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Hurricanes baseball coach Jim Morris expected to be released from hospital tomorrow to return to Miami

Jim Morris' Miami Hurricanes finally won a baseball game in the Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament -- a 7-0 victory against Clemson.

Unfortunately, Morris wasn't there to see it.

Morris, 63, who has had a lingering cough through much of the season, was taken by ambulance from the team bus to Duke Hospital during batting practice at Duke's field.

"He wasn't feeling well but he was at breakfast with the team,'' UM assistant coach Gino DiMare told Miami Herald correspondent Dave Droschak. "On the bus is when he started taking a turn for the worse. I know they are running some tests.''

 DiMare called it "a tough day, tough circumstances with coach Morris not being here. If coach is not here you know he's not doing well. Our thoughts are with him and hopefully he's OK.''

  I talked to UM deputy athletic director for business Tony Hernandez on Saturday night, and he told me he visited Morris during the game. Hernandez said Morris' ailment "is not expected to be serious and we're hoping he'll be joining us in Miami Sunday.''

  Hernandez told me he kept Morris informed of what was happening during the game through Morris' wife. “He was kept abreast of the score the entire game,’’ Hernandez said.  

  As for the game, the only ACC tourney win after getting 10-run ruled (10-0) by North Carolina and then falling 7-1 to North Carolina State, UM got another gem by left-handed ace Bryan Radziewski. B-Rad allowed four hits in eight shutout innings.

  The Hurricanes should get into the NCAA Tournament, but it's hard to be optimistic about how they'll do.

   Hopefully Coach Morris, who has been getting plenty of fan criticism for another sub-par season, gets well soon.




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Prayers are with you and your family. Love, life and good health.

Happy days are here again...The skies above are clear again...So let's sing a song of cheer again...Happy days are here again!

Altogether shout it now...There's no one who can doubt it now...So let's tell the world about it now...Happy days are here again!

Thank God for Al Golden...America's best young football coach.

"Big Al's" leadership is extraordinary when taking a team with an ingrained losing culture, players who simply were not talented and the worst NCAA investigation since SMU was given the death penalty and against all odds still wins.

The college football world is abuzz with what Al Golden has achieved so far and know that once the NCAA penalties are behind the Canes "Big Al"..."The Golden One"...will be brining even more National Championships to Miami.

Even the great Jimmy Johnson, former coach of the National Champion Miami Hurricanes and Super Bowl winning coach and considered the best in the field at evaluating talent is in awe of and loves "The Golden One" and has stated many times that "Big Al" will clean up the horrible mess he was left with and once again place Miami atop the college football world.

Jimmy Johnson is football royalty and he is prepared to hand his crown to the great "Big Al Golden".

I'm optimistic about the post-season. Wherever the CANES go for the Regionals, the host team won't be happy to see them. It's a fresh start: Win six in a row and they'll be in Omaha: Lose two in a row and they'll be at the beach. They have already done both this season. Get well soon, Coach.

Coach Morris has done so much for UM baseball over the years and I wish him a speedy recovery. That said, it's time for a coaching change at UM. Expensive private schools are always at a great disadvantage in competing because baseball gives so few scholarships that must be divided up among many players. Players must take out huge loans at UM to cove the cost of school. UF, FSU and most public schools costs are so much lower it allows players to borrow much less $$. Unless you are a big timer who will be drafted high, you'll be saddled with debt. UM can seek a few endowments that cover the entire school costs of a couple of players. In the past, endowment $$ was more available, but not now. This helps bridge the gap. This takes aggressive fund raising on the part of the head coach. Look what Vanderbilt has been doing. Morris is no longer able or willing to devote this kind of energy that is absolutely necessary at a private school. I congratulate Morris on a great career, but it's time for him to move on.

