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Testaverde latest Hurricane headed to College Football Hall of Fame

Heisman trophy winning Hurricanes quarterback Vinny Testaverde will be one of 14 former players and coaches who will be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame as part of the 2013 class.

The National Football Foundation and the College Football Hall of Fame made the joint announcement Monday during the telecast of College Football Live on ESPN. The remainder of the 14-member FBS class will be announced Tuesday at noon press conference from the NASDAQ OMX Market Site in New York City.

Testaverde was Miami’s first Heisman Trophy winner in 1986 and led the Hurricanes to three bowl berths. He went 23-3 as a starter playing for legendary coaches Howard Schnellenberger and Hall of Famer Jimmy Johnson.

The Bucs picked Testaverde as the No. 1 overall selection in the 1987 NFL Draft, and his pro career spanned 21 seasons with seven different teams. The 1998 All-Pro and two-time Pro Bowl selection finished his NFL career seventh all-time in passing yards (46,233) and eighth in touchdowns (275).

He remains among only four Hurricanes to have their jerseys retired at Miami.

Testaverde will become sixth Miami Hurricane player and 10th overall to be enshrined into the College Football Hall of Fame. He joins: Bennie Blades (2006), Don Bosseler (1990), Andy Gustafson (1985), Jack Harding (1980), Ted Hendricks (1987), Jimmy Johnson (2012), Russell Maryland (2011), Gino Torretta (2009) and Arnold Tucker (2008).

The 2013 College Football Hall of Fame FBS Class will be inducted Dec. 10, 2013, at the 56th NFF Annual Awards Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. They will be honored guests Jan. 2, 2014, at the National Hall of Fame Salute in New Orleans at the Allstate Sugar Bowl.


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Great news. Hope Vinny comes back to The U, 1986 was a long time ago.

Cool Cat and Calvin don't seem to care about how many interceptions a QB throws.


Thomas wants out of FSU.

Calvin is going to have a screen capture worthy post about Vinny, I'm just here waiting for it patiently.

Congrats to the man who can't see colors.

Physically, Vinnie had it all. Could throw. Wasn't a bad runner. The problem: Could not think on 2 feet.

Best QB out of UM: Jim Kelly.

Group that never got a chance: Ryan Collins, Kenny Kelly, and yes Brock Berlin.

Brock Berlin was garbage.. Had more than enough chances. Kenny Kelly We are from the same hometown Strawberry capital of the world. Kenny's bread and butter was baseball. Didn't have enough time to play both at a high level. Ryan Collins we do agree on .

Brock Berlin was garbage.. Had more than enough chances. Kenny Kelly We are from the same hometown Strawberry capital of the world. Kenny's bread and butter was baseball. Didn't have enough time to play both at a high level. Ryan Collins we do agree on .

Kenny Kelly chose to play baseball because Butch Davis did not want him splitting time between the two sports which is why he got Ken Dorsey ready throughout the 1999 season and the Gator Bowl game vs. Georgia Tech. Ryan Collins never could hold the job or stay healthy. And Brock although he did go undefeated against the Gayturds and Seeminnoles was never the QB he was hyped to be coming out of highschool. None of the above could touch Vinny Testaverde as a qb or athletic ability.

Matthew Thomas hasn't even attended FSU and he's already looking to transfer!? Thanks for not coming UM. Good luck.

Great for Vinnie. What a great college QB. His scramble against OU was one of the greatest Cane plays ever. NOBODY did 3rd and long like Vinnie.

Brock would have been fantastic QB if Larry would have noticed he could not take snaps from under center but was unstoppable in the shotgun! Man was the best 2 minute QB we ever had. If Coaker had just went to the shotgun from the start Brock would have been great.

Willnever forget his 6 ints against penn state. He single handedly lost that ship.

But he deserves this he did.

Cool cat is a fool. Racist as malcolm x.

Why dont you go back to ylur shakur rlly you dymb sht

Kenny kelly didnt get a chance? Are you a retrd?

Ken dorsey beat him outright. Butch knew that. He saw in dorsey a smarter, more efficient qb. Didnt have to tuck it and run like kelly would have.

Dorsey at 28-2 will be in the hof also.

He kne he had the best athletes in the history of cfb at his diaposal, and he was the was the field general.

Vinniie im afraid will always be remeberes for that 1986 fiesta bowl.

Cool catsht up.

Another cane in the hall of fame...

And there will be more where that came from!

Vinne T you did it.

