarship to play these games at the last minute . And the players that got kicked off the team , should have taken care of thier business , thank god you are not in charge of this team or we would be looking at the death penalty for sure with your players can do what ever they want mentality . Go Canes

Posted by: Ga Cane | May 24, 2013 at 11:47 PM

I try not to bash you, but the more you talk, the stupider you get. What do you mean "you can't by your team" in college football, oh realy now, once somebody makes a statement like that, they're useless to talk too, see the sec imbecile. Or better yet, let's switch to college basketball, you think al those players go to the state of kansas because they're giving out free corn. You think kevin durant left all those traditional powerhouse eastcoast college teams because he was going to get free oil in Texas, are you blonde or something, get your head out of coach goldie's arse.

Did matthew thomas silently commit to UM, is that why they didn't pull his schalirship, man STFU fo real, you sound stupid trying to defend coach goldie and his b.s.. The slurpfest of goldie from you needs to end now before you catch slurpee's. When you got the biggest budget in the mac conference, what exactly do you think that means. He comes here and gets 500k for an oc, they give coach goldie a raise for going 6 & 6, hopefully that's a sign, we know the last time these hypocrites gave somebody a raise they gave him the axe.

I'm glad we're playing clemson if that's the case, this defnesive scheme needs to get exposed consistently on national t.v. Did alex collins give UM a silent commit after he decommitted he was a 4 star just like kirkland was for the longest, you've been slurping goldie for so long, you're to dishonest to point out 1 mistake by goldie because of your blind lust for a coach that is 13 & 11!

We are missing the point! How can we win football games when our coach does not have a cool nickname?

READ IT AND WEEP Cane Cl[]_[]cks...


1. FLORIDA………………………………………228
2. Ohio State…………………………………..223
3. Nebraska……………………………………….221
4. Boise State…………………………………….213
5. Florida State…………………………………..211

Top-10 Finishes
1. FLORIDA…………………………………13
2. Florida State……………………………….12
3. Michigan…………………………………..8
4. Nebraska…………………………………..8
5. Tennessee………………………………….7

Top-15 Finishes
1. FLORIDA…………………………………………17
2. Florida State……………….........……….14
3. Michigan…………………………………………13
4. Tennessee ………………………………….13
5. Miami (FL)………………………………….12
6. Penn State………………………………….11
7. Nebraska……………………………………………10

Florida’s .878 (129-18) winning percentage at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at Florida Field since 1990 is No. 1 in the nation.
Best Home Winning Percentage (nation – since 1990)

1. FLORIDA…………………. 129-18…………… .8775
2. Nebraska………………………. 136-19…………………8774
3. Florida State………………….. 109-20-1……………..842
4. Kansas State………………….. 123-23-1……………..840


• No other school has captured a national title while facing the nation’s toughest schedule. According to NCAA statistics, Florida has done so twice, in 1996 and 2006, and also won the 2008 title facing the second-toughest schedule in the country. UF was one of two schools (Arkansas) to face a top-10 strength of schedule four times from 2006-10.

• UF and Alabama are the only school to claim three national championships in the past 13 years (Alabama has four). The Gators have also played in the national championship game four times in the past 14 years.

• Florida is one of only two schools in the nation with three quarterbacks to win the Heisman Trophy and one of two schools nationally to have multiple Heisman winners since 1996.

• Florida is the only school in the nation to post 100 wins during each of the last two decades. UF won 102 games in the 1990s and 100 games in the 2000s. UF is one of only three schools in NCAA history to win 100 or more games in two different decades



Can’t wait to see the Gators play in the Swamp South on the Sept. 7th.

It's Called BEING ELITE !!! ... []_[] wo[]_[]ldn't get it ...


"[]_[] play 2 Ranked teams and only 4 teams with a winning record."

