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Hot time in MIami: Gators at Canes in football: noon on Sept. 7 on ESPN.

University of Miami tailgaters might want to get to sleep early on Friday, Sept. 6th. That's because the highly anticipated Florida Gators at Miami Hurricanes football game was announced for a noon kickoff at Sun Life Stadium on Saturday, Sept. 7 on ESPN -- upsetting fans who would rather have a night game.

A night game would certainly be a great draw and the event to party around at Sun Life. UM would get heavy-duty exposure. And let's face it, night games are always more fun (unless you're on deadline or savor getting broiled outside).

Turns out that ABC has NASCAR from Richmond, Va., that night and ESPN is broadcasting the Notre Dame-Michigan football game in prime time. A game has not yet been announced for the prime-time ESPN2 slot.

"We requested and lobbied ESPN for an evening slot for the game vs #BeatUF.'' tweeted UM athletic director Blake James. "Unfortunately, they were unable to accomodate.'' 

 I just got off the phone with ESPN spokesman Mike Humes, whom I asked about the noon start.

"Essentially, we looked at all the options and this was the best available window for the game,'' Humes said. "We average probably around three million viewers for that time slot. So it wasn’t like, 'Let’s put the worst game on at noon.' The noon window does really well with fans.

"We view this as a great matchup. Scheduling games is like putting together differrent puzzles with different time zones and commitments, and this was the best window.''

 UM AD James also tweeted this: "espn/abc wanted to take game national 3:30 slot is regional coverage."

Humes said the 3:30 p.m. ABC game is Oregon at Virginia.

In other Canes football news, the Aug. 30 season opener at Sun Life Stadium against FAU will kick off at 8 p.m. Aug. 30 -- a Friday -- and will be aired by ESPNU.



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Anybody can say what they want but our offense has teams nervous this year. Last year people were not sure about us but now they are praying that our defense does not improve so they have a chance . Defenses cannot attack us because our line is good , our runnung game is good , our passing game is good and if our defense improves we will be hard to stop.Go Canes

Nj: I have no problem golden playing whoever he wants....don't go saying uinherited a team of freshman ..... That's just a bold face lie. He manufactured a freshman roster...

The freshman he recruited were better then he upperclassman....had no choice but to play "the best".

Miami's offense will expose the Gators in Sept. Even if UF can slow down the offense, there defense took some severe losses to the NFL, they stop every aspect of it. Miami will have a solid O-line that will give Morris time to find Dorsett, Scott, Hurns, Duke, or one of the tightends of other recievers. It is sick how stacked the offense for Miami will be this year. Anyone that can't see what this offense will be able to do this year doesn't understand football. If opponents concentrate on The Duke, Morris will burn them across the middle or over the top. If defenses drop coverage, Miami will chip away on the ground until they have to commit to stopping The Duke and then get burned on the pass. Teams will be forced to pick their poison, no team on Miami's schedule has the defense to stop all aspects of Miami's offensive attack. Things will be much different on defense this year. The D-line and linebackers will be improved substantially over last year. THE MIAMI VS FLORIDA GAME will be a statement win for THE UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI. It has been a long time but the wait is over!

Jeff...read below....

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