It seems that we can always analyze and pull apart the production of our quarterbacks, but when it came to heart and desire over pure talent, VT made it happen.
He was also a great laid back guy who always put his team first.
He will be known (as many will refer to the PSU Fiesta Bowl game)for the one that got away.He was not the only player on the field, however.
\We can never forget the plays and Wins for the 'U' and the longest playing QB representing the 'Canes in the NFL.
A great player, a team player, and the smartest QB produced by our 'Canes to last as long at the next level.
Well deserved Vin and it's about time.
Go 'Canes

Too bad the Thomas kid wants to transfer, I guess having fun and playing football goes ahead of getting an education and learning responsibility.


The University of Florida has been nothing short of a constant presence at Dwyer High School over the past several years, but a recent rash of transfers out of UF indicate a growing schism between the state's most prominent college football program and the preps powerhouse out of Palm Beach County.

Three Dwyer grads have left Gainesville for new schools in the past three seasons: QB Jacoby Brissett (North Carolina State), TE Gerald Christian (Louisville), and WR Robert Clark (Louisville), departures that have left Panthers head coach Jack Daniels, a Gator alum, questioning Will Muschamp and his coaching staff.

Add DeVon Walker and Braxton Ogbueze to the list of transfers. Walking out on Billy D. just like he walked out on the Gatr Trash several years ago.

Ooops, maggots. Time for a bath.

Again....if they came to Miami they would stay in Miami....plain and simple.

Still remember being at the OB as a little kid watching Vinny T. and Michael Irvin go crazy on Texas Tech 61-11. The only thing is Vinny T. had 2 chances to win a NC but got smoked by Tennessee and lost a tough one to Penn State. Those losses versus Tennessee and Penn State still sting.

Agree....you would think we win at least one f those....

I'm still curious why the police haven't made an arrest in what was obviously a drug related murder. Kid has $700 cash in his pocket, giant rims, and was shot execution style in the back of the head. This wasn't a robbery. OH NO! It was RETRIBUTION! How hard can an arrest be? Maybe the police just don't prioritize this case because they know what we all know, that PAAAATA WAS A DRUG DEALER. Still shocked that some of our chickenshyyyyt fans are still in denial about the truth here. Wake up.

Fk off last 48....dik hed....stop bringing this sht up....its obvious no one gives a rats a*s. Let the kid rest in peace before karma steps in on your arse.


Gaturd trash gonna gaturd trash....

We all don't know. Show some respect for the dead. Money and rims don't make you a drug dealer Mr. Stereotype. Take off your white hoody and get real racist.

I^^^gator fa66ot

I hope someone runs over your momma- She should be punished for bearing a scum like you

Go canes

I's be a Gatr-edumucated maggot.

Dey don't call it FloriDUH f'nuttin'.

I can see that the Curse's psych meds aren't working again, which is when he typically starts with the Pata rants and lies and attacks on our past and present black coaches and players.

You can't reason with the psychopath as it only motivates him to spread even more insane hate and lies.

Thank God for Danny

Posted by: Something stinks in the trailerpark | May 07, 2013 at 09:30 AM

God Bless you

Vinny too

Tommy Frazier is still runnin. Wait he just scored again.

Former Nevin Shapiro executive backs up jailed booster’s allegations about Miami Hurricanes

BY JAY WEAVER The Miami Herald

here it comes... tick ... tick ... tick ...

Vinny always choked on the big game. That was the story of his career. Not really worthy of the Hall of Fame even with the Heisman.

The NCAA already knew about boat rides fool....The U admitted it was "guilty" of some of the wrong doings. Any intelligent person who looks at the pics of players on his boat know what the deal is....ITS IN YOUR FACE!!!!

There are just some things you cant hide from...this is OLD NEWS....dou2e....

where in the NCAA rulebook does it say you cant ride on a boat? And so what if there are pictures of the rides.

Media sensationalism at its best.

Plus the "news" of this fantastic revlation came from another convicted felon who was in cahoots with the little runt sh*tiro.

Welcome the newest class to the College HOF. Now, it is clear that Weurffel does not belong. Aside from his chicken-arm, gimmick-offense and lack of any real leadership skills, he is Gatr trash and, well, that excludes him.

Vinny GreenBalls--- 48 Career College T.D. Passes

Danny Wuerffel---- 114 Career College T.D. Passes

Miami admitted all of that stuff took place, so where's the story?

No Jerome Brown in the HOF, what's up with that?

We've only lost once to them Gators in 30 years. We did not "looose again." Just once. Next...

Seems like Gar trash doesn't know what "gimmicky-offense" means. Of course DAnny Bible threw for all those scores. So did David Klingler. What did they have in common? Exposed because the suuuuuucked.

Only Danny Communion sucked worse because he was Gatr Trashj.

Oh, yeah. Vinny had 3 NFL running backs behind him. Go figer', Gomr.