Once Jimbo recuperates from his ailment(s). When ever that be in the near term future. The University of Miami, Florida POWERS THAT BE should IMMEDIATELY and CLEVERLY coerce the resignation of Jimbo.
Why, y'all canespace bUbba's and GOONS may ignorantly wonder??
Because Coach Morris has lead a ONCE legitimate Top 10 program into the college baseball ABYSS!!! That's why y'all canespace brUtes! dUh
Heck, the Hurricanes AIN'T been relevant in baseball for SIX SEASONS now, and IF Miami is one of 64 teams in the N.C.A.A. baseball tournament. Their bloody EXIT will be quicker than a NYC minute. Huh
Chit, it's been so long since the Canes have been LEGITIMATE in both baseball and football. I can't even remember the last time they was in REDNECK, RIGHT-WING Omaha. Eh. What say.
Yeah, yeah y'all canespace rUffians and Good Ol' Boy's respect YOUR good ol' boy ILK in Omaha. So what! Because YOUR vanilla wafer KINDRED still be RIGHT-WING, quasi-fascist, conservative bUbba's.
Bon jour et Bonsoir

Rboud what has morris done for um baseball over the years? His last ship was 12 years ago. The team/program has been on a downward spiral in recruiting and performance over the last ten yrs. He is a terrible game coach. He is terrible at recruiting. He has been passes over by UF and FSU. And yet 3 ADs have given him pass after pass. Coker gets 5 yrs, wins a ship, actually 2 ships and 2BCStitles, never loses to FSU or florida ever, wins 3 bowls and he gets canned. Shannon was only given 4 yrs and he is canned. And Ol Morris gets to coach (an oxymoron) this historic program into obscurity. I wish his health improves,

But he needs to be fired.. 100% if they dont make regionals

Truthful observer, Butch was every bit the coach JJ was. So lets not forget him, he built that team from nothing after DE messed up the program. It took time, and Golden is getting the chance to repeat that success, but has yet to prove anything. I wonder sometimes, if Coker didn't have such instant success, so fast, would he have been a better coach.
Morris seems to have lost tat drive to win, since winning those 2 rings. Like Coker, did success make him ok with just winning, not winning big.

It is apparent baseball is not that important in the whole scheme of things. Mediocrity can be accepted as a way of life at what once was college baseball's elite program. Get used to it.

It seems mediocrity is acceptable in all men's sports, but getting used to it will never happen. Basketball had a great, really great season, but being a winner more than 1 year is yet to be achieved. But there is hope.

Yeah delandcane..... DE sure messed up the program going 63-9 with the highest winning percentage in UM coaching history about 87.5% with two national titles (89&91). The Pell Grant fiasco never implicated him so I don't get your view of his time at the U as running the program into the ground.

Do your homework before you reveal your ignorance of UM history!

Our coaches need good nicknames like "Ice".

I agree with anonymous.

Dennis Erickson should be held higher in UM history.

Why is this site nothing more than a battleground for Cane on Cane HATE? It's pretty obvious that there is enormous discord amongst Hurrucane fans. Successful programs do not have this amongst their fans. Sure there are disagreements, but nothing like the viscous battles that go down here. It's all because of Gator fans right? LMAO. It's actually just the result of thinking you are relevant when the entire football watching nation knows that you aren't. The program has done NOTHING significant in a full decade. You don't get any more irrelevant than that. If cane fan would just accept that the program is irrelevant and that there is nothing left, none of this horrific infighting would be taking place. You see, the fighting is not the problem, it's a symptom of the problem. And that problem is an eroded program that isn't competitive with elite programs and shows no signs of attempting to become competitive (see: $$$). Al Golden? You keep riding with that Cane fan. It's cute.
Soon, all those HGH monsters that you sent to the league will retire and then you won't even have your fun little NFL chatter. But you do gots mo pro-bowlers.

You guy are so pathetic with your bottomless arguments about which fourth choice coach filled the cupboard and which fourth place coach emptied the cupboard. It's funny and deeply indicative of the sad state if UM football. Lets not forget that the .500 MAC coach was FAR from your first choice.

Now bid your empty get wells to Morris and get back to hatin on each other like a good battered cane would.

Why is this site nothing more than a battleground for Cane on Cane HATE?


Becase Cane fans are #1 at being the d[]_[]mbest of the d[]_[]mb...

Wishing you a speedy recovery Coach! Blessings from the DeSimone Family

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