Posted by: GATORS # 1 | May 23, 2013 at 07:03 PM


Louisville didn't play a single ranked team and only 3 teams with a winning record, but that didn't stop them from embarrassing your bum arse on national TV, now did it? smh

Louisville 28 (bottom of the Sun Belt)FIU 21
Louisville 21 (very bottom of C-usa) Southern Miss 17
Louisville 27 (bottom of the Tiny Least) USF 25
Louisville 26 (unranked Tiny Least bum) Syracuse 45
Louisville 20 (unranked Tiny Least bum) Rutgers 17
Louisville 20 (garbage Tiny Least loser) UConn 23
Louisville 33 (overrated trailer trash from the SEC) Florida 23
LOL...all of these unranked to bottom of the borrow bums were able to hold weak arse Louisville to less points than your Gators. How is it possible, GATORS # 1?
...and please enlighten me on how garbage like UConn can do something you can't do, and how an unranked Syracuse team can completely embarrass a perpetrating arse football team like Louisville and your Gators get totally handled by those bums.

Who's not worth talking to Calvin? You just compared Temle to the SEC , brilliant . I don't claim AG does not make mistakes , everybody does you should know . I have even said many times on here I am not an AG fan I am a Canes fan and he is our coach right now so I back him it's called loyalty which you would know nothing about obviously . AG was given a raise not for going 6-6 he was givn a raise because he was loyal after being shot in the face by the ncaa crap that he had nothing to do with . As far as Kirkland there is strategy involved in recruiting and believe it or not some players are more important than others as far as your team goes , but the bottom line is if he had committed to us he would be on our team . It was more important to him to play the hat game than to be a Cane so it worked out for him . And by the way you know what Temples budget was how ? Unlike you I will back my team regardless of who the coach is and yes believe it or not regardless of what you say , Thank you sir and good day . Go Canes

Golden isn't a punk about disciplining players, screw ups are kicked off the team. It's extreme, but at least he makes a decision and moves forward.

golden is all full of sh.....t, both jimmy johnson and dennis erickson almost QUIT because of media and administration heat......

these green peas were not even born then....they have no idea what it was like back then......golden is not ready for a team/city like Miami....face up to it

exactlyyyyyyyyyy ga cane....golden got a 2 million salary after .500 because of UM administration guilt....

all the wrong reasons to reward anyone.....unfortunately what #1 gator said is right...have to re-check all his statistics with ncaa.

watching espn 30 for 30 the U (full version)......the 80's are still here if we want them to be......

I don't even know or recognize the current UM team.....#116? defense......that's an incredible number and everyone on this film would have physically taken dnofrio and thrown him off campus....but golden makes excuses for him......that's why he has to go

The 80s are not still here times have changed too much media and crap being put into kids heads , everything cannot be kept in house , things can't be manipulated like before. The defense will improve , the offense is already very dangerous , its a process and we are in the middle of it now ,If things dont change we move on but right now I back this team . Rewarding AG showed that the administration is committed to him like he committed to us . GoCanes

Hey #1 Turds.....trailor maggot.....

The only thing that matters is undefeated seasons and national championships.....please remember...


And drumroll.....

Turds NEVER an undefeated season.....

Ever? Ever ever? Ever,ever,ever?


and for all you green peas that manufacture the team balance....local 305 vs out of state......all the key players back then were from dade/broward. alonso highsmith - columbus, melvin bratton - northwestern, george mira - plametto, michael irving - st thomas, winston moss - southridge, alfredo roberts - plantation...

" howards plan for recruitment worked then...and it works now.....recruit the state of miami"......dade/broward up to I4.

Gallo & Calvin.....where living in the 80's is the new trend....


I am huge Cane fan....loved our teams back then. But...do I want to mimic them today? On the field of course....with dances and hip thrusts....I'll pass.

We had fun back then....good ol time. Unfortunately....there is no way we would get away with that stuff in 2013....face it.

Gallo & Calvin.....

Where developing young black men simply isn't a priority for them....


Moprris may not be the best baseball coach in the world, but who do you want Jimmie FoXX in the 50's who couldn't stand up in the dugout?

" the only bowl you are going to see is a salad bowl" - highsmiths mom

"wait a minute, how do your hair stay perfect in 100% humidity,in 92 degrees...how you do that?" - brett perryman

"randy shannon wasnt University of Miami's first back coach....jimmy johnson was" - dan labatard

classics.....the best

Gallo...see below....