This is shocking. I can't believe that our family, the []_[] family, isn't completely outraged that a guy that was an obvious drug pusher is still part of our family. Just because he was shot in the back of the head we ignore all the coke dealer red flags? Wake up guys, he had no way to pay for all the bling he had. WHERE DID HE GET THOSE THINGS? Where did he get the $700 CASH in his pocket? Enough of the denial, scratch his name from the []_[] forever. As a UM grad, I don't want any part of a drug dealer. Enough is enough.

You f-ing slimy greasy pig.....

KB....same person posting the same garbage...you wish you were a UM grad....more like FIWho?? Or UFelony?? Or free shoes U?? Anyhow your a fu*king loser to keep bringing up a dead kids name and situation. But...that's what losers do. But...do your thing...its easy to post behind a computer...all good. Our day will be had....and YOUR team will pay for it. I have a direct contact into the locker room....I have already printed a few of your posts.....they will be distributed throughout the locker room. Like Al said get your licks in now little bit*h.

Hmmm, where did Janoris Jenkins get all of his jewelry? And his Escalade? Hmmmm, and he was kicked off the team for multiple drug possession violations?

Hmmm, that piece of garbage was a weed dispensary in and of himself. Only he was dealing to all the campus po po so nothing came of it.

Gatr Trash, really, it is all too easy.

As a Florida taxpayer, I do not want any more funds spent on the worthless diploma mill at UFailure. Shut that dump down.

Again, Curse's psychotic medications aren't working, which is when he starts with the Pata rants and lies and racist attacks on our past and present black coaches and players. Of course the Pata lies are all based on racial hatred.

You can't reason with the psychopath as it only motivates him to spread even more insane racial hate and lies.

I miss ranking on Gallo....where is he?

Where is the Yo Canes Fan maggot....he has not shown us love in awhile. Scares me when that happens....means they are not worried about us too much....

Yo Cane trash

Yo congrats Vinny green head

Yo cane pig why all the gator envy give it a rest fool
Yo Danny Boy one of the best college football QBs ever
Heck of a nice human being too

Yo Janoris Jenkins was a pot head, that's why Muschamp kicked him out. But to call him a "piece of garbage" is too over the top. He's with the Rams now, hopefully turned his life around.

Yo some maggot said U only lost to the Gators once in 30 years, don't know if that is correct, however U lost last time U played them. U lost Ur most recent contest. U have a losing streak currently. U will lose again in Sept. Loosers and losers what U r.

Yo I heard Golden Retriever won the whole thing and had a Heisman winner in his team.
Too bad for U this aint football but just a silly golf game
Too bad for U his team mate was Torreta and not any other current player

Yo cane doUche enjoy the Spring
Come Summer the NCAA will hammer U
Come fall the Gators will crush U
Enjoy it now while U can chUmps

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!!

Janoris Jenkins was dealing to have of that rat trap skeewwwl, you ign'nt maggot.

Danny Bible was a system QB. Horrible mechanics and arm. Sounds just like whom............hmmmmmm, don't know for sure but it sounds familiary.

Yo Cowardly Gator Trash

Yo congrats to the great Heisman winner Vinny

Yo cowardly gator pig why all the Cane envy give it a rest fool
Yo I wish Danny Boy was in the league of those great, Hall of Fame, Heisman Canes QB’s the best college football QBs ever
Heck of a nice human beings too

Yo Janoris Jenkins was a pot head, that's why Muschamp the Gators recruited him in the first place. But to call him a "piece of garbage" is an insult to real garbage as he’s even worse.

Yo some maggot said U only lost to the Canes once in 30 years, however U lost 6 of the 7 times we last played. U lost because no have never and never will be in the class of the Canes. U have a losing streak currently with Louisville. U will lose againthe next time you play them and of course us Canes.

Yo I heard Bag Man Muschamp won the whole game of who paid the most to his players.
Too bad for UF this ain’t football, but just a game of payola
Too bad for U his teammate was Foley and not Huntley Johnson.

Yo Cowardly Gator doUche enjoy the Spring rat shooting and eating contest in Trailerville
Come Summer the NCAA will hammer Ur coach for paying off players
Come fall the Cowardly Gators will be crushed by the U
Enjoy it now while U can gator chUmps

Bunch of pathetic cowardly gator LOOSERS!!!

The following is a 30 year old quote from world renowned sports writer, Dan Jenkins, regarding the Gators:

"They have the arrogance of Notre Dame with the tradition of Wake Forest"

The quote above demonstrates that the hate and disrespect for the Gators throughout the college football world is not new...nor is it unjustified!

Problem is wake forest is a better school than the trash dump full of toothless inbreds in alachua cty

Loser gator actually compared a QB who played in the NFL for 21 seasons, versus a bible banger who barely lasted 2


Products of goony goo goo offenses
Bible thumpers

Neither can carry vinnies jock

How many years wondermut play in nfl? Surely not 20 like Testeverde.....

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