Calvin....see below.....

Ice Harris....see below....

Luke....see below....

Dan Selio.....see below....

Matt Thomas.....see below....

Alex Collins.....see below....

Denver "cant make mind up" Kirkland....see below...

Just a few of cAlvin's LIES:

1. cAlvin said that Donna Shalala said that "UM was recruiting a different type of athlete to the University of Miami".

TRUTH: Telly Lockett, former coach of Miami Central H.S. said that he just thought that UM was recruiting a diffrent kind of athlete.

2. cAlvin siad that the University of Texas wanted Shannon to be their Defensive Coordinator and Head Coach in waiting but didn't want to pay him the money that he would have lost from Miami.

TRUTH: Texas did offer him their DC job BUT Shannon accepted the Head Coaching job at Miami INSTEAD.

3. cAlvin when confronted with the "truth" about the timing of the Texas DC job offer, replied with another lie: "This exactly why they came back after him once he was free again, in fact they wanted him as the Head Coach in waiting".

TRUTH: Texas NEVER contacted Shannon AFTER he was fired by Miami. They snatched up Manny Diaz who turned around Mississippi State's defense only 24 days after Will Mushcamp took the Florida job.

4. cAlvin said "Come on man, it's common sense that no school wanted to hire Shannon in the midst of him having to sue Miami as well. Do you really think Shannon could have just walked right into another University after being fired an owed money by another University, that's just not common sense, and that's BEFORE the lawsuit."

TRUTH: Shannon interviewed for and was offered the Maryland D-Coordinator job a mere 4 months after he was fired by Miami. So which is it? No school wanted to hire him or Texas went after him after he was free again or he just went on the interview at Maryland for the "experience"? Below is the link AGAIN to Shannon saying why he took a year off from coaching.

Even after being corrected, cAlvin continues to stand by "his" stats that Miami was the 117th ranked defense last season.

TRUTH: Colorado was ranked 117th. Miami wasn't much better coming in at 116th.

6. cAlvin QUOTED Ed Reed as saying "Hell Naw, I'mma veteran dawg" when trying to play up John Harbaugh as not being weak minded like Al Golden and being able to handle what's perceived as direspect.

TRUTH: While Ed Reed and Bernard Pollard were vocal about their displeasure of practicing in full pads after they were destroyed by the Texans.. cAlvin simply made that quote up. As for Harbaugh not being weak minded and being able to handled preceived lack of respect.. Funny how they made no effort to resign Ed Reed and they cut Bernard Pollard. Just a coincidence? Yeah and I have ocean front property to sell you

GA Cane, your blind loyalty and misundestanding of reality is your biggest downfall. If you are a UM fan than you won't back a coach who backs a coordinator that's the worst in the nation. When you're a 117th at Miami, with the type of players/athletes they have access to, 117th is beyond ridiculous. But yet, time and time again clowns come on here trying to feed this blog the same b.s. coach goldie feeds yall. If coach goldie wants to put his boy above the University, if it takes firing the both of them to get rid of one, that'll be a great day.

You like goldie luv to blame and blast the players, you tell me what strategy was involved by pissing off recruits, so let me get this straight, they wanted matthew thomas, but they disrespected his boy denver kirkland, but didn't pull thomas schalorship because they still held out hope and wanted him, pissed off the BOOKER T. family, but will still go back this year and try and recruit the same school come this year even though it's already been made known that the coaches and players don't trust coach goldie. So what will happen this year is the only strategy that can happen, coach james coley will be summoned over there, goldie screwed it up but didn't show up and than the president of the school tried to call like that troll was going to make a difference, but she had to get involved with a fiasco that was created by coach goldie, it's like he had to call his big sister cause he was scared.

Than they gave caoch goldie a raise for what, it's not the schools fault that coach goldie failed to ask the right questions when he was salivating for this job, keeping an eye on what shannon was doing and started putting that 300 page binder together, he was waiting so it's nobody's fault that goldie jumped all in and failed to ask the school were there any pending investigations or violations that they could see coming. No different that when you go an apply for jobs and you check to see if that company is in good standing or doing well, otherwise why go to a struggling company when you'd be one of the first ones to get laid off.

If anything, if they/the troll & her minions wanted to reward real loyalty, they'd fire clown 117th and ask randy shannon to come back and would he accept the d-co/assistant headcoach position without conferring with coach goldie and reduce goldie's salary and add the reduction to shannon's plus some. That man is more loyal to UM and has been than any of the administration that just came yesterday and the coaches that just came. He lost his job behind being loyal to UM, it's already known what shannon did, while the troll was accepting and holding up checks at bowling alley's, shannon would have none of that and told his staff and players the same, this is how coach hurtt ended up at louisville silently thru the night.

All this lying about this ncaa affecting 3 recruiting cycles, unless coach goldie is talking about the 2014, that 2011 class was already signed in,goldie himself said he got blind-sded, when, right before the 2011 season started so he couldn't have been counting that one, so that leaves the 2012 class, the 2013 class and the one they working on now as being 3, another goldie lie.

Coach goldie is not howard, jimmy or dennis erickson, you know, guys that made a big difference wherever they went. You go and do your own research on the budgets in the mac conference while coach goldie was there so you can learn facts and stop holding onto everything coach goldie feeds you.

I'll say it again, until coach goldie becomes apart of a national championship team here, he's and outsider. Alot of yall johnny come letely's that follow UM now don't understand that fact, yall clowns just roll out the red-carpet to somebody that has in no way followed his own mantra of "Uphold the Legacy" the 117th ranked defense is sickening, but it's not just the ranking, it's the cowards scheme that's being run and signed off on by coach goldie, being a primary zone team which consistently leaves holes in a defense.

Like the players have to earn playing time, coach goldie has to earn that real UM respect, not this blind slurpfest alot of yall give to somebody that's 13 & 11. Who is now trying to manfacturer wins by watering down the schedule and running from competition. You want to run a primarily zone defense most teams are not going to be scared to play you because they know their are going to be plays to be made, but it's clear that coach goldie is running from competition but claims that's what he promotes with the team.

Coach goldie is the first UM coach that i know that ever complained about the schedule, not just once,but many times. If anybody had reasons to complain, see how randy shannon started off, oklahoma in 2007, a game that we hung tough in despite having a bozo oc and special teams coach and no real qb's, while stoops had a heisman trophy qb in the making and a team that went to the national championship game the next year, 2008, played the eventual national champion gaytors, 2009, yall know the opening and that man never cried.

Coach goldie speaking to the public like he's still at temple crying bout the schedule at UM is an insult to what this program was built off of. GA Cane, time for you to raise your mentals!

Coach goldie is to busy trying to recruit all these players from Virginia now, areas where we never recruited because he's getting desparate and has isolated himself from alot of the Miami coaches, so he can't get what made UM the team everybody feared, he can't get the defensive players needed from Miami or other parts of Florida. If you not getting the right Miami/Florida guys on defense, coach goldie can hang it up, coach shannon or somebody else should start writing a 2 page binder.

goldie came in with all the Miami coach speak, spewing out history and in my opinion, he over did it back than, than when he said "to the former players, PLEASE COME BACK" just didn't feel right hearing him say that. He talked about the "eye of the Hurricane" in recruiting, well how big is this Hurricane, watch how many players we keep getting from Virginia, not that they can't play, but why are we in Virginia this much, coach goldie getting desparate for defensive players.

sink or swim coach goldie, and as long as clown 117th is here, your best bet is to send him up in the booth, he can't see what he needs to see from the sidelines and has no feel for the game. But like bennie blades said, "some guys who call defenses want to try and make themselves look like geniuses on the sidelines, it don't take all that to call a defense".

goldie trying to stake a claim to the coastal division title was sickening to me and still is. That's not being real when you do that. goldie went 6 & 6 his 1st year and got a raise, he went 7 & 5 last year, probably got another raise.

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